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Auditions | External Castings

Posted 15 Jul 2023 by Joe Duggan

Check out all of the external casting opportunities below 

Most of these opportunities are externally sourced from the industry for you, so please be aware that NYT are not responsible for your safety when participating in these external opportunities; take measures to ensure your safety at all times.

Please note that the information in these castings can be sensitive so please do not share them outside of this page. Casting directors who have provided their contact details below have done so for the purpose of the casting itself - please do not use these contact details for anything other than enquires about the specific casting posted. 

We love to hear your success stories! If you are ever cast in a production thanks to the adverts on this page, do remember to let us know: naila.barrett@nyt.org.uk

May 2023

BEYOND PARADISE 2 | Red Planet Pictures for BBC ONE

FEMALE, PLAYING AGE 16 (must be 17 or older to apply), From Devon/Cornwall or with strong ties/base in the area

Available for filming: 3rd July - 5th November 2023

Filming: Devon/Cornwall area

ROLE - ZOË: This is an exciting new recurring role which will appear across the series. Zoë is headstrong, honest, and direct (sometimes a bit too direct!) and is not afraid to speak up when she doesn’t agree. She is at the age where she is adjusting to all the changes that come with being a teenager. Her reluctance to people please means she's not one of the popular kids at school, but she's got a small group of friends with similar interests. Devon Accent.

Please send your FULL NAME, CONTACT DETAILS, WHERE YOU ARE BASED, RECENT PHOTO, AGE AND SHORT INTRO TO: info@sachagreencasting.com with the subject line: ‘BEYOND PARADISE: ZOE’.

We would encourage applicants aged 17 to inform a parent or guardian before applying.

April 2023

SHORT FILM CASTING | Gracie’s Sonata

‘Gracie’s Sonata’ follows the inner monologue of Jane, and is an exploration of the innocence (and naivety) of being young and pregnant. Inspired by the current issues surrounding abortion laws, this short film is a quiet commentary on how unwanted pregnancies affect the youth and highlights just how complex it is for adults to bring a child into this world, let alone a young girl. 

JANE (must be 18+, looks younger) - any ethnicity, portrayed as female - a young girl who has just found out that she is pregnant. She is thoughtful and quiet. Outwardly, she appears to be quite calm and composed, but on the inside, she is a chronic overthinker. 

BILLY (must be 18+, looks younger) - any ethnicity, portrayed as male  - a young boy who does not know that his girlfriend, Jane, is pregnant. He is charismatic in a goofy way and loves to talk about everything and anything - his mind is always on the move. 

Applicants must be 18 or over the age of 18 and be based in London, as we will be shooting in London.

The role is unpaid.

Shooting will take place around mid-late May, so applicants must be available around this time. Exact shooting dates are to be confirmed. 

If interested, please email jennifer.jade.williams@alumni.york.ac.uk with your headshot/a recent photo, an acting resume/a brief paragraph outlining your acting experience, and a short introduction about yourself. Feel free to send over a showreel/Spotlight link, but this is not at all necessary. Please do not worry if you don’t have extensive experience, we would just like to know a bit about you!

Submission deadline is Friday 5th of May.


The Ben Kinsella Trust are seeking actors to play the role of a prisoner in their award-winning knife crime prevention workshops.

The workshops educate young people (school years 5-10) about the dangers of knife crime and how to make positive choices to stay safe.

They are looking for enthusiastic and committed individuals, who can work flexibly, sometimes at short notice and are available during school hours.

Salary and Contract: £50 per workshop, this is a freelance position.

Location: You can choose to work in their Islington exhibition or their Barking and Dagenham exhibition or (preferably!) both.

For further information and to apply: https://benkinsella.org.uk/jobs-actor/

UAL MA FILM CASTING: The Sweetness of Garlic

The Sweetness of Garlic (or How I Stopped Lying and Learnt to Love My Job), a UAL MA graduate film directed by Ray Sims. 

Isa’s having a bad shift. The restaurant is packed, there’s new graffiti in the bathroom, and her best friend Earn has just told her he’s leaving to work at the rival bar next door. Customers start getting weird, the chefs couldn’t care less, and the strange messages in the bathroom seem to be telling Isa that the only way out is up.

ISA – 23, female, any ethnicity – Waitress. Scruffy, permanently hungover, Isa hates her job but just doesn’t know how to quit. Literally the messiest person alive, survives off staff meals and leftover glasses of wine. Best friends with Earn but also kind of a bad influence. 

EARN – 22, male, Black / mixed race – Kitchen porter. Cool as a cucumber, always listening to music, highly capable of ignoring the restaurant hubbub and focussing on his faithful dishwasher. Looking forward to his new job at the rooftop bar next door and finally earning London Living Wage.

The role is unpaid, all applicants must be at least 18+, and be based in London. We’ll be filming from the 14th-22nd of June, and any applicants for ISA and EARN must be available for the entire shooting period as these are the lead roles.

Email r.sims0320221@arts.ac.uk to express your interest by Monday 24th of April and we will send over instructions for a self tape. If you have a headshot and showreel or Spotlight profile, please send that over too, but no worries if not! 

The Little Big Things | Jill Green Casting x Michael Harrison Entertainment


Rehearsals from 24th July 2023

Performances 2nd September – March 2024


The Little Big Things is based on the book of the same name by Henry Fraser: Henry Fraser is a British artist and motivational speaker. Henry was 17 years old when he had a life-changing accident, and he and his family had to learn how to embrace a new way of living, regularly stating this life now is far better than before his accident. The message of this piece is guided by the creative team.


COVER HENRY FRASER – Off Stage Cover for Leading Role

We are looking for an actor with lived experience of being disabled, who is a full-time wheelchair user. This role will be the off stage cover for the role of Henry Fraser.

Male, Playing Age Mid 20’s to 30, Must be able to sing.

Henry is middle-class, from Watford with a neutral accent. He is witty and confident, without being showy. He is a wheelchair user, with limited mobility. Growing up in a macho rugby family, he learns how to be emotionally open and speak his truth.

Please email us office@jillgreencasting.org with a CV and headshot or if you have any questions.

The initial stage will be a self-tape of 2 scenes followed by a meeting with the creative team either on Zoom or in person. If you are invited to audition we will be in touch to discuss access requirements and travel arrangements. We are keen to ensure that access requirements are met enabling you to carry out your best work.


Music: Nick Butcher

Lyrics: Nick Butcher and Tom Ling

Book: Joe White

Musical Supervisor: Matthew Brind

Director: Luke Sheppard

Musical Director: Laura Bangay

Dramaturg/Associate Director: Nickie Miles-Wildin

Casting Director: Jill Green CDG

March 2023 


‘How Tennis Invented Everything’ is a 2 minute proof-of-concept film for a TV show based on the same premise: it'll be re-creating the story of how tennis matches allowed Elizabeth I’s spies to cover their tracks. This is a collaborative project created alongside MA graduate films at UAL.

Maximum 2 days.

No dialogue, just required to wear Elizabethan costumes and play some tennis.


Elizabeth I: Female-identifying, any ethnicity, playing age 20-35, MUST HAVE RED/ORANGE HAIR (doesn’t have to be your natural hair colour, can be dyed!). 

The feisty Virgin Queen of England. Cool, collected, and great at tennis. Always surrounded by a network of friends and spies. 

Mary Queen of Scots: Female-identifying, any ethnicity, playing age 18-25, MUST HAVE DARK BROWN/BLACK HAIR. 

Desperate to topple her cousin off the throne and starting to feel like she’s being watched... 

ELIZABETHAN SPIES – John Dee, Robert Dudley, Thomas Howard: Three spies who work closely with Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I. They travel up and down the country playing tennis, extracting secrets from drunk noblemen. Playing ages 20-45, any ethnicity. Some tennis experience is ideal but not a deal-breaker! 

ELIZABETHAN NOBLES – Supporting Artists: Looking for a number of extras/supporting artists to play Elizabethan nobles, who gossip in the corridors and play a few games of tennis, before getting drunk after the match and spilling a few too many secrets to the Queen’s spies. All ages and ethnicities welcomed. 

Contact: Ray at r.sims0320221@arts.ac.uk by the end of w/c 13th March 2023

SKIVE Short Film | UWE Bristol

Skive is a coming-of-age social realism film based in a run-down South West town. Courtney and Nathan are both skiving from school on the same afternoon for different reasons. On the cusp of adulthood, they’re forced to grow up too quickly. When their worlds crash together, they get the chance to escape their realities and be young again. 

The film addresses important topical issues such as the cost-of living crisis and sexual harassment, told through the eyes of young people.

Despite the heaviness that forms the backdrop of the characters’ lives, this film is a heart-warming take on the social realism genre. In an era of ‘Us VS Them’ mentality, this film will provide a nuanced take on serious issues - one that provides a glimpse of hope. Above all, this is a story of friendship and connection.

*Paid Opportunity* Rates TBC

Filming will take place in Bristol and Plymouth in late March and early April. Dates: Travel: 31st March 2023; Filming: 1st-5th April 2023, TBC.

All travel, food and accommodation will be provided.

COURTNEY (Lead Role)

Female, Playing Age: 16, Any Ethnicity.

Courtney presents herself as a defiant and alternative girl. She feels like an outsider to the run-down, almost apocalyptic town she inhabits. Despite a tough exterior, she feels vulnerable to the exploitation she faces on a near daily basis.

NATHAN (Lead Role)

Male, Playing Age: 16, Any Ethnicity.

On the surface, Nathan is your typical ‘British teenage lad’, however, his warmth and sensitivity subvert his stereotype. Nathan is motivated by his responsibility for his disabled mother.

NATHAN’S MOTHER (Supporting Role – Speaking)

Female, Playing Age: 35 – 60. Any Ethnicity.

HEAD TEACHER (Supporting Role – Speaking)

Male, Playing Age: 30 – 65. Any Ethnicity.

TEACHING ASSISTANT (Supporting Role – Speaking)

Any Gender, Playing Age: 30 – 60. Any Ethnicity.

RETAIL CASHIER (Supporting Role – Speaking)

Any Gender, Playing Age: 25 – 65. Any Ethnicity.

Email FilmSkive@gmail.com to show interest by Saturday 18th March, 5pm.


Casting for a wonderful 6 part comedy drama series for BBC3 - BOARDERS. It is about a group of underprivileged Black students who win scholarships to an elite British boarding.

It has been written by Daniel Lawrence Taylor (TIMEWASTERS),Ethosheia Hylton (AFRICAN QUEENS) is the lead director and it is being produced by Studio Lambert (THREE GIRLS).

Shooting starts in Bristol (June 2023).

ALL actors must be 18 or over to play 16 year old.

Male role 1: Black actor from inner city LONDON. MUST be 18 or over but look 16 years old. Must be from London. The character is working class, street smart and charming. 

Male role 2: Black actor from inner city LONDON. MUST be 18 or over but look 16 years old. Must be from London. The character is working class, geeky and shy. 

Male role 3: Bi Racial (Black/White Heritage) actor from inner city LONDON. MUST be 18 or over but look 16 years old. Must be from London. The character is working class, street smart and funny.

Female role: Black actress from inner city LONDON. MUST be 18 or over but look 16 years old. Must be from London. The character is working class, determined and very bright. 

You need to be available 20 June – 6 September 2023.

These roles are paid series leads and no previous acting experience is necessary.

If you fit the brief, please email: office@rosalieclayton.com with the subject heading ‘BBC3 and YOUR NAME’ & the following:

1. Your name, location, and contact information.

2. A recent headshot (can be taken on phone).

3. Any information about yourself that you feel may be relevant.


I AM NOT WHO I SAY I AM | King's Head Theatre

Looking for actors for a one-off performance of the play I AM NOT WHO I SAY I AM by Luwa Adebanjo.

The play will be performed at the Kings Head Theatre as part of Tom Ratcliffe’s exciting ‘A Queer Interrogation’ New Writing Festival Season on the 14th May.

Olamide Ajoke has never had an easy life, from an abusive father who wants sons, to her struggle with her sexuality. Told through poetry, music, dance and narration we journey through her childhood until the death of her father. But is everything that it seems? Or was her father murdered? And by who? With the news reporting on his death 24/7, Olamide has to get her story straight before she ends up being the police's number one suspect. A tale of survival, love, strength and growth. This story is a celebration of life and tells us no matter how bad things get, we must be here to be here. But seriously, who killed Olamide's father?

OLAMIDE - Main Character: Female. Black. LGBTQ. Adult. LOVE scenes and kissing included.

JANNAH - Main Character: BAME. LGBTQ. Any age over 16. Is a Transwoman. Love interest. No love scenes but kissing included.

AKIEL - Male. Black. Adult. Main Character. Evil dad.

WIFE - Female. Adult. Any race.

EVE - Female. Adult. Any race.

NARRATOR - Female. Big, unique voice. Maybe a Morgan Freeman vibe or something else that is God like and bold.

CHORUS - Multiple actors. Must be able to sing and dance. All genders. BAME.

PASTOR - Male. Adult. BAME. Big personality.

LOLA - Female. Adult. Comforting. Therapist. Ideally BAME.

AMERIA - BAME. Adult. Footballer (no experience necessary). LGBTQ. Love interest who has love scenes and kissing included.

TOMMI - Evil stepbrother. Adult. BAME.

REPORTER 1 - Any gender. Adult. Any race.

REPORTER 2 - Any gender. Adult. Any race.

If interested, please contact Luwa at luwaadebanjo@gmail.com (email preferred) or 07847777589 for more information. WhatsApp Group Chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/JaFkQv6E6FqFgH07it46D7

February 2023 

Peter Rabbit Easter Adventure | A Live Immersive Experience

Looking for 14 fabulous, fun energetic team members to join us for the Immersive journey.

Job Title: Front of House Assistant

Contract Type: Zero Hours

Reporting to: Visitor Experience Manager

Salary: £12 p/h

Purpose of the role: To ensure the smooth and safe running of the Front of House Operation at the Peter Rabbit Easter Adventure at Covent Garden

Performance dates are from Tuesday 21st March to Sunday 16th April, with on location training, a few days before.

The website for the show is:www.peterrabbiteasteradventure.com.

The deadline to submit your applications is Monday 13th March.

If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to uk_nick@hotmail.com asap!


PlantGays is a new play about the beautiful,strange and meaningful ways queer people connect with nature. You will undertake a short R&D to devise and write new parts of the show with actors-writers in March.

Looking for actors/writers who identify as LGBTQIA+ to be involved in a R&D and work-in-progress performance at the Curve Theatre Leicester as part of the National Student Drama Festival.

Dates: R&D w/c 27th March - Hybrid of online & in-person, London

Performance: 3rd April, Curve Theatre Leicester

Fee: UNPAID, up to £80 expenses.

You must indentify as LGBTQIA+ and have a base in London. Intrested in hearing from individuals who identify as trans, are from the global majority or have a disabilty.

If you are interested please email theatrewhitenoise@gmail.com, urgently as the deadline is 8th March at midnight.

Natural Sorrow | London Screen Academy Short Film   

Looking for a trans woman, aged 18 - 25, any ethnicity, RP

Celia - British. After the death of her mother, Celia returns to her childhood home which she begins to believe is haunted by her late mother's spirit. Searching through old belongings, her past trauma resurfaces and the barrier between reality and memory distorts.

Shooting end of April - May.

Please email: naturalsorrowcasting@gmail.com with the subject CELIA and your full name, headshot/recent photo, location, CV/showreel (if applicable)

Playing ON | Casting

Playing ON is looking for 2 actors (over 18 years old) to support a week of workshops with our writer-in-residence, Lin Coghlan on a new play.

To apply, please send your CV or example of your work (spotlight / showreel) and either a 1-2 minute video/audio clip or 1 A4 page about you to rhian@playingon.org.uk.

Dates: 3rd - 7th April

Location: South London

Fee: £600

Closing date: 6th March 7PM

Auditions: 13th March

ROBBIE - 17 - London, has lived in too many care placements to count, thinks he's street-wise but is vulnerable. Loves birds, depends on his sister Cel, can lose it under pressure.

CEL - 19 - Celia. Robbie's older half sister. Is more like a mum to him. Living independently. Knows how to stick up for herself.

Lead roles in a feature film by BAFTA-nominated director

TRULY NAKED is a unique coming-of-age story. It follows 16-year old Alec who, as part of a small family business based in an English coastal town, films and edits online porn starring his father, Dylan. A growing relationship with Nina challenges him to break free and find his own path to real intimacy. 

Anyone wishing to apply should email office@deshamilton.com with the subject 'TRULY NAKED submission'. Please include your full name, contact details, a few recent photos and where you are based.


A 16 year old boy*. Any ethnicity.

Gentle, sensitive, bright, wise beyond his years.

*Please note actors must be over 18 by shooting. 


A 16 year old girl*. Any ethnicity.

Feisty, intelligent, magnetic, articulate. Can hold her own and is not afraid to speak her mind.

*Please note actors must be over 18 by shooting. 

Deadline: as soon as possible


Two 16 year olds to play twins KENNY & TAI (do not have to be actual twins but please note the family for this are BRITISH NIGERIAN

Must be available for ALL dates below

DEADLINE: Email kirsty.j.curtis@gmail.com by end of the day 3rd February 2023


Kenny Adenuga - Lead Role (Male, 16 years)


Height: Any height

Appearance: Black-African

Contract type: Equity - BBC

Contract info: Eng fee for short £800, prod days, buyout etc as standard

Kenny is always ready with a joke, and has a cheeky charm that means people quickly warm to him.
Kenny dreams big. He knows he does not want to settle for a boring minimum wage Saturday job.
The problem is, he doesn’t know quite what he does want to do. Other than being rich and famous.
He often describes himself as an aspiring YouTuber but will also turn his hand to anything – he’s the master of the side hustle, in theory at least – his idol would be KSI.
He is absolutely convinced that things will turn out his way in the end. Which is why he refuses to take a ‘proper’ job - it’s a trap. He takes on some much more ‘wide-ranging’ (read: absolutely bonkers) jobs while he comes up with yet another scheme for fame and fortune. He isn’t sure exactly how he’s going to get where he wants to be in life, but he is full of ideas, and will implement them at 100 miles an hour, his mind utterly untroubled by thoughts of past failures. He has an almost pathological aptitude for embarking on things without having thought them through in the slightest, which usually lands him in hot water, and quite often Tai has to come to the rescue (when she’s feeling amenable, that is). In general, he’s a lot more reliant on his sister and parents than he would care to admit.
Kenny knows for certain what he doesn’t want to do. And what he has no desire to do, whatsoever, is give up his dreams and get trapped in a hair shop in Milton Keynes with a load of Aunties. He’s dying to move to London one day where ‘all the magic happens’. It’s only 50 miles, and a £10 train ticket away but it’s totally beyond his reach right now.

Neutral Accent

London or Milton Keynes Based

Cannot be allergic or scared of dogs


Tai Adenuga - Lead Role (Female, 16 years)


Height: Any height

Appearance: Black-African

Contract type: Equity - BBC

Contract info: Eng fee for short £800, prod days, buyout etc as standard
Kenny’s twin sister and antagonist. She’s wise beyond her years, sarcastic, and has a dark sense of humour, as well as frankly mind-blowing organisational skills. She is also a real A-type personality, to a level that is quite intense, and has know-it-all tendencies which can sometimes be her downfall.
She’s surprisingly easy to bait for a smart person, and often all Kenny has to do is lord it over her a little, or tease her about having more friends than she does, and she will be so determined to come out on top that she will often get herself stuck in situations alongside him. The good thing is, more often than not she IS right, so he’s very lucky to have her around as she gets him out of a lot of bother. And, secretly, she loves it, as it gives her a bit of an opportunity to show her smarts.
Tai is not one of life’s losers, she’s keen to get a job, and can turn her hand to anything. It’s just that she has never actually made it past probation at a single job yet, as her tendency to make everything and everyone around her as efficient as possible can be a little annoying. And she doesn’t get time to lazy around the house licking her wounds, as Bunmi won’t stand for this for a second.
Their Relationship,Like any good sibling relationship, it’s complicated. And that goes double for twins. Sure, they are bonded by blood, and are there for each other when the chips are down, but there is also a very healthy amount of sibling rivalry. (Actually, maybe a bit more than is healthy). Sure, Tai will often come to Kenny’s rescue, but the sibling ecosystem is a delicate one – all it takes is one minor bit of blackmail, or a poorly-timed prank, or, heaven forbid, for Kenny to be actually winning for once, and all of a sudden the competitiveness is VERY real. Their hare and the tortoise approach also often means they are at loggerheads

Neutral Accent

London or Milton Keynes Based

Cannot be allergic or scared of dogs

Casting Call - Theatre 503


Shazma - Playing age 15 - 18, female identifying, South Asian

Tyrell - Playing age 15-18, male identifying/GNC, Black

Please send a headshot and recent showreel to: raimu_itfum@hotmail.com

Deadline: As soon as possible

January 2023

Stella Adler Studio | Auditions

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting New York and Art of Acting Studio Los Angeles are excited to return (vaccinated and boosted) to London on March 17-18, 2023 to hold in-person auditions for their world-class actor training programs. We will be auditioning prospective students for our Professional Conservatory programs as well as Summer Programs on March 17-18 at the Seven Dials Playhouse. We are hoping to connect with the most gifted, ambitious young actors in the UK who have an appetite for rigorous training and an interest in studying acting in New York or Los Angeles. Email ryan@stellaadler.com to schedule an audition appointment.

Auditions are FREE! All application fees are waived for London Audition appointments. The training programs are tuition based and more information can be found at http://www.stellaadler.com/classes/.

Founded in 1949, the Stella Adler Studio occupies a unique place in the history of both theater and actor training in the United States. Rooted in the spirit of Stella Adler, and the insight that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous, students will be challenged on every level by world class faculty and by a mission to nurture theater artists so that they value humanity, their own and others, as their first priority, while bringing art and education to the community. Alumni include Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Donna Murphy, Elaine Stritch and many more.

(Actors Must be 18 years of age or older)

Date: March 17,18

Time: 10am-5pm (London Time)

Location: Seven Dials Playhouse (1a Tower Street)

Audition: Prepare two contrasting monologues, one contemporary/realism and one classical, that should be no longer than 90 seconds in length each.

To schedule a London Audition, please email Ryan Chittaphong at ryan@stellaadler.com.

Website: https://stellaadler.com/classes/audition-tour/london-auditions/

The Wolves | Orange Peel Productions

we are in the process of putting on “The Wolves” by Sarah Delappe, which the 10 of us did back in May in our final year of Mountview, and we are thrilled to say that we have found a venue to perform in!

Unfortunately, one of our lovely company members is unable to do the show due to other commitments, so we are currently re-casting the role of #7.

Just a few reminders! 

You must be:

An actor with middle eastern heritage,

Based in London (or at least willing to travel a few days during the week),

Available for Feb 1 through to March 11, 2023,

(rehearsals won’t be every day, we are quite flexible but you do need to commit to at least 2 days week throughout this period. Shows will run every evening between the 4th of March - 11th.)

Identify as a female or non-binary actor, 

Be able to do a General American accent.


You have experience in dance/movement and are able to pick up on choreography semi-quickly. 


The Wolves is set in an indoor soccer facility. Each scene depicts the nine teenage girls who make up the Wolves, a high school soccer team, conversing while they warm up before their game each week. In most scenes, the team is going through a stretching routine led by #25, the team captain, or doing practice exercises. The girls sometimes continue their gossip from the previous week, bringing up new developments or related topics.

Character breakdown:

#7 Striker. Too cool for school. Sarcastic, “fuck”, thick eyeliner. Almost 17.


General American


Please state your name, age, pronouns, any football training/experience you may have (if you don’t, that’s ok!) and confirm that you are able to work between Feb 1 and March 11. 

Actors are to be paid on a profit share basis! 

We have a scene from the play we would like you to tape which includes a monologue by #7. She is bold. She is fierce. She does not shy away from confrontation. (Please email using productionsorangepeel@gmail.com to request this scene)

Deadline: ASAP

Please WeTransfer to productionsorangepeel@gmail.com

Your tapes (slate + scene stitched together!) with the file named: “YourName_7Submission"

Your Spotlight link or acting CV

Your headshot

Have fun. Be bold. And we look forward to seeing all your lovely tapes. :)

December 2022

Performance opportunity for singers aged 18-25 at the Roundhouse

Dave Okumu is looking for 30 talented singers to accompany him as part of a vocal ensemble, during his In the Round show at the Roundhouse. 

This programme helps young singers improve their voice and its capabilities through weekly workshops and intensive rehearsals as we build up to the live performance on the Roundhouse’s main stage.

Apply here: https://www.roundhouse.org.uk/young-creatives/spring-2023/dave-okumu-and-the-7-generations-a-contemporary-vocal-ensemble/?utm_source=psswap&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=youthspring2023&utm_content=psswapdaveokumu

Deadline: 20th December 

November 2022

Short film Casting

The film is about 2 people who are unable to explore a special bond that can get them out of the harsh world they live in because of the domestic abuse one suffers back home. 

Character name: LUCIO. 

Open to all ethnicities.

Playing age (early 20s)

A painter, who spends a lot of time alone in a city he has recently moved into. 

Soft and caring but wise, calm and reserved. 

LUCIO is in love with our protagonist, CLARA, who struggles to love him back because of domestic abuse she suffers at home. 

Food and travel costs will be covered + a showreel from high quality equipment, the Alexa Mini, used in The Joker, Batman, Honeyboy. A possible small pay will be discussed after budgeting cuts. 

I am currently an NYT member and would love to collaborate with other NYT members! 

If interested please email me at gaelreynier@gmail.com

Actors / Singers Wanted for RSA Films Commercial | Directed by Ridley Scott 

We are currently looking for a gifted young singer 14-18 yrs old, any gender, to play the role of JUVENILE/JUVAL in the RSA Films Commercial for a high-end technology company, shooting in London week commencing 12th December 2022, with some prep/rehearsals beforehand (end of week commencing 5th December).

We are also looking for actors 15-18 yrs old to play supporting roles of the ‘KINGS’ who able to perform rap or spoken word. Both briefs below.

Our dates: week commencing 12th December 2022, rehearsals end of week commencing 5th December 2022.

Location: shooting in London, UK.

Director: Ridley Scott

Production Company: RSA Films


JUVENILE (14-18yrs old)

Looking for a very special young actor aged 14-18 yrs, incredible singing voice would be ideal but non-essential.

Must have the following qualities: Confident, strong/powerful, charismatic, street-wise, unique personality about them.

Our character is obsessed with singing and their voice and can’t stop singing. There are a lot of silences in the piece so this really needs a strong actor whose ability can still shine through. 

This character will be near horses so must be comfortable around horses and not allergic. 


KINGS (15-18yrs old)

Our 'Kings' are aged 15-18 yrs, Male/Female/Non-binary, open ethnicity. They are a group who live on an estate and enjoy hanging out, chatting and having fun as a group. They recognise raw talent when they see it. 

Juvenile/Juval is the lead and they walk through the group of Kings. The Kings are supporting roles and very much part of a group. This is a unique project with Ridley Scott at the helm and will ultimately be a beautiful and moving advert.

*We would be very interested in individuals who have a talent for spoken word/rap or some type of percussion. Please flag when suggesting*


To apply, please send child’s name, age, height, DOB and a recent picture and information about singing and level to these emails: steph@sysoncasting.com and becky@sysoncasting.com 

Applications must be submitted by a parent, teacher or legal guardian if under 18 yrs old.




  • MEN AGED 25-60 years old
  • WOMEN AGED 25-40 years old
  • BOYS 16-21 years old (Must have permission from Parent/Guardian if under 16)
  • TEENAGE BOY 14-18 years old: Confident, street wise and charismatic, supporting Speaking Role, 2 scenes (with LEAD CHARACTER), 9 lines of scripted dialogue.

Specifically from the following areas and surrounds: Hartlepool, Darlington, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland and Stockton-on-Tees

No previous acting experience necessary If you are successful these will be paid roles 

Please email us on: selftape@jessiefrost.co.uk with the following information:

  • NAME
  • The subject of the email should be: NORTH EAST OPEN CALL

Closes: Friday 18th November

Jessie Frost Casting is a London based Casting Company whose credits include work for Netflix/BBC/BFI and Cannes Film Festival

This is a paid opportunity. The information you provide will be used for the purposes of casting.

Christmas Crooners | Concert Tour

Seeking performers that resemble Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Doris Day for Christmas Crooners Tour.

NYT alumni, Tony Howes, is assistant director on this project.

Rehearsing in the Midlands from November 18th until 26th November and dates sporadically between then and 23rd December (12 in total).


1. A male-identifying actor - Baritone. Must also be able to perform in a believable American accent and be a good mover (This is to cover one of the lead performers).

2. A Black or mixed heritage actor - Singer. Must have a convincing American accent (General), good movement skills. Do not have to be a dancer but able to pick up basic choreography.

3. A female singer - Look and sound like Doris Day, good feeling for Jazz and good movement skills.

Nightly fee negotiable, minimum £100 per performance day, some transport and accommodation will be provided.


Year 13 Collaboration Project | LSA


Female-identifying actor to play three parts (in three different scripts): Tallulah, Mary and Margie. All three women are American - from the midwest and are all strong characters who get caught up in the drama for different reasons. 

TALLULAH, finds herself transported back in time from the modern day to a 1940's run-down travelling carnival, not phased; she throws herself into the 'delusion' and makes a relationship with a young man of a similar age. 

MARY is the much younger wife of the bullying owner of a 1940's run-down travelling carnival, she is more dreamy in nature and runs away with a young man who steals the owner's money. 

MARGIE is a young nurse who has found herself in a run-down travelling carnival of the 1940's. She dreams of running away and finding something better.


Male-identifying actor to play three different parts (in three different scripts): Jimmy, Diggory and Rodney. All three men are American - from the midwest, working in a run down 1940's travelling carnival. 

JIMMY is the idealistic roustabout who acts as time-travelling Tallulah's guide, he is in charge of the monkey act. 

DIGGORY is darker and has stolen money from the bullying carnival owner in order to run away with his younger wife. 

RODNEY is the young but world weary Carnie who falls for Margie.


Older actor, a ringmaster, fortune teller or older carnival character.

The OWNER/ RINGMASTER of the first script is full of engial bonhomie and amicably hustles new girl Tallulah into a job.

In the second script RAY is a much more sinister, more dominating figure, sure that the young diggory is stealing from him/her - it turns out they were right.

In the final script the FORTUNE TELLER tries to warn the female protagonist of the dangers they are in.


2nd Female-identifying actor is American - from the midwest, working in a run down 1940's travelling carnival. Not in the first script, they play Bones and Barb

BONES is a friend to Diggory, a young carnie who has been beaten down by the bullying owner. 

BARB is an altogether less friendly character who tries to plot a deadly accident.


Shoot Dates 

The Carnival - Monday 12th December: Tallulah, Jimmy, Ringmaster

Fire Ants - Thursday 10th January: Diggory, Bones, Mary, Ray

The Carnival II - Friday 27th January & Thursday 2nd February: Margie, Rodney, Barb, Fortune Teller

Deadline for application is Friday 11th November 4pm

This opportunity is unpaid.

CONTACT ASAP: Fiona McGuire - fiona.mcguire@lsa.ac.uk,  Julian MacDonnell - julian.macdonnell@lsa.ac.uk and Charity Muiruri - charity.muiruri@lsa.ac.uk

New ITV Comedy in Bristol | Casting Call 

Casting Call for new ITV comedy starring Bristol's very own Jayde Adams!

We're looking for fresh, new and exciting talent from Bristol between the ages 17-22 years old to audition for us, no experience necessary.

Please send us your:

  • Full name
  • Location
  • Recent photo

To: ruby@garrettcasting.com

Deadline for applications is 22nd November 2022!

October 2022


Burberry is Casting for an upcoming shoot! 



Job details below:






RATE - £1000 + 20% PER DAY

Please send recent headshot and full length photo to caitlin.prosser@burberry.com

Deadline: By the end of day 03/11/2022

Run, Rebel | Pilot Theatre x Mercury Theatre Colchester

We’re particularly interested in hearing from performers who fit the character descriptions below and spoken word performers. No previous professional theatre credits are required.

Here is some information about the production:

Run, Rebel is a co-production with Pilot Theatre and Mercury Theatre Colchester and will be directed by Tessa Walker and we are only able to consider applications from people aged 18+.


Amber is trapped – by her family’s rules, by their expectations, by her own fears. But on the running track she is completely free. As her body speeds up, the world slows down. And the tangled, mixed up lines in her head get s t r a i g h t e r . . .

It’s time to start a revolution: for her mother, for her sister, for herself.

Run, Amber. Run.

‘Run, Rebel’ is a world premier adaptation of Manjeet Mann’s celebrated novel. Pilot Theatre brings another spellbinding adaptation of the very best of recent young adult fiction to the Mercury Theatre. Combining physical theatre and mesmerising visuals, and performed by a multi-talented ensemble this promises to be another landmark co-production made especially for audiences of 11+.

Character Descriptions:


  • We can only accept applications for people aged 18+ for this role. 
  • Amber is a female-identifying 15-year-old. She is British-born and of Indian heritage.
  • She is funny, feisty, and changeable. A rebel. Capable of great vulnerability and great strength.
  • She’s our hero, on stage all the time and in every scene. She holds the story.
  • We are looking for people who have a command of poetic language and are good movers.
  • We are particularly interested in meeting people who can speak Punjabi and/or has a connection to Birmingham/ West Midlands.


  • Ruby is Ambers's older sister. They are a female-identifying person in their 20's. They are born in Britain but of Indian Heritage. 
  • Ruby is remote but gets closer to the audience as more of her life is revealed throughout the play. 
  • Ruby is holding on to a lot of resentment but learns to move on throughout the course of the play.
  • We are looking for people who have a command of poetic language and are good movers.
  • We are particularly interested in meeting people who can speak Punjabi and/or has a connection to Birmingham/ West Midlands.
  • All characters, other than Amber, will double/multi-role.


  • We can only accept applications for people aged 18+ for this role.
  • David is a male identifying 15-year-old who has Indian-Jamaican heritage. 
  • He is Amber's friend, who becomes Amber's crush throughout the play. He is a layered, multi-faceted teenage boy. A heartthrob without knowing it.
  • We are particularly interested in meeting people who have a connection to Birmingham/West Midlands.
  • All characters, other than Amber, will double/multi-role.

Current Productions Dates (may be subject to minor change):

  • Rehearsals (at Mercury Theatre): 23rd January 2023 - 18th February 2023
  • Tech/production week: w/c 20th February
  • Mercury Theatre run starts: Friday 24th February
  • York Theatre Royal run starts: w/c 6th March
  • Derby Theatre run starts: w/c 13th March
  • Belgrade, Coventry run starts: w/c 20th March
  • Alnwick Playhouse run starts: w/c 27th March
  • Pencilled tour dates: 17th and 24th of April.
  • There is also an R&D on w/c 5 Dec 2022, it would be useful to know if you are available for this week also.

Audition Dates:

We are looking to hold first-round meetings (most likely in London) on the following dates:

  • Wednesday 9th Nov
  • Thursday 10th Nov
  • Monday 14th Nov
  • Tuesday 15th Nov

How to apply:

If you wish to apply, please ensure that you are available for all the production dates and at least one of the audition dates above, and then send the following to livbarrcastingassistant@gmail.com.

  • A CV
  • A cover letter which includes your name, age, location, email address and a short description (of no more than 500 words) of which character you would like to be considered for and why you think you would be a good fit for the role.
  • If you have access requirements that might make applying difficult, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will use our best endeavours to make suitable adjustments. 

The deadline for application is 31st October 22. Due to the high volume of applications, we may not be able to respond to everyone. If you have not been contacted by 7th November 22, then presume that your application has not been successful on this occasion.

How Not To Drown | ThickSkin

How Not To Drown By Nicola McCartney and Dritan Kastrati - Touring from January 2023

Award-winning theatre company, ThickSkin, returns to the stage with their hit-show, How Not To Drown - an action packed, highly visual production telling the painful yet uplifting true story of an eleven year-old unaccompanied asylum-seeker arriving in the UK. In 2002, in the turmoil after the end of the Kosovan War, Dritan is sent on the notoriously perilous journey across the Adriatic with a gang of people smugglers to a new life in Europe. He relies on his young wit and charm to make it to the UK. But the fight for survival continues as he clings to his identity and sense of self when he ends up in the British care system. How Not to Drown shares a story of endurance for a little kid who wasn’t safe or welcome anywhere in the world, performed by an ensemble cast starring Dritan Kastrati himself.

A ThickSkin and Traverse Theatre Company production, supported by Theatre Royal Stratford East. Commissioned by ThickSkin and Lawrence Batley Theatre.


1 x adult male / trans-male / non-binary actor

Playing age 16 – 25

Must have excellent physical and devising skills


Additional casting info (please read)

How Not To Drown is a highly physical ensemble piece of theatre with over 30 characters played by a company of 5 performers including Dritan Kastrati who the play is about and performs in the ensemble. We are looking for one performer to join the four other actors who were all members of the original 2019 production. The actor must have strong physical and devising skills and be comfortable multi-rolling, playing both cis male and female characters. We are looking to create a diverse company and due to the make-up of the existing cast members we are specifically looking for a young Black, Asian or mixed-heritage actor.

Rehearsals from 9 January 2023, London

Previews from 26 January 2023, Theatre Royal Stratford East

Press Night 31 January 2023, Theatre Royal Stratford East

UK tour from 13 February to 1 April 2023

If you would like to apply, send your Spotlight or CV to talent@thickskintheatre.co.uk

Those invited to audition will be requested to submit a self-tape. Movement auditions will then be held in London this autumn.

Casting Call | Dangerous Liaisons S2 (Starz)


Turning 21yrs. This is a superb new leading character appearing across all the 8 episodes. Options will be required. This role was played by Uma Thurman in the 80s movie.

We need an outstandingly brilliant, witty and clever young leading actress with a capacity for danger under an innocent exterior. Convent-raised and fresh to Paris society, Cecile is one of the most beautiful and eligible young women in France. Cecile appears every bit the pious young ingenue but is beginning to feel as though she is living in a gilded cage - polished and protected, a diamond to be bartered by the men around her. She is desperate to experience life and love before she is locked into a loveless marriage and a brief taste of romance only fuels her appetite for more. She wears her innocence as an armour, beneath which lies an understanding of power and the desire for it. She knows how to manipulate those around her to carve out a secret life that she craves. When in the course of the story she is cruelly exploited and betrayed, Cecile will have her revenge - and those who underestimated her will pay a terrible price.

Some scenes of a sexual nature will be required for this character. For all scenes of a sexual nature, an intimacy co-ordinator will be engaged by production to provide a safe, secure and trustworthy environment for the cast based on now well-established protocols.

Playing age 18–21 years

Height Any height

Gender Female

Appearance Any appearance


Inspired by the novel of the same name, “Dangerous Liaisons” produced by Playground Entertainment for Starz/Lionsgate tells the origin story of the early years of the iconic characters Merteuil and Valmont when they meet as passionate young lovers in the slums of 18th century Paris.

Season One premieres on 6th November.

Written and reimagined by Harriet Warner (“Tell Me Your Secrets”) this 8-part series is “Dangerous Liaisons” for a 21st century audience.

Block 1 Director is Olly Blackburn (Dangerous Liaison S1, Kristy) and produced by Liz Gill (Vikings: Valhalla, Deadly Cuts), the series is executive produced by Colin Callender (“Wolf Hall”, “Howards End”), Harriet Warner (“Tell Me Your Secrets”, “Call the Midwife”) and Scott Huff (“The Spanish Princess”, “The Missing”)

Production dates

Shoots in Prague from 16th January - 16th July 2023.

Production Location Prague, Czechia

Contract type Equity - PACT

Production company Playground Entertainment and Starz Lionsgate

Casting director Robert Sterne

Casting location London, United Kingdom

Please contact amy@robertsterne.co.uk

Deadline Friday 21st October 2022

Actors Wanted for Box Clever 2022/23 Tours

The acclaimed London based Box Clever Theatre Company are looking to meet new Actors for their 2022/23 Tours including the Spring Tour of Macbeth.

The company continues to make, produce and tour its own work in collaboration with emerging and established artists. Regular creatives include Iqbal Khan, Rhys Jarman, Kimberly Sykes, Kitty Winter, Richard Neale, Hal Chambers and David Ajao.

The BOX CLEVER style demands actors are physically fit, vocally strong, committed and conscientious. Accredited training, ability to drive and experience of touring and workshops is desirable. An interest in new writing and working with young people is essential.

If interested please submit the following via self-tape to admin@boxclevertheatre.com:

  • Short intro about yourself
  • Contemporary monologue no longer than 90 seconds
  • Shakespeare monologue no longer than 90 seconds

Your covering email should include a link to your Spotlight view page or a CV attached.

Please keep attachments up to 3MB in total.

Please title your email: 2022/23 Tours Self Tape – Your Name

Please ensure your self-tapes are uploaded to YouTube and inserted as links in your covering email. We-Transfer or DropBox files will not be opened.

The deadline for submission is midday Monday 17th October 2022

Face to Face recalls will take place in London on Sunday 30th October 2022.


Rehearsal and Tour wages will be based on the ITC/Equity minimum weekly rate of £504.00. Box Clever promotes equal opportunities for all. We welcome applications from individuals from all backgrounds. Due to the nature of the work with young people, successful applicants will be required to reveal details of all spent and unspent criminal convictions under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975. Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with us. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of your offences.

Short Film Casting Call | Napier Films


TOYIN - Female, Black, Playing Age 12-15 Naturally curious, excitable and inquisitive. London-born. Has a growing interest in her culture.

Fee: £300 (£150 p/d x 1 rehearsal day and 1 shoot day)

OLA - Male, Black, Playing Age 40s - 50s. Loving, warm single father. Nigerian-born. Keen to help Toyin connect with her Yoruba roots.

Fee: £300 (£150 p/d x 1 rehearsal day and 1 shoot day)

Must be London-based and available on 26th November 2022. An additional rehearsal day will also be required (tbc). Will need to play a talking drum and dance. No prior experience of this is necessary, but natural rhythm is a must.

If you are interested, please email wofai.je@gmail.com with ‘OYA DANCE CASTING’ in the subject heading ASAP.

Please include: Full name, age, date of birth and a headshot or portrait photo (does not need to be professionally taken!) A Spotlight link or links to any previous works.

Odd Eyes Theatre casting ON THE LINE for Camden Peoples Theatre 

ON THE LINE is a two-handler gritty comedy based on the real experiences of a group of teenagers from Camden which will run at Camden People Theatre in November and secondary school tour in January-February 2023. 

CASTING FOR THE ROLE OF: KAI. Playing age 15. Kai is athletic, good looking. He’s very much into football and about to join a professional under 18 club. He’s also funny and easy going, although not the smartest academically. He lives with his migrant mum and his younger sister on a council estate in Camden. His best friend is Tia. They live in the same block on the estate, they have known each other since they were born. Next to his mum, Tia is the most important person in his life. The actor playing Kai must be fluent in the current fast-paced London slang as well as able to multi-role using Spanish and Italian accents.

Casting date: 19 October

Recalls: w/b 26 October Rehearsal dates: 14 - 25 November

Tour dates: 29 November to 3 December - Camden People’s Theatre; Jan to 10th Feb: school tour. Additional venues to be announced.

Fee: £494 per week – Equity rate

DBS preferable

If you would like more information about Odd Eyes Theatre and ON THE LINE, please see here: https://oddeyestheatre.net/

Please send your CV with a link to Spotlight if available or a showreel and a cover letter detailing what attracts you to the role to: info@oddeyestheatre.net If shortlisted, you will receive sides from the script to prepare ahead of the audition.

Deadline: As soon as possible. 

Open Call for Facilitators, Actors, Musicians, Dancers & More! 

Diverse Voices (www.diversevoices.co.uk) is a performing arts in education charity supporting disadvantaged young people using original productions, drama-, music- & dance-based activities and workshops in the arts.

We work with a pool of freelance facilitators and creatives every year, providing paid roles and opportunities in our projects and productions, and we are looking to recruit a wide variety of new freelancers to work with.

Roles: We have multiple roles and opportunities and are looking for a varied group of actors, facilitators, dancers, musicians and creatives. Our application forms are below, which detail specific roles, as well as how to put yourself forward to become part of our freelancer database (and therefore hear about future opportunities and roles going forwards).

Our roles vary from a few hours for a workshop or performance, to more permanent 7-week commitments, and are all paid roles based in London Boroughs, supported by our core team – with extensive training within delivery and safeguarding, regular check-ins and much more.

 We are looking for creatives with professionalism, empathy, energy and passion, to successfully support our children and young people.

How to apply: You will find details of our Theatre & Dance opportunities at this link here (https://forms.gle/VQ7CtnrKS2SQhLqd9), and our Music opportunities at this link here (https://forms.gle/rrFdvHXrXox2Hcpa9), with details of how to apply within each form.

NOTE: You must be 18+ to apply
Questions: If you have any questions about the roles below or about Diverse Voices and our team, please reach out to Operations Manager Julia Nielsen at julia@diversevoices.co.uk 

September 2022

Poly Styrene Feature Film | Shaheen Baig Casting


We are looking for a young woman to play the punk singer Poly Styrene of X-Ray Spex in a feature film.

We would love to hear from the following:

  • Women of playing ages 18-25 of white and Somali/Ethiopian/Eritrean mixed heritage, based in the UK.

Perhaps someone who can sing and/or perform with music, whether in a band or on their own at home but this is not essential.

Please send the following details:

  • Full name
  • Where you are based
  • A short video (no longer than 1 minute) telling us a bit about yourself

To - polycasting@shaheenbaigcasting.com

No previous acting experience is required, just enthusiasm to try something new!

You can find more details on Shaheen Baig casting here.

Cinematic Commercial - Laura Manwaring Casting 

Lara Manwaring - a Casting Director who works across Film and TV  - previous work includes the Channel 4 drama 'Top Boy', BAFTA award winning feature 'Ellen', BBC's 'Gunpowder' starring Kit Harrington and 'War Machine' starring Brad Pitt - is casting for a new commercial! 

ROLE: They're looking for a working class 11- 14 year old who is female identifying. 

This is a PAID role. No previous acting experience necessary. 

If interested, please submit the following to assistant@laramanwaring.com

- A clear, headshot-style photo

- Name, Age, DOB

- Where you are based


Deadline: Friday 9th, September 

Casting for male actor | Strong Welsh Accent

We are looking for male actors with a playing age of 14 who have (or already have the skill & ability to do) a strong Welsh accent for an upcoming feature film supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales, funding partners & producers TBA (production team and cast already in place include high profile names). Any Welsh language and/or singing ability is also useful, but not a necessity. We are particularly looking for boys with a unique look, who have strong or exaggerated features.

If you’re interested, please contact casting@hannahmariewilliams.com with a recent photo, your age (if under 18), your current location, any Welsh language or singing ability and your acting experience (including any professional credits).

August 2022

Casting for 2 Children 9+ based in Scotland | Feature Film

We are working on a feature film shooting in Scotland this summer and are looking for a couple of children to play some supporting roles in the film.

No previous experience is necessary, just children who are enthusiastic and up for trying something new. If they are chosen to be in the film, they will of course, be paid.

Our casting brief is as follows:

  • We are searching for children based in Argyll & Bute and Glasgow
  • We are looking for children to play an 8 & 9 year old but the submissions must be 9+ but look young enough to play 8 years old.
  • These two roles will be shooting for 1 week maximum within August or September 2022
  • Scottish accent is not essential
  • If successful, this role will be paid

 All submissions MUST come from a parent or guardian.

Anyone interested in being considered should get in touch with us ASAP. It would be great if their info could be emailed to us at: info@shaheenbaigcasting.com with the following:

  • A photograph
  • Where they live
  • D.O.B
  • Parent/ guardian phone number and email address

We are a company that is highly experienced in doing non professional searches, and have cast many people from non professional backgrounds before. If you would like to find out more about Shaheen Baig Casting and the projects we have been involved in, please have a look at our credits and our website.

LAST MINUTE CASTING (14-18 years old) - Zoo Co Young Company

Zoo Co is an award-winning theatre company based in Croydon. The Zoo Co Young company exists to offer young artists the opportunity to train and co-create performances with professional artists and on professional stages. This performance has been co-devised by young Croydoners and a professional playwright, exploring themes of finding yourself, loneliness, class, and rebellion.

Things I Shouldn’t Carry is an 8 hander written in co-creation with the Young Company and award-winning writer Laurie Ogden. It will be directed by Zoo Co’s Artistic Director Flo O’Mahony, will a full professional creative team. We have majority cast from within our Young Company, but are looking for two actors for the roles of:

SKY (female): Sky is popular but hiding her true self - she often follows whatever Sky says or does.

MELISSA (female): Melissa is the most popular girl in school, with a cruel streak, and a secret.

This is an unpaid training opportunity, so we are particularly keen to hear from those based in Croydon, SE London or happy to travel, but we can support travel costs if this presents a barrier to access. Rehearsals will happen at Stanley Arts, with Performances at Fairfield Halls.

Rehearsal dates:

  • Monday 22nd August - Friday 22nd August, 11am - 4.00pm
  • Technical rehearsals: 7th September Wednesday 5 pm - 7 pm 8th September
  • Thursday 5 pm - 7 pm (dress rehearsal)


  • 9th September Friday 5 pm - 7 pm (performance time TBC)

Please email flo@wearezooco.co.uk and cc sarah@wearezooco.co.uk to register your interest.

Please include your age, the role you are applying for, your location and why you’d like to join the young company!

RAaW London is Auditioning! | Weekend Film and Theatre Acting Opportunities with RAaW London

Established in 2000, RAaW London is an award-winning film and theatre company that provides radical, organic, affordable acting training. Our new writing and original work can take both actors and audiences on a transformative and exciting journey. Our cutting-edge, professional, part-time acting training is available to young performers from the age of 11 – 25 running only on Saturdays in Camden. (Groups vary on age and ability)

Some of our alumni include:

Reda Elazouar (Pirates, Netflix). Sophia La Porta (Four Weddings and a Funeral) Jack Rowan (Noughts and Crosses, BAFTA Winner) Jasmyn Banks (Quiz) Tobi King Bakare (Temple, Edinburgh TV Awards Nominee)

We also offer representation to many people who train with us and have worked with:


If you'd like to see the sort of thing we do, please check out short films on our YouTube channel: RAaW London or head over to our Instagram: @raawlondon

To book an audition, get in touch via our website: www.raawlondon.org or email us at: info@raawlondon.org

'The Trip' Play | Casting Two Roles

We are looking for two very strong actors for our new short play 'The Trip' written and directed by Natalie Powell.

Just your average Sunday. Maddie comes home from yet another brunch-turned-lunch with her pals to be greeted by her not-so-sober boyfriend Leo. Predictable. However, what unravels on this seemingly ordinary evening; neither of them could have foreseen...Or could they?

This is a story about the harrowing reality of addiction, when the addiction goes too far.

The roles:

LEO (m)

  • Mid twenties. The boyfriend.
  • Looking for an actor with a fierce and slightly unnerving presence.
  • Actor must be comfortable exploring issues of addiction/violence/scenes of a sexual nature.

JESSE (m/f)

  • Mid twenties. The friend.
  • Looking for an actor with a gentle yet strong spirit. an archetypal hero.
  • Must be comfortable exploring issues of addiction/violence/scenes of a sexual nature.

Date: November 2022

Email with interest: thetriptheplay@outlook.com

Please include headshot/spotlight link/cv/availability by 19th August 2022.


Young Indian Heritage Actors | Sony Pictures Comedy Series 

Open Casting Call - no acting experience required! 

We are searching for Indian heritage young actors for leading roles in a Sony Pictures Television comedy series. 

The series will begin shooting January 2023 in Toronto and this will be a Zone A vax mandated production. 

To audition, select a role from the list below and follow this link for self-tape instructions. 

It is always free to submit an audition for this opportunity, if you encounter any issues, please contact Castit support at: talentsupport@castitsystems.com 

We must receive your audition by Monday 8th August to be considered! 

BHANU: East Indian girl, 17-19 years old. Troublingly independent. She's at the age where her mother's wise precautions and stringent rules seem like exercises in sadism, or hyperbole, or both. Having moved from India to Pittsburgh on very short notice, she uses the opportunity to get out from her mother's thumb (which she feels is attached surgically to her neck) and her first celebration of independence is to get grindingly romantic with their inappropriate neighbour, Stu. Role involves moments of adolescent sexuality. Non-binary and transgender actors encouraged to submit. 

KAMAL: East Indian boy, 14-16 years old. Introverted and co-dependant, Kamal is an epic mama's boy. He has anxieties and phobias for which his mother gives him medication. He loves rules and thinks narcs are just heroes who tell the truth. In his own way, he has the harshest reaction to America. Tired of being misnamed 'Camel', he withdraws deeper and deeper into himself until he simply declines to speak or associate with anybody. Role involves moments of adolescent sexuality. Non-binary and transgender actors encouraged to submit. 

VINOD: East Indian boy, 11-13 years old. He's cute and optimistic but completely naive. He loves all things American but his way of dealing with school bullies comes from his adoration of Ghandi, so he tries pacifism (which doesn't always work). Non-binary and transgender actors encouraged to submit. 

*We are committed to diverse and inclusive casting. Everyone will be considered regardless of disability, race, age, colour, national origin, ethnic origin, gender identity, sexual identification, or any other basis prohibited by law. 

For addition questions please email: casting@nanwrowlands.com 

July 2022

Space to Create 2022 at National Theatre - our final audition slot is this coming Monday 18th July, we'd love to see you there! 

We would love to meet you if you are an actor, performer or theatre-maker aged 16 - 21! This is a devising, theatre-making opportunity to work with Phosphorus Theatre and Joe Barnes Phillips  across one week to create bold an exciting theatre performance, which will be shared as part of Riverstage, our annual outdoor theatre festival on the Southbank. 

Running from Monday 8th August - Saturday 13th August - this course is FREE to take part in! 


Our final audition slot is:

Date: Monday 18th July  

Time: 6.30PM - 7.30PM

If you'd like to attend, please email youth@nationaltheatre.org.uk - or just come along! 

How to Get to National Theatre Learning Spaces:  

How to get here: The project will be taking place in the Duffield Studio which is located nearest to the Dorfman Theatre at National Theatre. 

Address: National Theatre, Upper Ground, SE1 9 PX  

Public transport: The nearest tube stations are Waterloo, Southwark or Lambeth North, the nearest national rail station is Waterloo 

Arrival Location: Clore Learning Centre @ National Theatre. The entrance for the Duffield Studio/Cottesloe Room is via the Dorfman Theatre. This can be found around the right-hand side of the theatre building next to IBM. Here is a map and photo of the entrance to the Clore Learning centre:   

On arrival, you will be met by one of the wonderful National Theatre Learning team where they will take your name and show you to the space 

What to bring with you:  

You might like to bring the following with you, although we will have pens, paper and water available in the room at all times 

Comfortable clothing 

Notebook & Pen 

Water bottle  

There will be pens, paper and water available on the day so don’t worry if you forget anything but feel free to bring your own. 

What to expect in workshop: 

We won’t ask you to learn anything for the audition or expect you to come with anything prepared – this is an opportunity for us to see how you work and for you to see how we work! This will also be an opportunity to get to know each other, play some games and create some theatre together over an hour or so.  


How can we best support you? Please let us know about any access requirements, learning needs or other requirement, that will help us support you taking part in this project (this could be anything, for example, step free access, easy-read information, an interpreter etc)

Travel Support:  

If you require support with travel in getting to and from the National Theatre to audition, please email youth@nationaltheatre.org.uk and one of the team will be in contact. 

Covid-19 & Safety: 

Face coverings will be optional within the space – we will have face covering available to anyone who would like one on the days you’re at NT.  

When you arrive, you will be able to choose to wear a red wristband. This will show other people how you would like to be approached. Wearing a red wristband will show people that you would like them to keep their distance and maintain personal space.  

If you feel unwell at all, please do not attend the National Theatre – we want to keep you and everyone as safe as possible, so please be mindful of your health and how you feel each day and keep in contact about this. 

Who to contact:  

If you need to anyone from the National Theatre team, please use our Youth Programme number to do so – you can use this number to call or text us if you are running late Youth Programme Phone: 07745381023 

Playing ON Theatre Company is looking for paid participants on Raising The Roof, delivered in partnership with Leap Confronting Conflict.

Are you between 16 and 25 years old, Care Experienced and London based? If so, we'd love to hear from you! 

Spaces are limited so get in touch soon - we have a taster session on Monday 18th July 5-6pm

Project Dates: Mondays on Zoom, 5-7pm from 25th July - 3rd October (not 29th August), then 8th and 9th October in person in London.

Fee: London Living Wage to be paid in vouchers of your choice

More Info: bit.ly/RtRoof22

Contact Rosina at Leap on 07384219007

R&D | Brand new musical

We are looking for a group of young female and non binary actors for a 1 day R&D for a brand new musical, produced by award-winning theatre company Burnt Lemon (Tokyo Rose) and written by award winning playwright and NYT Associate Artist Anna Spearpoint.

10am - 6pm, Friday 22nd July, in a London rehearsal room (exact location TBC).

Travel expenses covered.

We are looking for actors to join us at the very start of our process. We have been inspired by several pieces of young adult fiction, and are creating a new musical for audiences ages 14 - 21. The final show will be a mid-scale musical, following a group of young people/teens going on a quest. It will be empowering, joyful and raucous.

The day will involve some devising exercises, generating ideas and sharing experiences.

If you're interested, please get in touch with hannah@burntlemontheatre.com by 6pm on Wednesday 13th July and let us know... 

- Your name and age

- Your performing and devising experience (a brief paragraph or your spotlight profile if you have one) including if you have any musical theatre experience (not a requirement, just handy to know) 

- Whether you're available for the full day on Friday 22nd July

- Where you're based

June 2022

Extra People

Extra People are working on a major new Netflix TV Series, being filmed in and around Leeds. 

They are looking for a large number of Men and Women aged 16 and over to take part in many large futuristic scenes for BODIES

Filming is already taking place and we have various days between now and September 2022

Individuals should be reliable and have a keen interest working on set. No experience is needed, just a good attitude.

The pay is on the PACT/EQUITY Film and TV union agreement, which depending on hours worked can be from £110>£180 per day. Meals and refreshments are all provided as well as costumes.


Drilling Diamonds Casting

Role: Actor/Improviser/Singer

Fee: £500 per week for 2 weeks, total £1000

Location: Lewisham

Dates: 18th - 30th July

Breakdown: We are looking for 2 black performers, 1 male and 1 female, to re-devise an existing story, playing multiple characters aged 17-30. 

We are particularly interested in performers from the Playing UP course and those with a connection to Lewisham. NB they need to be 18 years of age or older.

To apply please email the following to Rhian@playingon.org.uk :

1. A CV or an example of your work

2. up to 1 side of A4 or a 1-2 minute audio/video clip about you 

Deadline: 1st July at 7pm 

Find out more about the project here: bit.ly/DDIL22

Bold Mellon Show

In a palpably tense tarot reading, best friends Ruby and Rose peel back their queer impostor syndrome, squeeze their subconscious and expand the latex of their joyful, queer bubble. Igniting their fears and leaning into the surreal, Belinda combines British narrative with Eastern European flair; delving into the complexity of queer culture in a society which demands we be digestible.

Date and Time:

Wednesday 13th July, 7:30pm, 1hr running time.
Friday 15th July, 7:30pm, 1hr running time.

Additional Info/Requirements: Let us know in advance if you have any access requirements for the event/location. This performance uses video and creative captioning.

About Bold Mellon Collective:

Bold Mellon are a collective of multidisciplinary artists dedicated to delivering deliciously dynamic art which celebrates underrepresented queer voices.

Link: https://stanleyarts.org/event/belinda/2022-07-13/

Bold Mellon Opportunity

'Bold Mellon are looking for submissions of artwork that truly expresses the raw, uninterrupted feeling of QUEER JOY. Think euphoric, think powerful. Beautiful emotion caught in a moment of zero-gravity. Bold Mellon are all about providing a platform for underrepresented queer voices.

This submission can be anything from photographic prints to illustration or fine art painting – essentially, artworks that can be wall-mounted in some way, but this could still be 3D! The final selections will be exhibited in the Social Café Space at Stanley Arts Centre during Croydon Pride week: 11th July – 18th July.

Deadline for submissions is 24th June!
For more info, follow the link below or email us with any queries or audio/visual responses.
Instagram: @boldmelloncollective, email boldmellon@gmail.com

submission form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScLa1BSLahOOIjIBpfoPponht7ozOhD...'

link: https://stanleyarts.org/event/queer-joy/2022-07-11/

Podcast Series by Jack Clearwater

A podcast series is in development in collaboration with RISE Collective on the theme of ‘Emerging Futures’ and they would love to platform your material as part of their work.

Do you have a poem / song / story / fable that speaks about the Earth and / or our Climate? Your piece should consider what it has meant to us, what it means to us now at this pivotal moment, or what it might mean to us in the future? 

There will be two episodes - one focussing on nature and climate in the city, the other in the country - and you're welcome to submit work that aligns with either / both of these spaces. 

In sharing your work with us you'll get the chance to have it woven into a brand new piece of audio fiction - the RISE Podcast is on its third series, with a super wide listener base, and this is a great opportunity to have your work heard!

They're particularly keen to platform unheard voices, so if you identify as LGBTQIA+, working class, disabled / neurodivergent, a member of the Global Majority, Jewish, Roma, or any other marginalised group please don’t hesitate to send your work over. 

To get involved send a recording / video of your work to —

The85Gardeners@Gmail.com Dan and Jack.

Old Vic Theatre Makers Programme

Applications are now open for Old Vic Theatre Makers; a free six-month programme working with 18 - 25-year-olds across the UK.  

OV Theatre Makers is open to 18 - 25-year-olds from across the UK. We are looking for young theatre makers and creatives who want to develop new skills, gain confidence, build networks and explore what it means to create theatre. No experience is necessary, and the programme is not open to anyone who has received (or is receiving) formal, degree level (or equivalent) arts training, or has taken part in the programme previously. Participants will explore contemporary theatre and theatre-making practices, with a focus on sustainability, to provide a toolkit of skills that will allow members to begin developing their own work – all leading to showcase at a professional theatre venue in Feb 2023.

We are particularly keen to hear from people who have had limited or no access to arts opportunities in the past and are committed to identifying and resolving barriers which may ordinarily exclude young people from accessing theatre.

The deadline to apply is 6pm on Mon 20 June, there is full information on dates and how to apply here: https://www.oldvictheatre.com/old-vic-theatre-makers/

Wise Children’s Summer Camp, in association with The North Wall 

Monday 25th - Friday 29th July  Venue: The North Wall, Oxford   Cost: Free!

Assistance with accommodation, travel and subsistence is available

​Perfectly observed performance, soul melting music and flawless ensemble work are the hallmarks of a Wise Children show. We’re looking for brilliant performers interested in finding out how we do it!  

Led by award-winning director Emma Rice and a team of her closest collaborators, the Summer Camp is a week-long performing course which will include acting, singing, dancing, puppetry, and more, as you learn to create playful, ensemble, music-filled theatre in the style of Wise Children.   

​Who we’re looking for: We want to hear from performers, aged 18+, serious about working in the industry. No professional training is needed, but all students will need to be able to perform, sing and move confidently - so we’re expecting most applicants will have at least some previous performing experience.  

​We are committed to equal opportunities and actively encourage applications from those currently under-represented in the industry. To ensure our training is as accessible as possible, support with travel, accommodation and subsistence is available. 

​If you have any questions about the course please contact helen@wisechildren.co.uk.

Application deadline: 5pm on Monday 13th June: Find out more and apply.

Summer Camp social media links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Wise_Children/status/1526524333329461248

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdqITk5ojUX/

Life Lessons Season 3 - Casting

Following the success of Life Lessons Seasons 1 and 2 we are filming Season 3 this summer in London. Share your story and opinions and be part of the change needed.Life Lessons is changing how Relationships, Sex and Health education is taught in schools. We film real people from all backgrounds, all sexualities, all outlooks, as they share what it’s really like to be a young person in the world today. Videos are used in classrooms to make lessons relatable, to support discussion, critical thinking and reflection. 

Watch the Season 1 trailer:



Who they're looking for

Age range: 14-22 (parental permission will be needed if you are under 18)

Location: Young people from across the UK

Young people from all faith backgrounds are encouraged to cast

Young people with disabilities are encouraged to cast

Hetrosexual males are encouraged to cast

What you get out of it

We will cover or support transport costs to the studio in London

You will receive an hourly rate for your time (£10 per hour)

You will get experience in front of the camera with a high quality production set up

You will become a lifelong alumni of Life Lessons


How to apply

Deadline for application is June 22nd 2022 

Apply online with this link: https://www.lifelessons.co.uk/casting



Rajiv - 25-30 - Male - South Asian -  a lovely, slightly timid man who is really enjoying the new relationship he finds himself in with Hannah and is forced to consider how far outside his boundaries he’s willing to go.

Alon - 25-30 - Male - Any Background - a depressed husband living his dog kink life while his wife Hannah pursues a polyamorous approach to relationships. 

Toothbrushes by Nathan Lucky Wood, for the Miniaturists at the Arcola Theatre on Sunday June 12th. The play is a slightly strange comedy about post-pandemic relationships and explores the challenges and humorous situations of ‘modern love’. The turnaround is very quick with a week to learn lines and stage the play with a couple of rehearsals taking place on the 8th, 9th or 10th! Unfortunately the opportunity is unpaid but it is a quick turn around (about a week), with only two rehearsals and a tech on the day so not a huge time commitment. The night usually brings in a few industry people and is a great opportunity to connect with upcoming directors, writers and actors. 

If you would like to get involved please email director sophia.fouladi@gmail.com with a HEADSHOT and a bit about your EXPERIENCE in acting. As well as your AVAILABILITY.


May 2022


Burnt Orange Theatrre are casting for our next production!  #YOLO by Matthew Bulgo is a beautifully crafted piece, first performed in 2017. Directed by Mark Crawley, a Rambert student, we are looking for 10 young creatives aged 16-21 to join the cast! It'll perform on the 5th + 6th of August at the Omnibus Theatre, Clapham. Auditions are on the 25th June, which you can sign up for using this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfBFP1RrAxJUF0PVNT-fob7jaH1JuT8VetKQrHsBMiwqtmWvw/viewform

SUNDAY OPEN MIC / SCRATCH NIGHT - The Barons Court Theatre Fulham.

Burnt Orange Theatre are looking for performers for their second open mic/scratch night hosted at The Baron's Court Theatre in Fulham on June 19th. 

Proposals are welcome for any style of performance, from new writing, spoken word, comedy or anything else you'd like to share. 

Performers are given up to 15 minutes of performance time, receive feedback from industry professionals and support through the process, including rehearsal space, mentoring and direction if needed. 

We are also happy to support you with finding your team and we can connect writers, directors and actors together if needed. Get in touch to see what we can do for you! 

Deadline: Applications are open until June 5th - so get your proposals in ASAP! 

Submit performances via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScHuhQkTYTKc91VK_R9uf5e7XJAKvZuatv8-HA-8g3bVe1ttw/viewform

'BLACK CAKE' HULU TV Series Open Casting

Rose Wicksteed Casting are currently conducting an Open Casting Call for a role in a new TV series 'BLACK CAKE', for HULU:

GIBBS GRANT Character is 17-22, Jamaican, chivalrous, he is a charmer and skilled longboard surfer who woos and wins the heart of young Covey. Headed to London to study law, he is a fine, decent, young man with goals, and he is heartbroken when Covey chooses to marry someone else. GUEST STAR.

Those applying must be available from July 2022 to January 2023. Filming takes place worldwide.

We would really appreciate it if you could please distribute the attached poster to any students that might fit the description above, in case they would be interested in this opportunity.

Our deadline for applications is Monday 30th May 2022.

Email your FULL NAME, HEIGHT, AVAILABILITY, LOCATION and ONE RECENT PHOTO to opencallcasting@rosewicksteed.com along with any queries. 

'It's No Joke' (Paid Casting)

· Production Dates- 21st June to 19th July 2022

· Details & Requirements

We require actors for their ‘It’s No Joke’ – Anti-knife play. Actors should be versatile and possess strong improvisation/devising skills. Musical abilities desirable but not essential. Actors should be able to play a range of characters including that from an age of 15 plus. As a member of the company you will be required to work with the other actors and director developing an established issue-centred play that encourages awareness and debate amongst young people whilst being delivered in a fun and comedic style. This initiative is a project aimed at year 6 pupils (10-11 years) to combat the increasing knife problem in London.

Auditions: 8th June AM and PM sessions / call-backs Friday 10th June 2022 Rehearsals: 8 Full Days (10am to 6pm) between 21st June to 30th June 2022 Performances Dates: 1st July to 19th July 2022 Mon-Fri, in Luton Pay: £500 per week total fee £2,100 (agreed expenses will be covered )

Rehearsals in London: 7 full days 22nd June to 1st 30th June. Performances: 1st July to 19th July 2022 Mon - Friday in Luton

Closing date: Monday 6th June 10am Successful candidates will be invited to audition by 5pm 6th June .

Forward CV, cover letter stating relevant experience and recent picture to email@thecomedyschool.com

Please indicate whether you have a current CRB / DBS check. Driving licence desirable.

· Character Breakdown

· Rufus- 15 yr old schoolboy -The one with style - also plays PC Romeo

· Danny- 15 yr old schoolboy -The groovy one- also plays several characters

· Gerri – 15 yr old schoolgirl -The Sheep – also plays PC Juliet, Old lady & Mum Actors should be able to play a range of characters including that from an age of 15 plus.


Applicants should be available to shoot from mid-June until the end of December, specific dates are TBC and ideally based in London. Please still submit if they are based in another part of England. 

PATRICK 12 / 13 YEARS OLD. Please note this role includes drug handling scenes.

At 12 years old, Patrick is a drug handler. He’s the smallest kid of the group. This is where we meet him at his most broken. Broken, but rebuilt: fearless. Indifferent. Nobody home. He carries the physical scars of the car crash from the dreaded night of his past – he tries to run to from the police but hobbles, his legs are held together with steel pins




Send photograph, CV (if you have one) and self tape to the emails alisha@julieharkincasting.com and gabriela@julieharkincasting.com


GASSED UP is from the team behind  4 x BAFTA and 11 x BIFA nominated feature film BOILING POINT and we are looking for the lead role of ROACH: 

- London (MLE) accent

- 19-24 years - White/mixed heritage

- Member of the Moped Gang. 
- Scrawny. Streetwise. Feral. Funny. Loyal.

Best friend to ASH (Stephen Odubola) since childhood, although there’s a growing resentment ever since Ash’s family got rehoused to a slightly ‘posher’ estate. The fact remains that they both live in shit holes compared to all the new build luxury flats that are springing up all over their neighbourhood due to gentrification. He resents that there’s all this money being pumped into his neighbourhood but he’s not seeing any of it. As far as he’s concerned this entitles him to go and get that money off the people who are moving into the area. Call it redistribution of wealth. He’s  not just a mindless thug, although capable of horrendous violence he is funny and deeply loyal to those he loves.

Director: George Amponsah
Producers: Bart Ruspoli, Hester Ruoff, Stefan D'Bart, Ward Trowman (The team behind  4 x BAFTA and 11 x BIFA nominated feature film BOILING POINT)

Production Co: Amazon Studios, Ascendent Films, Sunrise Films
Dates: 13th June to 22nd July 2022 - London

Attached Cast: Stephen Odubola (Ash) & Taz Skylar (Dubz)

Email with interest ollie@gilbertandcovell.com

Square Lemon Photos

"3 edited photos + 1 hour shoot = PAY WHAT YOU CAN!

Getting your headshots done can be an expensive investment. That’s why for the rest of May and June we wanted to offer a pay what you can scheme for actors, writers, directors and other creatives. "

Here is a link to our website: https://www.squarelemonphotography.com/

and a link to our instagram post about the offer: https://www.instagram.com/p/CdGrLqqINwa/

Auditions | Sin The Musical

Title: Sin The Musical

Company: DMIII Productions Ltd

Show Date: 25th August – Currently 1 show but looking for cast that will be looking to take the show further to other theatres.

Theatre: Arcola Theatre Dalston (Off West End), Grimeborn Opera Festival 2022

Professional Band

Unpaid at present. Potential payment if semi-permanent fixtures are achieved.

Rehearsal Location: Elm Park Assembly Hall. 2 mins from Elm Park Station (District Line)

Rehearsals will be mainly on Sundays

Audition Day: May 8th, 2022, Elm Park Assembly Hall - Open Auditions and booked

Open to anyone aged 18-35

Show Style: Jazz, contemporary, Swing

Looking for strong vocalists and actors

Stage Choreography 

Instagram: @sinthemusical

Audition info can be found at our Instagram page where you can also drop us a message if you have any questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!

Discounted Headshots - Greta Mitchell

Oppertunity for discounted headshots. The offer can be redeemed at any time with proof of an NYT membership.

Bookings can be made via - www.gretamitchellphotography.com - or by emailing gretamitchell92@gmail.com

Please see here for examples of http://www.gretamitchellphotography.com

April 2022

WW2 Film Casting | Two Male Actors Callout!

Based on a Lancaster Bomber plane in Brighton, East Sussex.

More information here: https://goodtimecharliefilm.wixsite.com/mysite

Pay: £50 per person, per day.

Production Schedule: two weeks.

Location: Brighton

Character Descriptions:

Barton, Mid upper gunner on Lancaster bomber:

Barton is the mid-upper gunner of the Lancaster bomber, stubborn and hellbound on getting revenge for his brother's death. He begins to fight with the other crew members. Hiding the severe onset of PTSD, lashing out, and becoming very defensive, his need to protect his best friend Tom reaches a climax, and when the crew leaves on a mission into the heart of Germany, he doubles down on his position, fearing he's being perceived as weak.

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian


Tom, Male, 21, Lead wireless operator:

Tom, 21, Tom is the wireless operator on the Lancaster bomber. Once easygoing, fun, and loyal, his character is tested as his attempts to manage his best friend's outbursts. As Barton's overprotective nature becomes too much, Tom finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

Project Overview

Set in and around a Bomber Command Airbase on the east coast of England in 1944, the members of C For Charlie, a seven-man bomber aircrew, prepare for a mission deep over the heart of Nazi Germany's industrial complex.

The expectation is that this will be another long, hard, deadly, and hopefully decisive raid as Bomber Command strives for air superiority during the build-up to the rumoured and impending invasion of France, eventually to be known as D-Day.

With the stakes already extremely high, when Barton - the overprotective and often unpredictable mid-upper gunner on this crew of unsung heroes - learns that the others want him out, chaos ensues as his inner demons are laid bare for all to see.


Attached are two sections of the script; please record as much or as little as you would like from these sections and send them back to us via transfer or upload them an unlisted YouTube video.

The crew will have a Frenchman, Australian, polish and Canadians also, we are looking to cast authentic actors for these roles.

Scenes for reading: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JPRPtMLRrMWEVUa2B9K4_O5y-dAB48MU?usp=sharing

Deadline: ASAP.

Contact Information: lukecampion91@outlook.com

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant | Volunteers Wanted

On behalf of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, Hemingway Design are seeking a fabulous cast of volunteer performers to take part in the Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant on Sunday 5th June 2022.

Find out more and sign-up here

Rehearsal dates here



RATE:£150-£200 per day per model/actor (day 9.30 – 6)

Location: On site TBA

Requirment 1 male actor and 1 female both 18- 26

Hands and maybe face in the photos – neat nails, long fingers preferred

Date TBC: – last week of May? There is flexibility- week day preferred but would consider weekend too

Possibly playing musical instrument but not essential

Website: https://ferian.co.uk

If you are interested, please email me a photo of face and hands to info@ferian.co.uk and if you have an Instagram please include.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Bird | Short Film

We are seeking for the role of a 15-16 year old Black \ Mixed-race female with a london accent. Can be older, playing younger.

This film shoots in London, beginning 09/05/2022.

To Audition, please email malise.rowland@students.lsa.ac.uk


Character Breakdown:

ROBIN, Playing age: 14, Ethnicity: mixed raced.
ROBIN, who is about to turn 15, has a plain face with quirky features, and is no taller than 5’4. She's slim but not skinny and looks younger than she is. Her eyes are large but not bright, mature but still youthful. Robins is a very private person and always keeps her emotions and thoughts to herself, she doesn't mean to be so closed off, but it's her way of coping.
Despite being positive and friendly, she's a weird mix of compassion and anger. She wants to do right by the world but can't understand why nobody wants to do right by her. Recently her family situation has become a bit tricky, she often finds herself switching off her emotions which sometimes makes it hard for her to read negative feelings and this often ends up in small fallouts with her best mate Storm and her mum. But she always manages to overcome them. She's a problem solver and a very individual thinker, despite her loving being around Storm and her Nan, she doesn't mind being by herself and doing her own thing.
She is mature for her age and finds it easier talking to adults, as she knows they won't judge her like her peers do at school. She used to get bullied by some of her classmates, and because of this only has one real mate, Storm. She has a very vivid and colourful imagination and spends a lot of her time drawing, she especially loves drawing animals and nature portraits. 
She has a special connection with her local corner shop owner Bossman, he's a part of her family and she feels as though he's the only adult she can truly trust. As well as Bossman she has her Nan, although her Nan is non verbal, Robin can spend hours upon hours talking to her about anything and everything. She used to get frustrated that Nan couldn't answer back but she understood that this is how she is now, and only occasionally gets upset about it. However her relationship with her Mum is a bit tricky, one day they get on and the next they're at each other's throats. But Robin feels that more and more she has to be the adult in this relationship.
When Robin isn't at home she puts on a happy face and tries to remain positive. When she's not at home helping with her Nan or cleaning up empty bottles, she’ll be outside the corner shop eating sweets and laughing with Storm. She loves to laugh and have fun at the end of a school day, as this is her favourite way to let go and be a normal teenager with her best mate.
Robin has realised that her life as it is isn't what she wants. She misses her dad every day. She doesn't know how to make things better, which is why she made the decision to come up with her own version of a To Do List, to find the answer to her life. She's taken her time to come up with each point on her list, she wants each one to have a special meaning to her, but she's struggling to come up with the fifth and final point. She knows where her end point is, but saying it out loud is scary. This list is something that she knows she wants to complete before she takes flight. 
Life has dealt her a very tricky hand. And she feels that the only way out for her is to be as free as a bird. 

Deadline: ASAP

PlantGays | Writers and Performers

The Project:

R+D of a new play about plants, queerness, and relationships. Rehearsals twice weekly online, two days of in-person rehearsals in late May with the final scratch performance at Chewfest on 25th of May at The Lion and Unicorn. Up to m£60 of expenses covered.

The People:

Writers or performers who identify as queer or as LGBTQIA+, who are based in London, or who are willing to travel for rehearsals/performances.

The Auditions:

Auditions will take place online on the 2nd of May. Please email: theatrewhitenoise@gmail.com to book your audition slot. Please bring something you've made in response to the themes of plants, queerness and relationships! It can be anything you like! We've made a padlet if you like inspiration that you can find here. Auditions will consist of a short discussion about what you've brought, as well as a performance of a monologue we'll provide.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!!

Lead Role Casting Call | Somesuch Pictures

Somesuch Pictures are casting for a lead role in a British short film shooting this summer on the South Coast of England.

The film is a black comedy about a male foreign exchange student's experience with a British family. Comps include films like I TONYA, LADYBIRD & LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE. We are preferably looking to cast FRENCH, ITALIAN or SPANISH talent, but open if the student has very good accent skills for them to be British. 

THE CHARACTER: Gangly male teenager, goofy but endearing / 13-16 years old / European

This is a PAID opportunity to work alongside a team of highly established actors and filmmakers.

If you are interested please email: isabelandpartners@gmail.com


Actress in her late teens/early 20’s needed to play the lead in 

MIRI - a feature film.

MIRI is a feature film written and to be directed by CHRIS ADDISON, for Altitude Films & Clearwood Films.

Dates:  Seven weeks (principally in London).  Exact shoot dates tbc but will not be before September 2022.

Based on a true story, MIRI is a girl from the Stamford Hill Orthodox Jewish community in London.  As a child Miri finds joy in dancing, something her loving but strictly Orthodox family put a stop to.   At 17, quite by accident, she sees ice skating for the first time and in that moment her life changes.  With the help of DES, a once talented skater in his 40’s, now rather bitter and gone to seed, she starts to learn herself and is soon adopted into the ice rink’s community. It’s everything she’s wanted - but can she go on living a double life?

Role of MIRI

Ages from 17 (the vast majority of the film) to 23.  So looking for an actress who can believably play late teens to early 20’s.


Sparky, direct, witty, infectiously likeable.

London or standard English accent.

Any previous ice skating or dance training would be a bonus but not essential.

If you would be interested in auditioning please e-mail your name, age, any relevant acting experience and a little bit about yourself to:


We look forward to hearing from you.


Your chance to say "I was there from the start!" 

We are looking for performers for our FIRST EVER open mic/scratch night hosted at The Baron's Court Theatre in Fulham. 

Proposals are welcome for any style of performance, from new writing, spoken word, comedy or anything else you'd like to share. 

Performers are given up to 15 minutes of performance time, receive feedback from industry professionals and support through the process, including rehearsal space, mentoring and direction if needed. 

We are also happy to support you with finding your team and we can connect writers, directors and actors together if needed. Get in touch to see what we can do for you! 

Applications are open until April 15th - so get your proposals in ASAP! 


Hear Me Now is an incredible new play written by our member Mya Onwugbonu, intended to retell some POC life experiences. Taken from real life stimuli it uses movement, art and poetry to create a real theatrical spectacle! 

We are hosting a R+D phase at NDT Broadgate from the 11th-14th of April to explore, develop and stage some sections of Hear Me Now, and we are looking for a mixture of creatives to join us and bring insight into the sessions. As always, every opportunity we host is completely free of charge, and there is no requirement for attendance, so come for as many or as few days as you'd like! 

Because of the nature of the piece and it's content, we are looking for a POC majority to join us, however this is not an exclusive requirement. 

Please complete the google form here: https://forms.gle/FF8ZDV8QM2i5e3t66 to register your attendance and get in touch with us at burntorange.theatre@gmail.com with any questions or for more information. 



Character is scripted as 17/18 yr old female with West Indian/Caribbean/Chinese heritage.

Covey is a fierce young woman in Jamaica in the late 1960’s, who questions authority and pushes boundaries whenever the opportunity arises. Her outspoken nature threatens the very independence she cherishes when her overprotective father begins to meddle in her love life. Character is athletic and can swim.


A HULU series from Marissa Jo Cerar, Oprah Winfrey, & Aaron Kaplan, based on the novel by Charmaine Wilkerson

No previous acting experience necessary. Must be able to swim (or happy to learn to swim).


- Photo
- A brief description of any acting experience you may have

Email submissions to: swedish@garydavy.com

by Friday 1st April 2022

*Producer is committed to diverse, inclusive casting. Submissions for non-descript roles will be accepted for all performers, regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, disability, race, colour, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity or any other basis protected by law.

ChewBoy Productions | Casting

OFFIE award winning ChewBoy Productions are hosting their multi-arts festival, ChewFest. It will feature the work of some of the most exciting, and whackiest early-career companies and creatives.

We are looking for 3 early-career companies with a 30-minute extract of either a new or in development work, willing to be developed for the festival, ready to go.
We're looking for work that's outside of the box, that might be a bit experimental, that might not be able to be easily defined.

May 22nd - 28th
Lion and Unicorn Theatre in Kentish town, London.

To apply for this opportunity, please fill in this short application form.

Deadline: Sunday 3rd April, 6pm.

Ladyfriends | Casting

The show is called Ladyfriends, and it’s being performed at 53two (Manchester) and Camden People’s Theatre (London). We're supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and in-kind support from Camden People’s Theatre, Contact Theatre, Gloucestershire Archives and London Metropolitan Archives.

We’re specifically seeking a female-identifying actor-musician/actor-singer from the Global Majority with a playing age of late 20s/early 30s.

This role is paid at Equity minimum for actor-musicians (£506.17/week x 3 weeks). We're happy to consider auditionees from across the North West, and (due to the subject matter at hand) we actively encourage applications from LBTQ+ women. Rehearsals will take place in central Manchester. Travel to/from London will be covered, and accommodation and per-diems will be provided whilst in London. For further information, please refer to the casting callout.

We're also looking to fill two production roles:

Embedded Critic - 1 day @ £150/day

Electronic Music Specialist - 5 days @ £150/day

Its a Dud | Open Casting

We are a theatre company called Its A Dud and after running several successful events in south london (check us out on our socials - @_itsadud on twitter and insta), we’ve recently secured residence at The Vaults and will be hosting a fortnightly scratch night. We’re looking for artists, whether they’re just starting out or been in the game for years, if you’ve got something you want to develop, share or just throw at a wall and see what sticks, then we think this might be the spot for you.

"BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?” we hear you cry! 

Well, we’ll have about an hour or so in the evening to showcase the work to a live, central london audience, we’ll be located inside Leakey’s - a new performance space with lots of charm and most importantly... a bar!!! (We also have the space to rehearse, in the daytime)

“BUT WHAT CAN I PERFORM?” you vociferate!!

Anything! We'll cater each night to the artists involved depending on what they want to do, we could split the night into a few scenes from various writers or bash out an entire draft of the first act of that one woman show you've been wanting to try out, there are no stakes! 

Or a mixed bag of spoken word, stand up, live music etc., the sky's the limit. We want to see and hear you bring your unique vibe and add to the flavour of the night.

So, if this sounds like a bit of you drop us a line at - 



DM us on instagram and twitter @itsadud

"Its a dud is the creative child of Hollie Olivia (she/her) and Taraash Mehrotra (he/him). Both actors who graduated from Mountview just before the pandemic hit in 2019, wanted to create their own work but were also eager to find safe spaces to amplify local voices from the community especially after seeing how the pandemic had starved the industry both financially and emotionally. In an industry that a lot of the time demands perfection and commitment but easily overlooks artists' inclusion and welfare, its a dud is a nod to the joyous imperfection of creating and bringing marginalised voices to light. It's not perfect, its a dud."

Prince William Aged 16 - 21, Prince Harry Aged 16 - 20, Casting Call | THE CROWN

Robert Sterne, Casting Director of the Netflix series THE CROWN, is searching for two exceptional young actors to play PRINCE WILLIAM and PRINCE HARRY in the next series. These are significant roles in this award-winning drama and we are looking for a strong physical resemblance.
Shooting will commence late August 2022 in the UK and no previous professional acting experience required. We are very experienced in providing a great deal of support for the young actors and their families through what they find is a uniquely rewarding creative process.
How to apply:
1. Please title email when sending - THE CROWN CASTING CALL – and either WILLIAM or HARRY (as applicable)
2. Name, age, date of birth and a current selfie
3. Where you heard about this casting call
4. Where you are based
5. If you are under 18 years please ask a parent or guardian for permission to apply and include their contact details in your submission.
6. Please send us a short video (no more than 30 seconds) talking about something you love doing:
    Close up on head and shoulders in good natural lighting. Start by saying your full name, age and height. Please clearly label the clips with your name and which role you are applying        for before sending or your footage could be lost.
Direct from your mobile phone is fine, we also recommend ‘wetransfer’ as an alternative which is free, secure and easy to use. Instructions on WeTransfer website.
Please send your submission to: casting@robertsterne.co.uk   ASAP! 

March 2022

It’s No Joke - The Comedy School

·       Salary

£450 per week

·       Production Dates

21st March to 1st April

·       Details & Requirements

We require actors for their ‘It’s No Joke’ – Anti-knife play. Actors should be versatile and possess strong improvisation/devising skills. Musical abilities desirable but not essential. Actors should be able to play a range of characters including that from an age of 15 plus. 

As a member of the company you will be required to work with the other actors and director developing an established issue-centred play that encourages awareness and debate amongst young people whilst being delivered in a fun and comedic style. This initiative is a project aimed at year 6 pupils (10-11 years) to combat the increasing knife problem in London.

15th March  AM and PM sessions / call-backs 16th March PM/Eve sessions 

5 Full Days (10am to 6pm) between 21st March to 25th March 2022

Performances Dates: 
28th March to 1st April  2022 Mon-Fri, in the London Borough of Newham 

£450 per week (including travel expenses) 
Rehearsals: 5 full days 21st March to 25th March.  Performances: 28th March to 1st April  Mon - Friday 

Deadline: Monday 14th  March, 10am
Successful candidates will be invited to audition by 5pm 14th March . 

Forward CV,cover letter stating relevant experience and recent picture to email@thecomedyschool.com 
Please indicate whether you have a current CRB / DBS check.

·       Character Breakdown

Rufus- 15 yr old schoolboy -The one with style - also plays PC Romeo

Danny- 15 yr old schoolboy -The groovy one- also plays several characters

Gerri – 15 yr old schoolgirl -The Sheep – also plays PC Juliet, Old lady & Mum
Actors should be able to play a range of characters including that from an age of 15 plus

February 2022

Casting - Male in Late 20s for new Bad Robot/HBO Max series 

CHIMNEY is a series that blends urban action, body horror, and the supernatural on the streets of modern-day London. It follows a young man whose entire world is upended when a chance encounter with a young girl pulls him into the dark and treacherous world of the occult.
Production details
Overall filming dates: approx. July - early December 2022 (tbc). Filming locations: UK and Morocco (tbc)
Production location: London, United Kingdom
Contract type: Equity - PACT
Production company: Bad Robot Productions for HBO Max
Casting details
Casting director: Kate Rhodes James CDG CSA
Casting location: London, United Kingdom
Casting details: Self tapes in the first instance.
Mid-late 20’s. Black British, bisexual, working-class Londoner. Has a caustic, acerbic wit and more bravado than sense. A bit of a lost soul, he is cynical, irreverent, perhaps even amoral. He gets by on charm more than brawn and never loses his ability to face dangerous situations with a snarky one-liner. Self-destructive by nature, he likes his drink, he likes his drugs, he likes to party. Jack was raised in foster care, a dislocated upbringing that keeps him at arm’s-length from most people. He keeps a close circle of friends, but his romances are no-strings. He is afraid of emotions, because the only ones he knows are the ones that hurt him. Haunted by a past trauma he only dimly remembers, Jack never stands still long enough to confront it – until it finally confronts him. LEAD. MULTI-SEASON. OPTIONS REQUIRED. HBO MAX: We are committed to providing equal employment opportunity and prohibit all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment based upon ages 40 or over, ancestry, color, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, medical condition, mental or physical disability, military and veteran status, national origin, pregnancy, race, religion, sex, including breastfeeding or medical condition relating to breastfeeding, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by law. Covid-19 Notice: Production will comply with applicable health and safety laws and regulations relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. Actors will be required to comply with Production’s then-applicable COVID-19 protocols, including any advance testing and negative test result requirements. Employment will be contingent upon receiving a negative pre-employment test result. Current protocols require testing approximately three days prior to the start of services. All protocols, including timing and frequency of any required testing, are subject to change.
Playing age: 25–29 years
Height: Any height
Gender: Male
Appearance: African-American, Black-Other Areas, Black-Caribbean, Black-African
Contract type: Equity - PACT
If interested, you should email us on office@krjcasting.com with: 
A headshot
Location (where they are based)
Any relevant experience
A showreel (if they have one). This can also be a short clip of a filmed monologue etc. 
I must stress the confidentiality of this project. This breakdown should not be shared with anyone. 
We look forward to hearing from you!

14 - 16 Year Old Casting for Feature Film 'Me, You'

We are currently working on a feature film called 'Me, You', a coming of age story which recalls a summer on an idyllic Italian island off the coast of Naples in the 1950’s, where 16 year old Marco spends his days with Nicola, a local fisherman.  It is based on the novel "Tu, Mio", written by Erri de Luca and is to be directed by Bille August. 
"Me, You" will shoot in Ischia for 6 weeks from September.  We will provide an exclusive, full-time tutor who will be approved by the school prior to shooting, as well as a chaperone. There will be time put aside for lessons and school work.
Jasmine Trinca is playing the role of Isabella, Marco Edward's wife, and Alessandro Gassman is playing Nichola. 
We are looking for our lead role, 16 year old Marco: a charismatic, plucky, intuitive, emotionally aware adolescent who despite desperately trying to prove his maturity amongst his older peers, is a sensitive and innocent teen.
Marco is a bright boy who has an obsessive curiosity about what happened in the war, not least because he was an evacuee and sent to a boarding school for 5 years. It's also because of this that Marco has suffered a lonely past, and as the only son of Edward and Isabella, harbours some abandonment and resentment issues towards them for only visiting him twice during that time as they continued to work in London.
Marco's father is English and his mother is Italian, and since he has been brought up in the UK, he sometimes struggles with the culture clash and customary Italian ways.
He isn't afraid of hard work, Marco spends most of his days on a boat with Nichola and is always keen to help the women around the house with chores (much to their surprise since this is not the Italian way), but above all, Marco is determined to spend time with Caia. After their very first meet, he is immediately drawn to Caia and soon experiences an innocent holiday infatuation with her. His affections put him in tricky situations and not only cause tension with his older cousin, Daniele, but also lead him to making rash decisions.
Submissions MUST BE 14 - 16, who can portray both the passion and vulnerability of Marco in equal measure. We are not looking for experience but we need talented actors who can carry a film.
If you think you fit the criteria, please self-tape the following Marco scene 37 (found on pages 47, 48 & 49) .
Here is a document on how to self-tape, along with the full script.
Once you have self-taped, you can send it back to the following email: MeYou.Marco@gmail.com using video sharing platforms such as Vimeo or We Transfer. They should include your full name and DOB with your tapes.

Fable Workshop seeking Interviewees to discuss the Contraceptive Pill.

Fable Workshop is looking to interview a handful of young people to talk about their experiences with the contraceptive pill. Fable Workshop is an experimental theatre company working with theatre maker Maya Shimmin on her semi-autobiographical production of DOSAGE; an Arts Council funded project exploring the physical and mental health side effects of the contraceptive pill.

We are keen to capture voices from people who have experience with the contraceptive pill. The interview would last for no more than 1 hour and will be with Maya, the writer/director of the show. The interviews will be recorded and clips from the interview may be used as material in the final production. 

We are particularly keen to hear from candidates from the Global Majority or Migrant backgrounds, candidates with disabilities, and those who identify as, Trans, Non-Binary and Gender Queer.

To apply please fill out the form here: https://forms.gle/Cgf9tiEXeuCAijAw9

Alternatively please send a 2 minute video or audio clip to hello@fableworkshop.co.uk using the questions on the form.

Fable Workshop will select the final interviewees from the information supplied in the form. Our goal is to capture a range of different experiences and perspectives. Our decision of who to interview will be made on this basis.

Everyone who is selected and attends an interview will be paid £50 for their time. 

The deadline is the 3rd March 2022 at Midday.

Interviews will take place throughout March at a mutually convenient time.

ABC / Nat Geo Series Open Casting for Young People 

Open casting for two young females to play Anne Frank and Margot Frank in new ABC / Nat Geo Series. 

The series will need full availability from June to October. 

Please get permission from a parent / guardian in you are under 16. 

If you are interested, please email us a short video (no longer than a minute) telling us a little bit about yourself. 

The email must also include: 

Your full name 

Your age 

Your height 

Where you are based 

A recent photo 


Submission should be emailed to: casting@nanwrowlands.com 

No professional experience necessary, just enthusiasm and interest. We cannot respond to all applicants so only successful candidates will be contacted. If you are successful, then the role will be professionally paid. 

Free London auditions for The Stella Adler Studio programmes 18+ ABC / Nat Geo Series Open Casting for Young People

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting New York and Art of Acting Studio Los Angeles are excited to return (vaccinated and boosted) to London on March 25-26, 2022 to hold in-person auditions for their world-class actor training programs. We will be auditioning prospective students for our Professional Conservatory programs as well as Summer Programs on March 25-26 at the Seven Dials Playhouse. We are hoping to connect with the most gifted, ambitious young actors in the UK who have an appetite for rigorous training and an interest in studying acting in New York or Los Angeles. Email ryan@stellaadler.com to schedule an audition appointment.
Auditions are FREE! All application fees are waived for London Audition appointments. The training programs are tuition based and more information can be found at http://www.stellaadler.com/classes/.

Founded in 1949, the Stella Adler Studio occupies a unique place in the history of both theater and actor training in the United States. Rooted in the spirit of Stella Adler, and the insight that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous, students will be challenged on every level by world class faculty and by a mission to nurture theater artists so that they value humanity, their own and others, as their first priority, while bringing art and education to the community. Alumni include Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Donna Murphy, Elaine Stritch and many more.

(Actors Must be 18 years of age or older)

Date: March 25,26

Time: 10am-5pm (London Time)

Location: Seven Dials Playhouse (1a Tower Street)

Audition: Prepare two contrasting monologues, one contemporary/realism and one classical, that should be no longer than 90 seconds in length each.

To schedule a London Audition, please email Ryan Chittaphong at ryan@stellaadler.com.

Website: https://stellaadler.com/classes/audition-tour/london-auditions/

Robert Sterne Casting | Disabled male actor, aged 16-21

Robert Sterne Casting (“The Crown”, “Chernobyl”, “Game of Thrones”) is searching for a talented young disabled male actor aged between 16 and 21 years old to play the lead role in an exciting major new film due to shoot next year about the early life of Martin Pistorius.

The film is based on Martin Pistorius’s extraordinary autobiography ‘Ghost Boy’ which charts the amazing story of his slow return to consciousness after 7 years with locked-in syndrome. 

If you are a young actor with a disability and interested in this very special acting opportunity , please email catriona@robertsterne.co.uk  using the subject line ‘Pistorius Casting Call’. 

Please include your full name, age and a recent photograph (a selfie is fine) and we will get back in touch to request either an introductory tape or a preliminary zoom. 

The deadline for applications is 25th February 2022

All applicants need to be over 16 years of age by January 2023. 

No previous acting experience is necessary. 


Casting director Robert Sterne (credits include: Game of Thrones, The Crown) is searching for an exceptional young actor to play a leading role in a new seven-part television series based on the novel A FINE BALANCE by Rohinton Mistry.
The novel is set in 1975 Mumbai when Indira Gandhi declared a state of emergency, with four characters from different backgrounds who are thrown together in a cramped flat and forced to face an uncertain future. 

It will shoot in India from early June until late November this year, 2022. 


MANECK is written as 17-year-old Indian Parsi boy. He has moved to Mumbai for his further studies. He is educated and he is living as a paying guest with his mother’s old school friend in the big city. Primary language – ENGLISH.

No previous professional acting experience is necessary. If you would like to be considered for this role please email ASAP a recent photograph (selfie is fine), your full name, age and tell us in a brief sentence or two - why you are interested in auditioning for this project. 

Please send submissions to kate@robertsterne.co.uk




NINA GOLD, casting director on major projects including PADDINGTON, PADDINGTON 2,THE CROWN, GAME OF THRONES, STAR WARS VII & VIII & MAMMA MIA 2, is looking for new talent.
We are looking for brilliant young talent to play the roles of Tudor Prince Edward (9 years old) and Princess Elizabeth (14 years old)
Please email a photo along with your name and age to Lucy@ninagold.co.uk
Please label all emails with the subject/title: NYT - FEATURE FILM SUBMISSION


Nina Gold | JJ Abrams TV Series

We are currently working on a new JJ Abrams TV series for HBO and are looking for an exceptional young male actor (17-19) for one of the lead roles and wanted to see if you might know anyone who could fit the bill? If you fit the brief could you get in touch with a photo, their name and age? The age is really important here so the actor needs to genuinely feel in their late teens, but it is essential they have completed their GCSEs for licensing purposes. 

Breakdown as follows:

Male, 17 - 19 year old, any ethnicity, he is a weird, odd kind of a guy, was definitely bullied at school and never part of the cool gang. We are looking for an excellent young actor with a flair for comedy. This is a big part in this series.

To apply, email: sacha@ninagold.co.uk

Jessica Ronane Casting | Untitled Feature Film

(Emma, The Kid Who Would Be King) are looking for a young actor to play a lead role in a feature film, expected to shoot in 2022/2023 


A young looking 19 year old boy with a slim build and a polite but peculiar nature. Conscientious and intense with an ‘otherness’ to him, he has a lack of emotional understanding due to his upbringing in an abusive training institution. He is naive but fierce, and becomes fixated on an investigation, manipulating others in his path.

To apply, please send CV and details to casting@jessicaronane.com with the subject:


All applicants who are under 18 must be submitted by and with the consent of a Parent or Guardian.

We can only reply to submissions that we are taking forward in this process.

Sonia Allam Casting | Yorkshire

Sonia Allam Casting are looking for Native Yorkshire Members, for some projects they are working on in and around Yorkshire. 

There is no casting brief, so applications from all are welcome.

If you are under 16, you must have parental permission to apply.

Please send your headshot, a brief introduction to yourself and your previous work to applications@soniaallamcasting.com

January 2022


Searching for male identifying young people aged between 13 - 19 with a limb difference. 


Professional acting experience is not essential, however a general interest in performing / acting is preferred.

Email: applications@soniaallamcasting.com With: Your full name & age (IF UNDER 18) Location a recent photo, tell us a bit about  yourself, either written or in a video clip no longer than 1 minute.

Applications must be submitted with the consent of a parent or guardian if under the age of 18.

Deadline: Friday 28th of January. 

Launching Anti-Apartheid, Now | Commission

A Liliesleaf Trust UK led, Arts Council England funded project that draws on the legacy of the UK’s movement against apartheid. 

Creative commissions will enable Black, Global Majority and
intersectional artists and communities to explore and respond to lived experience of race-based injustice, and imagine new futures.

During 2022, we will commission artists who identify as from the Global Majority working across England to produce 6 new artworks, to be hosted online and to explore the contemporary resonance
of the heritage of the struggle against apartheid. 

To download the first commission brief, which will centre our marking of the 40th Anniversary of the attack on Penton Street by the apartheid regime and we, hope, provoke exploration of its contemporary resonances, please visit https://lnkd.in/dm_v-3T4

This first commission, with a budget of £2,500, is expected to be awarded to an artist of 5+ years experience, with participatory practice and will involve co-creation with a group of young people in the borough of islington 

Deadline for responding to the first commission is Wednesday 9th February at 5pm

Further commission opportunities will be released in Spring 2022.


We are currently searching for a boy of 10-12yrs based in the UK/Europe for an important role in a feature film. Should have brown eyes/hair and an Afro-Latino or BlackCaucasian mixed-race appearance. Needs to speak fluent English and be able to master an American accent. Ideally some drama experience, not necessarily professional, would be helpful.

Please contact kinnearcast@virginmedia.com or call 07957468118 asap should your child be suitable. 

Deadline: As soon as possible.

Casting Call for Staged Reading of St Ives by DA Nixon, directed by Natasha Nixon

The story follows two young St Ives locals, Jago and Kat who face a dubious eviction from their seaside fisherman!s cottage – the last place they can afford to rent in their hometown – after the absentee owner decides to go against his wife!s dying wish and sell the property. The play is full of twists and turns and amongst others, it explores themes around grief and legacy, socio economics in a post Brexit society between the tourist and local economy, and the morals and ethics around the housing market.


• Jago – Age 25, Cornish, ideally native St Ives actor or accomplished with the accent. He works as a forager and handyman in the cottage they rent. He is strong headed and strong wiled but vulnerable. He has feelings for his housemate, Kat.

• Kate – Age 24, Cornish, she is in-between two worlds. She doesn’t feel that she belongs anymore in St Ives. She is searching. She is pulled by various people in the play.

• Oli – Age 21, home counties (Ray’s son). Recently graduated from university. He is still in grief about the death of his mother. He has a difficult relationship with his father. He is Amir’s partner and hopes to move to St Ives with him.

• Amir – Age 21, British Indian, North-West London/Harrow. He is in a relationship with Oli. Very measured and loving. He has ambitions for his future studies.

Rehearsals will take place over 2 days in person at Lighthouse Poole (pending any Covid restrictions).

Please note that this is a rehearsed reading with scripts-in-hand therefore we are looking for actors that are confident reading from the page.

Dates: Day One Tuesday 8 March 10am to 6pm, Day Two Wednesday 9 March 10am to 6pm with performance at 7pm to 9pm (running time approx.)

Deadline for submission: 12 noon on Monday 31 January - please send cvs to Jacob.wilde@lighthousepoole.co.uk clearly stating which part you which to audition for.

If you would like to read the script beforehand, please email Jacob for a copy.

Auditions: will be via zoom during the week of 7 February.

Please let us know any days/times you are NOT available that week. We estimate auditions will be no longer than 20 minutes.

We will aim to contact all applicants whether you are invited for an audition or not but if you have not been contacted by Friday 11 February, please assume your application has been unsuccessful.

Fee: £300 plus expenses (agreed in advance).

1992 Feature Film | Casting Call

Broken Flames Productions, a London-based production company who have worked with BAFTA winners and have screened at Oscar Qualifying festivals, are working on new project ‘1992’ – a coming-of-age feature film set in the 90s and based on true events.

We’re looking to hear from actors with a playing age of 18-25 for the following roles:

Lee (18-19) – The lead. A smart and well-mannered British lad who is returning to England after spending a year in America.

Justin – Needs to be American, or able to do a great American accent  – (18-19) – Lee’s American friend who spends the summer with him in the UK. Full of energy and tries to fit in with the Brits.

Dawn (18-19) – The girl Lee unsuccessfully pursued for many years. She’s obnoxious and mistakes arrogance for confidence.

Zoe (18-19) – Dawn’s best friend, with many of the same character traits. But an empathetic, caring side exists deep within.

John (18-25) – Funny, smart and a leader but also a loner. He knows he’s on the wrong path, often contemplates changing, but making all the necessary adjustments is complicated.

Roles are paid and are open to all ethnicities.

Filming will take place during the summer in and around London, with some filming also taking place in LA.

If you would like to put yourself forward, please send in a showreel, spotlight link or recent selftape to info@brokenflamesproductions.com along with the role you wish to audition for and we will send over the sides.

Recalls will be held in London on the 29th & 30th January.

Deadline: 21st January

December 2021

Great Mother

Iya Ayaba needs a CAST for its run at the Vaults Festival in London!

We are looking for a brilliant group of people to bring this fantastic piece of writing to life in an exciting new venue - the Crescent at the VAULT Festival. This will be an all Black / Black Mixed Race cast for what has been called: 'A theatrical tour de force' 'some of the best student writing I have ever seen staged in Cambridge, with personal pain, religious authority and the politics of war colliding to produce a brilliant script' -- Varsity

Rehearsals will potentially take place in Cambridge or London; we will look into providing support for travel expenses, but please let us know if this is an issue.

Find out more in this audition pack: https://docs.google.com/document/d/152nX-C_Tdk8We9jnmmGj5oLHHHawQL08sf7b...

Submit your self tape to:  Mojola (she/her) at ma879@cam.ac.ukct583@cam.ac.uk and beth.kelly2@btinternet.com 

Deadline for tapes is 23:59 on Saturday December 18th

November 2021

DOSAGE - R&D Participants

Fable Workshop is seeking 6 NYT members to join them for a day of R&D on their current production DOSAGE by Maya Shimmin. The production is about mental health side effects of the contraceptive pill. The semi-autobiographical piece explores the implications of side effects and how we can do more to open the conversation about these issues. The show uses projection, spoken word, and live audio looping to capture the experience. It also includes interviews from a number of people who have experienced a range of experiences with the contraceptive pill. For more detail head to: https://www.fableworkshop.co.uk/dosage 

Members will be invited to watch a draft version of the production and will be asked for their feedback. Following the production there will be a creative session to devise responses to the show, as well as a focus group session to discuss responses to the production. This will take place with Director/Writer Maya Shimmin and Artistic Director Sean Hollands. 

We are particularly interested to hear from those who have had experience with the contraceptive pill.


To apply please send a short statement to hello@fableworkshop.co.uk 

In the statement we would like you to talk about why you are interested in the project and the subject matter. Please also include a CV.

Your statement can be written, shot on video, or recorded on audio. If written it should be no longer than half a page, and if recorded in any form, it should be no longer than a minute. If you send video or audio please send by using WeTransfer. 

Members chosen to take part will be contacted by December 8th at the latest to confirm their place.

The deadline is Sunday December 5th at 1pm.

The sessions will take place at Theatre Delicatessen, 2 Finsbury Avenue, EC2M 2PF. 10am - 6pm on the 14th December 2021. 

Members will be given £50 for their time on the project.

Please email us on, hello@fableworkshop.co.uk if you have any other additional questions about the application process or project.

Club Zero | Casting Call

BAFTA-winning casting director Lucy Pardee (Rocks, American Honey) is currently casting “Club Zero”. Club Zero is a feature film set in an elite international boarding school, in which an enigmatic teacher introduces a group of students to a modern clean-eating philosophy, only for it to spiral into something dangerous as they follow the mysterious “Club Zero”. We are looking to cast a number of lead roles who are students at the school.

We’d love to hear from young people who will be aged 16-19 by summer 2022. Our characters go to an international school, so we are very keen to hear from fluent bilingual people. The characters also have a wide range of extracurricular interests (such as ballet/other dance, sport and music), so we’d love to hear from people with hobbies and skills outside of school or drama.

If you would like to put yourself forward, please send in a short self tape (no more than 3 mins) telling us your name, age, what part of the UK you live in, if you speak any other languages, and tell us a bit about your hobbies. We’d also like you to answer the following question: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?

Trigger Warning: Eating disorders.

Please read: If cast, there will be references to eating disorders throughout the feature film. The production team are fully commited to supporting the cast and will provide pastoral care and support to those involved.

Please send your tape via wetransfer.com to czfilmcasting@gmail.com or WhatsApp to 07497488962. Do also reach out if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

SPEC AD | Casting. 

Young Man (21 — 25)

Any Ethnicity. 

Must be able to play piano, or has a really good knowledge of music. (Can read it for example or look like he’s playing the piano to the correct keys of the song)

Young Woman (16-17)

Any ethnicity. 

Must look younger than actual age.

Half a day shoot.

It’s a really fun concept, by a new production company looking to make a name for themselves with this Spec Ad. So it’s a good chance to get some showreel footage and devise a piece of work.

No self-tapes needed at this stage, just a headshot and some info about yourself!

Send to aj.savva@hotmail.co.uk with the subject line "SPEC AD CASTING | FIRST NAME SURNAME."

Deadline: ASAP

BBC1 & FX Series - Seeking Young Actor

Julie Harkin Casting is searching for an actor to play the younger version of a lead role in an upcoming series for BBC1 and FX. 

Role: Leading Role, 12 - 15 years old, female identifying. RP Accent. The actor playing the older version is mixed race (Black African/White), has brown hair and brown eyes. 

Artists must be UK based, and be available from January - July 2022. Applicants must be over 9 years old. 

To Apply: Please ask a parent or guardian to send a recent picture and conact information to tvcasting@julieharkincasting.com

Deadline: ASAP

Box Clever 2022 Spring Tours

The acclaimed London based Box Clever Theatre Company are looking to meet new Actors and Actor Musicians for their 2022 Spring Tours! 

The company continues to make, produce and tour its own work in collaboration with emerging and established artists. Regular creatives include Iqbal Khan, Rhys Jarman, Kimberly Sykes and David Ajao. During this time, Box Clever welcomes applications from trained ACTORS and ACTORS/MUSICIANS interested in being seen for new writing and adaptations touring to schools across the country. The BOX CLEVER style demands actors are physically fit, vocally strong, committed and conscientious. Accredited training, ability to drive and experience of touring and workshops is desirable. An interest in new writing and working with young people is essential.

If interested: submit via self-tape to admin@boxclevertheatre.com - Short intro about yourself - 1 minute contemporary monologue - 1 minute Shakespeare monologue (if interested in working with classical text).

Your covering email should include a link to your Spotlight view page or a CV attached. Please keep attachments up to 3MB in total. Please title your email 2022 Season Self Tape – Your Name Please ensure your self-tapes are uploaded to YouTube and inserted as links in your covering email. We-Transfer or DropBox files will not be opened. Face to Face recalls will take place in London between Thursday 17th & Saturday 19th November 2021.

BASIC TERMS & CONDITIONS Rehearsal and Tour wages will be based on the ITC/Equity minimum weekly rate of £494.00. Box Clever promotes equal opportunities for all. We welcome applications from individuals from all backgrounds. Due to the nature of the work with young people, successful applicants will be required to reveal details of all spent and unspent criminal convictions under the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975. Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with us. This will depend on the nature of the position and the circumstances and background of your offences.

Deadline: 12pm Wednesday 10th November 2021


October 2021

The Crown Netflix - Young Prince William ages 13-15

THE CROWN is searching for a boy aged between 13 and 15 years old to play 13 year old PRINCE WILLIAM in the next series. 

We are looking for a talented, intelligent and sensitive boy who can rise to the challenge of playing this famous character alongside leading British acting talent. Shooting will commence late November 2021 in the UK and this is a paid opportunity.

No previous professional acting experience required. We are very experienced in providing a great deal of support for the young actors through what they find is a uniquely rewarding creative process.

Please get in contact ASAP with the following information via email:

1. Please title email when sending - PRINCE WILLIAM CASTING SCOUT – “name of child”

2. Name, age & date of birth

3. Where you heard about this casting call 4. Where they are based in the UK

5.Parent/Guardian name and contact details (phone & email address)

6. A short video of the candidate talking about something he loves. Close up on head and shoulders in good natural lighting, start by saying his full name. We would like to see him naturally chatting to camera for 30 seconds maximum! Please clearly label the clips with the child’s name before sending or it could be lost. Direct from your mobile phone is fine, we also recommend ‘wetransfer’ as an alternative which is free, secure and easy to use. Instructions on website: https://wetransfer.com/

7. Parent/Guardian name and contact details (phone & email address)

Please send this information to the following email address ASAP! robert@robertsterne.co.uk

If you have not heard back from us by the 5th November it is very unlikely we will be taking it further.

Deadline: FRIDAY 29TH OCTOBER 2021

Great Expectations BBC & FX - Casting Call

We are searching for an actor to play the younger version of the lead role in an upcoming television series for BBC1 & FX.

'Young Pip': A 12-14 year old boy, From a working-class London/Kent background. The actor playing the older version is white, has brown hair and green eyes. Artists must be UK based, and be available from January to July 2022. Applicants must be over 9 years old.

Pip breakdown: The young orphan boy being raised by his sister and brother-in-law in the marsh country of Kent. Although scared by his encounter with the escaped convict Able Magwitch it is a defining moment for him. The compassion he shows by bringing Magwitch more than was demanded is noticed by Magwitch and he takes it as a sign of Pip’s good nature. It is ultimately this kindness that changes Pip’s fortune, though he doesn’t realise it till much later. Kind hearted but tough and working class. Playing age 12-15. White. Southerner. 

How to apply: Please ask a parent or guardian to send a recent picture & contact information to TVCASTING@JULIEHARKINCASTING.COM

Deadline: ASAP

Lauren Evans Casting | CASTING CALL

We are looking for

Female and non-binary identifying actors between the ages of 16 – 24 for leading roles in a new Disney+ series. Must have a London/Cockney accent or are high skilled in this accent.


Please submit your headshot (or photo) and CV to office@laurenevanscasting.co.uk 


Deadline: ASAP

MARENGO | looking for a 13-14 yr old boy of North African heritage

Overall filming dates approx. January 14th - end of April 2022.
Filming locations: UK and Malta.


*This role is currently due to film in Malta and the UK tbc* 

Playing age: 13-14.

Role ethnicity: North African/Middle Eastern (written as Tunisian).

Looking for an expressive and sparky young actor who can confidently navigate scenes with Joaquin Phoenix. Must have some screen experience. 

A cheeky, scruffy Tunisian boy in service to Napoleon during his exile. Curious, energetic and adventurous. English-speaking.



Please include the following details: age, height, base, heritage, experience. 

submissions should be sent to, castingkat.edmonds@gmail.com


Summary: limited series for Apple shooting next year in the UK and Europe

Overall production dates: February - end October 2022

Director: Alfonso Cuarón

Production Company: Apple

Casting by: Lucy Bevan Casting

JACK - male, 19 years old, white, 5’9” and above in height


Jack has grown up in North/East London in a middle class family. He is young, handsome and robust; he is affable and charming to meet but there is a vulnerability to him. Key supporting role with a huge range to play. Paid role.

Please note that this role contains simulated sex and nudity.

How to apply: Please email your details (name, height and location) and a recent photo to assistant.lucybevan@mac.com A member of the team will be invite you to submit a self-tape if you could be right.



Des Hamilton Casting is a BAFTA-winning casting company for film and TV. Our credits include TOP BOY (NETFLIX), JOJO RABBIT, and THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG.

We are casting a BFI funded feature film and are looking for people who fit the following description for the lead role.




Anyone who fits the brief and is interested in this project should have their parent/ guardian email georgia@deshamilton.com giving consent for their child to be considered, along with the child's full name, age, where they are based, and some recent photos. 

Please also include parent/ guardian's contact details and the email subject should be "Child's name - Sophie role".

Flood - Sheffield Casting

Flood is a ground-breaking experience by Sheffield based interactive studio Megaverse co-produced with Paris based Stare At The Wall in association with National Youth Theatre, combining immersive technologies with live storytelling, resulting in an innovative XR adaptation of an original stage play by Rory Mullarkey. Engaging with themes of climate change, displacement, exclusionary politics and influenced by ancient Greek mythology and biblical texts, Flood will be contemporised through technology, spoken word and progressive cultural ideas. Live actors drive the narrative of the piece, and through the use of motion capture technology, appear as watery elemental figures of themselves - suggesting that they are the lost voices of the past. Made up of four distinct chapters, the audience will navigate through the treacherous world of Flood, overcoming challenges of courage and morality and tests of cooperation and faith.

Casting Details
If you’re interested in taking part and available on all of the below dates please complete the task below. You must be 18 to apply. The casting call is not gendered. Megaverse hope to receive applications from actors from the Global Majority and LGBTQ+ talent for the 2 performing roles in Flood, the characters of Jaf and Nat. The actors should have strong improvisational skills as there will be live interaction with the audience. They should also be experienced in dance and or physical theatre as there will be poetic movement sequences throughout. These volunteer roles for a short R and D process for an audience of invited industry guests will be of particular interest to actors that wish to expand their practice and explore and learn more about the new frontier of live storytelling through cutting edge mixed reality technology including live motion capture and virtual reality.

Schedule you must be free for

Venue: Kollider, Sheffield
16th, 17th, 18th, 19th November

Video Selftape Tasks

Short personal statement including your name and why you’re interested in working on Flood (couple of sentences is fine.) Applicants must be available for all dates and as well as a tape fill in the measurement document attached. 

Perform the script extracts here

Upload your tape with you name in the file name of the video and the measurement form here

Deadline to apply 5pm Friday 22 October 2021

Casting for Netflix Film 'Damsel' 

Damsel is set to be an upcoming fantasy movie starring Millie Bobby Brown, that will subvert the “damsel in distress” trope with her heroine not waiting for a knight to save her from a dragon, but slaying the dragon herself.

Netflix’s Damsel will be directed by Oscar-nominee Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, whose credits include 28 Weeks Later and Intruders.

The script for the movie is written by Dan Mazeau, who worked on Wrath of the Titans and several upcoming high-budget films.

Casting: FLORIA 12 to 14 yrs. Black or mixed race. Elodie’s joyful younger sister. Exuberant and Innocent but determined and feisty. Has a very close relationship with her 17 yr old sister (played by Millie Bobby Brown) and is central to the story.

PRINCE HENRY 19 yrs. Caucasian. Initially appears as handsome and charming but is revealed to be much darker and more complex. Central to the story.

If interested pease send an email to suggestionsfwc@icloud.com with the title HENRY / FLORA with a short intro tape stating:





Deadline: As soon as possible. 

NYT - Reading for a new commision, written and directed by Ann Akin.

You would need to be available Saturday 23rd October – Sunday 24th October from 10am-6pm on both days for workshop sessions at NYT, Holloway Road.

We are looking for members that fit the below casting brief:

Male- identifying Black British Ghanaian, playing age 21

Male-identifying Mixed Race White British and British Jamaican, playing age 25

Male identifying Black Jamaican migrant, playing age 21

If you fit any of the above and you are available for the above dates and times, please contact Lauren at Casting@nyt.org.uk to let us know you would like to be considered with an headshot by Friday 8th October.

Washington Black - Hulu Series Produced by Sterling K. Brown 

A young Black man who grew up as an enslaved person on a Barbados plantation before traveling the world on a steampunk adventure with the plantation owner’s brother, GEORGE WASHINGTON "WASH" BLACK is now 19 years old and living in Nova Scotia as a free man; Wash works the docks, paints, hones his flying invention and falls in love--until his past catches up with him, threatening his new life and all of his dreams that have kept him going...

Casting: 'YOUNG WASH' Specifically looking for a young actor with a playing age of 11.

How to Apply: Please contact stevengutierrezcasting@gmail.com if you are interested and attatch your CV, Headshots, Showreel and Spotlight link if you have them. 

For more information on the project, see this article by Variety: https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/sterling-k-brown-produced-washington-black-series-in-development-at-hulu-exclusive-1203329315/

 Deadline: As soon as possible. 

Cornation Street Casting - Teen with Physical Disability 

Coronation Street are looking for northern accented teens aged 14 - 18 with a physical disability for potential future storylines on Coronation Street.

Casting director:Gennie Radcliffe

Casting location:Media City , United Kingdom

Production dates:Dates are flexible

Production location:Media City , United Kingdom

Company:ITV Studios

Producer:Iain Macleod

Contract type:Equity - ITV

Please email lisa.boyle@itv.com if you are interested. 

Deadline: As soon as possible.

Casting - Upcoming Series 

Note: This casting is strictly for young actors aged between 7 and 16 years old who are arm amputees and/or have lost part or all of their arm/and/or have a congenital amputation.

This is for a great role in an upcoming series filming in Budapest and the UK overall between 2nd November 2021 and June 2022. 

How to apply: If you know of anybody who would like to be considered, then please send the following to Dyana - dyana@yati.org.uk 

- A self-intro to camera (phone is fine).  Head and shoulders with the camera on eye-level - My name is_, I'm_years old, I'm_tall and I live in_.  Follow this with a short chat about yourself - hobbies and interests, skills, likes etc.  Half a minute long is about the right length.  Then zoom out to full-length, turn left full profile, left full-profile, back to centre - smile. 

- A photo of your head and shoulders

- A full-length photo

- Date of birth

- Height

- Nationality

- School

- Parent contact details

- A parent's description of your amputation circumstances, and any other useful information.

- Any non-availability during the overall shoot period including booked unmissable holidays, exams or medical appointments

Deadline: As soon as possible. 

MEMORIES ON ACID (working title): A 10 minute short

Five days in a young woman’s life when she is plagued by surreal dreams of her relationship. The week follows her as she works and meets friends, all the while reassessing her decision to break up with her girlfriend who is moving away. 

Casting: Two POC young women leads in their twenties: LGBT preferred. 

The protagonist is a photographer. She is inscrutable. She speaks very little but is witty and dry when she does—her outer layer hides a much more tender version of herself seen through her dreams. The ex-girlfriend is a poet. She is softer, and very sensitive to those around her yet also quiet. 

Please send your photo/showreel/examples of your work/CV to mishravankshita@gmail.com. If you have a talent e.g. singing, dancing, painting, juggling (anything) please let us know and send an example of it along too. Shooting dates roughly five days between 1-12 November.

Deadline: As soon as possible 

RAISINS - A five minute Dramedy Short

A conversation between a grouchy father and his equally irritable but daughter as she tries to tell him about her career as an actor and he can’t stop being annoyed about his oats with raisins in it. 

Casting: Woman in her mid-late twenties, white or mixed race. One day shoot and one day rehearsal in the week commencing 25th October (exact dates TBC).

Please send your photo/showreel/examples of your work/CV to mishravankshita@gmail.com

Deadline: As soon as possible.

September 2021

TED Learning - Casting Call

TED learning are looking for three actors aged 21-25 of the follow heritage:

  • A Estonian female identifying actor
  • A Japanese male identifying actor
  • A Filipino male identifying actor

You need to be AV on the 24th September from roughly 9am - 1pm (TBC) with a briefing at some point before this date, probably only an hour, again TBC.

The filming will be done remotely whilst taking part in a Zoom call. What's needed for the recording...

  • Decent smart phone that can film in 4k preferably.
  • Sound to be recorded on a separate device, another phone or Dictaphone (this is important as Zoom sound quality is poor when recorded). Mic/ lapel mic fine
  • Laptop or desktop
  • Good internet connection
  • Light, well-lit space, that isn't too cluttered

The fee is £250 for the day, this includes some line learning. You'll also become part of the Associate team for TED Learning, which hopefully means more work in the future as they gain more international clients.

Email info@nyt.org.uk if you fit the brief and are interested and available. 

Deadline: ASAP

Casting Call out for BBC Educational Production 

Looking for a male actor to participate in a 20 episode series. 3 - 3.5 minutes each episode, in the medium of Welsh. 

Casting; Male -  Visually looking around the age of 16, with a North Welsh accent, who can speak fluent Welsh.

This is a paid position.

Filming for 16 days on the dates shown below: 

27th October - 5th November

29th November - 8th  December

Please send your CV and Showreel to molly@bomperstudio.com 

Deadline: As soon as possible. 

Casting Call out for a BFI Short Film 

We are looking for a group of actors aged 18+ of any ethnicity who can play 15 - 16 for a short BFI coming of age film. The shoot will be in October. Location is TBC. 

No professional acting experience necessary.

Contact:  casting@caketinproductions.com - with the following information:

* Name

* Age & D.O.B

* Where you are based

* A short video clip (no longer than 2mins) telling us a bit about yourself

Deadline: As soon as possible 

Casting Call out for Birdie’s Adventures in the Animal Kingdom, a new musical by Grace Joy Howarth, produced by Patch Plays.

This Winter, Patch Plays are producing an R and D of a new, magical family musical which aims to inspire, entertain and educate the next generation to look after our planet.

We are currently looking to cast the lead roles, Birdie and Robin. Please see the material below. Dates for the R and D are to be confirmed but are pencilled for 10 days in either mid December 2021 or January 2022. 

Self tape deadline: 14th Sep 2021 Midnight. 

Please email us your self tapes, including an ident, script extract AND song audition + an equal opportunities form, to patchplays2020@gmail.com . Optional - a recording of a song of your choice (musical theatre or otherwise - we just want to hear how you like to sing best!).

We are applying for Arts Council England funding. If successful, actors  will be fully paid at industry standard rates. If unsuccessful, we will fundraise to pay for travel costs for the rehearsal period of 5-7 rehearsal days.

The aim of the R and D is to explore the material, present it to industry and lead to a fuller realisation of the show in 2022. 


The Animal Kingdom is in chaos: the sea levels are rising, the trees are being cut down and the icebergs are melting! Humans seem to do a much better job at destroying the environment than protecting it, but when ten-year-old BIRDIE meets the animals, it is up to her to be a voice for the voiceless and help save their Kingdom. Birdie's Adventures in the Animal Kingdom is a fun and engaging musical with an important message. 

Full info


Birdie: 10-12 years old. The young heroine of the story whose infectious compassion and curiosity fuels her adventures across the world. Birdie has a vivid imagination,  determination and a helpful heart. Stubborn, endearing and full of life. Soprano. 

Robin: 12-14 years old. Birdie’s sidekick, appointed to find the next guardian of the animal kingdom. Eager, full of energy, a bit mischievous and an uplifting presence. Birdie and Robin form a very close brother-sister relationship as they guide our journey through the animal kingdom. Robin is spritely, cheerful but secretive, determined to succeed in the mission. *Physically demanding role, skills in dance would be beneficial. Tenor.

Casting Call - “Moishe"

Pay: Equity Minimum

Dates: Mid-November 2021 TBC (1 block week)

Location: United Kingdom (with a possible 1 day shoot in the Ukraine)


Young Moishe - playing age 10-14, male, white/ Eastern European

Young Calev - playing age 10-14, male, white/ Eastern European

The short film (roughly 20 minutes long) follows the true story of Moishe Gralnick as he is kidnapped from his family and taken from rural Ukraine to a Russian Cantonist institution. He, along with his friends, are tortured in an attempt to force them to convert to Christianity. Despite this, Moishe manages to keep his faith and stay true to his Jewish beliefs. Twenty-five years later, against unbelievable odds, he finds his way back to his shtetl and family. The film explores themes of perseverance, faith and resistance in the face of immense hardship.

If interested in auditioning send an email to casting@moishefilm.com with your resume/ details of previous experience, headshot and short bio. Please include which character you would like to audition for.


HBO Max Pilot - Casting for young actors

UK casting search for young actors (18+ to play 16/17 y/o) for a new HBO MAX Pilot!

Casting for: Actors Aged 18-22 

Male 1: 

Playing age: 16-18yrs

Appearance: African-American, Black-Other Areas, Black-Caribbean, Black-African, East Asian, Pakistani, Asian, Indian, Filipino/Malay/Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mixed Race, Latin American, Middle Eastern

Any UK accent

Male 2:

Playing age: 16-18yrs

Appearance: White

RP accent

Female 1:

Playing age: 16-18yrs

Appearance: Mixed Race

American accent

Dates: Shooting late November - mid December 2021

Location: Production shooting in Vancouver, Canada 

Submissions: Please send recent photo/headshot, Spotlight link (if you have) or CV to caitlin@suzannesmithcasting.com

Deadline: By the end of next week. 

MEDEA - Experimental Film Casting 

Looking for 2 BIPOC actors who are confident singers & movers to lead the chorus for an experimental film based on the Greek myth - ‘Medea’ Directed by Riffy Ahmed. 

When: Shooting September 18-19th. Must be fully available both days.

If you are interested and available, please send your headshot and CV to admin@khameleonproductions.co.uk (Subject: ‘Medea Casting’) AGE: 21+

This is a PAID opportunity (ITC rates) Supported by Arts Council England and Digital Theatre

Deadline: 25TH AUGUST 2021, 6pm

August 2021

Yard Theatre x NT Women of Tomorrow Directors Award

National Theatre are currently casting a project for the Yard Theatre, as part of the NT Women of Tomorrow Directors Award, in partnership with the CHANEL Fund for Women in the Arts & Culture.

We’re looking to reach out to young people who might be interested in taking part in a really exciting piece of new writing, which will feature as part of the Yard’s reopening season this Autumn. 

We’re looking for 3 x female identifying actors, aged 17-19, who would be up for sharing a small speaking role. They’ll need to have full availability from the start of rehearsal 6th September 2021 and across the 3 week run 4th - 23rd October 2021 (please note there is only one matinee on Wednesday 13th October). This is a really exciting paid opportunity to work with emerging female artists and creatives. 

Previous stage experience and some skill with a US accent would be brilliant, but not essential! We’ll be holding relaxed workshop-style auditions end of w/c 23rd August, so if anyone would like to come along please get in touch on casting@nationaltheatre.org.uk (subject: Yard Casting).

Aladdin Ensemble Auditions - Lyric Hammersmith 

The Lyric Hammersmith Theatre are looking for four exciting performers aged 18-25 to form the Ensemble for this year’s panto Aladdin written by Vikki Stone and directed by Abigail Graham. No previous experience is necessary but you must have a strong passion for musical theatre and pantomime and you must live in one of the 10 boroughs of West London. This is a paid training opportunity so we’re looking for applicants who have not undertaken any formal training or already have representation. We’re particularly interested in hearing from young people who are currently underrepresented in the UK theatre industry.  

More information about the project can be found here: https://lyric.co.uk/shows/aladdin-2021/

If you have any questions about either of these opportunities or want the information in an alternative format, contact Kate Baiden, Producer, via the http:// participation@lyric.co.uk email address. 

Deadline:  Monday 16 August 2021. 

BBC Family Prom 2021 // Alice Purser Casting

The BBC Proms are back! It brings me great joy to be casting again for this special event, that in previous years has featured exciting talent such as Paapa Essiedu, Rory Kinnear, Ivanno Jeremiah and Josie Lawrence. The Royal Albert Hall is a truly magical place to perform and the Proms team work miracles to turn over the space and produce daily concerts across the season.This year's Family Prom has plenty of festival spirit with a Carnival theme and features musical super-stars the Kanneh-Mason family, Lemn Sissay OBE and Michael Morpurgo OBE. In addition to 2 live performances, the concert will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, with a deferred broadcast on BBC Four - part of it will also have transmission on BBC 2.

Role Info:

We are seeking a leading young Global Majority actress, who will be comfortable holding court at The Royal Albert Hall which has a capacity of almost 6000! The role is written as mid-teens, but we require a slightly older actress (over licensing) who can play down in age and really engage a young audience. Mancunian accent would be a bonus, but we are open in this regard for the right performer. London base preferable – however we can consider candidates who live elsewhere. Looking for someone with solid theatre experience and who has good timing and a sense of musicality. Spoken word experience would be a plus, as much of the text is Poetry by, and delivered with, Lemn Sissay and Michael Morpurgo. Although a formal dance background isn't necessary, the actress will need to be comfortable moving around a lot - the character has loads of energy, confidence and plenty of charisma. There is quite a bit of stream-of-consciousness text as well as poetry - so this will require learning dialogue quickly in our short timeframe!

Dates: Rehearsal in London 25th-28th August. Matinee and Evening performance at The Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 29th August. 

How to Apply: Please send your CV and headshots to assistant@alicepurser.com


Deadline:12th August (applications after this time will be considered, but no later than 16th August) 

Short Film Casting 

Short film for a project at NFTS. Shoot dates 11-14 October 2021, paid. 

SYNOPSIS: It’s a story about a young couple and the illusions of first love dissipating. We follow the couple during the course of one evening: from the girl’s perspective we see how this vulnerable, sensitive young woman navigates her way through a seemingly uneven relationship and insecure dynamic.


SEHAR: South Asian woman, 19-24 (playing age 19-21). An innocent, sensitive and passionate young woman.

NANDAN: South Asian man, 21-26 (playing age 22-25). A slightly mysterious, charming and headstrong man.

For more details contact Tanvi Chowdhary via email (Tanvi.star@gmail.com) with a picture of yourself.

At The Feet Of Jesus - A new play by Adanna Oji Directed by the award winning Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE

“…This is my land. The very clay you walk on runs through my veins…”

Rio de Janeiro 2014. The country is electric with excitement; it’s the World Cup! In the streets there are celebrations, political protests and violence. After the post football riots Ligia Cardoso, the long suffering wife of the ever optimistic Cezário Cardoso, tells her husband that enough is enough; they have to move to a safer neighbourhood. But Cezário has other ideas. This is the favela his forefathers have lived in for over a century. This is where people respect him and where he’s able to work behind his beloved bar. He can’t leave all that behind. So Cezário hatches a plan. With the help of Natanael; a notorious and dangerous gang leader, they decide to burn down Cezário’s bar and collect on the insurance. With that money, Cezário has dreams of building a bigger, better; more spectacular bar with tourists a-plenty. It’ll be so successful Ligia won’t ever wish to leave this favela again. But when the arson plot goes awry causing a near fatality and secret indiscretions come to light, Cezário’s world begins to unravel; forcing him to take the most drastic actions in order to put it all back together again.

Casting Breakdown 

CEZÁRIO CARDOSO: (Optimistic, proud, disorganised and irresponsible). The patriarch of the family and the descendant of a much respected lineage who’ve lived in the local favela for generations. Cezário is ever the optimistic; an upbeat soul who sees the world through ‘glass half full’ spectacles.  He loves his family and especially loves his bar where he can connect with the community he holds so dear. Cezário, however is not the greatest of business men. Riding on the coattails of his highly esteemed descendants, he relies on their reputation to bolster the success of his bar; his optimism often blinding him to the signs that all is not well. Though the favela is becoming a dangerous place, his heritage affords him a sort of status. The thought of moving elsewhere, even for the safety of his family, brings fear and resistance. When a secret threatens to destroy everything; Cezário is compelled to go to the extreme in order to set things right.

Male actor: (Black) Can play mid-late 40’s/early 50’s. Energised and fit.

LIGIA CARDOSO: (Protective, deeply spiritual, resigned and pragmatic). The matriarch of the family. Ligia is a former Brazilian Carnival dancer and is a woman who still takes great care in her appearance. A once spontaneous and vibrant woman; Ligia’s married existence, with her husband, leaves her feeling as though her wings have been clipped. She is the backbone of the family and the reason why they’ve managed to keep afloat, even though their bar is almost falling apart. But the constant grind; chasing up on the bills, trying to keep her daughter safe from the increasing neighbourhood violence all whilst her husband drifts around in blissful ignorance, is beginning to weigh down on her. It’s time for change and Ligia is prepared to achieve this at any cost.

Female actor: (Black) Can play mid- late 40’s/early 50’s. Astute and elegant.

AZRAEL CARDOSO(Studious, political, outspoken and sensitive). Azrael is the only child of Cezário and Ligia Cardorso. Having two working parents has afforded her the opportunity for a decent education; something of which she’s grasped with both hands. Deeply passionate about the state of Brazil, Azrael can often get swept up in the cloud of her own political discourse; unable to see other points of view. She uses her intellect to hide her insecurities and secretly envies her best friend, Lucianna’s, ability to be so free with her sexuality. A big reveal forces Azrael to grow up fast and re-think her core values.

Female actor: (Black) Can play 16. Thoughtful and spirited.

LUCIANNA(Sensual, purposeful, ambitious and generous). Lucianna is a childhood friend of Azrael and the half-sister of the local gang leader, Natanael. A vivacious, free spirit who embraces her sexuality and uses it to get what she wants. Though only two years older that Azrael, Lucianna seems far more mature for her age. Lucianna dreams of leaving the confines of her family’s oppressive household and travelling the world, but with her intimidating brother watching her every move, she resorts to finding questionable ways in which to achieve her goal. 

Female actor: (Black) Can play 18. Engaging and intelligent. 

NATANAEL: (Charming, dangerous, unpredictable and moralistic). Natanael is a charismatic, shrewd business man and leader. He rules the cluster of gangs that, essentially, rule the favela. He and his ‘soldiers’ have a strict code of conduct which maintains social cohesion. Behind his approachable demeanour there is a line not to be crossed-the few that dared to, never lived to tell the tale. He keeps a strict eye on his younger sibling, believing that this is the only way she’ll grow into a woman with high values and integrity.Natanael is wonderfully complex and had his life not taken this path he could have easily slipped into the realm of politics. Resigned to his fate; he embraces the life and fiercely protects it.

Male actor: (all demographics including biracial heritage/non-Black) Can play early 20’s. Quick-witted and grounded.

Dates/Details of Engagement/How to apply: 

This is a 4-week full time commitment from 16 August 2021 - 11 September 2021

16-20 August 2021: week 1 rehearsals Monday-Friday 10am-6pm in London 

23-29 August 2021: week 2 rehearsals Monday-Friday 10am-6pm in London 

31 August - 3 September 2021: week 3 rehearsals Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm (with bank holiday Monday off) in London 

Sunday 5 September :  Get In (we ask that you keep this day entirely free for now) 

Monday 6 September : Saturday 11 September - Performance week, you will need to be available from 5pm onwards each day, for Saturday 11 September, from 12noon for matinee in London 

All of the above takes place in London - unfortunately we are unable to cover any travel or accommodation costs so we are seeking London based actors to join our team.

The fee is £1600 all inclusive buy-out fee, this will be a freelance contract where you are responsible for your own Tax and NI.

Produced by Natalie Chan: http://www.nataliechanproducing.com

How to Apply: Please submit your CV/Spotlight Link/Showreel (if you have one) to http://atfojteam@gmail.com

Deadline: 12pm August 4th


Casting for an Indian actor who identifies as male, is an extremely strong singer and who is/looks 19 years old for the role of BHUVAN. 

“Delilah Leigh a forgotten B-movie scream queen and her son Devin compete for the attentions of a handsome filmmaker from India – Delilah for her last shot at stardom Devin for his first shot at love.”

Character Description: BHUVAN: Identifies as Male, plays 19. Bhuvan is a starstruck movie buff who is newly arrived in Los Angeles from Mumbai with all the naïveté and inexperience that comes with being a sheltered 19 year-old. In short, Bhuvan hasn’t quite come of age. Seemingly on a search for his idol - former Hollywood actress Delilah Leigh - it soon becomes apparent that Bhuvan is searching for his authentic self. By the close of the film, Bhuvan falls in love with Delilah’s son and realizes his dream of becoming a screenwriter and director.  Bhuvan is bilingual with Bengali as his first language, English as his second. He is soft-spoken and what used to be called “mild-mannered.” A Clark Kent, so to speak. But when Bhuvan sings and dances, he becomes a Superman; as explosive, electric, and charismatic a singer/dancer as India’s Tiger Shroff or America’s Justin Timberlake in their early days. The actor playing Bhuvan should be someone who could easily front a rock band or star in his own YouTube Music Video. He must be adept in all styles of modern dance from Bollywood - to rock & roll - to hip hop - to Broadway. Bari-tenor. LEAD 

Director: Sanjay Sharma

Producers: Shantketan Films, Sunburst Lane, and Glist Entertainment/Vegas Film Ventures


Song recording from October/November 2021 in NYC

Rehearsals Jan - March 2022 in NYC

Filming scheduled for April – June 2022 in India and NYC

All covid permitting

Please note this project shoots in multiple countries, so all suggestions must hold valid passports. 


Please send submissions to: http://tm@tamsynmanson.com

Deadline: As soon as possible.

July 2021

Our Charlie by Natalia Lewis

An original dark comedy impugned with Cumbrian folklore and elements of the supernatural set in a farmhouse kitchen. 

Writer Natalia Lewis & Director Lexie Ward are seeking to cast for an R&D week from September 20th-24th to take place at Theatre by the Lake, Keswick (subject to ACE Funding). We are particularly interested in hearing from performers with Cumbrian links (born/based/raised/trained etc).

Maz, late 20s - early 30s, British-South Asian. 

Farmer. Steady, confident. By turns gentle and tough; can deliver a lamb and put down an animal in pain. Nothing gets past Maz. A proper good night out, Maz. Not loud, but a whip-smart wit. Barbs and jokes like a smoking gun. She loves the rough, hard beauty of the earth. Nikhil’s sister. Charlie’s wife. References to Pakistani heritage in the script.

Nikhil, late teens - early 20s, British-South Asian 

Heart of gold. Proper quiet. Proper kind. Works on the farm with Maz. At home in a tractor. Gives all the animals names. He’s just a kid, really. Sits out on the hills and lights a joint and has deep thoughts which he keeps to himself. Very close to the earth. He probably has a herb garden. Maz’s little brother. References to Pakistani heritage in the script.

We are particularly interested in hearing from people who are under-represented in the arts sector due to their socio-economic status, gender, ethnic background or disability. Actors are encouraged to apply for whichever role they feel comfortable in.

Full information

TV Casting | Actresses aged +18 only 

From: KRJ Casting Ltd

We are doing a UK/Europe search for the leading young role of CLAUDIA in AMC’s TV adaptation of the Anne Rice novel “INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE”.

Full details

We are looking for:

  • an exceptional young Black or African-American actress
  • 18 or over who can convincingly play 13/14 years old 
  • Comfortable with Southern US accent
  • Comfortable with a scene or two with sexual content. No nudity required in the scripts for this role. 

To submit yourself please send your headshot and actors CV if you have one to gordon@krjcasting.com by Friday  23rd July at 5pm.

Film Casting - Asian Women aged 16-24 

Aisha Bywaters Casting is currently working on an exciting film from the writer/director of WE ARE LADY PARTS shooting in London in autumn 2021. We are looking for asian women aged 16 - 24 for one of the lead roles. MUST BE LONDON BASED. 

Full information

To apply please email us the following information: Full name, Age (if under 18), A recent photo, Where you live, to info@aishabywaters.com with the subject 'PS FILM'. 

If 16 or under, all applications must be submitted with the consent of a Parent / Guardian. 

Closing date for applications: 16th July 


Aisha was recognised as one of Screen International’s Stars Of Tomorrow in 2020. Her TV credits include CYBERBULLY (starting Maisie Williams), THE WATCHMEN (staring Stephen Graham) and ENTERPRICE (written by and starting Kayode Ewumi). Aisha’s Film credits include DIRTY GOD and THE LAST TREE which both premiered at The Sundance Film Festival and the critically acclaimed COUNTY LINES. Aisha was Nominated for a British Independent Film Award alongside Shaheen Baig for their work on THE LAST TREE. Her Upcoming projects include Ch4 comedy LADY PARTS written and directed by Nida Manzoor, THE BABY for Sister Pictures and HBO, Netflix’s MAN VS BEE and Working Title’s TV adaptation of EVERYTHING I KNOW ABOUT LOVE.

BBC Comedy Casting

From the makers of Broad City, Emily in Paris and Search Party - JAX Media are looking for the freshest, funniest acting talent for their new scripted BBC3 Comedy set in South Manchester written by Soph Galustian.

Playing Age 15. 

Full details here

Short Film Casting 

Casting Call - “Moishe"

Pay: Equity Minimum

Dates: Beginning of November 2021 TBC (1 block week)

Location: United Kingdom (with a possible 1 day shoot in the Ukraine)

The short film (roughly 20 minutes long) follows the true story of Moishe Gralnick as he is kidnapped from his family and taken from rural Ukraine to a Russian Cantonist institution. He, along with his friends, are tortured in an attempt to force them to convert to Christianity. Despite this, Moishe manages to keep his faith and stay true to his Jewish beliefs. Twenty-five years later, against unbelievable odds, he finds his way back to his shtetl and family. The film explores themes of perseverance, faith and resistance in the face of immense hardship.

If interested in auditioning send an email to casting@moishefilm.com with your resume/ details of previous experience, headshot and short bio. Please include which character you would like to audition for.



Moishe - playing age 11-14, male, white/ Eastern European

Calev - playing age 11-14, male, white/ Eastern European

Dyakonov - playing age 20-30, male, white/ Eastern European

Yosef - playing age 13-17, male, white/ Eastern European

Short Film  - The National Film and Television School

Jessie Frost Casting are casting for a short film, looking for Chinese female-identifying violinist's, aged 21-37 and based in London for a lead role.


After 30 years of practice, Victoria, a Chinese violinist, is offered the chance to play as a soloist with a famous British orchestra. However, her excitement is quickly subdued when a call announcing her grandfather’s death brings back the tremble in her right hand. When her playing gets so bad that she is kicked out of the orchestra, Victoria is forced to address the real issue. ‘Tremolo’ tells the story of a woman who has cut herself off from her roots and thereby closed off her heart.

Pay / Expenses:

The role is paid £89.1 + travel and food expenses. 

How to apply:

 Please email the casting director - office@jessiefrost.co.uk with a photo, name, and age. 

If you have any further questions, please email Office@jessiefrost.co.uk


As soon as possible.


If you have any further questions, please email Office@jessiefrost.co.uk

June 2021 

Casting for 11 year old

DESTINY - SERIES REGULAR (Female, 11–11 years)

Little Darlings is written by the super talented Nathan Bryon (Bloods)and Jonny Wright from the book by Jacqueline Wilson.

Danny Kilman is still a big star with an adoring fan base. But since the death of his wife he’s lost some of his drive and enthusiasm. He’s a bit jaded.
His kids keep him happy, though. Ace (6), who’s tiger-obsessed, Sweetie (8), self-obsessed and a diva-in-the-making and Sunset (11), the introverted, over-thinker of the family. Home is a fabulous pop star mansion in London, which they share with manager Mike (maybe not ideal manager material, but he’s devoted, puppy dog-like to Danny).

Kate and Destiny’s arrival on the scene delivers an injection of drama, passion and chaos into Danny’s life. Fiery, opinionated Kate is the woman he had a brief relationship with 12 years ago. Destiny (11, full of life, passionate like her mum) is the daughter he didn’t realise existed until now. Home for Kate and Destiny is a maisonette on a council estate in Manchester - light years away from the luxurious Kilman mansion.
As Kate and Danny reconnect we can immediately see the sparks fly and the potential for romance. It’s just that both are in denial, both comically unable to acknowledge the attraction. So, it’s always one step forwards, two back. As a single mum who’s had to work like crazy to bring up her daughter, Kate’s chippie about Danny’s wealth and status. Sensitive, romantic Danny is easily bruised and withdraws. Each time they look like they might finally get it together a misunderstanding or events conspire to muddy the waters and pull them apart again.

We need a seriously strong and talented actress for this wonderful role MUST BE AN AMAZING SINGER. 

She is gobby and headstrong, feisty like her Mum. 


Ethnicity: Black-Other Areas, Black-Caribbean, Black-African, African-America

Gender: Female

Casting details:

Self tapes

Production dates:

We are looking at 11 day fortnights though this is tbc.

W/C 26th July - Isolation week (subject to Covid restrictions at the time)

W/C 2nd August - Rehearsal week -

W/C 9th August - Shoot the short form eps -

W/C 16th August - Shoot for 5 weeks

We will be looking at options for these roles. Destiny can be from anywhere but Sweetie and Ace need to be London based

Production location:

London, United Kingdom


Kindle for Sky


Melanie Stokes, Emma Stuart, Matt Tiller


Ian Aryeh

Contract type:

Equity - PACT

Feature Film - 16 - 24 years old

Aisha Bywaters Casting is currently looking for a lead role in an exciting film from the writer/director of WE ARE LADY PARTS shooting in London in autumn 2021.

How to apply:

please email info@aishabywaters.com with the below information and the subject PS FILM:

  • Full name
  • Age (if under 18)
  • A recent photo
  • Where you live

Full casting breakdown can be found here.

Deadline: Friday 16th July 2021

PARAGON - Netflix casting

PARAGON is an exciting new Netflix Feature Film shooting in the UK from Mid September until end December 2021

Character Briefs:

MOLLY- We are looking for a red or fair haired girl aged 11 – 14 who will be available to film from September to December. Molly is a determined and scrappy young orphan with a heart of gold and sweet demeanour. She’s streetwise and makes ends meet by working a low paid job in the most deprived area of East London. London accent.

LAURA -We are looking for a red or fair haired girl aged 18 – 22 who will be available to film from September to December. Laura is a kind but fierce girl who knows her own mind. Often accused as a troublemaker, Laura has a desire to fight for justice in the world and has developed a strong and stubborn nature having grown up in the most deprived area of East London. Laura works in a grocers by day and as a performer by night to make ends meet and provide for her family.  London accent.

How to apply:

Please email castingpicturesltd@gmail.com with the below information –

-       Name

-       Height

-       Date of Birth

-       Location

-       A recent head and shoulders photo

-       Link to Spotlight or Acting CV (if you have one!)

Please only apply if you are available for the shooting dates: Mid September until end December 2021.

Deadline: Wednesday 23rd June, midday.

Comedy sketch casting - London

Looking for 17-23 year olds to play college students in comedy sketch - London 

This opportunity is looking for young actors to be involved in a comedy sketch, The Sketch is centred around a teaching assistant working in a college. There will be a few lines of dialogue, but also an opportunity to improvise at points. Filming will be in London on the provisional date of 24th July, The sketch will be pitched to channel 4 to be included in their comedy shorts output. All expenses will be covered and food on the day too. 

If you are interested please email robert.morgan305@gmail.com with the subject heading 'TA Sketch.' If you could send a headshot through that would be even better but not essential.

Deadline: 9th July 2021

National Arts Council short film PROCESSING -  Casting

A National Arts Council short film PROCESSING (dir. Bea Grant, DP. Jackie Teboul) is looking for an ensemble of four actors with varied playing ages (18-80) for a 2 day shoot in Sussex, filming in the last week of July.

£200 per day, expenses paid and accommodation available.

PROCESSING is a short film exploring the experiences and emotions of dyslexia through movement in landscapes. We particularly encourage those who identify as neurodivergent and/or have experience in physical theatre to apply.

Contact processingshortfilm2021@gmail.com for more information!

Deadline: Sunday 20th June 2021

Yellow Spirit casting

My name is Ornela Pouka  a crew member of the short film titled  ‘Yellow Spirit’. Bellow are the details for a casting call , we would appreciate if you could forward this call to your inspiring actors and anyone interested.

Production Description - A refugee boy struggles to adjust to life in an unfamiliar land which sets him on an emotional journey to restore memories of his homeland. Non-Paid 


-Jo (Supporting role): 14-18 White ( needs to look young). Male. A bully. He hates to lose. Respected. Unwelcoming. Unafraid. He is popular in his community, as well as feared by his peers. Required Media: Headshot or Photo, CV, Video Reel (optional)

-Friends (Extra): 14-18 ( needs to look young)  Male,  all Ethnicities. Afraid. Unwelcoming. Required Media: Headshot or Photo, CV, Video Reel (optional)

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations:

Available for one fight coordinator session towards the end of June (only for the role of Jo) and one rehearsal day on either 3rd or 4th of July (for all roles).

If interested, please send us a self tape improvising  on the scenarios given (jo or the friend) in the document here to: ayellowspiritshort@gmail.com

Production Dates 

Available for one shoot day between the 5th July - 9th July in London

Deadline: 16th June 2021

Tell me anything - ITV - Beatrice Ray Casting.

We’re looking for some brilliant young actors to play an array of great lead roles in TELL ME EVERYTHING for ITV. 

Production information and overview found here.


NIF – African. Is wild, loud, and opinionated. But her tough exterior masks huge insecurities about living up to the perfect memory of her dead brother. She doesn’t really know who she is yet, but she’s determined to be someone. Selftape scene available here.

JONNY – Any Ethnicity. is fun, but never too in-your-face. He’s intelligent but slightly neurotic. He plays the part of a teenager, but worries that he’s just going through the motions. He can’t seem to express how he feels. There’s something missing inside him, something that stops him connecting properly with anyone. He suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety. Jonny is lost. Can he find himself before it’s too late?   Selftape scene available here.

MEI – East Asian. is quirky and perky, with her own odd-ball style. Very few people are on her wavelength, or even the same plain of reality. She doesn’t give a shit what anyone else thinks of her. But her dark humour and matter-of-fact nihilism betray something deeper, darker and more dangerous. And it's this mysterious edge that makes her so exciting. Selftape scene available here.

In the attached document is the details of the project as well as character blogs for the roles we’re looking at. I have specified the ethnicity on the character blogs, but for now don’t worry too much about that as there are plenty of other roles coming up in the series so happy for your guys to tape if they feel particularly suited to a role.


Shot: Please film landscape from the chest up, doesn’t need to be a fancy camera, you can just shoot on a phone.

Takes: Please include a brief introduction to camera, your name and age. Please send just one take of the scene you are reading. You should look just past the camera, not directly down the lens. Ask someone to read the other lines in with you, doesn’t need to be good - it can be a friend or parent, if they’re rubbish - don’t worry, we’re watching you!

Labelling: Please label as the following: ROLE NAME Your Name. e.g. JOHNNY Joe Bloggs

Please can you ask the actors submitting tapes to send the tape directly to me via WeTransfer or Dropbox - NOT as an attachment: beatrice@beatriceray.co.uk

Deadline: Wednesday 8th June

BBC Feature Film 

Lara Manwaring Casting are casting for an exciting role in a BBC Feature Film.

Sweet Sue is the story of Sue, a woman trying her best to make sense of her solitary middle-age. Realist, dramatic, darkly funny and sometimes tragic, it’s a film about lives crossing and colliding. A character study of lonely people trying to fill the voids in their realities anyway they know how.

This film is being made by BBC Films and will be produced by Somesuch (who produced BAFTA winning short HOME) and SUMS Film & Media (LILTING). Leo Leigh will direct.

The role we are looking for is:

ANTHONY : Strong supporting role, should be able to play 17/18 years, attention seeking, likes the idea of fame, Is in a dance crew called 'Electric Destiny'.  He sees himself as the leader of the group (dance experience is not essential). Is a force of nature and seems full of confidence with a lot to say but is extremely insecure about a lot of things.  

*We are specifically looking for an actor who identifies as gay to play this role.

To apply please just  send in a short video (1-3 mins) telling us a bit about yourself to office@laramanwaring.com. Could you please include your name, where you heard about this opportunity and where you are based in the video.

Hackney Empire 

The Creative Futures programme at Hackney Empire, have spent the last few months working with four young individuals to create a script for a short film. Each writer has come up with their own unique film concept and developed a script for the film and we are now aiming to create a visual for a singular scene from these films. Please find below a short synopsis of each film and the characters we are casting for these films.

Full information 

May 2021

Brecht's BREADSHOP: theatre production workshop for young people (age 18-27)

This is a call-out for a 4-week production workshop, exploring Bertolt Brecht’s 1929 BREADSHOP, a political pantomime about everything that's dysfunctional about capitalism — its precarity, injustice, and the ridiculously difficult struggle for a loaf of bread and a roof over one's head. The workshop involves a 3-week rehearsal period with 5 public performances in week 4 at a local bakery in Hackney, London E8. This will be an opportunity for young actors and theatre-makers to explore Brechtian approaches to political theatre-making, epic dramaturgy in action, slapstick comedy, and site-specific performance.

Dates: 5 July - 31 July

Location: London (E1 and E5)

Registration deadline: Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Zoom auditions: 8 and 12 June 

Full details 

Yellow Spirit Film Casting


A refugee boy struggles to adjust to life in an unfamiliar land which sets him on an emotional journey to restore memories of his homeland.  



Jo (Supporting role): 14-18 White. Male. A bully. He hates to lose. Respected. Unwelcoming. Unafraid. He is popular in his community, as well as feared by his peers.

Required Media: Headshot or Photo, CV, Video Reel (optional)


Friends (Extra): 14-18 All Ethnicities. Afraid. Unwelcoming.

Required Media: Headshot or Photo, CV, Video Reel (optional)

Further information can be found here

Rehearsal Dates:   Available for one fight coordinator session from 15th of June (only for the role of Jo) and one rehearsal day on either 3rd or 4th of July (for all roles).

Production Dates:  Available for one shooting day between the 5th July - 9th July 

Please send application to: ayellowspiritshort@gmail.com

Deadline: 11th June 2021

Male Singers

For a TV adaption of the novel "Life After Life" we are looking for some strong acapella singers for a scene set in Germany 1933. 

The role: Hitler Youth Singers 

The Scene: Our leading lady is visiting Germany and has made friends with some members of the Hitler Youth. They are sitting around the campfire while some of the boys sing to entertain the group. 

You should be male, aged 16 and 1/2 to 25. German traits such as blonde hair and blue eyes are desirable. 

Please contact Amy at amyleyshon@hotmail.co.uk with a short self-tape of you singing any song and a recent headshot by 19th May 2021

To Be In the Gallery (Etre Dans La Galere) - Casting

The short film, To Be In the Gallery (Etre Dans La Galere), is a satirical thriller about three teenagers - Leo, Marielle and Jules - on the cusp of adulthood who encounter a horrific act of police brutality and the troubles that ensue during that particular day.  The film deals with themes of police brutality, power struggles, and injustice and the envisioned style has been inspired by the French New Wave and the likes of Godard and Truffaut.  It uses these common traits of the movement through naturalistic dialogue and comedic and absurd moments.  The fight for power is definitely highlighted in the piece, not only the power of the police, but the power within the trio themselves.


We are looking for a female actor to play Marielle. 

The role of Marielle is really what holds the piece together and is somewhat the only level-headed and rational character in the film.  However, Marielle has secrets of her own, and these secrets are woven into her social makeup.


The role is unpaid and we are looking for an actor that is looking for opportunities to work with young aspiring creatives to work on their craft and get some experience.  But, expenses will be paid for.

The actor must be based around or in London.

Members can put themselves forward by emailing me and attaching a headshot, a small bio about themselves and where they are based.  If we then think the actor is right for the role, we will get in touch and set up a time for a zoom call audition.

Please contact: sam.hundal@outlook.com

Please can you submit interest by the 4th of June 2021

Tara Arts 


Tara is an award-winning multicultural theatre in London, home to a world of stories, from the classic to the new.

We are searching for two actors to each perform a pair of newly commissioned short monologues which will be presented as part of Tara Arts opening season under the leadership of the new Artistic Director, Abdul Shayek.

  • 1 female-identifying actor, playing age 25-35 years, of South Asian or Middle Eastern heritage as specified in the context of the pieces, able to deliver an authentic Liverpool accent.
  • 1 male-identifying actor, playing age 25-30 years, of South Asian heritage as specified in the context of the pieces.

Full details

April 2021 


Vice Media Group and Shelter Documentary

Vice Media Group is working with Shelter to produce a documentary celebrating amazing young people who use creativity to express who they are despite current housing instability. (eg. sofa surfing, facing eviction, staying with friends, living in hostels)

We want to hear from 16-30 year olds who use their creative expression to transform their experiences and have their voices heard by those that need to listen. Creative expression could mean writing, singing, painting, dancing, collage, embroidery, performance art, etc!

The film will be a powerful, hopeful and energetic look at the transformative power of art, activism and community.

We want to create a space to showcase your talent and brilliance and explore the way we use our creative expression to take our power back.

If you would be up for having a chat with us, please email: connect@vice.com with a short paragraph or voice note including a little bit about you, your experiences and your creativity, your name, age and a way of getting in contact with you.

Here, There, Now 

Here, There, Now. An online international collaboration. 

The Lyric Hammersmith has opened applications for 10 young Black women based in West London to take part in a digital collaboration with young women in Zimbabwe.

Led by UK based Theatre Director Monique Touko and Zimbabwe based award winning Artist Lady Tshawe Here, There, Now will bring twenty young women together online through a series of workshops to create new stories exploring womanhood, identity and race that are written and performed by the company and shared digitally in both nations.

To apply you must be aged 18 – 25, identify as Black and female and live within one of the 10 West London Boroughs (Brent, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kensington and Chelsea, Richmond upon Thames, Westminster and Wandsworth)

Applications are now open. Deadline for applications is 23 April at 6pm

More info is available here  - https://lyric.co.uk/young-lyric/next-generation/here-there-now/

Payment will be made for any in person engagement required as part of the collaboration.

Project dates and times

•    Saturday 1st May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Sunday 2nd May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Saturday 8th May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Sunday 9th May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Saturday 15th May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Sunday 16th May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Saturday 22nd May 10am – 5pm in person at the Lyric

•    Sunday 23rd May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Saturday 29th May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

•    Sunday 30th May 12pm – 2pm online via Zoom

Audition to join Act II Festival in 2021

Are you a current London student? Audition to join Act II Festival in 2021

We will be producing 12 original plays written by a collection of London playwrights and you can cast in one of them!

If you’re interested in performing an original play, working with playwrights, directors, assistant directors and participating in workshops led by theatre professionals, then this is for you.


The audition process is divided into two rounds. 

1. First Round: Send your Self-Tape to a chosen playwright. 

2. Second Round: If you're successful in your First Round audition you will be invited to take part in a ZOOM Recall.**


 Send your self-tape by 10am on 27th of April 2021.

 More info here.

If you application is successful you will be contacted by Wednesday 28th April 2021.

*You must be part of a London based university or educational institution.

** To everyone who is invited to the Second Round Audition we offer a ticket to Actors Workshop with wipe your feet theatre that we will be hosting on 30th of April.

BBC Films/BFI feature

Lara Manwaring Casting is looking for two strong supporting roles in a BBC Films/BFI feature shooting in London late 2021/early 2022.

The film is being made by a BAFTA nominated director and BAFTA and BIFA winning producers.

Roles descriptions below:

FEMALE ROLE: 23 - 35 years, any ethnicity, GENUINE WORKING CLASS LONDONER   Feisty, streetwise, can be chaotic, unpredictable.

MALE ROLE: 25 - 38 years, Caucasian, Turkish, Asian or Moroccan, GENUINE WORKING CLASS LONDONER, tough (but any body type), streetwise, can be aggressive and controlling.

To apply -   please send in a short informal video (1 - 3 mins) just telling us a bit about yourself including your name and where you are based to assistant@laramanwaring.com OR send a whatsapp to 0730 705 8739 (no calls/texts please).  Due to the volume of applicants we may only be able to reply to successful applicants.  Look forward to hearing from you!

Lara Manwaring Casting

Male Actors age 16+ Urgently required for voiceover (Recording to take place remotely)

We are looking for up to 6 male actors to record voiceovers for a short film. The film is being created for mental health charity The Lucy Rayner Foundation.

Please note, the film contains themes of suicide and theft of intimate photos, so people for whom these are challenging topics may not wish to apply.

Each actor will be needed for around one hour in total. The recordings will be conducted via zoom on either:

  • Sunday 11th April - 4-5pm
  • Monday 12th April - 8-9pm 
  • Thursday 15th April - 9-10am 
  • Sat 24th April (TBC) - 10-11am

We are happy to hear from actors without previous voiceover experience.

If you would like to apply please send a voice clip of maximum one minute to kayhudson.production@gmail.com.

In the clip please tell us your name, age, where you are from and something you are passionate about and why?

Please include in the text of the email which days you are available to record on.

All actors selected will be credited and sent a link to the film.

We have a fast turnaround on this project so would love to hear from you as soon as possible.

Comedy Drama Series (+18s only)

A darkly moving comedy drama series from Clerkenwell (Misfits, End of The F***ing World). We’re looking for two cracking young actors to play the roles of DANNY and AARON. 

Boys of any ethnicity ages 18-21.


Danny thinks his dad Steve was the funniest, kindest, wisest and bravest man in the whole wide world. After all, who else kept Danny safe; played him wonderful old records and showed him beautiful old films; created a beautiful world inside their loving home, just for the two of them? And who else kept Danny protected from all of the terrifying monsters that stalked the earth outside?


DANNY - 18

Danny has grown up in a a very complicated bubble.  He's been locked in the house since he was a baby - only ever seeing glimpses of the sunshine.  His references are black and white movies and old records.  The only other person he's ever met is his dad.  Danny needs to be 'other' he has to be a lost soul and a threat all at the same time.  He's confused, he's frightened but he also wants revenge.  We don’t know what he’s capable of, he has focus and only comes across as odd because he has no current cultural references, and has not socialised - yet he has a confidence that would come from complete lack of interacting with the world around him. Enjoy the humour and wide eyed joy of this character. 

AARON - 18

Aaron is Danny's cousin.  He's an unhappy overweight teen -  He's incredibly unhappy with himself but covers that with a very thin layer of big talk and misogyny that everyone can see through.   When Danny comes to live with his fractured family we realise that Aaron is incredibly lonely.  A wall of social media and porn sites separates him from his feelings and forming proper relationships and he's desperate to be included.  Danny almost gives Aaron a purpose - something to push against and or pull with.  We start to see that actually he's an incredibly caring young man who just hasnt found his place yet. Needs to have some comedy about them, we need to like quite an (apparently) appalling human being here.  Aaron’s bravado and misogyny is a well oiled protection mechanism to hide his insecurities. 


Please send a self-tape, clearly labelled as below, and upload to this link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/W6WaCLCSEO5KWEJPS1NN


Please tape the scene attached and read either Danny or Aaron  (whichever you feel more suited to). Please note this script contains strong language and sexual references. 

Labelling: Please label the tape with ROLE NAME Your Name. E.g. AARON Joe Bloggs 

What to include: A brief ident with your Name, Age, Location, and stating that you're part of NYT, your reading of the script.  

Accent: Own

Deadline: Monday 12th April

Confidentiality: Please keep material strictly confidential and do not share this to anyone outside of NYT.

Production dates:

21 June - 19 Sept for filming


Production location: Wales, United Kingdom

Director: Alex Winckler

Producer: Gavin O'Grady

Contract type: Equity - Above Minimum

Production company: Clerkenwell for C4

March 2021

Short Film Casting

FISH & CHIPS a short film by NYT Alumni.

Casting for ONE FEMALE, and ONE MALE. 

FEMALE - (Late Twenties/Early Thirties).

Any Ethnicity. 

MALE - (Early Twenties/Late Teens).

Preferably BAME. 

To be filmed in North London, One Afternoon/Evening. 

Please Contact aj.savva@hotmail.co.uk

Unfortunately unpaid, but can look to pay expenses. 

All material will be provided post Festival/Distribution run. 

All you need to apply for the roles above, is sent a headshot, small bio about yourself and where you are based. 

Venetian Women 



Celia Willis is a London artist making films and theatre. She also produces for others - from theatre to advertising campaigns. She trained at Camberwell College of Arts, University of Brighton & The Royal College of Art and was an Artsadmin early career bursary recipient. She works with performers both professional and street cast, improvisation as much as scripts, and her work blends real life with the wildly imaginary.

Her most recent film ‘MAGICLAND’ launched in 2019 for Channel 4’s Random Acts series, and has been playing at worldwide film festivals.

Two more short films ‘VENETIAN MEN’ and ‘BOYS’, a film collaboration with The PappyShow theatre company, are in development (2021).

WEBSITE:  www.celiawillis.co.uk



“This story couldn’t happen now. It is the story of the freedom given to teen hood before the internet. A time before mobiles, instagram and everything else.“

On the cusp of growing up, two teenage girls leave South London and head to Venice in search of the perfect man.‘Venetian Men’ is a love letter to teenage girls, road trips, the 1990s and the under rated power of 15 years old. 


SHOOTING DATES: One day shoot. 1st or 2nd MAY 2021.


AUDITION DATES (ON ZOOM): Week commencing MONDAY APRIL 12th 2021.



Full information 

Coventry City of Culture 

Friday Night - Short Film Casting

Sent by Shakyra Dowling | Closing date 5pm 28/03/2021

Casting from self tapes in the first instance. To apply email me@shakyradowlingcasting.com by 28th March with a recent headshot. 

A group of disabled friends: Anthony, Julian and Faisal, who live on a council estate in London, are tired of being bullied and under-estimated by Anthony's older brother, Steelo, who is a drug-dealer.  They see their deaf friend, Sarah, dealing drugs, and decide to band together and prove to Steelo that they can do what he does better than he can. They succeed but ultimately find that the game is something you can never get out of or turn back from. 

Casting director: Shakyra Dowling

Casting location: self tapes then zoom, United Kingdom

Production dates: 5th-7th May 2021

Production location: London, United Kingdom

Contract type: Non-union - Commercially Financed

ANTHONY: (18-25) An intense, strong, honest guy. 


Height: Any height

Gender: Male

Appearance: Any appearance

Contract info: £250 p/d

FAISAL: (18-25) wired with energy, hilarious, always seems like he's on cocaine.
Would be great if the actor who can use sign language.


Height: Any height

Gender: Male

Appearance: Any appearance

Contract info: £250 p/d

SARAH: (18-25) blunt, intelligent, practical, but with a fun and mischievous side. 

Wheelchair user. Communicates through sign language 

Height: Any height

Gender: Female

Appearance: Any appearance

Contract info: £125 p/d (half day)

JULIAN: (18-25) slightly more mellow and chilled but fun, smart and mischievous. 


Height: Any height

Gender: Male

Appearance: Any appearance

Contract info: £250 p/d

Murder Island Call Out 

Casting Opportunity – West End theatre show

I am looking for a young looking white disabled actress (playing age 14/15) who is over licencing age for a major West End show. This is a good and challenging role for the right actress.

It might be someone who has a physical impairment or facial difference. It might be someone who is a wheelchair user, but not exclusively. Or someone who has difficulty with motor skills, but is still able to move well and dance.  It might be someone who is hard of hearing.

The show is in development at the moment and I’m interested in hearing from anyone who thinks they might be right for the role.  I’m interested in hearing from anyone who has a background in dance, sport and music, as well as acting.

The incredible creative team have lots of experience with working on plays and films all over the world.  I am the Casting Director on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (West End) and work extensively in London and New York theatre.

We will ensure the audition and rehearsal process is accessible so please let us know what your access requirements are.

If you are interested in auditioning for this opportunity please email me at Julia@horancasting.com.


We are currently casting a new film titled THE YORK WITCHES' SOCIETY, produced by Philippe Martinez and to be directed by Liza Bolton, shooting in the UK from the 10th May to 29th May 2021.

We are looking to cast 3 roles - EMILY, KRISTEN and CHARLOTTE, who are all university students, aged 19-25 years. 

If anyone at NYT is interested in auditioning, we'd love to see self-tapes. We are open to suggestions of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Information/requirements below:

Please choose 2 scenes to tape for the character you are auditioning for (EMILY/KRISTEN/CHARLOTTE). 

Any accent. Please email  office@zimmermanncasting.com for script and to subit your self tape.

Deadline: Tuesday 23rd March.

February 2021

US TV Series Casting 

Casting Director currently searching for a young actor for a major guest starring role with series regular options in a US TV series, shooting in Canada.

This is to play late teens/early 20s (ideally the actor should be 18yrs or over but may consider 17yrs.) The character is mixed race (black/caucasian) and is brash, fun, athletic, overconfident but a good kid at heart and needs to have an excellent general American accent.

All performers must have a valid passport for travel with an expiration date that should be at least six months out from shoot dates. 

Outside Dates/: o/a 21/4/21 - 3/5/21, with travel to Canada TBD for quarantine, hair, makeup and wardrobe. Actors need to be available for the entire spread and beyond (end of May) along with series regular options starting in Season 8.

Please send photos urgently to kinnearcast@virginmedia.com with contact details should you fit the brief. Thank you.


Seeking a male actor who has autism and looks between the ages of 15-21 years old.

Based anywhere in the UK and have any accent.

For a feature film shooting Summer ’21 in the UK.

This is a paid opportunity.

No previous professional acting experience necessary.

Isabella Odoffin Casting encourage applicants who are autistic/neurodiverse

From any background, particularly those from an ethnic minority background. We are especially interested in applicants who can play a musical instrument.

If interested please email office@isabellaodoffin.com with:

  • SHORT INTRO VIDEO (max 2 mins) telling us a bit about yourself and your hobbies:

We welcome any questions when applying, and are working closely with an established UK autism charity.

If you are under 18, please ensure your parent/guardian/personal assistant gets in contact on your behalf. 

Deadline: Sunday 11th April 2021

Find the Light - Casting

'Find the Light' is a short film, written and directed by Abdullah Khan. It explores the alarming rates of suicide in young, south-Asian men. We follow Zak as he lives his teenage years with pressures from his family as well as school.

Zak. South Asian, Dark Haired, Slim Figured. 

Zak is a young Pakistani boy, who is neglected and ostracized in contemporary British society. He is all alone in the world, always feeling like an outsider. During a self-destructive moment within the story, Zak reflects on his life and finds his inner strength. Looking for a sensitive actor with a great range, capable of playing the character at 14 and 18. 

Note: Actor must be over 16 years of age and should be able to swim adequately underwater. 

Please submit interest to casting director, Sydney Aldridge.


Please tell me a little bit about your heritage and include a recent photo.

This short film is paid at £100 per day. Predicted 3 days filming betwen 1st - 5th April 2021.

Deadline: Monday 1st March

Trapping O.T

We are looking for a young man of African / Caribbean descent or dual heritage with a playing age of 15 - 16 years old from a middle-class or upper middle-class background, to play the role of LEO in a new indie feature film written by multi-award winning BAFTA and Grammy nominated writer and director Penny Woolcock and actor Dylan Duffus (One Day, The Intent).

'Trapping O.T' is being produced by award-winning actors and filmmakers, Femi Oyeniran and Nicky 'Slimting' Walker (Kidulthood, The Intent 1 & 2, Against All Odds). We are filming in Margate, Kent from 22nd March - 11th April 2021. Accommodation and transport is arranged, and paid £150 per day (Favoured Nation agreement). 

This is a great opportunity for a young aspiring actor to get a break. Acting experience is ideal but it is more about finding the right person. We require self-tapes asap. Please email sana.streetcasting@gmail.com with your name, photo and DOB in order to be sent audition sides, which we will request a self-tape for ASAP.

Links to examples of previous work:

'Tina Goes Shopping

'The Intent'

Ghosted - Play 

A Promenade Play by James McDermott

We are looking for East Anglian actors who have excellent Norfolk accents. Playing ages for all roles are 18 with the exception of the character of Flo who has a playing age of 16.

The action in this play unfolds along a Norfolk seaside promenade. The promenades will be in Sheringham and Great Yarmouth. This is the first play in a series of plays that tell a large serialised story. It is the pilot episode for the potential series from an original idea by James McDermott and Marcus Romer.

Full information

Submissions by: 18th February

Casting via Zoom w/c: 22nd February

Rehearsals from: 1st March (via zoom)

Performances: from April (Times tbc dependent on national guidance)        

January 2021 

Sonia Allen Casting


The BA Performance Design and Practice degree course at Central Saint Martins UAL is looking for 10 performers to collaborate with their students on a collaborative project.

Co-Lab 1 is a 5-week project set in an online laboratory format which seeks to challenge the boundaries between theatre, performance art and spatial practices. In a series of collaborative sessions, you will work with P:DP students to explore performance practice through experimental devising and collaboration and experiment with new ideas, processes, and approaches.

We are looking for interdisciplinary performers aged 18-25 with multiple skills i.e dance and performance, acting and singing, writing and devising etc or any other combination!


Monday 8th - Wednesday 10th and Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th February 2021. 

10.00 – 17.00 each day – Online 

You must be available for all six days.


To apply, please send a link to a 1minute video to Kane Husbands k.husbands@csm.arts.ac.uk explaining why you would like to participate and demonstrating your skill set.

Deadline: 10am on Monday 1st February 2021 - we will let you know either way by Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Heartstopper | TV Series


Shooting near London from Spring 2021

The Daniel Edwards CDG Team is proud to be casting the Heartstopper TV series based on writer & illustrator Alice Oseman’s iconic graphic novels & web comics of the same name. The series will be directed by Euros Lyn.

Heartstopper is an uplifting & life-affirming LGBTQIA+ look at life for the current generation of young teens. An ensemble cast of characters, made up of gay, lesbian, bi, and trans kids with their straight friends. 

Full information 

Red Gun HBO Series 

KRJ Casting Ltd are currently casting some roles for a new HBO TV series - Red Gun. 

Production Details

Prep dates: 17 weeks from 23rd November 2020

Overall filming dates:  6th April 2021 – approx. March 2022

Filming location:  Leavesden, UK and Spain


  • 'TA' - male, blue eyes, good-looking, angular features, 14-20 playing age, RP accent. Aquiline features. Tall, somewhat stocky, but good-looking young man with a habitual slouch and an air of either indolence or indifference. Some scenes of sexual content. 
  • 'CA' - male, blue eyes, athletic, angular features, 12-14 playing age, RP accent. Aquiline features. Serious, lithe and athletic with a fiery internal drive. Lives under the shadow of a stocky and arrogant elder brother who mocks him. He’s sullen and contemptuous. 
  • 'YH' - female, blue eyes, 13-16 playing age, RP accent. Curious and intellectual, she would rather chart the journey of a bug across her bedchamber than ride a dragon. Not a whimsical child. She lives in her own detached world, often seeming vacant or confused.
  • 'CJ' - male, dark hair, stocky, 10-12 playing age, RP accent - He is good natured, with a strong sense of duty and family allegiance. He is a determined and capable fighter.
  •  'LS' - male, dark hair, stocky, 8-10 playing age, RP accent - A sweet boy who struggles to keep up with his older brother and uncles. Not as fearless as he pretends to be. He doesn’t like attention and is dreading the day he will inherit a title.

Additional Details: TA, CA and YH are siblings, CJ and LS are siblings. The male roles are all very physical. YH is quite intellectual and vacant. 

Follow the link to submit your details. Please only submit if you fit the brief. 

Creative Listening | Educational Films 

Creative Listening is looking for 45 young actors, over child licensing age of 16/17 (playing age range 13-18 years old) to be part of a video series that aims to teach young people English. The videos are part of a worldwide educational course for Oxford University Press and will entail both YouTube style vlogs and short sitcom style dramas.

The filming will take place across several periods in 2021, with the first shoot dates in February and March and completing in June. Flexible availability over this period for up to four days is essential.

Full details

Deadline: 12 January 

December 2020

November 2020

TV Casting 

Street Cast - TV Commercial

October 2020

Short Film - Eastside x BFI Academy 

Are you looking to act in a film? Free on Sat 14th Nov? Well Eastside are currently casting for a london based, female actor for a role in a short fictional film as part of the BFI film Academy.

We are looking for a female actor aged 17-22 of South Asian descent for a role in a student short film. The character is British and has just finished her A levels.
Due to the government guidelines this film will be filmed in the actresses own bedroom and be filmed via zoom on Saturday 14th Nov 9am - 6pm.

Props will be sent to your house and you will be directed by a small crew of people led by a professional mentor.

So how do I get involved?

  • Read the attached synopsis & Character bio
  • Record yourself reading the attached script extract
  • Email this script extract to maisie@eastside.org.uk by latest 10am on Monday 9th Nov.

We will be in touch if you are selected, at which point you would need to read the 5 page script and learn your lines in preparation for filming on Sat 14th Nov. We will also need written or verbal permission from an adult if aged under 19.

Key dates: 

  • Zoom Discussion with Director: Evening of 11/12th Nov  
  • Shooting Day: Nov 14, 2020 9:00-18:00

Any Questions please email maisie@eastside.org.uk

Heather Basten Casting

Heather Basten Casting is currently looking for a Nigerian actress, play age 20s for a new short film project. 

Submit to a headshot to casting@heatherbasten.com asap to apply 

Comedy Sketch Casting

Exciting new online comedy sketch series Takin L’s begins shooting November 27-29th 2020 and we are looking for two London based young and talented actors to really bring our opening sketch Hadouken to life.

Full info

TV Drama 

From Nikki Meadows

We're starting casting on a new TV drama, shoots early 2021 and would love to hear from UK based Arabic speaking actors of all ethnicities for a number of roles across ages

Please email only if on brief for this to casting@nikkimeadowscasting.com REF: OR2030 

White Bird Casting 

Holocaust Learning UK 

Holocaust Learning UK is a charity that educates teenagers about the Holocaust. It aims not only to teach the history but to help address the evils of religious and racial discrimination, in particular anti-semitism, today. Our film will help the charity in these aims.

As well as  archive material and an interview with a real survivor of the Holocaust, verbatim testimony of other witnesses to the genocide will be spoken by a number of young actors. The actors will speak directly to camera. (An autocue will be available.) There will also be a sequence in which each member of the cast lights a candle in remembrance of all those who died.

We are looking for BLACK and ASIAN MALE actors between the ages of 14 and 17. Although they will be speaking the lines of Jewish teenagers during WW2, we want to recruit a cast that is ethnically very diverse.

Filming will take place on October 29th at a studio in central London under the social distancing protocols. You will be required for about half a day. We hope the experience of working with a director in a film studio will prove valuable and we will also send you clips that you can put on your showreel.  There will be a nominal fee of £50 plus £5 travelling expenses. 

If you are interested, please email a recent clip/photo to Suzanne Friend at suzanne@tapestrypictures.com   

There will be Zoom castings on Wednesday and Thursday THIS WEEK.

TV Casting  

Source: Casting Pictures LTD

“STAY CLOSE - Casting for the role of KAYLEIGH. Please note due to licensing regs all applicants must have finished their GCSE year. 

We are searching for a young actress (16 - 20yrs) to play the leading role of KAYLEIGH in STAY CLOSE, an 8 part TV Series for Red / Netflix. The series will shoot next year from January until August 2021. If you would like to be considered please send your name, photo, age and Acting CV to: office@castingpictures.net

KAYLEIGH: Playing age of 15/16yrs, Appearance; Black or Mixed Race. 

Eldest child of Megan (lead role) and Dave. Fabulous break out role with great storylines throughout the series.
Kayleigh is pushing back against her parents & suburban life. She’s brave, smart and very astute – doesn’t miss a beat. Classic teenage rebellion with a decent dose of sarcasm thrown in to boot. Constantly tests the boundaries, especially with her mum. Underneath it she has a good heart and she will come to see that she has taken her loving and stable family for granted. Over the course of the series she will be forced to confront some dark secrets and experience a coming of age.”

Deadline: 19 October 2020 

Rappamuffin – Educational Theatre Programme - GREACH! Creative Outreach Company

Rappamuffin: Educational Theatre Programme produced by new arts and culture organisation, GREACH! Creative Outreach Company and originally written by Prof. Benjamin Zephaniah; compromises of a 30-minute Theatre-in-Education play and 45-minute post-show workshop aimed for year 9.  Rappamuffin is a play that was to be performed in London secondary school's during Britain's Black History Month - October 2020. However, due to the current events and effects of COVID-19, we have postponed performance week, to week commencing 30th November. It is a play that explores; music, home, migration, identity and self-image. The play is inspired by the Windrush generation and the stories, lives and impact that they had on the London Borough of Brent. Prof. Benjamin Zephaniah has used local Brent oral history interviews as inspiration to write this new educational play around migration and those that settled and worked in Brent, the role music played particularly reggae and how this relates to young people today through sub-genre of reggae such as hip-hop, drill and grime music.

We are still casting and would be happy to open up the call to actors (18+) within the NYT network.  


Lead role - Aisha - playing age 14 - young British-Caribbean teenage girl loves modern day music including drill and grime. She believes her parents are stuck in the past and it is her duty to inform on all things new and trending. Aisha has a high number of social media following and is considered an influencer. (Young adult actor to play schoolgirl age) 

Main role - Grandma - Jamaican elderly lady whom is a retired NHS nurse, a part of the Windrush Generation. Grandma and Aisha have a close relationship. A bubbly and comical character.  (Young adult actor to play older) 

Main role - Marcia/Mother - Jamaican-British born, educated, somewhat strict and sophisticated mother, but heavily maternal. (Young adult actor to play older) 

Main role - Rory/Father- Jamaican-British born. Heavily influenced by Caribbean culture. A love for music particularly reggae, and was a DJ a part of the Soundsystem generation. He is stuck in his ways and quite stubborn. (Young adult actor to play older). 

All casted actors would be paid a blanket fee to be discussed with the Producer upon signing of contract.

Actors should not have a Criminal History and would be DBS checked if successful. 

How to submit-

Please submit a video to: greach.info@gmail.com. Subject line as "Rappamuffin Casting - (with your preferred role)". The video of yourself must include your name, age, your preferred role and a short statement on what makes you believe you are suitable for the role and what had drawn you to apply. 

Successful candidates would be called-back for a virtual read through. 

Deadline 10am Monday 19th October 2020. 

If you have any further queries please contact us at greach.info@gmail.com


House Party - Short Film Casting

Casting detail - various roles: Ethnicity - Horn of Africa. Desired Accent: RP/East African, Scottish (if possible, will accept other suggestions). Production Dates: Scheduled to shoot from November 18-23, 2020. Please find role breakdowns and additional information here.

Synopsis: House Party is the story of Aisha, a circumcised woman, who on the realisation that her twin sister Fatima's birthday party is a cover for the circumcision ceremony of her niece Sukeina, finds the courage to break the vicious cycle even if it means breaking their bond forever. Details: Casting Director: Elisa Musson. Filming Location: Glasgow or Edinburgh [TBC].

This is a low-budget indie short film financed by BFI Network, Short Circuit Screen Scotland Sharp Shorts program. All actors will be supported with the additional expenses of accommodation, travel expenses, and food. Additionally all actors will be provided with a Covid-19 supervisor under the new laws of production.

To apply and for more information on how to apply please contact: Elisa Musson, musson.elisa@gmail.com

Deadline: 16th of October

Barrel Organ Casting 

Barrel Organ's 'Tess Young Company' - along with English Touring Theatre, we are developing an adaptation of 'Tess of the D'urbervilles' for touring in 2021 (again, we hope!), and we are recruiting a company of 10-12 young people (between the ages of 16-22) from all over the UK to work with us over the next few months R&Ding the ideas for this show.

This opportunity is paid, has mentoring and the opportunity to develop their own piece as a 'Barrel Organ Young Company' built into it, and the deadline for this is Friday 9th October.

It's worth highlighting that this project is very much *not* an academic one - prior knowledge of the book is in no way required (infact it's actively discouraged!), we just want to reach brilliant young people from all over the UK to make this genuinely national young R&D company, which we think could be the beginning of something really exciting.

Full information 

Exciting opportunity to help make history with English Heritage

  •  Do you want to help promote young people’s voices on a national project?
  • And add another amazing performance to your portfolio?

Shout Out Loud is an English Heritage youth engagement programme and we’re looking for young people to perform poetry written about London’s Cenotaph.

Through a series of workshops with spoken word artist Stephanie Ampofo, a group of young people from METRO Charity explored how we commemorate those who have died in conflict and what the Cenotaph means to us today. They created a series of poems which put their voices at the heart of storytelling and history.

We are looking for talented voice performers to help us amplify those voices for more to hear!

By recording your audio remotely, we’d like vibrant performances to help bring to life words written by some of the most marginalised young people. These recordings will be promoted across our social media channels for Remembrance Day.

If you’d love the opportunity to help make history please get in touch ASAP with Francesca – Youth Participation Officer for Shout Out Loud: francesca.taylor@english-heritage.org.uk

You can find out more about the Cenotaph project on our website - https://www.shoutoutloud.org.uk/project/the-cenotaph-project/

This is not a paid opportunity 

September 2020

Holocaust Learning UK - Film casting

Holocaust Learning UK is a charity that educates teenagers about the Holocaust. It aims not only to teach the history but to help address the evils of religious and racial discrimination, in particular anti-semitism, today. Our film will help the charity in these aims. As well as  archive material and an interview with a real survivor of the Holocaust, verbatim testimony of other witnesses to the genocide will be spoken by a number of young actors. The actors will speak directly to camera. (An autocue will be available.) There will also be a sequence in which each member of the cast lights a candle in remembrance of all those who died.


We are looking for actors between the ages of 14 and 17. Although they will be speaking the lines of Jewish teenagers during WW2, we want to recruit a cast that is ethnically very diverse. (The subtext is that it was just ordinary people, like the rest of us, who were murdered. Another point is that the Holocaust was motivated by racial hate. We want the audience to relate this to modern examples of discrimination, hate crime and genocide.)

Filming will take place on October 29th at a studio in central London under the social distancing protocols. You will be required for about half a day. We hope the experience of working with a director in a film studio will prove valuable and we will also send you clips that you can put on your showreel.  There will be a nominal fee of £50 plus £5 travelling expenses. 

Ideally we would like your submission to be a short video clip - phone footage is fine - of yourself reciting a piece to camera. Another clip of you talking about yourself would also be great. If you aren’t able to film yourself, a recent photo and resumé would still be worth submitting.

Please send your submissions to richard@tapestrypictures.com  . If you need any further information, please contact Suzanne Friend at suzanne@tapestrypictures.com . 

Deadline for submissions: Saturday 10th October.

Comedy Competition - Mandy 

Mandy’s all new  Comedy Competition now open for submissions! This is the perfect platform for performers to showcase their comedic talents to our 2.9 million users and a global community. You could win one year of Premium Mandy membership and a one-on-one session with a casting director in or near your local area! Click the hyperlink above to find out more.

Clean Break - Short Film

After 2 national tours of their acclaimed production Sweatbox, Clean Break are producing a short film of the play. Written by Chloë Moss and starting Clean Break’s Members, the film will be used in universities for students studying theatre and criminology as well as in film festivals across the UK. The roles are of 2 sisters who’s mum has been given a prison sentence. It is a non speaking role / flash back scene from the mother’s perspective. Filming will take place on the 2 - 3 October, the commitment will be for half a day of filming. 

-Character Briefs-

We’re looking for 2 Black women, playing age 14-19 to play sisters. Expenses only.

If interested please send a head shot and CV to maya.ellis@cleanbreak.org.uk

Deadline: Friday 25 September 

Short Film Casting Call 

Milk First - Lettie

Character: Lettie
Playing age: early-mid teens  
Any gender identity
Voluntary role 
1 month commitment (October 2020)

Milk Cast are looking for a physically disabled and/or neurodiverse actor to embody the role of Lettie (character name subject to change based on casting).

Lettie lives at home with her/his Mum, and has a strong relationship with their older sister, Edie. She/he is caring, cheeky, and the glue holding the family together.

When Edie’s Mum has to go to Scotland to look after her nieces and nephews, Edie decides to return home to Cornwall to care for her younger sibling Lettie. As Edie and Lettie reconcile a past trauma, both find ways to process and heal. Conceived and written by Alice Roberts, directed by Nell Bailey, Milk First is a mini web series that explores family relationships, disability, and collective healing.

2-3 weekly rehearsals and filmed on Zoom, Milk First will be a limited web series showcased on a number of multimedia platforms. 

To apply: please send a CV and headshot to nellrosebailey@gmail.com along with a 30 second introduction video. 

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday 21st September 2020 

Singer Role 

We're looking for a confident, young (12-19 year old) Black male singer/performer who can deliver a powerful song of hope.

(We will also consider Black females & Black non-binary people for this role)
They must be happy to sing in front of a large audience.

Must be based in the UK.

Paid Opportunity.

Please email lucypeopleridley@gmail.com for further details if interested.

Ginger Nut 

Conceived and written by Eoin McKenna, directed and produced by Eleni Sfetsiori, Gingernut is a deep-dive into the human experience. It examines the notion of being alive. A love letter to one’s self and a caring image of a carefully chosen social bubble of misfits. It is a journey into self-acceptance mixed with perfume, biscuits, music and loads of mistakes.  

  • Genre: Dramedy
  • Format: Fiction Podcast/Audio Drama
  • Recording location: Remote - you must have a good quality microphone. 
  • Compensation - Unpaid (We are trying to secure funding in order for that to change)
  • Contact: gingernut.podcast@gmail.com
  • Deadline for auditions: 10/09/2020

All auditions are to be submitted on gingernut.podcast@gmail.com no later than September 10, 2020. Follow up emails will be sent within a week of the audition closing. If chosen, a script will be provided prior to each recording iosession. All recordings will be done remotely. You can send us up to 3 takes of the sides of the character you are auditioning for and you can audition for more than one character. In your submission email please send a short bio detailing your previous experience and your interest in the project as well as a voice reel, if you have it, along with your audition. 

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.

Character Breakdown & Sides 

Glen - male/20-25 years old/ confident and self assured but not cocky. Accent: RP

“You'd be surprised how often he's mistaken for the help.”, “Look I support you, you know I do. But you're just too good to be spraying perfume in a shop.”

Bella - female/25-30 years old/ Slightly older than the rest of the group, she’s comfortable with who she is and exudes confidence. Effortlessly cool. Accent: RP

“Oh yeah. I bloody hate retail, all of those people and you have to be nice to them, I just couldn't do it. What were your colleagues like?”, “Oh don’t worry about it, Russian model, doesn’t speak a word of English, do you sweetie?”

Jessica - female/25-30 years old/Bossy and painfully honest with a cut-throat personality.

“Oh, we’re not still pretending to be straight are we?”

“Oh that’s nice, very brave of you. A career with so much rejection. I couldn’t do it.”

Lou - male/female/non binary-/25-30 years old. The quietly confident member of the group, very assured and comfortable in themselves. An eccentric personality and thoughts are often scattered. Accent: RP

“How the bloody hell are you? Is that a cigarette? I’m gagging for fag, can I?”

Reberrah - female/ in her 40s. Confident, bubbly and flamboyant. Accent: Essex

“And I love a cheeky trip to Greggs, don't mean I should become a pastry chef though does it?”, “Oh stop it. Now for the formalities, did you bring your passport?”

Mum - female/ 40-50 years old. Accent: Irish

“Well I'm just having the worst day,I've got a meeting with Roy to discuss his gross incompetence and oh, did I tell you he smells?”

August 2020

Mind Matters - Casting

My Mind Matters is a verbatim film about the experiences of young people’s mental health during lockdown. The film will be interwoven with spoken word and music, and will be available on a platform such as Vimeo as well as our website. Using the technique of verbatim, or ‘recorded delivery’, the film is based on interviews with young people. These have been edited into an audio script that the performers listen to through headphones during filming to recreate the original interviews. Performers won’t learn the lines in order to remain accurate to the original recordings and recreate every cough, sputter and hesitation from the original interviews.

For more information head here.

Application form

Deadline: 7th September 2020

BORN TO FAIL - Short Film

BORN TO FAIL is an exciting new Short Film project, to be filmed as a proof of concept for a feature film. We are especially looking for young BAME actors with musical and particularly rapping skills, and will likely seek the actor’s input into the lyrics.

The feature follows two underprivileged music students from Streatham who aspire to be rappers. They reluctantly enter and win a school competition to attend an opera premiere and find themselves clashing with London's wealthy elite. The scene in question is from the first half of the film, as they write lyrics and practice freestyle rap in an empty classroom.

Character Briefs:

DAMIEN (Male, 16-18) - Any ethnicity - London Accent and must be London based.

Must be over 16 and have finished their GCSEs.

A high achieving student from a struggling one parent family. Passionate about rap and grime but struggles over whether to pursue this or a less risky path. He is cocky, cheeky, rash and very much the front man.

The ability to rap and sing is essential for this role.

JAMES (Male, 16-18) - Any ethnicity - London Accent and must be London based.

Must be over 16 and have finished their GCSEs.

The 'writer' in the duo. He's quiet, thoughtful and obsesses over lyrics and musical production. Lives in a care home and agonizes over how he is going to escape it. The brains of the operation while Damien performs and takes the glory.

Musical ability is an advantage, particularly rapping/singing.

How/What to submit:

Please email ceri.bedingfield@gmail.com titled BORN TO FAIL / “Your Name”

In the body of the email please include your name, location and any relavant links to your showreel or rapping/musical skills & Spotlight link if you have one.

Please include if you have an agent.

Please contact Ceri for more information: ceri.bedingfield@gmail.com

Deadline: Thursday 3rd September 2020

Short Film Casting | Geordie/North East Accent 

Nicola Chisholm Casting is currently looking for a young male aged 14-16 for a short film called ’Stable’. The film is directed by David Leon (best known for his film ‘Orthodox’ starring Stephen Graham and his short film ‘Man and Boy’ starring Eddie Marsan). The film is being produced by Dan Keefe of Black Sheep Studios. Provisional shoot dates are 5 days between 19 October and 8 November in Northumberland and North Yorkshire.

’Stable’ is a coming of age story about the emotional tug of war experienced by a young man, Conor, from an economically deprived part of post-industrial North East England as he attempts to become a professional Jockey.

Character Description for Terri:

Age range 12-16. Can be male or female. Younger brother/sister of Conor. Part of a group of 6 children who are mainly cared for by their elder brother Conor, and who are under threat of being taken away by social services. A charming and mouthy delinquent runaway who is also vulnerable and impressionable. Some sensitive content - swearing, smoking. Geordie/North East accent.

To apply, please send an email to nicolachisholm@hotmail.com for consideration. Please detail your age, your general location and what your natural accent is. Please also include a recent photograph. The deadline for submissions would be Monday 7 September. Please email Nicola on nicolachisholm@hotmail.com with any further questions.

Total Insight Theatre 

Fully Focused 

Fully Focused are looking for the freshest, funniest acting talent for their new scripted BBC3 comedy. 

Please disregard deadline date in images, apply asap to casting@fullyfocusedproductions.com.

The Casting Director is primarily looking to hear from applicants for Role 1. 


Performance Actors Agency - Open for submission

Since it was founded in 1984, Performance Actors Agency has established an outstanding reputation for providing experienced professional actors to the entertainment industry. Run by actors, for actors, PAA is recognised by directors, casting directors and producers alike, as one of the premier league agencies of its kind.

For more information please head here


NYT members Rachel Oyawale and Alexander Da Fonseca are responsible for co-curating Go Long. Each instalment of Go Long is made from submissions responding to an open brief. Some of these will be directed and filmed on location, and made available together online as part of a free (ticketed) event.   
If you're based in Bristol or the South-West and are interested in getting involved please e-mail  golongsubmissions@gmail.com with a CV, headshot, and (if possible) clip of you performing something. Put 'ACTOR / [and then your name here]' in the subject line.

Please note this call-out is separate to our writer's call-out below; once you submit yourself you'll be considered for every instalment. 


"Boys Where I Live"

NYT members Rachel Oyawale and Alexander Da Fonseca are responsible for co-curating Go Long's first entry: "Boys Where I Live".

Any two-to-three minute piece (play, speech, poem, rap etc.) for one voice responding to the title as it relates to you. 

This opportunity is aimed at female, trans-femme and/or non-binary identifying writers. Please only apply if you feel one or more of those labels describe you. 

Send submissions to:  golongsubmissions@gmail.com  with your name in the subject line.

 Please send files as a PDF. We cannot accept already-filmed submissions or excerpts from larger pieces.

Deadline for Writing opportunity: 15 August 2020

July 2020

Birds and Bees Casting | Theatre Centre 

Full information & Character Profiles: https://www.theatre-centre.co.uk/whats-happening/opportunities/ 

We are holding open casting for our film production of Birds and Bees by award winning writer Charlotte Josephine. If you are interested in auditioning, please make sure you read all the information below carefully.  

You must be 18+; we are looking for performers who are 18-21 or who can convincingly play a 16-year-old. Please download the character pack for more details on specific casting for each character. 

All you need to do is download the character pack you want to audition for, complete a self-tape of the extract in the pack and submit it through our link below. If you’ve never made a self-tape before or just want some tips check out some useful links below:

Your Guide to The Perfect Self Tape
How to Self Tape

You will need to complete our submission form before you can upload your self-tape, when you do, make sure the file title includes your full name and the character you are auditioning for:
Example ‘Name Surname – Aarron.’  




• Online Auditions (Via Zoom): 19th, 20th, 24th and 25th August

• Rehearsals in London: Monday 7th September – Thursday 1st October

• Filming: Saturday 3rd October – Sunday 4th October

• Workshop weeks: November – Dates TBC

£496 per week (£1,488 total for whole engagement). 

‘Birds and Bees’ will be a high-quality film made available to schools from November. As a performer you will not only be contracted for rehearsing and performing in the film, but also for facilitating workshops online to various school groups across the country. 

The film, by award-winning writer Charlotte Josephine, fuses spoken word, a specially commissioned soundtrack and explores the complicated nature of teenage relationships. Read more here. 

If you have any questions or access needs please contact niamh@theatre-centre.co.uk

June 2020

External Casting Opportunity with NFTS

RUNT Theatre - Casting Call out from NYT Member Hebe Bartlett 

CBBC Got What It Takes - Call out 

Calling all budding popstars aged 11 – 14 years old...AND their mums*


To apply for the 6th series of CBBC Got What It Takes, visit the CBBC website and click on ‘Join In’
Visit the website here

DEADLINE for applications is 8pm on MON 6th JULY 2020 so if you are interested please apply ASAP

You must have permission from your parent or legal guardian to apply

*a female relative, carer or family friend may apply with a child where appropriate
Children must be at least 11 years old and under 15 years old on 1st September 2020

Black Dog Films - End Youth Homlessness Campaign Video

Black Dog Films are currently working on a video campaign for the charity End Youth Homelessness (EYH) and are looking for young voice actors. 

The creative for this film will be a digitally generated face that is made up of 100,000 dots, with each dot representing a real young person who is currently homeless in the UK. The film will zoom in and out on the individual dots, and the viewer will hear real life anecdotes from young people who are homeless about their situation and how End Youth Homelessness can help. 

We are looking to work with young voice actors, 16 - 18 years of age, who can deliver different regional accents. This would be something they would be able to record remotely and send in. 

This oppertunity is unpaid.

If interested please email - Harry@blackdogfilms.co.uk

Deadline: 29th June 2020

External casting opportunity from Lara Manwaring Casting:

May 2020

Casting Call | Isabella Odoffin Casting (Blue Story) Feature Film

Casting Call | 'Britain's Got Chloe' Short Film by award-winning filmmaker 

Casting Director Hannah Williams would love for anyone with a Stoke or similar accent to get in touch - hannah@hannahmariewilliams.com - with their headshot, and anything they have they can show (reel, online profile, CV etc.) but no pressure if they don't already have. Just a picture, location, age will do! 

Please only submit if the below fits your casting.. 

ROLE: CHLOE - AGE 14 - Stoke On Trent accent

A girls girl but not particularly ‘girly’. Actually quite boisterous in her ways and totally not arsed about boys as love interests. In school she has a really close group of two other friends and her - the type that are constantly falling out but would fully stand up for each other if anyone ever crossed them. She could do really well at school, she’s got the potential to be really clever - if only she stopped talking in class. She’s learnt a lot of musical knowledge from her mum and Keith, loves a bit of Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush type vibes. She keeps her cool most of the time when it comes to the audition. 

Chloe and her family are on their way to the audition that could change their lives forever. "Chloe Gregory from Stoke” just won’t cut it any longer, Chloe can't wait to show the world her worth, they'll be eating out of the palm of her hand. Crammed into the back of her family's 9 seater feels like any ordinary day but today is different, the gravity of that hit her harder than she'd ever imagined. Will the world outside be all it's cracked up to be? Or is everything she'll ever need already bundled into this fart-smelling van?

Chloe Gregory from Stoke has finally made it to the M56, a stretch of road she's only ever been on a few times when she and her siblings - Kyle, Rachel, and James - went to visit Nan that time she had a big purple foot. But that was AGES ago. And this time, they’re going South. Chloe's got a big audition today, it's a dream come true. It would probably be easier to count the number of Britain's Got Talent episodes the Gregory family have missed rather than the amount they’ve watched. But, today is different, Chloe won't just be watching from the crowd, she'll be up on stage under the bright lights, and everyone will be watching her. Her teacher thinks Chloe should knuckle down and “stop being such a chatterbox”, her mum thinks she’s “a right character”, but Chloe is a girl who knows herself, and she knows she’s got something special. 
Cramped between her 3 siblings, with her half brother, Sam, up front between his wife, Jess, and their son Luca (grandad Keith is in the back, trying to take a nap) and mum, Sue, behind the wheel - the family of 9 have been driving for what feels like hours. As the miles count down, and the green turns to grey, will Chloe shine the way she knows she can, or is everything she'll ever need already here in the back of this smelly van?


A Central Film School graduation is casting the lead role of Isa, screen age 13 in Passengers. Shoot dates are currently looking at being 24, 25, and 26 June. 

Passengers is a film about Isa, a young Muslim boy, that must overcome the trauma of losing his older brother Khalid as his grief physically manifests itself into a shadow creature. Isa is isolated from his parents as they deal with their depression in their own ways. Isa, in his solitude, must navigate his room, home, and emotions as the Shadow reveals its true nature and intentions. A full casting breakdown can be found here.

For more information and to apply head here.

Deadline: 11th of June 2020

March 2020

Birds and Bees R&D 

Theatre Centre are looking for performers to take part in a R&D of their new show by Charlotte Josephine, Birds and Bees 

Date: Tuesday 14 April – Thursday 16 April
Location: TBC, London 
Fee: £100 per day workshop fee.  
Character Breakdown – each character can be any ethnicity, but we would like to make sure there is diversity across the four characters. 
MAISY  (16) – Passionate about young people being heard and respected by the older generations.  Isn’t that interested in sex yet, it all seems a bit scary and painful. Is horrified by what’s happened between Lucy and Jack. Aarron is her oldest friend, but he’s changed so much recently she’s not sure what’s going on. Tries to connect with Leilah but is intimidated by her sexual confidence.           
BILLY (15) – Is queer and angry that Sex Ed completely ignores LGBT issues. Is the glue that holds everyone together, the one they all ask advice from. Is passionate about consent and honest communication being taught in schools. The strongest and the coolest of them all, seemingly empowered and self-confident. Is secretly terrified they’ll never find love.      
LEILAH (16)  – She is trying to enjoy her sexuality but also feels shame about it. Is now dating Aarron, who seemed lovely but is recently acting weirdly. Is best friends with Lucy and is scared to admit that she’s secretly blaming Lucy for the sexting. 
AARRON (16) – Is dating Leilah and madly in love. He knows of her history of dating older lads and is intimated by that. Rather than speaking to Leilah about it, he tries to copy the masculinity role models he sees in popular culture, including watching porn. Is best mates with Jack and is hurt by his behaviour, scared that he’s secretly doubting Jack’s innocence. Is avoiding Maisy who’s known him the longest and somehow represents his childhood.          

Show copy:

One click and it’s gone too far, far too fast. 

As explicit photos of the school’s ‘it’ couple go viral, and real-world consequences of online life spread, so do everyone’s opinions. Leilah’s starting to wonder if her Instagram feels more like a burden than ‘living her best life’. Aarron’s learning how to be a man online and it’s starting to feel toxic. Maisy’s not that into sex, in fact she’s not interested at all thank you very much, why’s everyone always talking about it? Billy’s queer and proud to be, accepted by their friends but ignored by the education system, they’re tired of feeling invisible. 

Can these four friends break through the noise and make real change offline?

Award-winning writer Charlotte Josephine's new play fuses spoken word with live sound and explores the complicated nature of teenage relationships. 

To apply please submit a self tape using these sides. Please email the self tape to Niamh@theatre-centre.co.uk, with a headshot, and if you have it an Acting CV with the subject line NYT Birds and Bees Self Tape. 

Deadline: 16 March

February 2020

House of Shades Casting, Almeida

Laura / Lena Nowak (Female)


PLEASE JUST SEND VIDEOS AND SPOTLIGHT LINKS/CV NOT ENQUIRIES (submission details at bottom of breakdown).

Looking for a 16 /17 year old who can play 14, do Nottingham accent and has blue eyes. 
- - 
This role doubles- Laura who is Constance and Alastair's child. She is developmentally behind her peers and so at 14 feels younger. Interested in actors who are NOT slender and beautiful but unique in their own way. Must be able to convincingly play 14, but also doubles with Lena who is a young girl not from this country but from eastern Europe. It needs an actress who can appear young but also deal with heavily traumatic scenes - she's a felt presence throughout the play- but she doesn't have the largest amount of lines. 

Playing age 16 - 17

Height Any

Pay category Same as production (Above Equity Minimum)

Agreements £563.75

This is the world premiere of Beth's new play which spans 5 decades of the webster Family. It is an epic story of family, set in Nottingham from 1965 - to 2016 - and where our place in it lies.
Evocative of Philip Larkin' s poem, "This be the Verse" the play is a tightly wound exploration of what it means to be loved and love in ways that aren't healthy. And combines politics, different eras and different outlooks with that. It has astonishing roles in, with a central performance that will require an actor of the highest calibre. 

Nothing cuts into us like the family knife.

The Webster House.
1965. 1979. 1985. 1990. 2016.
Death silences no one, least of all the dead. 

Production details

Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals)
Rehearsals w/c: 6th April 2020
Fit up/ Tech w/c: 11th May 2020
1st Preview: 16th May 2020 (TBC)
Press Night: 26th May (TBC)
Last Performance: 27th June or 4th July 2020 (TBC)

Production location London, United Kingdom

Closing date 19/02/2020 : 12:00

Sent 17/02/2020

Director Blanche Mcintyre

Producer Almeida

Pay category Above Equity Minimum

Company Almeida

Casting details

Casting director Annelie Powell

Casting location Almeida Rehearsal Room Rehearsal Rooms, United Kingdom

Casting details This week / next week (w/c 6th)

Submissions should contain a link to a video, where they talk a bit about themselves and do a short monologue or poem to camera in a northern accent to powellcasting@gmail.com

Feature Film Casting 



Lara Manwaring whose previous work includes the first series of Top Boy, BAFTA award winning feature 'Ellen', and the Nicolas Cage film 'Mandy' is casting a commercial TOMORROW for a cruise company.

The money for the lead role is £25,000.

We are looking for a young girl who is over licensing age i.e. has completed their GCSES but can play 15/16 years.
NOT looking for your typical commercial look but looking for someone memorable so could be someone feisty/street wise or quirky/alternative looking/unusual.   Open to all ethnicities.  

For the person who goes on to get the role the buyout is £25,000.

The commercial dates are;

Wardrobe : 18th March
Travel : 19th March
Shoot : 21st - 25th March
Travel : 26th March
Recalls: 26th February morning

Please get in touch asap on assistant@laramanwaring.com if interested with a recent photo and your age and where based.


"We're currently in pre-production on a beautiful feature film called The Scent of Dogs: https://thescentofdogs.com/ written by BAFTA crew writer Benjamin Noble and Award winning director, Andy Taylor Smith. 

With Andy directing, we're aiming to film later this year and are currently looking to cast our lead role; Greer, a head-strong young woman in her early twenties, who becomes a paraplegic during the early stages of the film and enlists her brother to take her on one last journey. 

Our goal is to create an honest, visceral and subtly moving piece of cinema that will play well at festivals and serve as the perfect role for an actor at the beginning of their career. 


russn@hotmail.co.uk "

Please send them your spotlight as they will be asking people to self-tape. Shooting dates Sep/Oct 2020, 20 days at equity minimum.

The Dumping Ground BBC

SLICED - Series 2 

SLICED is a crisp, urban comedy for DAVE that centres on the lives, longings and loves of a gang of pizza delivery drivers. it’s about being young and not having any real opportunities. It’s about the kids who for one reason or another slipped through the net at school and who now have to hustle to get their cash game on. It’s about realising that all those dreams that you had when you were a kid aren’t going to come off and that actually if you want to make money, you’ve got to work for it. Which is kind of fine but it’s the stuff that gets in the way whilst you’re trying to make your money that’s the problem....

Back for a second series this hit is even funnier and more brilliant that series one!

Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals) 
Rehearse: 18,19,20,23,24,25,26,27,30,31 March
Read through: April 1st
Shoot: Overall April 13th for 6 weeks
Production location: South London, United Kingdom
Pay category: Equity/PACT

JENSEN - EP3 (Male)
We need a boy of 16 who plays younger. ALSO GENUINE SOUTH LONDON, JENSEN LIVES ON A PECKHAM ESTATE, HE IS REAL AND NO WAY MIDDLE CLASS. IS PLAYING BEING THE ADULT HERE BUT IS STILL CLEARLY A CHILD Jensen is a super smart. He’s just one of those kids who seemingly understands everything and is wise beyond his years. In this episode he wins all the team over with his ability to decipher the craziness of the modern world and offer his own common sensical take on it. He has that kind of zen quality without ever being new age or hippy-ish. his humility and modesty impress everyone apart from Joshua (initially) and leave people feeling inspired and motivated to change their lives. Naomi’s character describes his best when she says:

…He speaks sense. He’s like a lot of the young people these days. They’re redefining things, they’re shaking stuff up, they’re disrupting and reforming, rebuilding things we thought we knew. These kids care. They’re the future…'

Playing age: 14 - 16
Height: Any
Pay category: Same as production (Equity/PACT)
Agreements: PACT/Equity
Appearance: White

To apply please send through a recent headshot, CV if you have it, to castingassist.sallybroome@gmail.com with the subject line SLICED NYT  


My name is Leni Jaeger, I am a postgraduate Producing student on the MA Filmmaking course at Goldsmiths University of London. My Co-Producer Mila Bolouri and I are currently working on a short film for our course titled Home. It is a short family drama that aims to portray the violent impingement of the political upon the private. A young migrant family loses their home as the unseen force of the state comes to detain and deport them.

 We are looking to cast two lead actors, one of them a teenage boy:

For the role of ZAHIR: (playing age 14-16 and must be 16+ so no license required) preferably with a Middle Eastern background

We are following the Equity Student Agreement, so this is a paid job.

Leni Jaeger
MA Candidate in Filmmaking (Producing)
Goldsmiths, University of London
E-Mail: ajaeg001@gold.ac.uk



The 24 Hour Plays UK are on the look out for emerging talent from all across the UK to participate in the theatrical challenge of a lifetime!

Over the course of 24 hours, six writers, six directors, six producers and twenty-four actors from across the UK will come together to create six brand new short plays, which will be staged at the Lawrence Batley Theatre on Sunday 3 May 2020.

The deadline to apply is Friday 14 February 2020 at 6pm.

Applications are now open at: https://www.the24hrplays.co.uk/ 


The graduate film is called 'A Yellow Spirit'. It is a story about a refugee boy finding his place as he struggles to adjust to life in a new land, leading to his exploration of belonging, togetherness and hopefulness. This is a short drama film which aims to spread awareness of the emotional well-being of young refugees and the social isolation they may feel coming to a new country. This is a visual film and has a sense of simplicity and humanity to convey a refugee's emptiness and loss in place, the purpose is to explore the inner conflicts and to make them physical.  

We plan to shoot from 16th March to 20th March in London. The location will be confirmed at a later date. However, we are considering to shoot in the area of Greenwich. The actors who participate in this project will be provided food during shoot days, travel expenses and get a copy of the film.

We are hoping to get this film project out into festivals as well as being available online.

We are looking for a male lead between 18 - 27 years old.


NURU - son – 15 – lead 

East African / Refugee 

Gender: Male

Nuru arrives to the UK at the age of 15 to reunite with his mother through family visa. He left his home to escape conflict and finds it difficult to adjust to life in the UK. Nuru explores belongingness, togetherness and hopefulness and is guided by the support of his family.

Sharmin Rahman

Co-Producer of 'A Yellow Spirit'

E: s.rahman0220172@arts.ac.uk

Netflix Casting | Seeking Actors of Indian Heritage

We are looking for some young actors of Indian heritage for the roles listed below in the upcoming UNTITLED NETFLIX DRAMA SERIES, an exciting TV series, shooting late May - beginning August 2020. If you are interested and fit the below criteria, please send an email to assistant@theoparkcasting.com including the following information:

•    Name
•    Age
•    Height
•    Where you are based in the UK
•    Headshot (recent, face clearly visible, no filters, preferably on a plain background) 
•    Contact details OR parents contact details, if under 18 (phone number and email address) 

When sending in your submission, please label the subject heading in the following format: NYT / CHARACTER NAME / YOUR NAME

Please send your submission to assistant@theoparkcasting.com by Monday 17th February 2020.

Character briefs:

ARUN age 14 (Male) 
Playing age 13-16

Appearance: Indian heritage
Speaks with an American accent.
Knowledge of Hindi language helpful but not required

NITHYA age 13 (Female)
Playing age 12-15

Appearance: Indian heritage 
Speaks with an American accent.
Knowledge of Hindi language helpful but not required

NITHYA age 16 (Female)
Playing age 15-18

Appearance: Indian heritage
Speaks with an American accent.
Knowledge of Hindi language helpful but not required

January 2020

Short Film Casting


An affluent family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of guests to
their daughter’s engagement dinner, as they channel their frustrations
and deepest insecurities through harmful and dysfunctional behaviour.
An insidious environment of one upmanship, point scoring and power
politics plays out as a satirical nightmare of haute-bourgeois, ending
in grisly farce.

NICHOLAI: Playing age 13. British
Nicholai is the emotionally neglected youngest child of an affluent
family, set apart as different by a disability. While he relies on domestic worker Luz for emotional support, he heartbreakingly holds the approval of his family in high regard, particularly that of his sister who he is genuinely looks up to. He needs love and respect in order to grow.

Esme: Playing age early 20’s. British
Esme is a type A individual, easily wound up but would never get her
hands dirty overreacting. She’d happily encourage her enemies to
underestimate her beauty and femininity, actively lulling them into a
false sense of security while secretly plotting their demise. Like her
father, she wants money, power and respect. She hates intimacy, her
mother, weakness (particularly in women) and classes anyone who stands
in her way, a degenerate. Her fiancé is intellectually beneath her but
socially and financially her superior.

OLLIE: Playing age 20s. British
Bullingdon Club politician in the making, Ollie was educated the
expensive way and knows his Claret from his Beaujolais. Oscillating
between Killing Eve’s Hugo and W1A’s Ollie, he doesn’t always know the
answer, but he’d never let on. Esme is his dream girl who provides a
sense of security and a certain cultural cache. Her parents are
beneath him but he knows the importance of good Personal

Each actor will be paid £60 a day including VAT and travel expenses and lunch will be provided. 

The film's contact address is: filmthemodestproposal@gmail.com

Essex Based Casting


TryLife is a multi-award-winning interactive film series aimed at young people. We currently have 7 million followers on Facebook and are reaching 188,000,000 people online every week.

For the first time ever, the audience will have the option of following eight main characters. The decision points within the story mean that the viewer will determine the storyline on behalf of these characters showing positive and negative outcomes of real -life decision-making.

We are currently looking for raw talent and creative individuals that want to take part in a film that isn’t only being broadcast to our millions of followers worldwide but could also help make a difference to the lives of young people.

All roles will be PAID and will abide by the UK National Minimum Wage Act.

If you haven’t already seen TryLife content online you can play through one of our previous episodes to understand how the interactivity works. In the meantime, check us out on social media.

Male Lead role – Jak

Playing age 15-16

ESSEX ACCENT. A lot going on at home so this reflects on his appearance, bit careless. Quite laid-back character, baggy clothing rough hair. He is quite reserved, new step-dad creating friction for him and his mum. He potentially ends up smoking weed and secludes himself from his family and friends. His mum finding out could result in him running away from home and becoming homeless. He is a good friend and others confide in him.

Male Lead Character – Louis

Playing age – 15

ESSEX ACCENT - Lives on a farm, wears farm clothing. Usually must do chores so his whole life is catered around farming. Spends most of time travelling to and from school. He doesn’t get much time to socialise with his friends as he is so secluded by where he lives. Wants to be vegan but his parents don't take him seriously. Expect him to just follow on the farming traditions. Feeling lonely and expresses himself through poetry. Free spirited, loves the animals even though farm is a burden. Cares for his mum a lot.

Please email Hannah on enquires@trylife.tv

Bristol Casting

Date posted: 27 Jan 2020

TV Drama Casting

No previous professional experience necessary

Daniel Edwards Casting is looking for 4 brilliant actresses (playing age 18-20yrs) for an exciting TV Drama for Kudos/Sky.

Must be available to shoot 1st June – 30th November 2020. Shoots Germany.

Must be at least 18 yrs old by time of filming.

This is a rebellious, emotional journey of discovery in the vein of Stand By Me, grounded in the ingloriousness of Fargo and laced with the joyous anarchy and transgressive violence
of Killing Eve or End Of The F***ing World.

Full info

Vault Casting (Unpaid, Travel Expenses as per agreement)

Omelette - Vault Festival

Two acting members who will be featuring in small non-speaking roles. They need to be able to come to a couple of rehearsals in the final week, perhaps two full days the Friday and then the Monday before tech as well as the shows themselves

We need a DSM, an SM and 4 actors to rotate in two pairs. We need them to write a short paragraph telling us about their acting and backstage experience to date please.

Here are the dates:

w/c 3rd Feb: Omelette rehearsals

w/c 10th Feb: Omelette rehearsals 

17th Feb: Omelette rehearsal

18th Feb: Tech

18th-23rd Feb: Performances @ VAULT (19:50, plus additional show at 14:50 on Sunday 23)

Please contact Tom at tpmb22@gmail.com

Show link: https://vaultfestival.com/whats-on/omelette/

Graduate Film (Unpaid)

The graduate film is called 'A Yellow Spirit'. It is a story about a refugee boy finding his place as he struggles to adjust to life in a new land, leading to his exploration of belonging, togetherness and hopefulness.This is a short drama film which aims to spread awareness of the emotional well-being of young refugees and the social isolation they may feel coming to a new country. This is a visual film and has a sense of simplicity and humanity to convey a refugee's emptiness and loss in place, the purpose is to explore the inner conflicts and to make them physical.  

We plan to shoot from 16th March to 20th March in London. The actors who participate in this project will be provided food during shoot days and get a copy of the film.

We are hoping to get this film project out into festivals as well as being available online.

We are looking for 3 actors between 18 - 27 years old and a female actresss who is between 35 - 45 years old. 

AISHA - mother – 45 - lead 

East African / Refugee 

Gender: Female  

Aisha is a single mother living with her son in an underprivileged community. Aisha is protective over her son and remains strong in order to set a good example.

(It will be ideal for the actress to speak Arabic fluently or at least know some Arabic.)

NURU - son – 15 – lead 

East African / Refugee 

Gender: Male

Nuru arrives to the UK at the age of 15 to reunite with his mother through family visa. He left his home to escape conflict and finds it difficult to adjust to life in the UK. Nuru explores belongingness, togetherness and hopefulness and is guided by the support of his family.

AZIZI - cousin – 17 - lead 

East African / British 

Gender: Male

Azizi is the older cousin of Nuru , he supports his cousin and welcomes him into the community however he is not able to protect him from everything. 

JO – local boy – 17 - minor role 


Gender: Male

Jo is a local boy from the area that does not welcome Nuru into the community.

s.rahman0220172@arts.ac.uk Sharmin, Co-producer


Wednesday 26th – Friday 28th February 2020 
NYT Holloway Road 

Ever felt like there was something getting in the way of you getting involved in the arts? 
Or maybe something or someone that encouraged you to stick at it, even when it felt impossible?

Fancy get involved in a new project for the new year? 

The Lost Artists Project is looking to research and develop a new show. We think every young person, no matter where they’ve come from, has the right to access creativity at school and beyond it- but over the last few years less and less young people are accessing the arts. We want to make a show exploring about why this is happening and what we stand to lose. 

Join NYT Member & Associate, Katie Greenall, in investigating what’s at risk when creativity is under threat. 

We’re looking for anyone who’s interested in this topic and enjoys physical practical devising to apply, especially those from diverse backgrounds.  If you have any questions about access, please do get in touch. 

If you’re available for all the dates and want to get involved please send over a 1 minute video or 100 words explaining why you’re interested in this topic here by Friday 31st Jan 


Second Home by Charlotte Chimuanya - part of the Nick Hern Books, Vault Anthology.

Directed by Mia Jerome

Show dates: 26/27/28th Feb. 7pm

We are casting 3 female actors to play Naomi at 3 different ages: 10/15/20


Mixed Race (Black/White) Female

Playing age of 15-20

Can do an Irish accent and comfortable singing.

Workshop Audition: Saturday 18th January, 12-2pm, London.

Rehearsal dates:

Half-term 17th-21st Feb

24th/25th Feb

If you would like to be considered for the role and fit the description please apply.

Must be above licensing age, 17+

Please film a 1min selftape (attach wetransfer link):

Introduce yourself in your natural accent then tell us something you’re passionate about in your best Irish accent. (It’s okay if it’s not perfect!)

This can be shot on a phone, landscape with a plain background.

Please email CV, Headshot and Spotlight link (if you have one) to


Selftape deadline: 15/01/20 

Profit-share only. Agents/Industry will be invited.

December 2019

Superman and Lois Pilot | Casting


From the Producers and Casting Directors of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Riverdale

Seeking young teen actors for SERIES REGULAR roles in the upcoming Warner Bros./CW Network pilot, Superman & Lois!

Full information

The Laureate

Open to those aged 19+ only 

Set against the glamorous backdrop of Britain's roaring '20s, The Laureate tells the story of young British War Poet Robert Graves, who is married with four children when he meets and becomes romantically involved with Laura Riding, a writer from America. Defying the conventions of polite society, Riding moves in with Graves and his wife living as a menage a tois. Then with the arrival of strappingly handsome Irish poet Geoffrey Phibbs, the arrangement becomes a menage a quatre. But soon tensions and rivalries become so fraught that Graves is a suspect for attempted murder.

Written and Directed by William Nunez

Produced by Guy de Beaujeu and Christian Parton

Cool Web Pictures

We are looking for supporting artists to take part in a house party scene. 

DATE  - TBC (possibly Monday 3rd Feb)

LOCATION - Uxbridge, London

RATE - £100 per person inclusive of holiday pay and travel

APPEARANCE - We are looking for men and women aged 19-30, mixture of ethnicity. Film is set in 1924 and so appearance must be authentic to that period (no dyed hair, piercings, tattoos) and look natural. However, the director is keen for unusual looks. 

Please note: The action in the party will involve general debauched behaviour drinking, dancing, wild behaviour, frivolity, some nudity, kissing.

Please state if you would be OK with nudity by including in your correspondence: NO NUDITY, FULL NUDITY, TOPLESS, KISSING.

To apply contact n.l.fournel@googlemail.com with a recent photo, your age, some information about yourself and your response to the above question regarding nudity. 


Shoot dates: 9th January

Shoot hours: 10 + 1 (legal shoot hours depending on child’s age)

Location: London

Usage, Length and Territories: Online, 1 year

Fee: £300.00 to include shoot day and usage - charity job

Casting: Casting will take place on Monday, 16th December at Stink Films.


This film is a visual journey of the life of Aboud Kaplo, an ode to "togetherness"; we present the unity between Aboud and all the people who helped him along the road. We will follow our hero, but the hero of our film is Aboud’s violin. A classical sound that will guide us through the story. I’d like to visualize Aboud’s music as a moving light source that illuminates his story as a path of life. We will see his life as a surreal timeline where we have literally thrown a light on Aboud and all the people who crossed his path and helped him to get where he is today.

Aboud - 3 different ages


Aboud 1 (16y) - Syrian, ideally with a little experience in violin

Aboud 2 (11/12y) - Syrian

Aboud 3 (7/8) - Syrian

Suzie (28-35) Caucasian, Blonde

Email submissions to hannah@lane-casting.co.uk

ROUNDHOUSE - We Tick Other: Exploring Identity with Music and Words

Calling all musicians, poets, spoken word artists & composers (aged 18-25) we’re looking to team you up to create 4 new works that respond to the themes of race and gender. More info here.


This is a new teenage series for an American channel.  We shoot in Manchester 6 Jan to 26 April 2020, with some rehearsal before Christmas. Casting in London 10-12 December.

We need young actors who are over licensing age who are able to convincingly play down to 17.  

D - regular lead role

requires a convincing American accent and this actor needs to be of mixed heritage (Caucasian/Afro-Caribbean). Playing age of 17.

S - regular supporting role

requires a neutral accent and this actor needs to be of Caucasian appearance and athletic build - he’s sporty.  Playing age of 17.

Please email ASAP to jo@jobuckinghamcasting.co.uk  putting ‘NYT' in the subject line and including 1 recent photo.

2% Play Reading Casting

A staged reading of 2% by NYT Member Alex Houston will be held at the National Youth theatre Headquarters at Holloway Road on February 5th 2020. This will be performed to an open and invited audience.

We are looking for two performers to join the cast. Actors wanting to audition will need to be available all day for rehearsals and the performance later in the evening. The cast will also meet up in January for a reading to become familiar with the concept of the play and a rundown of the performance day.

Full information 

Nurse Audition Scene 

Naomi Audition Scene

November 2019

Spoken Word Call Out

Full Info

Out Of Joint's The Glee Club (UK TOUR)

Out of Joint are hosting auditions in Sheffield on November 28th for their UK Tour of The Glee Club in 2020. 


Role: Colin

Skills: Strong singing skills

Height: Any
Age: 18-28 (To play 19)
Appearance: Black – Caribbean
Pay category: Above Equity Minimum

For more info, visit: https://www.outofjoint.co.uk/get-involved/casting/

Hackney Empire

We are looking to work with actors who would like to be involved in workshops with Director Andy Whyment and young directors at Hackney Empire. 

  • Wednesday 11th December, 5:30pm-8:30pm: The workshop will explore how Directors express story in non-literal ways with the actor. In this session actors will be put into groups with a Director and be given a stimuli that the group will work from. 

  • Saturday 14th December from 10am-6pm, the groups will create 10 minute performances that will be performed to an invited audience at the end of the day

If you would like to get involved please sign up https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/actors19 , if you have any questions please get in touch with us projects@hackneyempire.co.uk

CASTING CALL - THIS QUEER HOUSE | Vaults Festival 2020   

This Queer House 

OPIA Collective’s latest show, This Queer House written by award winning playwright Oakley Flanagan, having had a work-in-progress sharing at Theatre Peckham and will be taking this show to Vault Festival 2020.

PAID opportunity. 

About: OPIA Collective was formed in 2018 as a collective of six artists who identify as either queer, female or both and whose strengths lie in various art forms such as film-makers, writers, musicians, poets and dancers. Their primary mission is to create multidisciplinary work that brings an authentic representation of the female and LGBTQIA+ experience. The Girl With Glitter In Her Eye has been performed, commissioned and developed at Theatre Royal Stratford East, Lyric Hammersmith, Battersea Arts Centre, Omnibus and The Albany. It will be premiering at The Bunker Theatre in January 2020 supported by Arts Council of England. The Creative Team is spearheaded by Masha Kevinovna who was recently Assistant Director to Stef O’Driscoll at Royal Court on The History of Water in the Middle East; Nikita Karia, Almeida Young Producer and Executive Director of Spies Like Us,  Ben Ramsden, 2018 nominee for The Gold Medal Prize at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Oakley Flanagan, Out-Spoken Prize 2018 and nominee for Jerwood Compton Fellowship for Poetry. 


We are casting for three actors/ theatre-makers. 

We particularly would like to hear from Actors who are multidisciplinary and who have a strong background in devising and theatre-making.


Oli  - non-binary
Must identify as  non-binary.

Playing Age: 20- 30

House/ Giles / Dog / Repair Worker   - female/ male/ non binary 

Must be charismatic and strong multi-roller
Playing Age: 20- 30

Leah - female
Must identify as Queer / Lesbian
Playing Age: 20- 30


Production Run Info

Rehearsal dates: Mid Jan - Late Feb 2020

Performances: 27-Feb - 1-Mar 2020

Time: 19:45 - 20:45

Running Time: 60 mins

Matinee: 1-Mar 16:30

Audition Info 

Date: 26th, 27th,  November 2019  

Time: 10am - 13:00 pm 

Location: Lyric Hammersmith & Jacksons Lane Arts Centre, N6 5AA

Please email info.opiacollective@gmail.com with CV & Headshot or spotlight and preferred audition date. You must be available for audition date and all production dates.


JINA JAY is a casting director whose credits include ‘BLACK MIRROR’ and ‘STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE’.

We are currently looking for a young male actor to play a 16-17 yr old African-American role for a TV series produced by Michael B. Jordan.

We are looking for a great American accent!

You must be based in the UK and you must be 18 years old by March 2020.

Dates: April – October 2020.

Shooting in Chicago, USA.


If you fit the brief, please contact us on assistantjinajay@gmail.com with a recent snapshot, your basic details and a CV (if you have one) by Thursday 21st November 2019.

Subject header: TV SERIES / YOUR NAME


Jina Jay Casting

Jina Jay’s Credits - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0419605/

Royal Central School Of Speech and Drama Showcase: South Asian Actors Needed

Casting call for 3 south Asian actors, playing age 15-20, showcase at Royal Central School Of Speech and Drama, Expenses paid.

Open to genderfluid/non-binary, trans actors and disabled actors; please contact ahead with any accessibility needs.

*Contact Zara Azam below*

Email: blackbirdsprojectuk@gmail.com

Photo with character details attached: 

October 2019

BBC Films Feature

Source: Lara Manwaring 

Full details

Vincent Dance Theatre | Loco Parentis

Vincent Dance Theatre are holding Auditions in November to find 3  Male (age 11-18) performers to join the company from January to May 2020 to devise, perform, tour and film a new production called In Loco Parentis.

More infomation and how to apply can be found here.

Deadline: Wednesday 6th November.

Stratford East | Panto Supernumeraries 

We are seeking 2 people to join us for this year’s pantomime, Dick Whittington.

This is a brilliant opportunity to experience what it is like to be involved in a main stage production in a major London theatre.

Find out more

September 2019

#OnlyAGirl Campaign – Models Wanted!

Source: Brides Do Good

We’re looking for a group of amazing female Youth Advocates, aged 14– 16 to take part in a photoshoot campaign on Saturday 5th October from 8 – 11.45am to raise awareness of the issue of child marriage in the UK.

Did you know that in the UK the legal minimum age for marriage is still only 16? And yet, child marriage is internationally recognised as any formal union before the age of 18! We believe that all girls, no matter where they are born, deserve the right to a brighter future, and the law needs to protect this right! 

Our #OnlyAGirl campaign aims to shine a spotlight on this incredibly important issue, and we need your help!

If you’re free this Saturday, can join us in central London 8 – 11.45am and are keen to take part, PLEASE let us know! 

On the day, we are asking our Youth Advocates to wear oversized wedding dresses for photos outside the Houses of Parliament and in a studio, holding childhood props and cards with facts about child marriage. The photos will be a part of our National media campaign, shining a spotlight on this incredibly important issue!

To take part, please contact : Tigony@Bridesdogood.com

Who Are We?
Brides do Good is a movement created by women, for girls. We aim to use the power of the bridal industry in the UK for good, inviting socially-conscious women to donate, sell or purchase their wedding dress from our social enterprise, and in doing so impact the lives of other girls in need around the world. 
Up to two-thirds of our sales fund charity programmes protecting the futures of millions of children who are at risk of early marriage and provide the education and tools they need for a brighter future. 

The Offenders

Director: Stephen Merchant (Block 1)
Writers: Stephen Merchant, John Butler, Emma Jane Unsworth, Nikita Lalwani
Producer: Nickie Sault
Executive Producers: Luke Alkin, Kenton Allen, Matthew Justice 
Shoot Dates: 14 weeks from Mid-March 2020 TBC
Production Company: Big Talk Productions & Four Eyes Entreatment 
Network: BBC
Location: Bristol

Casting the below roles for for a six part BBC Comedy series

RANI, a British-South Asian female role age 17-20

CHRISTIAN, a mixed-race male role age early 20s

We are looking for Bristol-based actors with an authentic Bristol accent, or those who are able to do an authentic Bristol accent. 

If you would like put yourself forward please send a headshot or photo along with yourage and contact information to the dedicated email address: tobristolcasting@gmail.com

Please only apply if you fit the brief

Sky TV Casting

Source: Julie Harkin Casting

Full info 

Ray James | Margate Casting Date

Filming dates: January 2020 - May 2020 (in the UK and US)

Ful information 

Germ Adolescent 

Apply by TUESDAY 24th SEPTEMBER 2019 - 6PM. 

Subject title: NAME / Germ Adolescent / Bunker Theatre 
E-mail: monicasiyanga@gmail.com 

Please apply by attaching your SPOTLIGHT OR ACTING CV. 

You need to be fully available for the time period and workshop from 10am till 12noon on Saturday 28 September 2019 at BUNKER THEATRE 53A Southwark St, London SE1 1RU. 

Workshop: Saturday 28th September 2019 
Time Period: Monday 7th October till Saturday 9th November 2019 

Character Brief:
Ashely, Female, playing age 16/17, Estuary accent, working/ lower middle class, any ethnicity. Ashley is smart, funny, and independent-minded, although the appearance of “normality” is also important to her. She has OCD, and battles to control her thoughts.

Ollie, Male, playing age 16/17, Estuary accent, working/ lower middle class, any ethnicity. Ollie is full of emotions and thoughts that he can’t articulate, and often loses his temper. He laughs easily, often at himself before anyone else can. He’s recently stopped playing football with Mike Reeds and the other lads.

Bunker Theatre 
Natalie Mitchell 
Grace Gummer 

About the show: 
Ashley, a teenage girl with OCD who is about to have sex for the first time with teenage boyfriend, Ollie. We (the audience) see their internal thoughts and feelings before having intercourse for the first time. 

Theatre | SWEAT | Casting Brief

Sweat is a piece of new writing about the LGBTQl+ experience of homlessness written and directed by Vicky Moran and in connection with Out of Joint and Arts Council England.

For the full Casting breakdown, please visit here

SPELL | Paramount Feature Film | Casting brief

From the writer of ‘Salt’, ‘Total Recall’ and 'Point Break'; Kurt Wimmer, comes an Indie-style edge of your seat psychological thriller. Set deep in rural Appalachian mountains, where the weather is unpredictable, phone signal is minimal and the lawless locals are superstitious. The use of subtle yet ominous overtures sets the tone as Marq and his family head off to the foothills of Appalachia for a family funeral. When their car is caught in a flash flood, Marq is the only survivor. He wakes up in a strange bed, in a strange house, no contact to the outside world and all alone. His anxiety is piqued when he is convinced that the elderly couple who saved him are scheming to murder him. With elements of horror, superstition and folk hoodoo magic this story cuts to the core of our darkest most nightmarish fears. 

SAM - 18+ to play 16yrs, African American. Slightly spoilt mid-teen daughter of Marq and Veora. Good sense of humour, but dripping with classic teen sarcasm. She’s desperate to leave this creepy rural setting and get back to her creature comforts in the city. Virtually attached to her phone. Close relationship with her brother, together they harmlessly tease each other and their parents. 

TY - 18+ to play 17yrs, African American. Cool, slightly indulged and sullen mid-teen son of Marq and Veora. A great basketball player, he’s a good kid at heart going through difficult teen years. Torn between retaining his street cred while respecting his parents and meeting their expectations. He clearly feels superior to the local boy he meets at the gas station, patronising him, yet something suggests the confidence he projects is merely a pretense. Recently suspended for a fight in school, he’s teetering on the edge of going down the wrong path, but with his parents’ love and support we suspect he has a bright future ahead. 

SPELL (Paramount Players)

Dates: 1 November - 20 December 2019

Location: South Africa 

Director: Mark Tonderai 

Writer: Kurt Wimmer 

Producers: Matt Dines, Gordon Gray, Royce-Reeves Darby, Lawdie Pahlavan

Please submit a recent headshot stating your age and location to assist@priscillajohn.com.  Must have Valid Passport with not less than 6months to expiry.

Kill Your Darlings Adaptation 

The team behind a new adaptation of Kill Your Darlings (Sony Pictures) are looking for two performers to join the cast of an R&D workshop at the National Youth Theatre's Rehearsal Rooms on 25th September.
If you fit either of the briefs below, please send your CV together with a headshot and a short bio to kydworkshop2019@gmail.com, putting 'CHARACTER NAME / YOUR NAME' in the subject line.

Jack Kerouac/other roles. Male, 20s. Attractive, tall, of any ethnic heritage/background. Physical skills or musical instruments are a plus. 

Edie Parker/Gwendolyn/William 'Bill' Burroughs. Female, teens/20s (above licensing age) caucasian/white. Actor-musicianship required; strings preferred. 

Please don't re-post, copy, or share this call-out beyond this noticeboard.

Deadline: 17th of September.

Ray James - Casting Brief 


Filming dates: January 2020 - May 2020 (in the UK and US)

More info


GASP (www.gasp.life) are on the look-out for people to take part in a public performance/installation in the name of LOVE.

GASP is about sexual healing through erotica and love -  making more love in the world and destroying the stigma around love and sex...in a world so full of fear it is hard to forget what we sometimes need most: LOVE AND CONNECTION!

We are looking for anyone willing to take part in what will be a beautiful piece of public theatre and art.  A simply choreographed movement based piece, we will be taking over public spaces in London (train stations, bus stops, places with large public footfall - locations tbc) on Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th September - we are looking for as many people as possible, so spread the word.  No experience is necessary, absolutely ANYONE can get involved!

This is an unpaid opportunity but it will be a great experience and chance to be involved in what is a beautiful movement, for a great cause. The work will be professionally filmed for showreels and will explode on social media and hopefully the press, and there is potential for future work with us (as well as guaranteed afterparty and celebration..!). Every one who takes part will also get a free GASP book.

Let’s take over London.

Please let us know which days you are available:

Monday 23rd September: 10:30-1:30pm
Tuesday 24th September: 8am-10am
Wednesday 25th September: 4pm-6pm 

If you are interested please contact me on nyeconant@icloud.com with your availability and we will get back to you with more detailed information. 

THE POWER - New Amazon Series

We are looking for an extraordinary young actor to play DARRELL, a leading role in this series for Amazon, based on the cult novel THE POWER by Naomi Alderman. DARRELL is 17 years old, the son of a North London Jewish family who are leading players in the diamond-smuggling world. 

How to apply:
Please send a headshot to info@ninagold.co.uk
Due to the nature of this talent scout we will not be able to email back to everyone who applies. We will only be in touch should you be asked to attend an audition in London.

Please send all submissions over by Monday 16th September 2019.


RAaW London is a film and theatre training company, with sister company RAaW Management which is an actors agency. For those that have just performed in The Backstage and Epic Stages Course Sharing we were very impressed by the performance in general and thought many of you showed great potential. If you are interested in more information regarding training and representation, please get in touch with us at info@raawlondon.com with your headshot and spotlight link/CV. 

Please check us out at:


or our films at

www.youtube.com   @raawlondon

August 2019

Small Axe Series Casting

West Indian Males and Females requried for filming on a HETV 1960s/70s perios drama. Aged between 17-30. With short-long afros/natural hair/dreads. Filming in North London in early September and Brixton from Mid September to Mid October throughout. FAA Rates. Standard and Split Days. Fittings will be taking place in Wembley.

If you fit the bill please send a recent headshot and short bio to aorchard1@outlook.com by 1 September 

"Ray James" Open Call 

Source: Rose Wicksteed 

Filming dates: January 2020 - May 2020 (in the UK and US)

(to play age 12/13)

CASPAR - Character to portray male, 12 years old. British.
JAMILA HUSTON - Character to portray female, 12 years old. British, biracial (part black, part white).
DARWIN CHARLES - Character to portray male, 12 years old. British.
ALFIE ADEMUREWA - Character to portray male, 12 years old. Nigerian.
MONTGOMERY “MONTY” CUTTERMILL (Male) - Character to portray male, 12 – 13 years old, British, Caucasian.
TAPENDRA “TUPAC” SINGH & BHRIGU “BIGGIE” SINGH (twins**) - Characters to portray male, 12 years old. British, South Asian / Indian.
**We are open to individual suggestions who are not twins or brothers for these roles.

If you are interested please email: opencallcasting@rosewicksteed.com

Please include: FULL NAME, AGE, DOB, LOCATION and a recent PHOTO and WHERE did you hear about this opportunity.

Rose Wicksteed is a Casting Director whose Casting Credits include:

Please only apply if you fit the brief 


Beam is a new short play set between Tottenham now and then telling the story of the Beam engine through the lens of the footlights of the music hall.

We are looking for 2 Black actors (male and female) to join rehearsals from early/mid September, to performances on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th October.

Limited fee attached to the show 

If you fit the bill and are interested in applying please contact on annakeeling62@gmail.com with your CV and a recent headshot to find out more 

Photoshoot Casting Call 

Looking for male models/talent ages 19-25 for a paid opportunity in Aug 2019 to be involved in Fashion Campaign with a well known British brand.

From NYT Alumna Juliet Klottrup.


Next Generation

Lyric Ensemble Panto – Cinderella

We are looking for 6 young and exciting performers (aged 18-25) who are keen to train on the job and form the Lyric Ensemble for this year’s production of Cinderella – written by Jude Christian and directed by Tinuke Craig.

The Lyric’s traditional panto returns in 2019 with Cinderella. You can expect the usual mix of live music, crazy characters, awesome adventure, singing, dancing, villainous baddies and heroic goodies.

Application deadline: Mon 12 Aug, midday
Audition Masterclass: Wed 14 Aug, 6 – 9pm
Audition Day: Sat 17 Aug, 10am – 6pm

To apply, email casting@lyric.co.uk with a completed application form/application video.

Download the Call Out here and Application Form here.

Writing on the Wall | Liverpool

CALLING ALL SUPER(HERO) ACTORS -We're looking for 1 male and 1 female actor to be superheroes for our exciting 'Superheroes: Words Are Our Power' literacy project. *Paid work* More info on the poster, including performance dates and requirements. 

Enola Holmes Casting 

Jina Jay Casting is looking for a young male actor age 16 - 18 years old to play upper class British aristocrat for Legendary Pictures’ "Enola Holmes".

Must be available for 1 day of Filming in London on Tuesday 20th August 2019.

If you fit the brief, please contact us ASAP on assistantjinajay@gmail.com with the following:

- Name, age and where in the UK you are living
- A recent snapshot
- A short chat to camera telling us about yourself! No more than 1 minute long please.

Please email your video as soon as possible with the subject header NYT / 'YOUR NAME' by Friday 9th August 2019 at the latest.

The Geffrye Museum Call Out 

July 2019

Tin Star 3 | TV Casting 

Casting director: Emma Stafford
Casting location: Liverpool, United Kingdom

Production details
Closing date: 05/08/2019 
Pay category: Equity/PACT
Production location: Liverpool, United Kingdom
Production dates: Shoot: 9th September - 13th October 2019

Kayden (Male, 14 - 16)
Description: 14 – 16 – but due to the violent nature of the material – the actor must be 16. Needs to look younger though. Scouse accent. 

Knows and works with Georgia Nowak and Divya Singh (2 x NHS pharmacists who work testing drugs for Michael Quinn - the gang leader who ‘owns’ Liverpool). Kayden does the couriering of the drugs in a bag on his back, making deliveries on his bike. He’s cocky, street savvy and stands his ground, yet also discreet. 

He’s not intimidated easily but tries too hard to run with the big players – he’s seen and done too much already for his tender years. Georgia likes him because he’s reliable. He likes working for Georgia because she’s fair, straight down the line and treats him like he is an adult. Of course, this is messed up but somehow this makes sense in their world. He prides himself that he has never been stopped by the police, and he’s good at what he does. He’s doing things his way… or so he thinks.

Height: Any
Appearance: Any
Pay category: Equity/PACT

If you are suitable, please send a recent headshot, a short bio, and your location to jen@emmastafford.tv 

R&D at The Other Palace 

NYT Associate Director Bea Holland is looking for 4-6 all round performers with strong dance experience for an R&D at The Other Palace Theatre, London Thursday 25th and Friday 26th July.  


Expenses covered (London travel and lunch)

Please send CV and details of dance/movement experience to hellobeaholland@gmail.com

Nina Gold Casting - ‘Eurovision’ for Netflix


Playing age 17 years old. A European Justin Bieber type - a young contestant at the European song contest who is an amazing dancer and rapper. He is SWEDEN’S entrant into the contest and the hot favourite. But mostly he needs to be an amazing POP / HIP HOP dancer. SWEDISH ACCENT. 
A key supporting role in the movie. Three speaking scenes and he also appears throughout at the contest. 

Overall the film shoots between mid July and end of October.  Currently the character shoot dates over all are - 29th August - 24th September shooting in England and Scotland.  It would be about 5 days over this period, and we would need someone who is available for that whole time.


A hilarious film for Netflix starring Will Ferrell and Rachel Mcadams playing Icelandic singers with an obsessive desire to represent Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Director: David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers)
Producers: Danny Stillman (American Assassin, Maze Runner: The Death Cure)
Writers: Will Ferrall and Andrew Steele
Shoot Dates: Mid July to October 

For more information please email: info@ninagold.co.uk.

Deadline: Thursday 25th July

Barcroft Studios Channel 4 digital commission

Summer Before 17; a series of innovative short films that give a fascinating before and after snapshot of one of the most formative summers of a person’s life; the summer after GCSEs.

Each 5 - 10 minute episode will feature a number of teens from around the UK, showing side-by-side their before and after answers from either end of summer.

Focussing on 16-year-olds from all walks of life, with all kinds of summer plans, from once in a lifetime holidays, to teens going to their first festivals, planning to chill out and play PlayStation all summer, getting a moped or going on a climate change march.

For more information email-




Casting Directors’, Sasha Robertson and Nina Gold are urgently searching for several young Nepalese roles for a three part drama, BLACK NARCISSUS, based on the 1947 film, for the BBC and FX Network in the US.

We are looking for the following roles:

JOSEPH ANTHONY ( 8 to 9 years) Son of the Highness’s cook, brought in to help the nuns’ with the Nepalese children. Speaks Nepali & English. Substantial acting role. Do you know anyone that might be right? Your brother?

DILIP RAI (20 to 23 yrs)  Nephew to the General. Equally as splendid, very handsome. Speaks Nepali and English. Substantial acting role.

KANCHI  (17yrs) – Nepalese – Speaks English and Nepali. Substantial acting role.

These roles will be shooting primarily in the UK, some time between October and end of December. Previous acting experience is not essential. This is a paid opportunity. Should you be interested in one of these roles or know anyone that might be, please call Sasha Robertson Casting: 0208 993 8118 or email your photo through with your contact details to: casting@sasharobertson.com or text: 07957468118.



“IN THE DARK” - Television Series Casting

CBS Studios & The CW Network


Role of JOSH

MALE, 20s to early 30s. Charismatic, Cute. We are searching for an actor who is Visually Impaired -- this to include LOW VISION (degenerating vision), LEGALLY BLIND or Totally BLIND. Josh is smart, confident and unbothered by nonsense. Chatting with him is like dancing double time. You gotta keep up. It’s not easy for Josh when he learns that his sight is slowly degenerating, but with his vibrant life of the mind, Josh may struggle, but he isn’t gonna be victimized by his diagnosis…LARGE RECURRING GUEST STAR. First episode for this role shoots 9/11 – 9/20 in Toronto, Canada (may work up to 5 episodes).



WE’LL REPLY with answers, audition scene & info for submitting a self-tape for “JOSH”

Auditions remain private, viewed only by casting directors, producers, studio & network

Season 1 of “In The Dark” is on The CW app and streaming on Netflix

Casting from July 8 to July 28, 2019


“IN THE DARK” (Role of JOSH), 1-hour Episodic Drama

Network: The CW

Studio: CBS Studios

Production Company: Red Hour Films

PAY: SAG-AFTRA Union Rates (includes transportation, flight, hotel, per diem)

LOCATION: Toronto, Canada

DATES: Josh’s First Episode Shoots: 9/11 – 9/2 (may shoot up to five episodes)

Filming of Season 2 spans August 2019 to January 2020

Exec Prods: Corinne Kingsbury, Ben Stiller, Nicky Weinstock, Jackie Cohn, Michael Showalter, Brian Dannelly

Casting: Barbara Stordahl CSA, Angela Terry CSA, Jason Crow (Associate)


June 2019

Eastside Promotional Film

Eastside are really keen to feature as many voices from across the country in our fun and engaging promo for I know I wish I will.

We would love to include short clips of artists from across the country responding to the question: What is spoken word? 

Please could you send clips and questions to Liana at knowwishwill@eastside.org.uk by end of the day Thursday 4th July?

What do we need? 

We would like to have DIY videos of young people and spoken word artists on phones or on a camera with the range of answers to this question (what is spoken word?). We want to make sure spoken word feels like it can be almost anything
In order to get a range of voices we would love to see videos with: 
- From young people aged 16- 25 years, (or younger if you have image consent) 
- particularly Boys/Men 
- A range of accents would be great

Answers should be: 
- 5 seconds or less and must be filmed landscape
- one word answers OR a short sentence OR a list of answers reeled off very quickly - like word association.
 - You could make it a competition - who can think of and say the most number of words in 5 seconds
- Ideally be filmed with something colourful in the background, outside OR while doing something active e.g. saying 'Rhythmic' while clicking or clapping.

EG Spoken Word Is...
‘Expressing feelings, singing, politics/political, personal, whispering, wishes, talking to the world, rhyming, rhythm writing while cooking, rapping, storytelling
Spoken word can be done while skipping/cooking/in a garden, on a football pitch etc. 

This video is to encourage the young people in your area to apply - it would be so fantastic to get your young people featured in this film so they see themselves applying to the competition. 
THANK YOU so much! 

The Crown Casting

NETFLIX - THE CROWN Season 4 are seeking a young actor playing age 22 to play Prince Andrew.
Prince Andrew (Male)

Aged 22. Handsome, confident, bursting with energy and positivity. He is a handsome Tigger-ish character

It's 1982 and the halcyon years for Andrew. He is dating the glamorous and racy Koo Stark, learning to fly a Sea King Helicopter with the Royal Navy and fighting for permission to serve on the front line in the escalating Falklands conflict. 

A really good part with terrific big two-hander scenes with Olivia Colman. We are not looking for an actor to send him up or play a posh caricature. This job will require proper character research with our crack team.

A close physical resemblance is important. 

Pay category Same as production (Equity/PACT)

Shoots UK from mid August 2019

Please send a recent headshot and CV to kate@ninagold.co.uk

Feature Film Casting

Source: Natascha Zimmermann Casting

We are currently accepting self-tape auditions for the role of HERO in our film project GUN FUN, directed by MATUS KRAJNAK.  Matus is a talented and promising young director, who was nominated for Young Director Award 2015 in Cannes, for his SEX commercial (click link).

Hero is in his 20s, he is  attractive / has an edge to him that is attractive. He’s a bit of a street kid (doesn’t mean he’s 100% street at all though), a bit of a poseur and someone who wants to be the cool kid.

This is a feature length film project for cinema, intended for international distribution. While the script successfully reached the second round of consideration for the Sundance Filmwriter’s Lab, it is one of only two debut films selected each year to receive the funding and support from German broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (rbb) and Medienboard Berlin Brandenburg. These are two hugely reputable German TV & Film Institutions who consider both Matus and his script to have fantastic potential. Not least, the script idea was greatly received at the 67th Berlinale. You can watch Matus’s pitch and find out more detailed information about our film, the crew and the German Institutions supporting this project here: GUN FUN

So what is the film about?

GUN FUN is a psycho-thriller with black comedy elements told through a perspective of a young gunaholic, HERO.

Matus Krajnak
Producer: Patrick Schorn
The German Film and Television Academy Berlin, dffb.de
Andro Steinborn
DOP: Lukas Eylandt

Shoot Dates / Location: To take place in BERLIN, over a 30 day period.
Exact dates tbc but currently the plan is to shoot in Autumn / Winter  2019 (sometime between mid-September / October / November)

Attached is the self tape script (s) for Hero.  It would be great if you could please share this with suitable actors and if they are interested in the role of HERO, we ask that they record a self tape by cob Friday 14th June. If further time is needed then actors can contact us directly to request additional time.

Ideally, we would like the self-tape to be done with an American accent. However, the most important focus at this stage is that the actor  feels at ease performing for the self-tape, so a native accent will be acceptable. If anyone has further questions or needs any additional information,  please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist with any queries.

Advice for the self-tape:
•    Please do try to record both scenes with another actor / person present (where possible)
•    Ideally, we would like you to speak with an American accent
•    Please record the self tape horizontally
•    If you are unable to record both scenes, please just submit your preferred one
•    If you have very limited time, we are willing to accept a read through of both scenes
•    It would be helpful if you would record a short introduction (tell us a little about your background  / let us know what is your favourite drug or gun film - and why)

The deadline for the the self tape is 14th June.
Name the video file as follows:  your name_your agency name_your city location
Please upload the self tape to this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/Zz9YWVMQmgzwVF9bCk5o 

Since our story is very character-driven, it is important for us to meet the actors that we are are most interested in using for this film. Consequently, following a review of all self-tapes, we intend to invite shortlisted actors to attend a live casting in London at the end of June.

There is a fixed sum of 3000 Euros for the role of Hero. Regarding expenses, we will cover travel to / from Berlin, while also providing accommodation in a house / large apartment in Berlin. Catering will also be provided on set.


Disney | Frozen Open Auditions


201 Drummond Street

Sign in: 09.00 – 14.00

Disney’s Frozen will be opening at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in Autumn 2020

Further information, including about the roles they are seeking to cast, can be found here:

Each auditionee is required to bring sheet music for 16 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song (an accompanist will be present). They are required to bring a CV including photograph.

There is no need to submit details ahead of time as these will be taken on the day

Perform with the worlds greatest orchestra of teenagers! APPLY BY 11 JUNE

The National Youth Orchestra seeks two teenage actors to perform with them in Concerto for Orchestra by Hungarian composer Bela Bartok. 

This is exciting music. Writer Michael Wickerek is creating a unique story & script connecting with themes of refugee experience, memories of homeland and discovery of a new world that are contained within the music.

We seek two actors  - 1 male and 1 female - to play age 15/16, quite urban & edgy.

You’ll be performing alongside 70 teenage musicians on a tour to secondary schools in the Midlands, and Midlands Arts Centre. It’ll be an absolutely incredible experience, sharing music and stories with teenagers who will never had heard anything like this before. 

NYT and NYO have collaborated several times and the experience has always been happy - musicians and actors really enjoyed working together. 

The dates are in July:

    Rehearsals 2 - 8 July : rehearsals London and Walsall,  you will be needed for 2 or 3 of these days, we will confirm after casting.
    Tour to secondary schools : 9 - 12 July in Midlands – you will be needed for these 4 days.

We will cover all travel, provide accommodation and catering. All NYO activity is fully supported by a great pastoral team.

To apply please send a film of yourself performing a short dramatic monologue, to s.alexander@nyo.org.uk  BY TUESDAY 11 JUNE 2019. 

May 2019

THE WALKING DEAD - AMC SERIES - 1st Season, 3rd Series (Television) 

Source: KRJ Casting Ltd

The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series for AMC based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The series features a large ensemble cast as survivors of a zombie apocalypse, trying to stay alive under near-constant threat of attacks from the mindless zombies, colloquially known as "walkers". However, with the fall of humanity, these survivors also face conflict from other living survivors who have formed groups and communities with their own sets of laws and morals, often leading to hostile conflict between the human communities.

Production details
Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals)Late July - late November 2019
Production locationRichmond, Virginia, United States of America
Director: TBC
Producer: Matthew Negrete, Scott M Gimple.
Pay category: Above Equity Minimum
Company: AMC

LIZBETH (Female)
A fun loving 16 year old (the actor needs to be older than 16). Kind Hearted, rule breaker. She lives for today because the world might end tomorrow. She has a public face which is a likeable wiseass but underneath it all is sad, angry and vulnerable. She has a twin sister called Kelly, non identical.
Playing age: 16 - 18
Height: Any
Pay category: Same as production (Above Equity Minimum)
Agreements: SAG
Appearance: Any

KELLY (Female)
Twin sister of Lizbeth. Kind, intelligent. Outwardly bright, friendly, confident young leader but internally haunted and lost. Like all teenagers !
Playing age: 16 - 18
Height: Any
Pay category: Same as production (Above Equity Minimum)
Agreements: SAG
Appearance: Any

To apply please email krjgroup@krjcasting.com with a CV and recent headshot by Sat 1 June 

Feature Film Casting 

Source: Sarah Trevis 

Casting Closed 
Primarily, we are looking for children/young adults of Arab ethnicity (Turkish, Middle Eastern, North African, Mixed)


12 years old. MUST be Arab or Arab/Black Mixed race.

Set in 2014: Jamal is more troubled by his experience. A friend of Laith, he too manages to play and make the most of his life of hardship.  But his slight age difference has also taught him to be more wary of strangers and danger than Laith and his life does not turn out to be so fortunate.


16-18 years old. MUST be Arab or Arab/Black mixed race.

Historic period:  She is the Young beauty of the Arabian tales, the daughter of a nobleman , she is a good and dutiful daughter who is modest and high ranking.  She has a kindness and compassion. She must not look too modern.

AVAILIBILITY NEEDED: end of JULY until the beginning of SEPTEMBER


Carl Proctor Casting is looking for a skilled actor, with drumming experience to take part in an English-speaking, family TV series shooting in Germany.

Casting closed 

            ROLE: LUCAS (Male)

            PLAYING AGE: 16-20 – young in appearance, must be over licensing age (16+) and have a passport, valid for at least 6 months.

            PROVISIONAL SHOOT DATES: 14 days between June 18th – July 3rd and August 13th - 20th 2019

            LOCATION: Munich, Germany

          FEE: £600 – 800 per day, dependent on age.


Nina Gold Casting are currently working on a project called EUROVISION and we're looking to cast the roles of 2 young characters. Details below.


Director: David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers)

Producers: Danny Stillman (American Assassin, Maze Runner: The Death Cure)

Writers: Will Ferrall and Andrew Steele

Shoot Dates: Mid July to October 

Location: Scotland


A young member of Lars and Sigrit's band in Iceland. he's nerdy and awkward looking, plays either bass guitar or drums proficiently. Age - 12 - 14 years. Accent - Icelandic.


A European Justin Beiber - a young contestant at the European song contest who is an amazing dancer and rapper. Age - 16-18. MALE/FEMALE.

To apply: please send a recent head shot with age/height and appropriate skills to lizzie@ninagold.co.uk

Casting Call | International Planned Parenthood Federation 

A 3-part series of 60-second videos aimed at young people exploring different types of contraception by IPPF. Each video will be an upbeat, light and informative piece-to-camera, designed to educate & get people talking about contraception in an entertaining way.

We're looking for 2x applicants (male/female/non-binary all welcome) who are 18-25 years-old to feature as backing dancers across the series. Being a 'good' dancer isn't necessary - instead confidence and a sense of humour are much more important! 

Friday May 31st

London (likely Brixton)

Please email liv@luca.earth by Friday 17th May for full details. The application process will involve you sending a short clip of yourself dancing any way you like & to any music (filmed on a phone is fine!).

Voce | Casting Call

Voce - Casting Call

Casting two lead roles for a Channel 4 sponsored National Film and Television School graduation film, shooting in the UK and Italy.

Voce is a cross-cultural tragi-comic journey of a young girl in denial discovering her roots. 

The film is co-written by James Fritz and directed by Emily May Smith. 


Workshop Audition: To be held in the week of 27th May in London/Buckinghamshire.
Week of the 17th June (Shooting in Italy) 
Filming some dates between 29th July and 8th August in the UK. 

Fede (Female)

Playing age 17 – 23.

Native Italian/Fluent Italian speaker who looks Italian.

Needs to be confident singing in the film. 

Fede is empathetic, charismatic and spirited.

Chiara (Female)

Playing age 17-23.

Chiara is half Italian. (She needs to have this look but does not need to speak Italian or do an Italian accent). 

Needs to be happy to sing in the film – but does not need to be any good!

Chiara is a dreamer, rebellious and doesn’t put up with other people’s nonsense.

If you think you could be suitable for either part, we would love to hear from you. 

Please email VoceCasting@gmail.com with your headshot, CV and showreel (if you have one).

Deadline: Midday Tuesday 21st May

There is a small fee for the role and expenses will be covered. 

Kiln Theatre | Community Play

Do you have a desire to act, dance, sing, sew, people manage or make stuff? Then get in touch with us and be part of the first community play to take place on our new stage, written by Chinonyerem Odimba, directed by Katie Posner and designed by Lily Arnold. The play celebrates the history of care and migration in Brent, and is based on local stories from different communities in the area. The performances are from 25 – 28 September.
No prior experience is needed, just the desire to take part and the ability to commit to Wednesday evenings and Saturday rehearsals from July. Recruitment workshops will take place 8 & 9 June (venue & times TBC).
Over 100 people from the north London community are needed to create our production. This is the culmination of our two-year project A Friendly Society, made possible by funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the generous support of the national lottery players.
To sign up go to KilnTheatre.com/AFS, or call us on 020 7372 6611. We’re looking forward to meeting you!
If you would like any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with nickgibson@KilnTheatre.com

Feature Film Casting

Source: Shaheen Baig


Based on the incredible true story of Yusra and Sara Mardini.

Syrian sisters YUSRA and SARA, both competitive swimmers, were facing a promising future until the civil war spread to their hometown in 2015. Initially they weathered the
violence, but soon staying became more dangerous than the crossing to the rumoured safety of Europe so together they made the perilous journey.

Applicants MUST have the following:

  • Native Arabic Speaking
  • Fluent in English
  • Strong swimmer
  • Playing age of 17-20 years old
  • You must be 18+ to apply

Full details and how to apply 

Casting Call | International Planned Parenthood Federation 

Project summary: A series of three 60-second videos aimed at young people exploring different types of contraception available. For this, we are looking for three individual young people to present the videos. 

Criteria:  We are looking for three individuals who:

  • Are between 18-25 years old
  • Reflect the diverse society in which we live. We particularly welcome applicants who identify as BAME, LGBTQI or non-binary, or those living with a disability, or any other group that has been traditionally underrepresented in media. 

Role breakdown: Each short video will be shot as an upbeat, light and humorous news-style piece-to-camera.

Dates: Filming dates are to be confirmed, but will likely take place on a weekday at the end of May 2019 at a location in central London. We anticipate the process taking 1-2 hours.  

How to apply: If you are interested in these roles, please email akorotana@ippf.org who will supply further details. The audition process will involve you filming yourself (with a smartphone will be just fine) presenting one of the 60-second clips, for which a script will be emailed to you.

For those selected for these roles, reasonable travel costs from within the UK will be covered, and participants will be paid a fee for their time. 

Deadline: 15 May, 5pm 

Amazon Project Casting

We are looking for two young actors for the roles listed below in the upcoming UNTITLED AMAZON PROJECT, an exciting literary adaptation TV series, shooting 2020. If you are interested and fit the below criteria, please send an email to info@theoparkcasting.com including the following information:

•    Name
•    Age
•    Height
•    Where you are based
•    Headshot (recent, face clearly visible, no filters, preferably on a plain background) 
•    Contact details OR parents contact details, if under 18 (phone number and email address) 
When sending in your submission, please label the subject heading in the following format:

Please send your submission to info@theoparkcasting.com by Friday 17th May



Description: male - (14) – series regular 

A good-natured, honourable kid who feels responsible for his mother. 

Curious about the world and frustrated a bit by life. He’s been forced to grow up fast in order to be the man of the house, but really he’s still a teenager. 

Appearance: Any race


Description: female – (16-20) – late teens – series regular

A singular young lady needed for this delightful leading role with dramatic and comedic elements. Characterful. Should be able to play as a wide-eyed 15-17 year old, but with a strength and maturity beyond her years. 

Appearance: Any race 

Feature Film Casting




- Millennium & Lionsgate are Producing
- Shoots from approx. 1st Aug – End of Nov 2019 in Europe

If you are interested please email below ASAP


Please email: assistantdixiechassay@gmail.com

THE POWER by Naomi Alderman 

We are looking for an extraordinary young actor to play ROXY, a leading role in this series for Amazon, based on the cult novel THE POWER by Naomi Alderman. ROXY is 17 years old, the daughter of a North London Jewish family who are leading players in the diamond-smuggling world. We are looking for someone who is not all about their good looks, but rather someone who is all about their character, any size or shape, not just a pretty face.

How to apply:
Please send a headshot to info@ninagold.co.uk.  
Due to the nature of this talent scout we will not be able to email back to everyone who applies. We will only be in touch should you be asked to attend an audition in London. Please only apply for this if you suit the character brief. 

Please send all submissions over by Friday 10th May 2019.

April 2019


The Cambridge University Musical Theatre Society are urgently looking for a female BME performer to play the role of ODA MAE BROWN in our production of 'Ghost: The Musical' at the ADC Theatre, which has performances on the evenings of Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th May (as 
well as a 2:30pm Saturday matinee).

We are expanding our casting call beyond the student body so strongly encourage any self-identifying BME actor to audition, regardless of previous experience.

The role will require commitment to a few evening rehearsals over the next couple of weeks to learn dialogue scenes and a couple of solo songs, and will, of course, also require commitment to all performances.

If you are interested please email me at (kw444@cam.ac.uk) as soon as possible and by Saturday 4 May at the latest.

This is a really fantastic opportunity to take a lead role in a stress - free production and to invite an agent along if you are looking for exposure! Or if you just fancy dabbling in musical theatre, we welcome everyone of all levels of experience!

We look forward to hearing from you!!

Depending on location we may be able to pay for travel to an from Cambridge so that the production wouldn’t be a cost to you! 

Full details

Edinburgh Fringe | Boundless Theatre 

Boundless Theatre are currently casting for a new gig/music theatre show by Brigitte Aphrodite and Quiet Boy which will play in Paines Plough's Roundabout throughout the Edinburgh Fringe 

Three performers who identify as women, playing age of 17, must be 18+.
GIRL – 17, from London, recently moved to Margate.  Has recently come out to her mum. She finds escapism through dreaming and imagination.  She forms a band with her new found friends to fight the injustices in the world. Witty. Funny. Punk Spirit. Think little Simz. Good with lyricism and rap, strong singer, good mover and ideally plays an instrument. We are interested in cultural diversity and performers of mixed heritage.
TAM – 17, originally from Eritrea now living in Margate.  She came to the UK as a refugee and has been housed in Kent. During the course of the play her refugee status is under threat. She is kind, smart and friends with the Girl and Dust. Old for her years.  Punk spirit. Good singer and mover must play at least one musical instrument, drums and keys would be optimum. We are keen to meet a young refugee performer and are open to meet people from both Eritrea and other countries. 

The script is still in development and will be shaped much further in the rehearsal room. TAM is currently written as Eritrean, inspired by brilliant women the writers have worked with through Kent Refugee Action Network, and the lyricism/poetry of some of her dialogue is shaped by her nationality, but we're open to rewriting elements to better fit the right actor if they are not Eritrean. 

DUST – 17, from a privileged background and lives in Kent.  Politicized and engaged in activism, always wanting to fight the good fight but hasn’t found the right people to do it with. Wants to start a punk revolution but can’t write lyrics. Confident. Punk spirit. Strong singer and good mover. Multi instrumentalist. Needs to be able to play the violin. Keys and Drums would also be useful.
w/c 3rd June - Rehearsal week 1 (Margate)
w/c 10th June - Rehearsal week 2 (Margate)
w/c 17th June - Rehearsal week 3 (Margate)
w/c 22nd July - Rehearsal Week 4 (London)
27th July Travel to Edinburgh
28th July  Tech rehearsal
31st July- 25th August (Edinburgh)

Paid at ITC rates with accommodation in Margate and Edinburgh provided

Auditions are being held this week (w/c 29 Apr). To apply please send a recent headshot and CV asap to kirsten@boundlesstheatre.org.uk


ShowBox Theatre is holding auditions for HONEYPOT – a provocative, new play making its debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.

Applications closed






Journey of Destiny | Derby 

Real-life story of Saad Al-kassab, a Syrian teenager who fled Homs as a war refugee. He arrived in Australia speaking no English, and within two years had achieved the highest A-level equivalent grades in Victoria.

Project aims to open up a dialogue about refugee issues by involving Year 6 children in a performance alongside professional actors, which is then shown to their families and the wider community.

Full details 

Please send a headshot and CV to avahunttheatrecio@gmail.com  to apply 

In the Willows, Community Chorus | New Wimbledon Theatre 

New Wimbledon Theatre are looking for local residents to join the Community Chorus for In the Willows

Full info here


Open Auditions for our transferring play, #WARHEADS, this summer, at The Park Theatre.

We are looking to meet a wide variety of actors and actresses of all ages, creeds, colors and sizes to potentially cast in our upcoming production of WARHEADS at The Park Theatre, this August.

We will be meeting actors in groups of 5-10, to watch each individual do a 1-2 minute monologue of their choice, which they feel represents them in the best light. All actors will then be considered for the upcoming theatre roles, as well as for posteriorly produced features, shorts, plays, read-throughs and workshops.

TRUE MAVERICK MEDIA ltd has previously produced three short films, two sell-out shows and a full length feature film.

Morlock (Mory) (16-25) MALE
Mory is Wepp’s best friend and the voice of reason. A calm, rational but funny young man who tries his utmost to save his best mate from descending further despite Wepp’s paranoia, accusations and aggression. A reluctant soldier himself who only signs up for Wepp - a true friend until the end.

Philipa Keys (25-35) FEMALE
Younger than average therapist. A calm, privately insucure, outwardly confident and calm woman. She's the voice of calm and reason.

Tembe (20-30) ANY GENDER
The inapropriate house-mate with a funny bone. Tembe is a joker, an over-eater, a loud-mouth, a loveable rogue and a tough cookie all rolled into one. Always coming in at the wrong moment, but also always there to help when it counts.

Tena Robinson (18-28) FEMALE
A young, driven actress with a heart of gold. She takes Weppler in like a lost puppy and stands by him through thick and thin.

Miles Weppler (16-25) MALE
A young, gun-crazed, COD-Obsessed, reckless, uncontrollable ball of a boy. Joins the army in the hopes of becoming gods gift to women. But what he ends up being, is not at all what he set out for.

All roles can be any ethnicity.

Please book your slot Via Eventbrite link.

8th of June:

15th of June:

22nd of June: 

What to prepare:
Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue (No longer than this) of your choice. Prefferably something clear and simple.
Gender swaps and color blind choices are welcomed. As long as the speech is clear and easy to understand, so that we can focus on your acting, rather than trying to work out who you're talking to and what the monologue is about.
Don't try and guess what we want to see you do. Just do something you want to do. Writting that you feel passionate about. Characters you're dying to play.

What to wear:
Whatever you feel most comfortable in. What you usually wear.

Please arrive at the venue 10 minutes beofre your scheduled slot.

Contact truemaverickmedia@gmail.com if you require additional info, but please don't ask questions that are already clearly answered in this description.

NFTS Short Film 

Source: Leanne Flinn Casting 

We are currently casting an exciting short film for NFTS Diverse Directors Scheme.

We are casting black-British teenage girls aged 17-19 (playing age 14). Actors and non actors.

The shoot will take place near London but we’d love to hear from anyone with genuine Sheffield, Midlands or general northern accents. Also open to casting Southerners.

Two teenagers, desperate to grow up, hatch a plan to fill the endless stretch of their summer holidays.
Shoot dates- 3 days within 6th-11th May 2019

Full details 

Lewisham Youth Theatre | Young Touring Company 

Source: Lewisham Youth Theatre

LEWISHAM YOUTH THEATRE ARE RECRUITING  for our Young Touring Company for 16-24 year olds who live or learn in Lewisham.

We are looking for 



What does it cost? The project is free. You will receive travel and lunch expenses during rehearsals, and you will be paid a trainee fee per performance.

Who is it for? To take part, you need to live or learn in Lewisham, be 16-24 years old and not be in full-time education or employment. You should be passionate about theatre, a supportive team member, punctual, reliable and hardworking. 

Actors will have previous experience performing in a theatre production. (e.g. at school, college, or youth theatre)

What will I get out of it? Past participants have gone on to further drama and theatre training, College and University as well as other voluntary and paid opportunities with LYT. At the end of the project, you will be offered 1 to 1 mentoring to support you with your training, education or work ambitions.

When is it?

Auditions will be on: 
Wednesday 8th May and Wednesday 15th May 
Rehearsals will be: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 
10am – 4pm  4th to 26th June 
8 x performances between 1st and 12th July

Where is it?   Sessions take place at the Broadway Theatre rehearsal room in Catford

How do I apply?  ACTORS: Contact Emma for an audition slot by email: stepup@lewishamyouththeatre.com or by phone 0208 690 3428

PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Contact Louise for an audition slot by email: production@lewishamyouththeatre.com or by phone 0208 690 3428

March 2019

The Grey Area Chat | Social Series

Apply to be a participant in a new social media chat series The Grey Area Chat

Full details 

We Are Who We Are | HBO Series

Source: Theo Park Casting


Submissions closed


Paid opportunity for 4 Latinx women (/femme-identifying) actors with a playing age of 18-25. All actors should have experience growing up in London (/UK). This project is specifically looking at the dual identity of being both Latin American and a Londoner. We are really interested in hearing from people of mixed race Latinx heritage.

R&D Dates in London: Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April

Auditions will take place on Friday 22nd March in London

Please send your details to office@ruthodowdcasting.com

TORNADO (Lead) (Female)

Source: Sally Mccleery Casting

Tornado is aged 16, father Japanese, mother English.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the size of this lead role, we can only consider actors who will have turned 16 by January 2020. We can consider actors aged up to 22 if they have a younger playing age.

For actors with Japanese/White Caucasian heritage, or fully Japanese heritage only (no other asian heritages are currently being considered).

Any British accent. Some grasp of the Japanese language would be of interest but not essential. Must either have Martial arts experience, or a generally good level of fitness and an enthusiasm to learn. Samurai-style sword fighting will play a large part in this role!

In an unnamed location in the British Isles in the dead of winter of 1790, our teenage heroine Tornado, the daughter of a wandering samurai, dreams of a better life. Emotionally shackled to her father and his samurai puppet show, Tornado is given the chance to change everything when she steals a murderous gang's stash of gold. Her impetuous actions cause the death of her father, and propel her on a desperate flight to safety. With the net closing in over the course of a single adrenaline-fuelled day, Tornado must face the consequences of her actions and eventually turn and fight back to avenge her father, save her life and become a samurai herself.

Shooting Jan-March 2020 in Romania (approx 8 weeks)

Director: John Maclean (Slow West)
Producers: Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Rachel Gardner, Eimhear McMahon
Production Company: See-Saw Films (Steve McQueen’s WIDOWS, Garth Davis’ LION, Jane Campion’s TOP OF THE LAKE and Tom Hooper’s THE KING’S SPEECH).
Casting director: Kahleen Crawford (I, Daniel Blake, His Dark Materials)

If you are suitable, you (or your parent/guardian if under 18) should apply direct to sallymccleerycasting@gmail.com with:

-A recent picture (a phone selfie is fine)
-Location (town/city)
-Date of Birth
-How they heard about the casting
-Acting experience
-Can they speak any Japanese (it's fine if they can't but good to know)
-Any Martial Arts, Sports or Dance, experience
-Contact number (of parents/guardians if under 18)


Source: Reg Poerscout-Edgerton 





Full details 


Showcase your talent and get seen by top Casting Directors

The Mandy Monologue Competition is back and it's bigger than ever!

Join us and our incredible line up of industry expert judges:

  • Dan Hubbard
  • Noel Goodwin
  • Noel Clarke
  • Jason Maza
  • Diana Patrick
  • Jacob Sparrow
  • Sean Gascoin

To top this off we have a list of prizes for the winners totalling over $3,500 including headshot packages, full showreel packages, voicereel packages, professional training and much more. 

Get Started

The deadline for entries is March 26th, but remember, the sooner you upload your monologue, the longer you can receive votes for the Actors Choice Award.  Good Luck!

February 2019

Operation Black Antler

Is a site-specific, immersive theatre piece created by internationally acclaimed artist group Blast Theory and critically celebrated theatre company Hydrocracker. Operation Black Antler invites the audience to enter the murky world of undercover surveillance and question the morality of state-sanctioned spying.

Following acclaimed runs at Brighton Festival, Ideas Test in Kent and HOME Manchester, we are taking the show to London’s Southbank Centre this April. The ensemble are at the heart of Operation Black Antler (we were nominated for Best Ensemble in the 2018 Manchester Theatre Awards!). This play happens up close in one-on-one interactions between audience members and cast.

We’re looking for a London community ensemble from a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and age groups. We are interested in working with people who are keen to explore the experience of politics in our local communities, the ethical questions surrounding state surveillance and the possibilities of ground breaking immersive, site-specific theatre techniques. No acting experience is required. 

Full information 

CBBC Casting 

 Zodiak Kids and casting director Kevin Riddle are casting a new comedy-drama series for BBC iPlayer called LAUREN & CRAIG. We are looking for female actors with a playing age of 16-18 for two of the regular roles. 

Candidates must be available 18th March - 1st June 2019.

This is a paid job. It films in Northern Ireland and all travel/accommodation will be provided for the duration of the shoot.

See below for information on the show and the characters we are looking for.  

A new comedy-drama series for BBC iPlayer about the continuing story of teen stepbrother and sister Lauren and Craig, who are taking the next big step into adulthood together.

The show is a spin off from CBBC’s much loved comedy series Millie Inbetween and is designed to be a transitional show catering to an under-represented audience between CBBC and BBC3. It will feel authentic but also fun and celebratory.

Playing age: 16-18.  A fun, confident party girl.  A natural and persuasive leader.  Yasmin comes from a conservative Muslim family and keeps her social life secret from her parents while she works out how to reconcile these two parts of herself. She is bisexual and knows this will cause conflict with her parents.

Any accent.  We are looking for actors of Asian or African/Afro-Carribean heritage for this role.

Playing age: 16-18.  A confident oddball.  She can sometimes have a bit of an attitude but also a sense of fun and warmth.  Can be intense at times but has a quick sense of humour and can show her vulnerability once you get to know her.  

Any accent.  Mel moved to the UK from Poland as a baby so we are looking for Caucasian actors for this role.

If anyone would like to submit themselves for consideration they should email ASAP a recent photo to assistant@kevinriddlecasting.co.uk with the subject heading 'LAUREN & CRAIG SUBMISSION'.

The Crown Casting

This casting brief should not be reposted on any other sites.

Source: Sally McCleery Casting 

The Crown Season Four (Television)

Season Four of the multi-award-winning megahit series THE CROWN - the first original Netflix production to be made in the UK - is an ingenious epic drama about the life of Queen Elizabeth II spanning her six decades on the throne. Series Four covers the period 1979 - 1990. It's the 80s and we follow the social change in Britain during the tumultuous premiership of Margaret Thatcher alongside the equally tumultuous relationship between Prince Charles and the young Lady Diana. The Queen, Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana Spencer are the three strong women at the heart of this season about the shifting dynamics between the Royal House of Windsor and Number 10 Downing Street. 

It boasts a crack team of creatives: spectacular scripts from twice-Oscar-nominated Peter Morgan ("Bohemian Rhapsody"; "The Queen"; "Frost/Nixon"; "The Last King of Scotland"; "The Damned United"; "Rush") and executive-produced by the brilliant award-winning producing veterans Andy Harries and Suzanne Mackie. The superb Benjamin Caron will be returning as lead director

Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals) Shooting in UK from August 19th 2019 to March 15th 2020

Director: Benjamin Caron and others TBC
Producer/EPs: Andy Harries, Suzanne Mackie, Robert Fox, Matthew Byam Shaw and Stephen Daldry
Pay category: Equity/PACT
Company: Left Bank Pictures in association with Sony Pictures Television for Netflix

Diana (Female)
Aged 18 - 22. We need a staggeringly talented young actress to play the iconic figure of Diana from 1977 to 1990. It's a major new leading part in this huge hit show.  

We first meet her as a gawky, wild and neglected 16 year-old when her father has had a stroke and her sister Sarah is dating Prince Charles. We follow her through her fractured courtship with Charles, their wedding and her subsequent initiation into the Royal Family. As she struggles to come to terms with her newfound Royal status, she also comes to the heartbreaking realisation that her marriage is not the fairytale she once imagined it to be. Through the birth of her children and her fight for her mental and physical survival, we watch a transformation from damaged and neglected child to icon and survivor on the international stage. 

We need a mesmerising new young star with extraordinary range - she has to play charming comedy, social exhibitionist on the world stage, desperate and lonely self-harmer at her lowest ebb and the kind of psychological intensity of Mia Farrow in ROSEMARY'S BABY

We need someone who can look and sound like Diana. Diana was 5' 10" and her voice quality is instantly recognisable. 

The youth of the character is crucial to us - the story is of a very young girl negotiating great trials in her life and the age difference between her and our Prince Charles is key. 

This is a one-off career-defining opportunity to set the world alight. The character blazes through superb scenes in an incredible trajectory across the new season. The actor will be required for one season only.

Anyone suitable and interested should email robert@ninagold.co.uk with:
-A recent picture (a phone selfie is fine)
-Age, height & eye colour
-Where they come from
-A bit about their acting experience

Deadline: Monday 25th February 2019

Netflix Casting

Source: Kelly Valentine Hendry

Role of YOUNG UHTRED for the Netflix TV series The Last Kingdom.

We are looking for 16-18 year old (above licensing age) who are strong leading actors.

The series would be shooting from the 22nd March - 30th September in Budapest and the actor would need to be available for this whole period. 

Please see the character description below:
Uhtred's son. Self-confident without being priggish. He's a little grave and solemn but can also be very sardonic and dry. He's clever like Uhtred but less governed by passion. Young Uhtred knows his father hates his Christianity. Having grown up in the church, he's come to believe that Uhtred is a blood-thirsty heathen. An uneasy relationship ensues. Young Uhtred will find himself thrust into the role of heir apparent to Uhtred and will struggle, then thrive. Unlike Osferth, he covets the idea of becoming a priest and it is only the belief that he has a chance of redeeming his father that keeps him following the warrior path for now. He will grow to both love it and be skilled at it, and learn that a man of faith can also be a man of the sword.

To apply please email annie@valentinehendry.com with a recent headshot and CV

Only get in touch if you meet the casting criteria

Student Film | Casting

“A professional Latin-dancer is determined to find the perfect dance partner whom to win a competition with and use the prize-money to move herself and her sister out of their disadvantaged living situation.”

We are a 13-member student crew eager to produce a beautiful and inspiring story based around the themes of struggle, perseverance, family and friendship told through the artform of Latin dance.

As an actor you can expect to work alongside a hardworking, organised and efficient team that values communication, collaboration and professionalism.
Finally, this experience will allow you to develop as a creative practitioner as well as obtain valuable material for your portfolio or CV.

The shooting will take place in Greater London at the end of TUESDAY 2ND and WEDNESDAY 3rd of APRIL - Exact shooting location and rehearsal days to be confirmed.

Primary Roles

Secondary Roles

Anta Male, Casting Director

Netflix Mini Series | Casting

Any candidate must be available March-August to film in Manchester.

The Stranger - based on the novel by Harlan Coben 
Red Production mini-series thriller for Netflix. 8 x 60 serialised thriller about family, love, marriage, community. It confronts a fear we all dread - what if the person closest to us has been living a lie... It poses a question we can all identify with. If a stranger told you a terrible secret about someone you love – a secret that threatens to destroy everything you hold dear – what would you do? How well do we really know the people closest to us? 
THE STRANGER is based on the #1 New York Times best-selling novel created by Harlan Coben.

Overall Dates: 4 March 2019 - 18 August 2019 (including prep & filming)
Location:  Manchester 

We are looking for:

17/18 Caucasian boy - Lead role.  Handsome, fun & popular, on the football team, life seemingly easy for him until a terrible secret explodes in his family and his world changes forever.  

17/18 mixed race boy - Lead role.  Larger than life with comedy bones.  Always life and soul of a party but then can take the joke too far with devastating consequences.  A warm and naturally magnetic character that you can’t forget.

17/18 mixed race girl.  Supporting role.  Emaciated, frail and suffering from a terrible debilitating illness - needs to feel fragile.  She’s a bit of a meddler and stirrer but we feel sorry for her because she’s so ill.

17/18 Asian or Chinese boy.  Supporting role.  Attractive but on the edge of the group.  Not very popular and ends up in a coma after being attacked at a rave.  

Exec Producers: Nicola Shindler, Harlan Coben
Head of Production: Michaela Fereday
Producers: Madonna Baptiste
Writer: Danny Brocklehurst
Original Story: Harlan Coben
Director (Block 1 + 3): Daniel O'Hara

Email to submit headshot and contacts is: assist@priscillajohn.com
Please put ’The Stranger’ in the subject header.


Sarah Frankcom (Artistic Director) and Bryony Shanahan (Associate Artistic Director) would like to to meet actors based in GM who have not recently been auditioned, and whom we do not know yet.

There will be 5-minute slots available per actor, on a first come first served basis. Please prepare a 1.5 min monologue written within the 20th and 21st century that is within your playing age.

14 February 2019

Get involved

January 2019

Alex Rider TV Series | Kyra 

Source: Gary Davy Casting

Kyra is a student at Point Blanc (character age 16-18), the International School where Alex is sent undercover. Like a cross between Lisbeth Salander and Eleven she's a wayward teen who's been sent to the school to be 'reformed' after she hacked the Tokyo Stock Exchange. She's punky and fierce, trusting nobody and not bothering to give people the time of day unless she absolutely has to but there's a vulnerability there as well. Scripted as having a buzz cut. 

Character is of mixed-heritage / non-white / European.

You must be 20 or under to apply because of playing age of the character (16-18) 

Role will be need to shoot in Europe between March 4th - 1st April and then in UK from April 1 - early September. 


Accent wise: any accent but NOT UK. Character has to be from somewhere other than UK. Its set in an International School so must feel International. If people want to do an American accent we’d recommend doing US + one other accent from a European country if possible.

If you’re interested in applying please film a self tape of the attached scene and send to alex@garydavy.com by Sunday 3rd February. 

Voice Casting

Bedrooms of London
Bedrooms of London is an exhibition of photo-journalism about London poverty. There will also be a video in the exhibition space featuring London streets with a voice-over of speech from real interviews. The exhibition will be open from Feb-May of this year at the Foundling Museum. 
We are looking to cast JOSH, 16, and FABRICE, 19, black, from London. 
If you are interested in these roles, please email bellarachelwalker@gmail.com by 31 January

Casting Call


The producers of hit web series SHELLEY are about to start the search for the young stars of their next original series shooting early April 2019

With over 11 million views online for the first season of the smash hit web series SHELLEY, the show’s creators are entering pre-production for their next show.

Do you have what it takes to be a star?

We’re looking for performers with a playing age of 12 to 18.

No experience necessary but confidence with a neutral American accent is a must!  We’re looking for a sense of fun and naturalism from an ensemble cast. At this stage, we are prioritising candidates from the South West.

We are seeking cast for the following roles:

1 x male part playing age 12
2 x female part playing age 13 (1 x dark features - Mediterranean/Latin).
2 x male part playing age 13
3 x female parts playing age 14
1 x male part playing age 14
1 x female part playing age 17
2 x male parts playing age 17

Please note: apart from one stipulation above, this casting is not ethnicity specific. 

This is a paid opportunity with rates to be discussed upon offer.

Please apply with a recent photo, full name, age, accents, where you are based with by-line “Treehouse Casting – Bournemouth Area” to mrmirate@gmail.com

Beatles Casting 

Source: CW Casting

We are currently looking for talented young actors with excellent (native standard) Liverpudlian accents for an exciting new project for Sky / Spelthorne.

The piece is set in 1963 London during the early days of Beatlemania. It tells the true storyof how Paul McCartney wrote the song Yesterday.

You’ll need to be fully available for the shooting period, 23rd-26th February

Full details 

Four Weddings and a Funeral

We’re looking for an actress with an Indian or Pakistani background - and with a lovely singing voice to play the small role of Maria in the TV version of Four Weddings. She must be London based, and available between the 19th Feb and 15th March - and would most likely be needed for max a week within this period for filming. 

MARIA (Female)
MARIA - Aged 16 / 17 years old. 'Maria' is and actress who attends a children's theatre group. She plays MARIA opposite KASH's (Nikesh Patel) Captain Von Trapp in a local production of 'The Sound of Music'. The actress could be in her late teens to early 20's but must read around 16 to 17, she is one of the older students in the theatre group. Must be able to sing - sings 'Something Good' from the musical. Indian or Pakistani. Neutral London accent. 1 Episode, 1 scene.
Playing age 15 - 20
Height Any
Pay category Same as production (Equity/PACT)
Agreements .
Appearance Indian, Pakistani

Maya, the young communications director for a New York senatorial campaign, receives a wedding invitation from her college schoolmate now living in London. She leaves her professional and personal life behind, in favor of traveling to England and reconnecting with old friends and ends up in the midst of their personal crises. Relationships are forged and broken, political scandals exposed, London social life lampooned, love affairs ignited and doused, and of course there are four weddings… and a funeral.
Writers: Various. Episode 1: Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton.

Executive Producers: Mindy Kaling, Tracey Wigfield, Jonathan Prince, Howard Klein, Matt Warburton, Charlie Grandy
Production details
Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals) Overall shoot dates late November 2018 to early April 2019. 

1-hour Episodic (10 Episodes) - One-season commitment
Production location London, United Kingdom
Closing date 18/01/2019 : 22:00
Sent 09/01/2019
Director Tristram Shapeero
Producer Mindy Kaling, Tracey Wigfield
Pay category Equity/PACT
Company Hulu / MGM Television and Universal Television

To put yourself forward please email a recent headshot and CV to casting@rachelfreck.com 

Casting Call | Etcetera Theatre 


‘He got up again and went and got an old tea towel and put that over the dog’s head and kneeled down again and then hit it really hard with the brick. Quite a few times, until it was quiet. And then he came inside and went to the bathroom and threw up and he left the dog out there with the tea towel over its head.’ 

After a 4 star production of ‘Uncle Vanya’ (Camden People’s Theatre, 2018) INKWELL PRODUCTIONS are looking to cast a male actor (playing age 20-28) of any ethnicity for the role of ‘Rob’ in the one man show ‘Stacy' by Jack Thorne (This is England, Glue, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child). Stacy is to be performed at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden March 5th-10th. Auditions and rehearsals will take place in London. 

'In the monologue play ‘Stacy, twenty-something Rob tells the story of a confusing couple of days in which everything in his life seems to have gone wrong.’ ‘Stacy’ explores loneliness, toxic masculinity and the consequences of male rage. We are looking for a performer that can carry a show and enthrall, move and disturb an audience in equal measure. It is a very meaty role that will require a high level of commitment, professionalism as well as a sensitivity for. There will be a month of rehearsals before the 6 night run. The role is unpaid, but it is an incredible performing opportunity in an excellent central venue.

To apply, send a headshot/recent photograph, your CV, Spotlight (if possible) and the audition date you would like to caoimheeblair@gmail.com with the subject heading ‘STACY AUDITION’. 

If based in London but unable to make the audition, please specify in the email and we shall arrange a video submission audition. 

Audition Dates:

MONDAY 28TH JANUARY- Studio 2, The Cockpit, Gateforth Street, Marylebone, NW8 8EH 11am-5.30pm
WEDNESDAY 30TH JANUARY- Bloomsbury, Central London (exact address confirmed via email) 5pm-9pm 

Edinburgh Fringe Casting

Wonky Donkey Theatre are looking to cast two actors (one female, one male) for an upcoming performance at the Edinburgh Fringe in August (1st-31st of August), with the possibility of a London preview.  Rehearsals will take place in London.

‘You & Me?’ [working title] is a two-hander anti-love story, performed in the third person. A man and a woman, both in their early 20’s, meet in a club. They are immediately attracted to each other, and despite the unromantic setting, they seem to have a genuine connection. Their story should be simple enough. But in a society where we create personas and build up walls to defend fragile egos, it doesn’t always play out like that. 

There is a continual interplay between the stark contrast of what people say and think. Veering from dialogue between W and M, and the direct address of third person narration, the audience witnesses the frustrating failure of the pair to openly connect, even in the most seemingly intimate of situations. 

Role 1: 
W is in her early 20s. She is sarcastic, carefree and confident - well that is how she appears. In reality, she is insecure, secretly hopeful, and entirely unsure of who she is. This character veers between the persona that she shows to the world, and the true self that she reveals to the audience through the performance of her inner monologues. There are no physical requirements for W, she can look like anyone, and have any accent. However, the part has a lot of dialogue, and W is on stage for the whole play, so the actor will need to have excellent diction and energy. A good sense of comic timing is important, but also the ability to show vulnerability when needed. 

Role 2: 
M is in his early 20s. He is trying to fight against his nature, trying not to be the weak one in his overtly manly group of friends. However internally, he is sensitive, insecure, and afraid of rejection. He veers between the persona that he tries to develop throughout the play, and the rather more awkward, unsure person that he reveals to the audience through the performance of his inner monologues. There are no physical requirements for M, he can look like anyone, and have any accent. However, the part has a lot of dialogue, and M is on stage for the whole play, so the actor will need to have excellent diction and energy. A good sense of comic timing is important, but also the ability to show vulnerability when needed. 

Salary: This is an unpaid position, however if there is any profit it will be shared between the company. The purpose of this project is to run a full production at the Edinburgh Fringe, a wonderful opportunity that affords great exposure. Comp tickets will be provided to reviewers and agents and our cast will have access to comp tickets for these purposes.


Levis Commercial | Quick turnaround, casting this week

Source: Lara Manwaring Casting

I'm casting a very cinematic Levis commercial at the moment and am looking for some young people for the below roles: 

The roles we are looking for are:

A black or mixed race girl aged 12 - 17 years, she is on a basketball court in the commercial (basketball experience not essential at all but a bonus) wiry but tough, fiesty. Petite or slim but makes up for it in strength and personality.

A black or mixed race boy aged 12 - 17 years, he's on a basketball court in the commercial (basketball experience not essential at all but a bonus), has an interesting face, quiet more sensitive type.

A black young man aged 16 - 20 years.  Interesting look.  Is coming out to his parents as gay in the scene.

South asian boy or girl aged 12 - 17 years, Ideally the boy/girl we are looking for is not your typical athletic kid but someone a bit quirky, maybe bigger built, intelligent but on the more awkward side.

Black/mixed race woman - 20 - 30 years, Black. Motivational speaker.
Striking looking. Think Zoe Kravitz or Michaela Cole

For all these roles we are not looking for typical commercial looks but more quirky, unusual, memorable faces.


Shooting 29th Jan - 1st Feb in Mexico.

Will be directed by acclaimed commercials and film director Aoife McArdle and produced by Somesuch.

Castings will be held 10 & 11 January 2019

To apply send a recent photo, and some information about where you are based, your D.O.B. and any experience to assistant@laramanwaring.com

Stella Adler Studio | Auditions 

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles are once again returning to London during the annual audition tour. We will be auditioning prospective students for our Professional Conservatory programs as well as Summer Programs in London on March 15th and 17th at the Actors Centre and March 16th at RADA Studios. We are hoping to connect with the most gifted, ambitious young actors in the UK who have an appetite for rigorous training and an interest in studying acting in New York or Los Angeles. Email ryan@stellaadler.com to schedule an audition appointment.

Audition appointment requests must be made by Friday, March 1st by submitting a free online application at https://ste-web.scansoftware.com/cafeweb/tapestry?page=Audition-Tour-Int. Actors need to be at least 18 years of age or older. Auditions are FREE! All application fees are waived for the London Audition appointments. The training programs are tuition based and more information can be found at http://www.stellaadler.com/classes/.
Founded in 1949, the Stella Adler Studio occupies a unique place in the history of both theater and actor training in the United States. Rooted in the spirit of Stella Adler, and the insight that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous, students will be challenged on every level by world class faculty and by a mission to nurture theater artists so that they value humanity, their own and others, as their first priority, while bringing art and education to the community. Alumni include Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Donna Murphy, Elaine Stritch and many more.
(Actors Must be 18 years of age or older)
Date: March 15, 16, 17
Time: 10am-6pm
Friday and Sunday Location: The Actors Centre in London, 1A Tower Street.
Saturday Location: RADA Studios
Audition: Prepare two contrasting monologues, one contemporary/realism and one classical, that should be no longer than 90 seconds in length each.
To schedule a London Audition, please fill out and submit the free International Audition Tour Online Application at: https://ste-web.scansoftware.com/cafeweb/tapestry?page=Audition-Tour-Int selecting London as your audition location.

Visit our Facebook Event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/114085949508975/
Email Ryan Chittaphong with any questions at ryan@stellaadler.com.

Birmingham Hippodrome, West Side Story

Birmingham Hippodrome are looking for Birmingham’s best young talent for a brand new production of West Side Story on their main stage as part of their 120th birthday celebrations.

Are you aged 14 – 25? Could this be you?

In August 2019, they are staging an exciting new production of West Side Story with an outstanding professional team. Based on Romeo & Juliet, West Side Story is a tale of teenage love on the streets of New York and they're looking to fill the cast with exciting young performing talent from our very own city and neighbouring areas.

Full information



WoLab are thrilled to be partnering with The Bunker Theatre to present on March 3rd happy ever after?, the story of what happened to the Disney Princesses once their 'dreams came true'. Elsa's town is melting, The Little Mermaid is drowning, Belle's into beastiality and who knows what's going on with Snow White and those seven men. 

Calling all self-identifying female and non-binary writers... the task:

Pick a Disney Princess and write what really happened once their dreams came true. You can pick any character; all you have to do is write a monologue putting your own spin on their happy ever after. The text should last no longer than ten minutes. No previous writing experience is needed. Please send your monologue to olivia@wolab.co.uk by midday on 21st January. 

WoLab are also looking for female and non-binary performers to get involved. To be considered, please forward your Spotlight link or CV with headshot to the email above. We look forward to hearing from you!

VAULT Festival Casting 

***Casting for 16 year old female for new play at VAULT Festival***
‘Found a dead body once. When I was 7.
He looked like Stilton. Made me think of Christmas cos no one eats Stilton when it ain’t Christmas. Like mini eggs at Easter. ‘Cept stilton’s minging.’
We are looking for a 16 year old from London of any ethnicity to play one of three Katys. No previous acting experience required. For licencing reasons you must be turning 17 before August 2019 and have already taken your GCSEs. You must live in London. 
Katy is a natural storyteller; she is funny, independent-minded, imaginative and determined to protect her mum. The play was supported by Bush Theatre in June and the writer was part of BBC DramaRoom 2017. 
Rehearsals from 22nd January. These will be flexible but there will be some daytime rehearsals, to be worked out with the performer. The performances are at The VAULT in Waterloo from Wednesday 13th February to Sunday 17th February at 6:25pm (with a matinee at 3:25pm on the 16th). You will need to commit to being able to attend all rehearsals once they are agreed and all performances.
Expenses will be covered for rehearsals and the performances.
In the first instance please email a bit about yourself, where you are based and a headshot / photo of your head and shoulders to bottledcasting@gmail.com

Deadline: 7 January 

December 2018

Dear Evan Hansen | Open Auditions

Audition for the Broadway Transfer to London!

Full information

Film Casting | Confidential Studio Picture 

Source: Jina Jay Casting 

JINA JAY is a casting director whose credits include ‘BLACK MIRROR’ and ‘STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE’.

We are currently looking for a Middle Eastern, African or Latin/Hispanic female aged 18-22 years.


Shooting sometime between March – August 2019.

To apply, contact us at assistantjinajay@gmail.com with a recent snapshot and your basic details. Please send us a short video clip introducing yourself on camera (name, age, location etc) by Friday 14th December 2018.

Subject header: YOUR NAME / FEATURE FILM


Jina Jay’s Credits - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0419605/

BBC Four / George Eliot

Do you have a passion for George Eliot? Is Middlemarch one of your all-time favourite novels? 

To mark the bicentenary of George Eliot’s birth next year BBC Four are looking for people to take part in a unique arts documentary directed by award-winning British artist Gillian Wearing

If you would like to be involved please get in touch with your name, age, contact details.
To apply
Age Limit: 
Applicants must be 18 years of age and over.
Email address:

Closing date: 
17 December 2018

How we use your information: 
The information you provide will be collected and compiled by BBC Studios and the artist Gillian Wearing for the purposes of assessing whether you are a suitable contributor and to contact you about the show. It may also be used for developing and producing the show as well as any associated website content, programme, publicity, promotion and/or distribution materials. Unless you have indicated otherwise, BBC Studios will only use your details in connection with this show and the associated material. Your Personal data will not be shared with any other third party without your permission. BBC Studios will retain your data in accordance with our retention policy and data protection legislation. For more information about how BBC Studios uses your data, please see our Privacy and Cookies Policy: http://www.bbc.co.uk/privacy

Please note, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get back to everyone, but thank you for taking the time to apply.  

November 2018


Katzpace in London Bridge are setting up a scratch night for musicians to showcase any new/old/anything they've been working on for what should be an exciting and fun packed evening! We're currently looking for people to perform on the 21st January. 

If you would like to take part, please email info@katzpace.co.uk

Shackleton Stowaway Casting 

Shackleton’s Stowaway was a Sold Out show at this year’s Ed Fringe. It is a 2 hander, starring a Shackleton and a Stowaway. We are currently casting for the role of the Stowaway.

Dates of Production: 23rd to 28th April 2018
Salary: NMW for 4 weeks, including rehearsals in April.
Deadline: December 3rd 2018.
Casting: December 2018.

The Stowaway should have a playing age of between 18 and 21. We need someone with fine comic skills, but also able to deliver a poetic line. Experience in physical comedy, too. Ideal height would be less than 5’9. Ability to do a Welsh accent is a must. 

Shackleton’s Stowaway is based on the real events of the legendary Endurance expedition to Antarctica. It follows the tragicomic misfortunes of an 18-year-old stowaway aboard the expedition. Initially, he's in complete awe of Shackleton. But this fades by the time Shackleton has gotten them trapped in the polar ice pack – even more so when Endurance actually breaks up and sinks. This leaves them adrift on the ice, hundreds of miles from civilisation. But ‘when disaster strikes and all hope is gone, you get down on your knees and pray for Shackleton’ (Raymond Priestley).

To apply send a recent headshot and CV if you have it to andy@stolenelephanttheatre.com

Film Extras 

Source: Merlin Merton

Merlin is producing a Student Feature in collaboration with the London Film School - they are offering lot of their students trainee positions working with industry professionals. 
The film in question 'Cranley Gardens' will be the second feature by director Rafael Kapelinski whose debut 'Butterfly Kisses' won the Crystal Bear at last year's Berlin Film Festival.
They are looking for up to 100 members to be responsive party-goers where our two main characters have an encounter with another. It'd be shooting at Trafik, 331 Old Street, EC1V 9LE.
Shooting day / time: 28th November between 1pm - 5pm.
As this is a low budget feature, they can't pay for transport sadly and you'd would need to be filmed in their own attire. At the shoot they will have the opportunity to see in close quarters exactly how a working set operates, including all the relevant departments from director, DoP, to 1st AD etc, along with the other key cast. 

To get involved, get in touch with merlin@blueshadowsfilms.com

His Dark Materials Casting 

Short Film | Casting Call 

Source: Kingston-Smith Casting 


MR WHIPPY is a short film written by Paddy Campbell and directed by Rachna Suri, produced by Kamilla Hodol, Emilie Jouffroy and James Durrant, and backed by BBC Films. MR WHIPPY follows Carol, a woman who find herself embroiled in a high-stakes turf war during the Glasgow Ice Cream Wars, forced to sell drugs smuggled in soft-serve cones with her reluctant son in a race against time to save her deadbeat husband. It is a suspenseful and exciting short, with a tender yet painful family dynamic at its heart. 

Production details
Pay category: Non-Equity
Production location: London, United Kingdom
Production dates: 5 day's shoot between 10th and 15th Dec '18
1 prep day, date TBC 

Director: Rachna Suri
Producer: Emilie Jouffroy, Kamilla Kristiane Hodol and James Durrant
Company: Elation / Pia Pressure

BOBBY (Male, 16 - 20)
Description: M, playing 16-20 - MUST BE ABOVE LICENSING AGE. Scottish accent (Glaswegian). 

Bobby’s physicality exudes simplicity but underneath, he is a gentle individual who is sensitive to his surroundings and interacts with others in a compassionate manner. He has the quiet confidence of someone who has been loved even if he hasn’t needed to display this yet. He has self-worth and is part of a small group of friends who are loyal to each other but aren’t the most popular kids in school. He lets Carol mollycoddle him, but there’s no mistaking that they are equals. He feels the need to protect her and is now of an age where he can start to do that. They are close and Bobby often takes the piss, lightening the mood. Bobby is resentful of his father, Murray, for how he treats his mum, but this builds into anger as he finds himself embroiled in Glasgow’s underground criminal world, forcing his coming of age.

Height: Any
Appearance: Any
Pay category: Non-Equity
Agreements: £207 per day, in line with Equity / PACT minimum (short films under £1m) 
5 days shoot

£60 fittings and prep (no more than 1 day)


Founding Fall Theatre are looking for a company of actors to bring our next “FreeFall" event to life on Thursday 13th December at Drapers Hall Theatre (Elephant and Castle).

This scratch/improv hybrid is an intrepid new form of theatre performance. With an intense three day rehearsal process, live Musicians improvising around the text and redirection being thrown at the Actors in front of the audience’s eyes, we ignite those raw, unpredictable moments of free fall in theatre that have you on the edge of your seat.

We are looking for playful Actors, who take risks and make exciting choices.

To apply to audition please send us the following information:
•    A paragraph about yourself to include:
•    What kind of theatre you’re interested in making.
•    Why you’d like to work with us.
•    A copy of your CV/any previous experience (Spotlight link if you have one - Do not be put off if you don’t) 

As a developing company, with a Summer repertory season at our space near Brighton next year, we are always on the lookout for actors to welcome further into the fold. We have already found some amazing artists to work with and this event is a great chance to introduce yourself to us and our community.

Auditions will be held on the 1st and 2nd of December and you will need to be available all day for rehearsals on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of December.

Please send Acting Submission to fftheatre.actors@gmail.com

Actors Needed | Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

Project: MARVEL Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. - London
Location: Excel Centre, London
Start: 26th November 2018
End: Expected 31st March 2019
Auditions: 19th – 21st November
Salary: £10.00 per hour
Contract Type: Zero-hours
Application Closing Date: 16th November 2018

Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. London is the highly anticipated multi-room interactive exhibition that offers fans of all ages the opportunity to delve into the super-workings and back-story of each of The Avengers as they train to become an agent of the S.T.A.T.I.O.N.

S.T.A.T.I.O.N. an acronym for Science Training and Tactical Intelligence Operative Network, where guests will step inside the popular films and become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe storyline, whether trying to lift Thor’s hammer or taking a sneaky peak at Bruce Banners Lab.

For more information visit: https://www.avengersstation.co.uk

Full details 

Short Film | Member Project

Project Source: NYT Member Jordan John 

A young teenager leans on music to drown out a vicious domestic. 

The film explores the how happiness can be induced and the side effects of that.

Casting Dates:
TBC- Early December and February.

An actor with the playing age of 16.
Comfortable with mature content. Themes of violence (off screen) and suggested drug use.


To find out more or apply get in touch with JordanJohn93@hotmail.co.uk

Much Ado About Nothing / Lysistrata - 2019 Production

The Delta Collective is thrilled to announce two brave new productions of classical pieces, adapted to explore unique contemporary perspectives. Think: Young, broke, sexy Londoners’ worlds colliding at the party to end all parties, which simmers with tension, fear, and steamy mid-summer heat.

We are casting for a rep company of actors to stage two classical shows in rep and bring these worlds alive. Everyone is welcome to apply: all ages, all genders and identities, including all actors who feel they are not the “typical” look for classical texts. If you have no experience in classical texts, this is not a problem.

Age: Any
Gender: Any
Appearance: Any 
Roles: No specific roles will be cast up front, they will be allocated during R&D
Audition Dates: 5th, 7th & 8th December

We encourage people with very unique looks and abilities to apply. While the shows will rely heavily on movement, actors with disabilities are encouraged to apply and we are committed to making sure all accessibility requirements are met. 

Ultimately The Delta Collective wants to work with generous, fun-loving, brave actors who thrive as part of a close ensemble. 

We are unable to accept CVs by email or on social media. If you would like an audition slot, please apply with our online form only. 

Actors with showreels and/or links to work will receive priority when allocating slots. We are accepting a limited number of audition tapes on a case by case basis. If you will have trouble attending auditions for any reason, please let us know and we can discuss.   

Production Dates/Availability:   

Should have good availability in January for R&D. Rehearsals will be scheduled in April around the company, but should have good/flexible availability.

Production dates are yet to be confirmed, will be Spring/Summer 2019

Note: This is a production that needs actors who are interested in becoming part of a Rep Company in the Delta Collective family. It requires you to be committed to the production over a long period, but not exclusively. We understand other commitments will be inevitable, but if you are unavailable for long periods of time we may not be able to consider you.

If you would like to come along for this incredible ride with us, apply by filling out our online form HERE

Many thanks,

Alex, Becky, Faye and Robin 

The Delta Collective 

GATEWAYS Auditions 

Attention! Submissions for Actors for Gateways Autumn showcase are now open!

The new writing pieces we have had submitted are FANTASTIC, but we now need to find actors to cast in our next show. If you are an actor and want to get involved in what we do, sign up for an audition!

Have the chance to work with our team of directors and writers and join the 200+ creatives that have benefited from this amazing platform for new talent.

Have a chance to perform in front of an audience of creatives and industry professionals! Previous attendees include: BBC, Big Sky Studios, RSC, Dazed And Confused, Rikki Beadle Blair, National Youth Theatre, Sue Oddell CDG and more!
Audition dates- 17th + 18th November

Performance dates- 12th + 13th December

Sign up HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WSerGy7YZRUrJG0eRdPE3Cxv1sXiwIOUmXEpRze...

All applicants, please take the time to fill out our equal opportunities form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfcesFx3Ixclv0D_J06uLGs_YvSx6bN...


Indian-Heritage guys aged 20 - 25 wanted to audition for major new 8-part BBC television series called THE SERPENT inspired by the manhunt for one of the iconic killer Charles Sobhraj who between 1972 and 1976 embarked on a murderous crime spree on the Hippie Trail between Istanbul and Kathmandu. 

The character is from Mumbai so we need an actor who is fully confident doing an accurate Indian accent.

Shooting in The Far East between April and September 2019

(Actors not required for entire shooting period)

Please e-mail Robert Sterne -  robert@ninagold.co.uk with:

 - A recent picture of yourself

 - Your full name

 - Date of birth

 - How did you hear about the casting?

A paragraph about yourself,  including any acting experience


Robert Sterne is a casting director whose credits include GAME OF THRONES  (Seasons 1 - 8)  for HBO and THE CROWN  (Seasons 1 - 3)  for Netflix


Burnt Lemon Theatre are looking for an actress who can sing and play bass guitar to join the cast of their award winning punk production THE HALF MOON SHANIA - winner of Musical Theatre Review’s ‘Best Musical Award 2018’ at Edinburgh Fringe.

Playing age 18-25.

Dates (inc rehearsal and shows): 21st January - 10th February

This is a paid opportunity.

Rehearsals and performances will be in London.


Lola is a young woman fuelled by the fire that sits in her stomach. After years of searching, she has found a sense of belonging and ambition as bass guitarist and vocalist in punk rock girl band – ‘The G Stringz’. Straying from her once perfectly paved career path, she puts her everything into seeing that The G Stringz take the world by storm. Her credulous curiosity can lead her astray, but her bandmates cling on to her docs and plant her two feet back on the stage. Despite her puffed-up punk persona, she’s vulnerable. Defensive at times. And made to feel small by the unsteady unknown her future holds.

Please email your interest to burntlemontheatre@outlook.com with your CV and a bit about you. We will be in contact with audition details in the next week.


October 2018

King Lear

Brockley Jack Studio Theatre

Salary: This is a straight profit share across all creatives and cast. Profit Share

Production Dates: 19th-30th March 2019

Protecting Actors: This production has signed the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement

Closing Date: 12/11/18

The Company The Yard Players are a new theatre company making their debut at the Jack Studio Theatre in Brockley. The Project We are currently seeking actors for a number of parts in Shakespeare's King Lear. This is a modern, stripped back production but using the original text with a core cast of 10 people. We are looking for strong, dedicated actor's with experience of Shakespeare who want to bring to life this famous piece. Rehearsals: We will be doing read-throughs, text work and scene work throughout December, January and February before 3 weeks of more consistent, intensive rehearsals in the daytimes during the weeks leading up to the production.

As it is profit-share we are open to flexibility. The Future The company would like to build a strong team of actors and creatives who can in essence be a troupe or ensemble company to work together on future projects. So this is just the start. Our Ethos We believe in quality productions fitting the spaces they're in and that theatre should be accessible but not to the detriment of the integrity of the piece. Casting We are committed to even the playing field across gender and so a few parts are gender-bent/open for interpretation. We welcome all applicants from all backgrounds so please apply! **IF YOU ARE INVITED, AUDITIONS WILL BE ON THE 26TH AND 27TH NOVEMBER AT THE BROCKLEY JACK THEATRE**

Contact: Yardplayers@yahoo.com

The Comedy School | Play casting 

We are in the process of casting for our TIE play ‘It’s No Joke!’ and wondered if you know any actors that might be suitable.

Please see info below:

Type: TIE Location: London and Luton Salary: £425 per week Inclusive of travel and lunch will be provided during performance dates Duration: 19th November to 14th December 

Closing Date: Midday 5th November 

Project Summary: We require actors for 'It's No Joke' - Anti-knife crime play. Actors should be versatile and possess strong improvisation/devising skills. Musical abilities desirable but not essential. Actors should be able to play a range of characters including that from an age of 15 plus. As a member of the company you will be required to work with the other actors and director developing an established issue-centred play that encourages awareness and debate amongst young people whilst being delivered in a fun and comedic style. This initiative is a project aimed at year 6 & 7 pupils (10-12 years) to combat the increasing knife problem in London. Auditions: 9th & 10th November AM and PM sessions / call-backs 12th November AM and PM sessions Rehearsals: 10 full Days (10am to 6pm) between 19th - 30th November. 

Performance Dates: 3rd - 14th December 2018 Mon-Fri, in Luton. Transport will be provided from a Central London pick up point to Luton . 

CV’s can be sent to email@thecomedyschool.com




Are auditioning for new talent... 

AUDITIONS: 19th November 10:00am - 6:00pm

Location - Central London

FOR SUBMISSIONS: Email your Spotlight/CV, headshots and showreel/monologue.



For those without a showreel, film a monologue and send it in anyway! 

Once your submission has been reviewed, you'll be allocated a time slot for the day.

If you cannot make the audition, submit anyway and we'll take a look.


Source: Theatre Royal Stratford East

Theatre Royal Stratford East are looking for 2 supernumeraries to be a part of their pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, Directed by Matthew Xia.

They are looking for 1 male and 1 female, who have some movement skill. You need to be 18+. 

To be a part of this you would need to be available for all of the performance schedule below (although they may not be called for all of tech). 

You would receive a supernumerary session rate for each session (performance) - £29.32. 

Please send a recent headshot, and your CV to dhale@stratfordeast.com to apply 

More on sleeping beauty here: http://www.stratfordeast.com/whats-on/all-shows/sleeping-beauty 

Short Film | Casting

Source: NYT Member Project

"30 days till full moon" is a short horror film about a girl called Ali who turns into a werewolf at the full moon. But when this happens it leaves her with severe trauma and PTSD. The film explores mental health through the lense of supernatural horror. 
We are looking for: 

Ali: a girl with a playing age of 20-25 who is either from Glasgow or near Glasgow who can display a steely determination but also a vulnerability.
This is a paid job. To apply we'd ask people to send a headshot and a bit about themselves to logannicolson42@gmail.com

Howells Management Intake

Source: Howells Managament

We are about to start a second wave intake of clients, since our first ad working alongside NYT went so well. Our application process is open to everyone including previous applicants.

Having received such an overwhelming response of incredible talent the first time round, this time we would like applicants to again send:

  • Current headshots
  • Spotlight Pin
  • Covering letter about themselves (Previous applicants should do them same but also note what they have been up to since)
  • A short piece of your choosing to camera. This is due to the high volume of applicants last time round and we would really like to give everyone a chance to have their abilities viewed. 

We are very keen to see BAME applications. We are excited to receive your submissions!

All the best,
Ashley Howells


Casting Call | Cambridge 

Source: NYT Member

We are looking for a male actor (age 18-28) to play Prince William in a production of Mike Bartlett’s Olivier award-winning ‘King Charles III’ at the ADC Theatre, Cambridge, 6th-10th November.

Resemblance to Prince William a bonus but non-essential.

The actor will need to be as available as possible between now and the performance dates. The work will be unpaid but accommodation in Cambridge can be provided and expenses paid for.

Please email issysnape@icloud.com with a list of any previous amateur or professional acting credits as soon as possible and a headshot or recent photograph. 

Feature Film Casting 

Source: Kate Dowd Casting 

Director: Dan Mazer
Writer: Tim Long
Producers: Dan Hine, Ash Atalla, Jeffrey Soros, Simon Horsman
Company: Who’s On Firest/Los Angeles Media Fund
Casting Director: Kate Dowd
Casting Assistant: Amy Jackson

Shoot dates: January 2019
Location: Ontario, Canada

Stéphane, a 17 year old French-Algerian student arrives in Canada on an exchange program to live with Tim and his family in a provincial Canadian town where nothing much happens. Teenage Tim had hopes for a worldly, intelligent, sophisticated French student to brighten up his very dull world. However, Stephane arrives and much to Tim's disappointment, is not at all what he expected.

Stéphane (Male)
18+ to play 17 years. Stephane is a French-exchange student who comes to live in Canada with Tim and his family. Euro-trashy teen with gelled up hair, soccer jersey and a gold chain. He’s mad about girls, sex and charms everyone he meets....except Tim. Must have lots of natural charm, charisma, a light comic touch and great screen presence.

This is a search for ethnically diverse young actors who can believably play French-Algerian and do a convincing French accent.

To apply, get in touch with asst@katedowdcasting.com sending over a recent headshot and your CV 

Four Weddings and a Funeral | Casting

Confession call-out

Are you a young person aged 18 or under and based in or near to Hackney?
We want your input for our project Confession, which has been commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of Dare Festival, 25th-27th October at Shoreditch Town Hall.
Confession is a multi-art form collaboration led by director Natasha Hyman and dramaturg Aleksandra Jakubczak, exploring the relationship between confessor and adjudicator. It interrogates traditional forms of confession and judgment, challenging our expectations about who has the authority to forgive.
Confession will centre around a custom made confession booth featuring artwork from young people in Hackney. It will be paired with innovative sound design, live voice manipulation, music composition and verbatim testimony alongside live performance.
We are running a workshop this week, Thursday 18th, 7-9pm at Shoreditch Town Hall, which  will be an opportunity for you to contribute your ideas to be a part of Dare Festival. In the workshop we will be exploring concepts of shame, we will be creating our own creative responses to the theme.
Your input in the workshop will become part of this project.

Please RSVP/ get in touch with producer Maya Ellis mayacamilleellis@gmail.com

***Are you 16 or under and do you want to play a special role, guiding our audience during the festival?***

We are also looking for a couple of young people who are free on the afternoon and evening of the 24th Oct and some or all of the following dates: the evenings of 25th and 26th October and a matinee on 27th October, to guide the audience. Your voice will be recorded and there will be a small performance role. No acting experience required. Script in hand.

Awakened Dreams (working title) (Feature Film)

Casting director: Kristina Erdely

Only apply if you fit the brief completely will email. You need to look 14/15 for Zap and 16 for Celeste and be over 16 years old and no licence required,  and have a very good US accent. 
Please note for young roles, we are happy to see actors as young as 16 as long as they don't require licensing. 

UK/France/US fantasy feature film (mixed live-action/animation). The writer-director is Chris Bouchard (The Hunt For Gollum, The Little Mermaid, 2018).
A lovely and exciting project, which will be shot in Paris (Studio), in English language and all the actors will be cast in London. 

Production details
Closing date: 17/10/2018 : 23:59 
Pay category: Above Equity Minimum 
Production location: Paris, France 
Production dates: Shooting dates: 1st block: 4 weeks from November 26th - December 20th 2nd block: 3 weeks in April (exact dates TBC) approximately 1 week rehearsal 

Zap (Male, 14 - 15) 

Description: We are looking for young looking 16-19 year old actors who can play 14-15 and don't require licensing. Good US accents preferred but not essential, please mark on the note section re US accent.

Small for his age, street thief and drone hunter selling illegal parts on the black market. He is brave, agile, a little cheeky and skilled with a crossbow. A lifetime of tough experience in his eyes, he survived as an orphan in the slums when his parents vanished years earlier. He is to embark on a life changing journey as he discovers the hidden dream-world of Delaria and the epic conflict that is in progress. He must seek out his destiny and find the courage to face great danger. 
Celeste (Female, 15 - 16) 

Description: LEAD We are looking for 16-20 year old actresses who can look/play 15/16 and don't require licensing, great US accent would be fantastic. Striking, bolshy and sometimes withdrawn. A young freedom fighter recruit working under cover for the Silver Fox resistance movement. Living in abandoned buildings, fighting on the rooftops. She lost her parents as a young girl and has since withdrawn into herself somewhat. Determined sense of morality and fighting for what’s right. Initially impatient, she grows closer to Zap after she starts to see some common ground. She is agile and handy with most weapons including a sword and a bow. 

Isobel (Female, 21 - 27) 

Description: Great US accent please. She is the strongest dream warrior and flier – with the potential to use Delarian magic. The Well of Dreams chose her -she was Mendiant’s star pupil, and destined for great things. She is also a hot shot flier. Charming, magnetic and cocksure. A squadron leader. Can be self centered and ambitious.

To apply email your headshot and CV to viv.rytz@gmail.com by Tuesday (16 October) evening 

WORK (Drama / Comedy)

An audition for a SHORT FILM. 
Looking for TWO MALES and ONE FEMALE. 

THEY MUST LOOK OLDER. This is crucial. So beards, height, stockiness are all things we are looking for as the roles are relatively older.

Alex (Playing age: Mid 30's)
A fun guy. Loves to have banter and likes to make little sly comments every now and again.

Marc (Playing age: Early 30's)
A serious man who can take and make a joke at the same time. Likes to impose his manliness.

Stephlana (Playing age:20's)
A confident outspoken girl, doesn’t take stick from anyone.
If can speak another language would be an absolute bonus.

We all have our work to do, right? We join Marc and Alex as they converse on a fallen tree in the woods, taking a break from a night shift. Here they talk about their managers, lifestyle and even compare the sandwiches each other made for work today. Then, of course, they have to get back to their job...and it’s a job we wouldn’t  expect from these two. As I said, we all have work to do, what that work entails is different for everyone.

Contact: ajdirecting@hotmail.com

With a Headshot or Full Picture and a little about yourself.

CASTING OPPORTUNITY for an East Asian girl age 18yrs

Casting Director: Jina Jay Casting

JINA JAY is a casting director whose credits include ‘BLACK MIRROR’ and ‘STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE’.

We are looking for a dynamic East Asian or South East Asian girl aged 18yrs to play a lead role in a confidential TV series.
Must speak fluent English.

Dates: shooting from March 2019 for minimum 7 months. Shoots Europe.

If you fit the brief, please contact us with the following:
- Name, age and where you are living.
- A CV, if you have one.
- A recent snapshot.
- A short chat to camera telling us about yourself! No more than 2 minutes please.

Email all submissions to castingjinajay@gmail.com.

Deadline is 2nd November 2018 but please apply ASAP.

Jina Jay Casting

September 2018

Beyond the Deepening Shadow: The Tower Remembers

As the nation commemorates the centenary of the end of the First World War, a new installation at the Tower of London, Beyond the Deepening Shadow: The Tower Remembers will fill the moat with thousands of individual flames: a public act of remembrance for the lives of the fallen, honouring their sacrifice.

Performers needed: Full details

The Left Behind | BBC Three

Shoot dates: 14th November for 2 weeks in Cardiff
Rehearsal wk of 5th November in Cardiff

This is a paid BBC job

“The Left Behind” is about the people who’ve been excluded from the successes of modern Britain – with empathy, and from their point of view.

We are looking for genuine Welsh talent.  The show is set in Cardiff. It doesn’t matter if they no longer live in Wales we would still love them to audition to. They don’t have to be based in Wales, they just need to have a Welsh accent. 



Playing age 18-22.

A white working class boy – one of the ‘left behind’ – the vestigial working class who feel humiliated, and excluded from the successes of middle class, PR-marinated Britain. He has no ideology – in fact, he has no clue about politics, just this nagging feeling that him and his mates/family are ‘second class citizens’ and deep down, he might feel a bit inferior to the Muslims and migrants who are coming into his vast council estate (Ely) and doing so well.

You wouldn’t call him good looking – definitely not - but he’s likeable. He’s the kind of working class lad who grew up knowing you have to come off a bit hard, but his heart isn’t in it. He’s got a big heart, and he likes a laugh.  

He’s never really been out of Cardiff, and he hasn’t been working for that long, and his people have never had a pot to piss in. So he’s still trying to work the world out… He doesn’t yet have a working theory of why things are turning out so shit. He keeps getting ‘jobs’ but they are zero hours, and he hasn’t quite got the hang of how to suck up to the bosses so they give him more shifts. So he keeps moving from one shit service job to the other – MacDonalds, KFC, superstore, Chicken Shack.

He’s scared. As a kid, he saw his dad lose his job, unravel and slip into addiction and homelessness, as the old white working class certainties disintegrated around him. And he’s mum passed too. It was a while ago, the wounds have mostly healed, but they aren’t that far under the surface. He holds on tight to his sister and niece –the last family he has. And he’s gonna do whatever he can to stay with them and make a success of his life. And he’s still young and naïve enough to believe that he can.

Audition Scene 


Playing age 18-22.

Elind is a Cardiff native. She’s from a Muslim background.

Elind isn’t beautiful exactly – but she went to school with white people and she knows that white lads find her attractive… She knows she can never be with a white boy, but it’s hard to ignore the buzz she gets when she’s around the attentive Gethin.. She’s a little bit cocky and sarcastic and little bit flawed.

She likes Gethin and she does wonder if she’s being unfair to him, leading him on – but as she thinks about it, she doesn’t think so: it must be obvious to him that they come from such different worlds that they could never be together. She’s likeable, really likes a laugh, likes being out and about. But at home it’s a different story. She’s a good Muslim girl -  doesn’t want to question the authority of the de facto head of the family, her brother. For the most part, this dual identity – good Muslim girl and Cardiff lass – isn’t something she feels that conflicted about. It’s instinctive. She just switches from one mode to the other, cos that’s what she’s been doing since she was 14.

Audition Scene 


You don’t need to have a professional camera to film - filming on your phone if that’s all you have is absolutely fine.  Please try and be as familiar with the dialogue as possible. Please have someone behind the camera reading in the other characters lines. This is essential. It doesn’t matter if they can’t act but it is important to hear the other character’s lines. When filming frame the shot from approximately youR waist upwards.

The deadline for audition tapes is: FRIDAY 5TH OCTOBER

Please state on your email:

  • Your name
  • The organisation you heard about the audition from
  • Where you live/are from in Wales
  • contact email & mobile

Please load audition tapes to vimeo and copy and paste video link (as well as password if required) into an email and send to me. Please do not use wetransfer. We do not want to download videos (as these have expiration dates and we may not manage to download them before they expire). They will be too big to simply attach to an email.

Please email audition links to: bbc3drama@rachelsheridancasting.com by 5th October.

BAC Ensemble

Battersea Arts Centre are looking for young people aged 18+ to join their latest ensemble for SUPERBLACKMAN

Full information 

Singers wanted for BBC's 'Friday Night is Music Night' 

(London, unpaid) 

London based choir Some Voices are looking for singers of all abilities to take part in a special edition of BBC Radio 2’s 'Friday Night is Music Night’. 

Performance Date: Friday 28th September, 5.30pm - 10pm  
Venue: Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, E1 0HX     
Rehearsal Date: Sunday 23rd September, 1pm - 4pm 
Rehearsal Venue: TBC (London)  

Event information 

The performance will be accompanied by the BBC Concert Orchestra and will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 2. Under the guidance of an experienced Some Voices Choir leader, across one rehearsal you’ll learn three songs to perform on the programme. 

Apply now: 
If you are available for both the rehearsal and performance date and would like to express an interest in taking part please contact sing@somevoices.co.uk 

Find out more about Some Voices here 

Battered Soul Theatre Presents: Debris by Dennis Kelly 

Following on from our successful runs of Cock by Mike Bartlett and Hidden by Laura Lindsay & Peter Carruthers, both selected for the National Student Drama Festival in 2016 & 2017, Battered Soul Theatre are reviving Dennis Kelly’s debut play, Debris, for its 15th anniversary at Theatre N16 STYX from October 21st-25th 2018.


Written by Dennis Kelly
Directed by Alex Prescot
Designed by Hugo Aguirre

We are looking to cast the following roles:

Any background or ethnicity. Playing age 16-19. 

Older brother to Michelle. Hardened by a tough upbringing but has a more vulnerable, protective side too. Should be a very engaging storyteller and an imaginative and collaborative performer confident with line learning, extended monologues and multi-roling. Experience in physical theatre a plus. 

Any background or ethnicity. Playing age 14-17. 

Younger sister to Michael. Has a naïve streak and often lives in her fantasy world, but this is partly to protect herself from her difficult reality. Should be a very engaging story teller and an imaginative and collaborative performer confident with line learning, extended monologues and multi-roling. Experience in physical theatre a plus. 

Spotlight links, CVs and/or showreels should be emailed to batteredsoultheatre@gmail.com

The rehearsal period will be from 1st-20th October, working around the cast’s availability.

Deadline for applications: Midnight on Thursday 20th September. 

At present this is a profit share opportunity, which may change subject to funding applications. 

Collide Theatre is auditioning for a new musical performance

A co-production with VOILA Europe Festival, the Cockpit, Etcetera Theatre and Collide Theatre.

Breakdown Message:
Collide Theatre seeks three female actor-musicians for the UK premiere of the modern

Greek play TROY which will be performed as part of VOILA Europe Festival this November in London.

Casting Specifications:
We are inviting to audition anyone who identifies as female.
We are looking for actor-musicians who are confident movers, with strong vocals and with
access to an instrument which they can bring to rehearsals and performances.
We are particularly keen to see performers from diverse backgrounds.
All ages and ethnicities welcome.

Casting details:
Auditions to be held on the 26th-27th September in Central London location.
Performers are asked to apply by sending their CV at contact.collide@gmail.com

Full information 

Feature Film Casting

Casting Director: Lara Manwaring Casting 

Lara Manwaring Casting (previous projects worked on include TOP BOY, the Nicolas Cage film MANDY and the BAFTA winning ELLEN) is currently casting a BBC Films/BFI feature film where we are looking for a woman aged 23 - 30 years to play one of the lead roles.  The film is set in a very working class community in southern England so we are looking to cast someone from that background.  The film is about 2 best friends and we have already cast a woman who had never acted before in one of these roles so we are open to applications from people with all levels of experience, including none!

We think this is a really great opportunity and will be a well paid job for the person who goes on to land the role
The brief for this role is : 24 - 30 years, working class, caucasian, fragile, reckless, charming, has something striking about her, slim.   It is set in southern England.

To apply email a recent headshot and CV if you have it to lara@laramanwaring.com

August 2018

Going Slightly Mad by Michael Hajiantonis

A vibrant, engaging exploration of a modern day psychiatric ward, inspired by true events.

The play follows Max (gender blind), their rollercoaster experience sectioned on a psychiatric ward, and the people they meet on the way.  A blend of naturalistic, physical, and expressive moments, we intend to create an honest and hopeful piece of theatre. This is a play about an experience that deals with challenging subject matters, and the audience may come in with some presumptions. But ultimately, it will be an entertaining experience, hopefully for the audience, and definitely for the cast. 
As it’s an original play, this is a chance to work on a fluid and live piece of theatre. We are looking for diverse actors who are willing to challenge and to be challenged, and who want to engage with the creative process. All actors, aside from the one playing Max, will get the opportunity to multi-role, and showcase variety.

We are looking for 5 actors, all of which will play 1 of 5 patients, of varying ages and life circumstances. 4 of the actors will also multi-role as doctor’s, nurses, and a whole assortment of characters. Do not worry about race, gender, accent, age, or any other factors. We are just looking for people who want to get stuck in.

Gender-blind x3
Female x1
Male x1 OPEN AUDITIONS: Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th 
Come in anytime between 2-5pm
Bedlam Theatre, Edinburgh

Show dates mid October

Full information




Lucinda Syson Casting (Wonder Woman, Blade Runner 2049, IMDB) is casting for roles in a confidential Unt. HBO Project.

Production shoots February 2019 onwards. Please only apply if you are available for these dates & fit the brief.

Full information 

Get involved in HighTide Walthamstow

HighTide call-out for Waltham Forest performers: 

HighTide Festival returns to Walthamstow from 18-30 September this year, and we are looking for brilliant talent of any age or experience from Waltham Forest to perform in our festival site. We are also looking for talented young people between the age of 18-25 to perform in our Stars Over The Forest talent show on Saturday 22nd September.

Join us for three nights of entertainment at three Waltham Forest venues to see who will get a chance to perform at HighTide Festival Walthamstow.

If you would like to perform in one of the open mic nights, please email paul@hightide.org.uk for more information.

BIG BOYS by Jack Rooke

Casting Director: Little a Productions

Big Boys is a comedy drama for BBC3, written by Jack Rooke (Broadcast Hotshot 2017). It is a heavily autobiographical story of two young men on the opposite ends of the ‘masculinity spectrum’; Jack Bishop being a closeted, grief-stricken yet quick-witted teenager and Danny King being a more stereotypical ‘lad’, secretly struggling with severe mental health issues. The two of them find common ground opening up about their struggles and soon an important friendship blossoms.

Who is Jack?

JACK BISHOP (19) is a strange lad. His Dad’s just died, his Mum’s his best mate, he’s in the closet and he fancies 90’s french footballer Eric Cantona. 

In two years of bereavement, he’s gone from wank-machine teenage boy to sofa-ridden anxious telly addict. Every now and then we see a hidden spark - the way he uses his dad's death to his advantage, the way him and hilarious mum Peggy cope with grief and his quick-witted thoughts on the grieving process. He somehow manages to get into the naff local uni on a scholarship but despite Peggy’s best efforts he struggles to cope and doesn't go for a whole year, instead choosing to spend months in bed as a recluse. This is until the following September arrives when his degree is about to start, and this is now his chance to become a person again.

What we're looking for;

  • Playing Age: 19 / 20
  • A Working class actor preferable or Working to Middle Class actor.
  • White or mixed-race ethnicity.
  • Someone with a distinctive look, that has something slightly odd about them (Think Sharon Rooney in Mad Fat Diary or Craig Roberts in Submarine)
  • Someone who can play both bumbling fool and protagonist hero.
  • Ideally Jack has distinctive hair ; big and curly or something eye-catching, but not compulsory.

When are we filming? 

We shoot w/c 10th September and you will be needed for a days rehearsal before that week

What we need from you

Please send a recent picture of yourself and a link to your showreel (if you have one) to; look@littleaproductions.com

Remember to include your contact details

Please note our deadline for submissions is Friday 24th August, 6pm.

Howells Management

Howells Management Ltd is a new agency seeking to offer help, advice and guidance to young promising actors seeking employment in the Performing Arts world.

If you are interested in being represented please forward the following;

• A brief cover letter 
• CV including up to date headshots
• Showreel if available  

To: info@howellsmanagementltd.com

For further information regarding our Company please visit:


Fitzroy House are looking for early career Directors, Actors and Writers for our next New Writing Night on the 8th of September.

Working in the unique setting of Fitzroy House, a renovated Gothic library in Lewes, East Sussex, our New Writing Nights put you at the centre of an intensive three day residential rehearsal process. At the end of these three days the pieces will be performed and the audience will have the chance to give written feedback on each script. 

 Once meeting you and doing some group work we’ll assign Actors and Directors to the scripts we feel they’ll work with best. We will also take into account the Directors preferences. 

We also have an in house band who score the evening however they can compose music for the scenes if requested by the director in rehearsals.

We’re currently planning our first professional season next June and will be drawing our ensemble from the artists we work with at these events.

***SUBMISSIONS CLOSE MONDAY 27th AT 12:00pm but we recommend you apply as soon as possible as places will start to be allocated***


- Writing Submissions to daniel.grimston@icloud.com (no more than ten pages)

- Actor/Director Submissions to millieboardman@icloud.com with a short paragraph about yourself, what work you are interested in and any previous experience. 

Although this opportunity is unpaid we offer Room and Board to the company whilst working with us and access to any of our future professional castings. 

Please note Actors and Directors must be free on the 6th/7th and 8th of September for rehearsals in Lewes. We do encourage writers to also attend through out the rehearsal as we would like them to be part of the process. Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any further questions.

We look forward to hearing from you,
The Fitzroy House Team

Dreamworks Casting

Casting Director: Tracy Nampala

I am a casting/voice director working with DreamWorks Animation Television to cast performers who are able to execute a standard US accent (voice work),

Exciting roles incidental roles for a new pre-school animation series to air on a new media platform.
An initial self-audition required (script & brief to be supplied) and short list casting to take place in our London studio.

We are looking for a:

  • 14 year old female
  • 20s female
  • Female teen who could sound 12

Applications are now closed 

The Inheritance | Supernumeraries for West End transfer

We are looking for a group of young men (18+) for the upcoming West End transfer of The Inheritance – a new play in two parts by Matthew Lopez, directed by Stephen Daldry.

The group will appear onstage as background artists in a short but important sequence at the end of Part One. The height of the AIDS crisis forms the backdrop to The Inheritance, and the group of young men will represent some of those who died.

Full details

If you are interested in taking part, please send your name, date of birth, full contact details (including address) and two recent photos of yourself to theinheritancewe@gmail.com by 12pm Thursday 9th August

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Casting


We are looking to meet male actors of any ethnicity as part of the casting process for HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD Palace Theatre, London

Please get in touch if you are a bright and enthusiastic male actor of any ethnicity who has a playing age of 16-20.

You must be over licensing age.

Full details here

CBBC Casting 

Casting Director: Jo Buckingham CDG

Jo Buckingham is currently casting a pilot comedy sketch show for CBBC, working title ‘Squad Goals’.

We shoot in London between 28 - 31 August and casting will be between 9 and 15 August.

We are looking for 2 female actors to play age 19.  As this is a sketch show, they will be required to play several roles.  It is going to be fast and furious and very funny.  I’d love to hear from any strong comedy girls aged around 19 please.
Photo and CV to jo@jobuckinghamcasting.co.uk marking ‘NYT' in the subject bar please.

Many thanks

Jo Buckingham CDG
Casting Director

July 2018

Bunker Theatre Casting

Seeking volunteer actors for Harvard University's production of Eugene O'Neill's TITANIC PLAYS at The Bunker Theatre, a radical reinterpretation of O'Neill's two earliest and most rarely-performed plays Thirst and Fog. The plays will be performed by rehearsed actors as well as an ensemble of volunteer actors who will be hearing the text for the first time as it's fed to them through an in-ear piece.

We're currently recruiting actors who are interested in playing unrehearsed roles--must be comfortable with improv and thinking on your feet. Volunteers will have a one-night only commitment during performances on August 11th or 12th.

Read more about the production here.

Please contact director Mitchell Polonsky at mpolonsky@college.harvard.edu if interested.

Breaking Barriers | Volunteers Needed

Volunteer actors to help refugees!

We have a number of one-off volunteer opportunities coming up to support our Customer Service English Courses. For each course, we need 3-5 actors to come along and help out. We especially need volunteers for August 12th in WeWork Southbank Central. The other dates below are provisional, and we will confirm closer to the time.

Customer Service Acting Volunteers
Central London, Sundays, 1-5pm 

Our 3-day Customer Service course is offered to refugees for free, to help them on their first steps into employment in the UK. Acting volunteers bring the course to life, enabling the students to use their English.  You will meet the clients and do lighthearted role plays to help them practice their new vocabulary.

A free lunch is also provided! 

Provisional Dates:

  • 12 Aug - We need 4 - 5 actors
  • 23 Sep - We need 4 - 5 actors
  • 30 Sep - We need 4 - 5 actors
  • Oct 14 - We need 4 - 5 actors
  • Nov 11 - We need 4 - 5 actors
  • Nov 25 - We need 4 - 5 actors

Anybody interested should contact volunteer@breaking-barriers.co.uk

Feature Film Casting

Crowd PA: Elam Forrester

Performers needed for a new film directed by Sarah Gavron. The film is set in Hackney and we’re looking for children, young people, adults, and the elderly of ALL genders and ethnicity for supporting artists roles in the film. 

The filmed is set and will be filmed in East London. The story centres around teenage girls from Hackney. 

This is a paid opportunity and there are opportunities starting from next week. 

All expressions of interest should be sent to: girlsuntitled2018@gmail.com 

Short Film Casting

A raw drama.“Tapped” a series of random events. Looking for strong and powerful performers, this project is very dear to us and we would like to have it executed the way I have in visioned. We plan to release project on GRM Daily, a YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers. As it is self founded we can not offer any pay but it will be great for exposure and showreel material .

Send your headshots and spotlight link to calebadebisi@live.co.uk.

Jade, 16
Female, must be able to play 16. Excited/ Quick to grow up.
Chanel, 16 
Female, must be able to play 16. Introvet.


A film directed by Lola Young and produced by Margo Mars & award winning visionary director Alma Har'el, with support from The Guardian. Runtime 30-40 minutes.


The true story of a young woman who suffered with a complex combination of mental illness her whole life, fuelled by her emotional relationships, before taking her own life in December 2016, alongside her newlywed.

The film will be a hybrid documentary with the majority of scenes re-enacted between an actress playing Imogen and Imogen’s real-life mother.

British born director Lola Young is a new generation talent. Fierce and feminine, she explores her voice through sharp, intimate film work. For more: http://lief.london/new-lief-lola-young

This film is produced by Margo Mars & award winning visionary director Alma Har'el, with support from The Guardian.

Shooting will be in August in London, dates tbc. Further dates in Autumn 2018, in Cambodia, tbc.

Imogen (Female)
Passionate, vibrant, yet vulnerable.

Slim, caucasian.
Accent South London/general British
Age 20-27. To play Imogen at ages 19/20 & 27.

Some musicality a bonus, particularly basic skill with guitar.

Scenes will be unrehearsed and unscripted so improvisation skills are an absolute must. The actress playing Imogen will be trusted to lead the scenes so she must be someone with emotional confidence and a lack of inhibition.

Scenes will be reenacted alongside Imogen’s real-life mother. Must therefore have the emotional strength to spend time with her discussing who Imogen was. This will be an immersive, likely challenging, but incredibly rewarding experience for the person playing Imogen. They must be brave and willing to push themselves. 
To apply, please email Georgia at georgiafleuryreynolds@gmail.com with your name and age, a recent photo, a CV if you have one and a bit about yourself or how you initially respond to this project. If you have a showreel/clips please do include those.

We encourage that you respond sooner rather than later to be considered.

To Kill A Mockingbird Casting 

Casting Director: Verity Naughton | VJN Casting 


Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre’s critically acclaimed production of ‘TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD’ will return for a UK tour in 2019, opening at, Curve Leicester on 7 February. With further dates soon to be announced. 

The best-selling novel by Harper Lee has been adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel is directed by Timothy Sheader. The UK tour of ‘TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD’ is produced by Jonathan Church Productions, Curve and Regent's Park Theatre.

Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals)Rehearsals : 2nd Jan 2019 (at Regents Park)
Tech Week Leicester Curve: Monday 4th February
Open Dress Rehearsal: Wednesday 6th February
First Performance: Thursday 7th February (matinee)
Press Night: Wednesday 13th February (TBC)
All children will need to be available until the 22nd June 2019.
(All dates subject to change)

Director: Timothy Sheader 
Producer: Regents Park Theatre, Leicester Curve & Jonathan Church Productions

Casting location: London, United Kingdom
Casting details: First Rounds: Saturday 25th August
First Rounds: Monday 27th August 
Please note this is the Bank Holiday weekend

Recalls: Monday 15th October
Recalls: Wednesday 17th October
Finals: Wednesday 24th October 

SCOUT (Female)
9/10 year old girl. Must have a strong ear for accents. 
Tomboy. Best friends with her brother. Bright, articulate, curious, wants to know what and why all the time. Totally involved in the child’s world of make believe and play. Loves to read. Has no memory of her mother. Her Father is the man she most admires in the world. Both Jem and Scout are from a small town, they know everyone and everyone knows them.

JEM (Male)
12/13yrs. Must have a strong ear for accents.
On the cusp of leaving childish games and entering manhood. But certainly still fully engaged in the world of play and make believe. The one who might lead the younger ones in their make believe games. Bright, fiercely loyal and kind. In the shadow of his Father and starting to find his own way out of that. A great sense of justice, and right and wrong.

DILL (Male)
9/10yrs. Must have a strong ear for accents.
Not from the same town as Scout and Jem. Sent every summer to stay with his Auntie where he makes friends with them. An oddity. An understanding and view of the world older than his years. Not given much attention by his own parents so he looks up to Atticus. Loves the stories of films and books. A great curiosity for the world. Again, happy to escape and play in the world of make believe .

To apply email: info@vjncasting.com.  

V I V A G E  P I C T U R E S | ‘WEST’ Casting

Feature Directed by Laurence Scott Devereux
Scheduled for Production in London between August – September 2018 (Exact Dates TBC)


Looking for 12 – 14 (Y.O.) with a playing age of 12 (Y.O.)

Further character breakdown will be sent to those who apply. 
Parent/Guardian attendance will be required to audition.

TO APPLY: Send your Headshot, CV &/Or Spotlight to film@vivagepictures.co.uk with ALICE CASTING in the subject line.
Deadline: 12th August 2018

Urgent Film Casting

We are currently casting for a role of a teenage boy who plays the guitar and sings (to a high standard) for a role in comedy feature film, Love Type D.

URGENTLY CASTING - FILMING NEXT SUNDAY THE 22ND JULY in DORSET with travel down to Dorset on Saturday the 21st. We just had someone drop out hence the urgency.

Oliver (aged 16) a musician (must be able to play guitar and sing to a high standard as he will sing a song in the film), chatty, artistic. Good screen presence and natural performer. Is the younger version of the character in the film. Dark brown wavy hair. Pic of adult actor attached. Not looking for a dead ringer but someone who might believably look like this when he grows up.

We are an independent feature film called Love Type D, and this our final piece of filming, which is a flashback scene. 

Love Type D is a feature film comedy, currently in post production and due to be completed autumn/winter 2018. 

A woman who has been dumped eleven times in a row, discovers (to her dismay) that she has a loser in love gene.

Here is a link to a two minute teaser: https://vimeo.com/138979730
Password: lovetyped2015

It stars Maeve Dermody (who is currently filming The Secret Garden with Colin Firth and recently wrapped filming on Amazon's new series Carnival Row), Tovah Feldshuh (The Walking Dead, Crazy Ex Girlfriend) and Will Firth, son of actor Colin Firth in his debut film role.

Here's a two minute pitch for the film. It won the American Film Market pitch contest 2017 https://vimeo.com/241552882
Password: AFM2017

The role we are looking to cast is YOUNG OLIVER.

We are filming July 21/22 in so the young actor would need to be available for those dates. We are filming in Dorset.

The fee is national minimum wage. And travel expenses and accommodation provided. 

The audition piece is to play and sing a song to camera. (Playing on the guitar) The song can be anything of his choosing but preferably a rock/pop song.

If any interested parties can email the audition piece to sasha@midnightcircusfilms.com and sashacollington@gmail.com
We need these self tapes ASAP. 

We ask that audition videos are sent to us by email/file transfer and not uploaded onto the web, unless they are protected by a password.

WISE CHILDREN by Angela Carter - adapted and directed by Emma Rice

Casting Director | SAM JONES CDG

A co-production with The Old Vic, Belgrade Theatre Coventry, Oxford Playhouse and York Theatre Royal

A big, bawdy tangle of theatrical joy and pain, Wise Children is a celebration of show business, family, forgiveness and hope. Expect show girls and Shakespeare, sex and scandal, mischief and mistaken identity - and butterflies by the thousand.
Wise Children is the inaugural production from award-winning director Emma Rice’s new theatre company (also called) Wise Children. Based on the seminal Angela Carter novel, Wise Children premieres at London’s Old Vic in October 2018 where it will play for 5 weeks. Following that it will tour the UK, playing in Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, York and others TBC.  

Pay category: Above Equity Minimum
Production location: As above, United Kingdom

Production dates: 2018 28 August – 29 September: Rehearsals in Bristol (first 3 weeks) and London (3 weeks) w/c 1 October: Get in to The Old Vic, London / tech / first preview Sat 6 evening 8 October - 10 November: Performances at The Old Vic, London – press night Weds 17 Oct w/c 12 November: Performances at Oxford Playhouse w/c 19 November: Performances at Cambridge Arts Theatre Then 2 month hiatus (UNPAID) 2019 21 Jan – 9 Feb: Performances at Bristol Old Vic w/c 11 Feb: Performances at Royal & Derngate w/c 25 February: Week off ws/c 4 and 11 March: Performances at York Theatre Royal ws/c 18 and 25 March: other shows TBC w/c 1 April: Performances at Belgrade Theatre, Coventry
Casting location: London (and Bristol), United Kingdom

YOUNG NORA (Female, 20 - 35)
Description: Ideally this performer would be no taller than 5 foot and be a talented gymnast, dancer, singer and multi-instrumentalist with circus and puppetry skills!!

Most important is height, followed by movement skills and singing. Any other skills a bonus.

Height: 135cm - 150cm

Please do not apply if you are over 5 foot.  

To apply please contact sam@samjonescasting.co.uk with a recent headshot and CV. 

Don’t Forget The Driver  

Casting Director | SAM JONES CDG

Don’t Forget The Driver is an original comedy-drama for BBC Two, written and created by acclaimed BAFTA winning actor Toby Jones and Obie award winning playwright Tim Crouch. 
Pay category: Above Equity Minimum
Production location: London/Bognor, United Kingdom
Production dates: Shoots in London and Bognor - therefore actors need to be based in London or the South East. Rehearsal/Readthru week w/c 27th August Shoots 3rd September - 14th October

BRADLEY (Male, 20 - 23)
Description: Probably 21. Gender fluid best friend of Kayla. Pierced. Body positive. Bit emo/ bit goth - bit of a dirty boy! Out and Proud. Thinks of himself as Bognor's answer to Leigh Bowery or, at the very least, Scottee. Training to be an undertaker.
Funny and fierce.
Height: Any
Appearance: Any

To apply please contact sam@samjonescasting.co.uk with a recent headshot and CV. 

Everybody's Talking About Jamie | Seeking performers from and based in Sheffield

Casting Agent | Shaheen Baig Casting 

We are casting Warp Films (This Is England, Ghost Stories, Four Lions) latest project, an adaptation of hit musical Everybody's Talking About Jamie (currently running in the West End and recently nominated for 5 Oliviers. 

We are currently searching for the Year 11 class of the film and are looking for young people aged 16 and above (who can look 16 on camera) to cast in both major and minor roles. The film will be set and filmed on location in Sheffield, and we would really love to cast young people from the local community. We are really keen to meet as broad a spectrum of young people as possible.

Both Warp Films and Shaheen Baig Casting have a history of casting young people with no prior acting experience in Film & TV including ‘Peaky Blinders', ‘A Monster Calls’, 'Swallows & Amazons ' and ‘Three Girls’ Please feel free to look at our websites: http://shaheenbaigcasting.com and www.warpfilms.com


Boomtown 2018 

Bearded Kitten

Perform at Boomtown Festival 2018, and bring our immersive city to life.

You'll have a free ticket to the festival, and would only be required to perform 3 x 5 hour shifts between Wednesday 9th August - Monday 13th August. You'll be camping in the super fancy area with sparkling showers and toilets and will be added to Bearded Kittens books.

Applicants must be 18 and older. Second and third year students are welcome to apply too, as well as graduate performers and beyond etc. We need people who are full of life, reliable and keen to delve into the world of immersive performance.

Apply here: https://form.jotformeu.com/81294365320353

The Letter for the King

Casting Agent | Olivia Scott-Webb Casting

Based on Tonke Dragt's best-selling novel, 'The Letter for the King’ is an 8 x 45 minute Netflix Original medieval adventure series.


When 16-year-old TIURI answers a desperate call for help, he finds himself on a perilous mission that could cost him his life. He must deliver a secret letter to the King who lives across the Great Mountains, a letter upon which the future of the entire realm depends.


Though smaller and less skilled than his peers, Tiuri bravely accepts a knightly mission. TIURI is 16-18 years old (but looks 14), with olive skin tone, dark eyes and hair.

Shoot dates:
October to December 2018 in New Zealand
End of February to May 2019 in Prague

Writer: Will Davies (‘How to Train Your Dragon’, Johnny English’)
Executive Producers: Paul Trijbits (‘Tulip Fever’, ‘Sing Street’) and Will Davies
Producer: Chris Clark (‘All the Money in the World’, ‘Legend’)
Casting Director: Olivia Scott-Webb (‘Maleficent’, ‘The Casual Vacancy’)
Production Company: Filmwave for Netflix.

If you fit our brief then please send an email with your full name, age, a recent photograph and your contact details to Nicola Chisholm on office@oliviascottwebb.com

June 2018


Jina Jay is a casting director whose credits include ‘Black Mirror’ and ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’.
We are currently looking for a Black British/Mixed Race female with a London accent aged 18 – 22 years and a Caucasian female with an RP accent aged 18 – 20 years  for supporting roles on a TV series shooting London.


We are currently looking for a Black British male with a London accent aged 18 – 22 years for a leading role on a TV series.

Dates: September 2018 – February 2019. Shoots London.


Applications are now closed 


Reactivists are looking for 2 -3 performers to join the company as associate artists and perform in their Edinburgh Fringe show, As it Happened (Contemporaneous Notes). 
Reactivists are an emerging theatre company based in the West Midlands. 

As it Happened (Contemporaneous Notes) is their second show, following from Hear all about it last year. Sally Stott for The Scotsman commended Hear All About It as an ‘inspiring process’ whilst Tim Wilcock (Fringe Review) deemed it ‘A timely reminder that theatre has a role in generating a reaction, a response and a discussion about current affairs’. 

As it Happened (Contemporaneous Notes) aims to create a space of reflection and conversation. Since 1st January 2018, five female-identifying writers’ have written weekly responses to the events of the year. Now these responses are collated and staged in dialogue, association and juxtaposition to ask urgent questions of society in 2018.

Rehearsal Dates: 
2nd – 6th July
9th – 13th July
16th – 20th July
23rd -27th July

Rehearsals will take place at the University of Warwick (West Midlands). Accommodation in nearby Leamington Spa will be provided. 

Technical rehearsal:
1st August – Perth Theatre, Edinburgh. 

Performance Dates:
3rd-18th August. 

Accommodation in Edinburgh has been sourced for a reasonable price. For exact costings please email Reactiviststheatreco@gmail.com

Unfortunately, this is an unpaid opportunity, however we intend to offer some reimbursement if possible at the end of the run.

If you would like to apply for a performer role, please send an email to Reactiviststheatreco@gmail.com, explaining why you are interested in the project, with a CV and/or showreel attached by 22nd June 2018.

Many thanks,

Frankenstein: how to make a monster

CALL out to join Performer pool

Frankenstein: How To Make A Monster is a Battersea Arts Centre and BAC Beatbox Academy Production.

The production was made by members of the BAC Beatbox Academy - a participation project for 16-29 yr olds which engages young people local to Battersea Arts Centre and has been running in the building for 10 years. Over a year and a half, the show was imagined and devised by an auditioned group of exceptional young artists.

From July onwards, the show will be touring to large venues such as the Liverpool Everyman Theatre and BAC’s newly re-opened Grand Hall.

In order to work flexibly with all the performers involved, we are looking to create a larger ensemble of touring artists who can perform the show.

We are looking to cast 3-6 exceptional people to join the production ‘performer pool’.

You do not need to have professional stage experience, only to show talent.

We are looking for outstanding individuals who are:

  • Singers (who can beatbox or show ability to learn)
  • Beatboxers (who can sing or show ability to learn)
  • Rappers/spoken word artists (who can sing/beatbox or show ability to learn)
  • Comfortable with basic movement work
  • Open-minded, team-players who are interested in performing in a vocal collective
  • Able to commit to touring dates (NB we anticipate touring will occur within term times)
  • Aged 16-29


We welcome applications from people from all backgrounds and particularly encourage BAME performers and those with disabilities. We encourage members of the BAC beatbox academy to apply.

Theatre Royal Windsor

Theatre Royal Windsor are currently auditioning for an all-new, professionally produced production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's, CATS.

They have opportunities for performers, technicians, musicians and budding creative team members, aged 9-18, to get involved in a large-scale musical on our historic stage.

They are auditioning on Thursday 14 June at Theatre Royal Windsor and Sunday 17 June at Baldwin Hall Eton. 

Those interested can register for an audition by contacting Alex Lonsdale, on learning@theatreroyalwindsor.co.uk. You can also visit their website - www.theatreroyalwindsor.co.uk - for more information.

Feature Film Casting 

Casting Agent | Sally Mcleery Casting 

Daniel (Male, white-caucasian, neutral RP accent)

Daniel is 15, but as this is such a big role we will need to cast someone who is above licensing age (must turn 16 by the end of this academic year). He should be no older than 19, and if that age must look younger.

He is shy, introverted, socially awkward. He wears black clothing but he isn't a goth; he doesn't really know "what" he is. He has pasty skin and greasy longish hair. He's physically awkward, not quite grown into his body. 

A girl at school described him as "a suicidal kangaroo" because of his glum demeanour. But Daniel is also capable of real sensitivity, and he has a very dry sense of humour. It's really important that we find someone who understands where the jokes are in this, and can be funny when required.

Daniel listens to Metallica and Megadeath, and dreams of one day fronting his own band "Skullslayer". He plays a lot of video games, and has only one friend, Ky, who is equally clueless, but a bit more confident than Daniel. 

Throughout the 6-week summer holiday, Daniel and his Mum both go through a small, subtle but definite transformation as individuals and as a pair. Our "Daniel" needs to be a sensitive actor who can grasp the nuances of this gentle process. 

Please see attached picture for reference, which is from the original graphic novel. It's not hugely important that we find someone who looks like him (makeup and wardrobe will be on hand to transform the right boy), but it gives you an idea of his demeanour.

'When someone looks back and writes a history of this summer, two people they will almost certainly leave out are Sue and Daniel Bagnold...'

Sue, 52, works in the local library of a quiet suburb of London. Her son Daniel, 15, is still at school. He is supposed to be spending the summer holidays with his dad and his dad's pregnant new wife in Florida. When they cancel his trip, Sue and Daniel face six long weeks together...

Days of the Bagnold Summer is a superbly written, character study of a mother and son, in which nothing much appears to happen and yet everything does, and is to be directed by Simon Bird (best know as Will in The Inbetweeners) for Stigma Films.

It is based on the award winning graphic novel of the same name.

We film in London in August. It's a lead role and so you will need to be available for the whole of August.

Anyone interested should send a photo, their date of birth and contact details to sallymccleerycasting@gmail.com.

Dominion | Casting 

Dominion is an intense psychosexual melodrama exploring the fault lines between love and kink.

a politically engaged and troubled sexual dominant.
searches for self-worth in violence.
goes too far.
20-35, any gender, any ethnicity, any body type

a curious submissive who’s quick to learn.
challenges the ethics of sexual power.
can only take so much.
18-30, any gender, any ethnicity, any body type

we actively encourage non-binary, trans, and queer performers to apply.
performers with dance, physical acting, or stage combat experience are also encouraged.

auditions: 8th June
rehearsals 11th - 29th June
performance dates: 30th June and 7th July 

for the festival showing this is an unpaid gig
with the intention of taking it further
profit share on anything we make

contact: dominion.the.play@gmail.com
*please include spotlight link, contact details, and availability for 8th June*


Casting Agent: Rachel Sheridan Casting

The BBC are looking for genuine young welsh actors for a new pilot. The pilot will shoot for 1 week in Cardiff. Exact dates are TBC but likely to be end of August/early September. And then if commissioned by the BBC there would then be a series but I imagine this wouldn’t be until late 2019. Please also note this is a Pact Equity Paid job.

We have 5 great roles that we are currently casting for. The characters are aged 16 but we will consider up to age 24 if the students look young.  We are looking for genuine Welsh talent.  The show is set in Cardiff. If you have ex-students who no longer live in Wales we would love them to audition to. They don’t have to be based in Wales, they just need to have a Welsh accent. 

Don’t worry for now if you can’t do a specific Cardiff accent and you eg have a Swansea or Bangor accent we can look at fine tuning the accent at a later stage. For now we are more concerned with finding young actors who fit the character brief.

If you fit the bill, please contact bbcpilot@rachelsheridancasting.com with your photo (and CV if you have one) ASAP. Deadline for getting in touch Fri 8th June.

Haringey Shed

Actor/Facilitators are required for a piece of theatre to be performed to Year 6 students, followed by a workshop. Experience of working with young people is essential and the ability to devise and work quickly hugely important. The piece will involve some singing, but all it needs is someone who can sell a story through spoken song.

1)   Male actor/facilitator required to play Year 7- 11 student
2)   Female actor/facilitator required to play Year 7- 11 student
3)   Male actor/facilitator required for multi role. Playing age 40-45.
Dates:  15th June and 18th-22nd June(extra dates the following week possible tbc)
Times:  10-6pm(probably shorter most days)
Fee: £60 per day
Workshop Auditions will be held on Thursday 7th June 2-4pm
Please E-Mail eddie@haringeyshed.org with your interest to be booked in for next weeks’ workshop.

Acting Opportunities in Coventry

Coventry Cathedral 

Acting Opp: Meet Me in the Ruins, Coventry Cathedral, paid. Details below. Interested applicants should email Sam.Williams@CoventryCathedral.org.uk by 18 June 2018, 12pm (auditions Late June in Coventry). The role is paid (£98.50 per day no expenses, if you need the info [£1576 total]- but can be kept off)

Second Generation Company 

New comedy play seeking 

One Female with comedy skills - EAST ASIAN, FILIPPINO, CHINESE, THAI, JAPANESE, playing age 18 - 22.
One Female with comedy skills -  AFRICAN, Playing age 20s, movement skills.

Overall dates Friday 24th August - 15th September 2018. Birmingham/Coventry location. For further enquiries please use these casting links



Or email dinnerladiesplay@yahoo.com for further enquires. Please do not make contact if you do not meet the requirements.

May 2018

Let's Get Lost

'Let's Get Lost' will be Exploding Whale Theatre's second show, after the success of their first show 'Heroes', which has now enjoyed four sell out runs and will be opening Sydenham Arts Festival in June. We are the resident theatre company of new studio theatre Katzpace, which is run by our artistic director.

In a quiet seaside town, newcomer Alfie finds the mysterious Wez asleep on what turns out to be her older brother's grave. An unlikely friendship between the two propels them towards a series of events that will change their lives forever. Inspired by JM Barrie's Peter Pan, resident company Exploding Whale Theatre present 'Let's Get Lost;' a modern tale of the rejection of adult life come too soon, and a retreat into the safety of childhood. Rehearsals will be starting in June and will be held at Katzpace in London Bridge.

WEZ (17) - Wez is the protagonist of our story. Having lost her mum and her brother in the space of six months she is left facing the reality of her own mortality and the fact that she is not as invincible as she once thought. She often combats these issues with humour, sometimes falling too far into sarcasm and pushing those close to her away when her feelings become too strong. She has a huge guard up and struggles to let new people in.

Jamie (19): Jamie was both best friends with Pete and boyfriend to Wez and so perhaps knows both of them better than anyone else. He was there when Pete 'died' and Wez has held him responsible for it ever since. His loyalty to Pete and care for Wez allows him to withdraw the information that Pete is still alive, truly believing that this is the best thing to do, even though it cripples him with loneliness.

This project will be a profit share with rehearsals starting in June and performances end of July/ early August. 

All submissions to bebe@explodingwhale.co.uk

Casting Call | Theatre piece at RADA 

Casting call for a South Asian actor, male: Playing ages between 16-25 to play the lead character of the show.

Casting call for actors male and female to be part of an ensemble cast: Playing ages 16-30.

The piece will be devised.

The Performance will be at the RADA studios (central London) on the 9th of July 2018 at 5pm.

Technical rehearsal dates 5th-7th July (date to be confirmed).

(All actors must be present for this rehearsal)

The acting opportunity is unpaid but food will be provided.

Rehearsals begin on the 11th of June 2018. Rehearsals will be at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and Birkbeck, University of London.

Full information

Contact Vindhya Fernando at vindhyafernando17@rada.ac.uk to apply 

Short Film Casting

'Versions of us' is a short comedy-drama about the tiny moments which change our lives forever. Simon is navigating the first meeting with his new girlfriend Veronica's scatty mother when he gets an out-of-the-blue phone call from his ex, Elsa. She claims to be stuck on the side of the motorway and need rescuing. When he reaches her, Elsa's revelation turns his whole world on its head.

SIMON (25) - A bit all-over-the-place. Well-meaning and, falls in love easily and is often too cautious of hurting people’s feelings to say what he actually thinks. Has a tendency to play the hero, even when he has nothing useful to offer and can be easily manipulated. A nervous person but quick to smile.

ELSA (24) – A free spirit. Doesn’t have her life together but is resolute, determined and strong-willed. Still in love with Simon, despite steering their relationship into the rocks in a very definite way. Very good at self-sabotage, but ultimately an optimist who believes everything will work out. Occasionally manipulative and untruthful, sticks very closely to her own moral compass but it’s not quite the same as everyone else’s. 

VERONICA (23) – Open, honest, tolerant and down-to-earth. Has a clear direction in her life and is ambitious enough to get there. Healthily self-aware, she is eager to build a better relationship with her mother now they are both adults but also cautious of becoming too much like her. An optimist, likes Simon a lot, so keen for it to work out between them. 

Auditions will be held on the 29th and 29th May in Hampstead. If interested please email LizzyRMansfield@gmail.com with a recent photo (a selfie is fine) for more details.

Feature Film Casting

Casting Director: Kirsty Kinnear

Casting Director currently searching for two important roles for a feature film. Boy 9-13yrs, needs to play up and down to these ages, so ideally someone around the age of 11yrs, caucasian, greenish ideas ideally. Young Man 17-21yrs, again actor needs to play up and down to these ages, ideally early 20s, again caucasian with ideally greenish eyes.

Please send photos asap to kinnearcast@virginmedia.com with age and contact details should you fit the brief. Shooting beginning of September to end of October in UK and Budapest.


BBC Series | Participants needed 

Show Me What You’re Made Of 

CBBC’s Show Me What You’re Made Of, presented by Stacey Dooley, is an exciting and popular programme which takes five children around the UK to live and work alongside the people who make some of their favourite things. 

We are looking for adventurous and outspoken children between the ages of 11 and 14 to take part!

Take Me On

This new series, presented by Stacey Dooley, plans to take 5 unemployed teenagers into the workplace to give them a chance to experience different aspects of working life in the UK. We are looking for young people to place in broad range of industries where they can get real life work experience. They will also receive advice from top bosses and recruiters from across the country and take away key employment skills.  It’s a challenging time for teenagers, facing the choice between entering employment, becoming an apprentice or trainee or continuing their education. This is something we would love to shine a light on. 

If you'd like to be involved in the show: get in touch by emailing the relevant inbox; showme@twentytwenty.tv (aged 11-14) or takemeon@twentytwenty.tv (aged 16-18). 

CBBC Casting

CW Casting are looking for two guest roles in CBBC show SECRET LIFE OF BOYS Season 3

The show shoots in Northern Ireland (we’re accepting applications from people anywhere in the UK) and you must be available between 9th July - 5th October

ANDY STEVENS, male (16)
We’re looking for a British Asian boy aged 14 - 20 for a new series regular. Andy has no filter & can be very loud at times but is secretly quite artistic. The character plays guitar so please state whether you can in your application.

NOAH, male (15)
We’re after an AUSTRALIAN NATIVE aged 14 - 18 to play an Aussie dreamboat who’s also one of the lads! If you’re not Australian, your accent must be absolutely flawless.

If you are interested, please send a headshot, CV & contact details to melissa@cwcasting.co.uk with
‘SLoB + ANDY/NOAH’ in the subject
by FRIDAY 11th MAY

Casting breakdown

King Lear

The Chichester Festival Theatre production of King Lear directed by Jonathan Munby and starring Ian McKellen is transferring to the Duke of York’s Theatre for a limited run of 100 performances. This production will also form part of this year’s NT Live season to be broadcast to cinemas worldwide.

We are seeking:
An Ensemble of Male Supernumeraries: Young men (18-25) from a wide variety of backgrounds who are physically fit, focused and ready to work on a challenging and fast paced piece of theatre. Ability to move dynamically, be bold when needed but strong and silent too. This is a modern dress production in a contemporary setting and no knowledge of Shakespeare is necessary.

For clarity, a supernumerary is a role without specific lines that create a wider visual ensemble throughout the play and are vital in increasing the texture and depth of the work.

Please Note: All applicants will need to be based within the M25 throughout the length of the contract.

Full information and how to apply 


Rose Wicksteed Casting is looking for the below roles for re-shoots of HOLMES AND WATSON starring Will Ferrell and John. C Reilly.

The film will shoot in London 4th - 15th June.

Take a look at the casting breakdown here

Please email casting@rosewicksteed.com.

April 2018

Playtower (Short Film)

Lewisham. 1995. Danny and Matt are putting on their first ever music night. The hall is packed with teenagers from across Lewisham borough and the atmosphere is buzzing. But when two rival crews turn up it looks like the evening could end in a fight.

We need young actors and dancers to perform in an upbeat throwback to the 1990s. Read the casting call (attached) and watch our casting trailer (here) for more information about Filmilia and what we offer.

We're pleased to be working with professional choreographer, Emily Romain. Emily has choreographed dance videos for artists including Zayn, Kara Marni and Out Of The Blue (Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists) amassing a collective 2 million views. From 2012 – 2014 she was the artistic director of Dream Again Dance Company, choreographing several full-length dance productions.

An example of Emily's work can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/Y9yfr7WbXe4

Audition Dates

Auditions will be in the Barn venue at The Green Man in Bellingham, in slots between 5.30-7.30pm on:

Friday 11th May
Thursday 17th May
Thursday 24th May

Rehearsal / Filming Dates

Rehearsals and filming will take place at Tudor Livesey Memorial Hall on:

Sunday 22 July (various afternoon rehearsals)
Sunday 29 July (various afternoon rehearsals)
Monday 30 July 
Tuesday 31 July

Not every actor will be needed for every rehearsal.


Safeguarding policy. Under 16 application forms are available on request from playtowerfilm@gmail.com.

Application Forms

Application forms are available on request from playtowerfilm@gmail.com


The ItMatters team is looking for spoken word artists/comedians/monologue performances/original songs/comedy sketches for our launch event to kick-start our video campaign, #OneLifeLost. This is a project that has been developed and produced by NYT members. The film and event is on behalf of The OLLIE Foundation (One Life Lost Is Enough), https://theolliefoundation.org/, to raise awareness on mental health and suicide prevention. 

Although this is a non-paid opportunity, we intend to film any performances, if you wish to have material that can support your showreel. Furthermore, the material can also be put on The OLLIE Foundation’s channel, with your permission.

Event Date: Sunday 6th May 
Location: Creative Studio, 66 Thane Works – nearest stations Holloway Road/Finsbury Park

Requirements: We are looking for performances of pieces regarding mental health. We would like them to be fairly light-hearted and encouraging, looking through the struggle to help show that there is a support system and a light on the other end. Of course, we are looking for a range of material so please submit anything you think may be relevant for the subject matter.

If you have any work you want to submit and are interested in taking part, please email at itmattersforollie@gmail.com.

Many thanks,

The ItMatters team

Gruffdog Theatre

Gruffdog Theatre are an award wining theatre company looking for FOUR PERFORMERS for our upcoming production, Vilayat.

About Us

We are an emerging theatre company who tell stories through a distinctive combination of puppetry, clown, physical theatre, live music and text. We enjoy the magical and fantastical and seek to create work that is both aurally and visually beautiful. Last year, we toured the U.K. with our production of Henrik Ibsen’s Peer Gynt which won ‘Best Theatre Show 2017’ at the Buxton Festival Fringe, as well as awards and commendations at the Edinburgh Festival. We are constantly on the look out for new collaborators as we continue to grow in size and experience.


‘Do not think that this is war. This is not war. It is the ending of the world. This is just such a war as was related in the Mahabharata about our forefathers’

In collaboration with Calcutta based theatre-maker and performer, Yash Saraf, Gruffdog Theatre explores the relationship between the experiences we live and the stories we carry with us. A tale of displacement and diaspora in the First World War.


Vilayat will be a devised piece based on true experiences of Indian Soldiers on the Western Front blended with tales of indian mythology and legend.

Visit www.gruffdogtheatre.com/vilayat for more details.

Join Us

We are looking for FOUR PERFORMERS who identify as of Indian or Pakistani heritage with experience in ensemble theatre and an interest in devising.

Alternatively, if you’re interested as working as part of our creative team, we’d also love to hear from you!

If you are interested, or have any questions, please email us at info@gruffdogtheatre.com. Auditions will be held late April.

National Theatre Casting 

The National Theatre are looking for supernumeraries for our forthcoming production of Polly Stenham's Julie, in the Lyttelton theatre. The play is set around a party, thrown by the titular Julie, and the supernumeraries will play guests, helping to create the world of this contemporary retelling of Strindberg's Miss Julie. 

We are looking for people with some stage experience who will enjoy and respond to the opportunity. They need to be comfortable to do an audition involving some movement, although we are not necessarily looking for dancers or anyone with any movement/dance experience. 

Please note that the pay category is in accordance with the London living wage and an agreement established between Equity and the National Theatre. It amounts to £40.80 based on a four hour session at £10.20 p/h.

Production dates: One rehearsal session in May, exact date TBC. Limited tech rehearsal with costume fittings mid May. 
Plays in repertoire in the Lyttelton: 31st May to 12 August 2017, with an option to 30th September. 
Approx. 47 performances across this period.
This includes mid-week and Saturday matinees. All supernumeraries must be available for all performances.

This opportunity is open to all applicants (male/female/non-binary) but we are only looking for performers with a playing age of 28-35.

To apply please send a headshot and CV to Bryony on bjarvis-taylor@nationaltheatre.org.uk by 10am on Monday 9th April. Please only apply if you will be available to meet on the morning of Wednesday 11th April. 

Feature Film | Sweet Sue

Lara Manwaring Casting

Shoot Dates:
The film will have rehearsals for 5 weeks towards the end of June and then there will be a 4 - 6 week shoot from September. The shoot will take place in the UK.

"Sweet Sue"
Feature film 'Sweet Sue' has been developed with BBC Films and is being directed by Leo Leigh and produced by BAFTA winning and nominated producer Scott O' Donnell (Home, Work).

The film centres around Sue, a woman who is trying her best to make sense of her solitary middle - age.  Realist, dramatic, darkly funny and sometimes tragic, it's a film about crossing lives and colliding. A character study of lonely people trying to fill voids in their realities, anyway they know how.

The second biggest role in the film after Sue is the role of

Anthony -  17/18 years old,  attention seeking, effeminate, loves the idea of fame, is in a dance crew called 'Electric Destiny', gets spray tans.  Is a force of nature and seems full of confidence with a lot to say but is extremely insecure about a ,lot of things.

Dancing skills are not essential for this character - but any experience in dancing would be a bonus.

I've attached a photo reference for this character - obviously this is quite an extreme look and this will mainly be done in hair and makeup to the actor who is cast in the role but it will give you a sense of the character i.e a more  macho. round faced looking young men wouldn't work for this role.


It would be great if anyone who matches the brief and is interested emails a recent photo along with their age and contact information to assistant@laramanwaring.com.

Music Video Casting

We’re an award-winning freelance filmmaking duo (check out our stuff here: www.vimeo.com/charlieandjoe) who’ve been commissioned to make a music video - and we need YOUR help!

We’re looking for a gang of 15-20 yr old boys who’ll be portraying a group of mates who hold their own Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling tournaments! It’s a really fun idea that involves a lot of play-wrestling and partying; it also has the potential to be really poignant with an emotional punch! Our criteria for what we’re looking for is really very broad - basically anyone with a unique and dynamic face and look!

The video is totally narrative based - no dancing or performing, more like a no-dialogue short film than a proper music video. We’re also filming on VHS; harking back to a proper 90’s aesthetic and era of home-video wrestling tapes.

The gig is unpaid, HOWEVER you’ll obviously be fed and watered, and it’ll be a really fun day of Luchadore masks, cycling about and generally mucking around. You’ll also be starring in an incredibly stylish film!

The shoot will take a weekend (two days MAX) and we’re aiming to have it shot and edited before the end of April. We have pretty much everything else sorted (locations, camera etc) so we really want to crack on with it ASAP.

As there’s no dialogue, we won’t be holding auditions - it’ll really be all about your passion, availability and your look! Anyone interested and after more info, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly!


To apply get in touch: joeefrancis@gmail.com

March 2018

NFTS Casting

Ryan, 14, is the eldest of Branwen’s younger brothers. He too has no idea how to handle his mum’s terminal illness, and is bored and frustrated by the drab town he lives in. As a result he lashes out at anyone that tries to get close to him. He bullies his younger brother Josh so he can feel in control, and is currently seeking acceptance into an older, more dangerous gang of local boys, a path which could go terribly wrong. 
Josh, 12, is Branwen’s youngest brother. He hangs from Ryan’s coattails as he feels this is what he should do to find acceptance in the local community, but he doesn’t agree with Ryan’s violent outbursts. He would like to be closer to his sister, but he doesn’t know how to communicate with a teenage girl and he’s frightened of being rejected (especially without mum capable of acting peacemaker any more). 
Accent for both - slight hint of a Southern England rural accent preferred if they can do that
Appearance - Nothing too specific though need to be caucasian to match Branwen (already cast)
We’re shooting somewhere near London w/c 14th May 2018. 

To apply contact kingsophie@me.com 

Noughts and Crosses

Susie Parriss Casting

NOUGHTS AND CROSSES  6 part series for BBC 1 being made by Mammoth Screen







SEPHY 20 - 22


CALLUM 20-22


Email: susieparrisscasting@googlemail.com with a headshot and CV by 20th March 

National Youth Orchestra 

The National Youth Orchestra seek a teenage female actor to play a modern day Juliet.

The orchestra are performing Symphonic Dances, from Bernstein’s West Side Story.  They are creating a unique 5 min theatrical introduction to the music, with writer Michael Wickerek. It’s the worlds fastest teenage love scene, between Tony and Maria, drawing on themes from Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story.

Actor to play age 16, urban edge, able to hum a tune.

You’ll be performing alongside 120 musicians at Birmingham Symphony Hall and the Royal Festival Hall.

The dates are:

  • Saturday 24th March – rehearsal in London time TBC
  • April 4th - 7.30 - 9.30pm rehearsal in Hertfordshire (train to Hertford Heath)
  • April 5th - all day rehearsal, end by 5pm
  • April 7th – rehearsal midday in Birmingham / evening performance
  • April 8th - all day London Royal Festival Hall – matinee and evening performances
  • April 23 and 24 - performances in secondary schools in London during the afternoon.

We will cover all travel, provide accommodation and catering and offer complimentary tickets.

To apply please send a short dramatic monologue, BY MONDAY 19 MARCH to s.alexander@nyo.org.uk

Short Film | Casting

STATIONARY is a story about staying put versus moving forward. About masculinity, platonic relationships, and looking beyond your own experience.

Taking place in a parked car over the course of one afternoon, Stationary follows former drug dealer Jimmy, 23, as he confronts his drug dealing childhood best friend Che, 22, about the example she's setting to impressionable younger brother Gino, 18.

Based in part on personal experience, Stationary is a look through the keyhole into a lifelong friendship that ended prematurely. Five years ago, Jimmy was arrested in a Police raid designed for Che and lucky to escape significant jail time.

Years have passed but the emotional scarring of the incident remains as does Jimmy’s bitterness towards Che. Jimmy struggles with his own masculinity as he now watches history on the cusp of repeating itself with Gino.

What unfolds is a pivotal moment between two strong characters whose lives have taken different paths, and whose personal shortcomings are brought to the surface by one another as they grapple with what is best for Gino.

Casting breakdown

Gateways Spring 2018


We encourage applicants from all backgrounds, any gender, any age.

Disabled applicants can arrange any access needs by emailing Andy@andymccredie.co.uk

R&D Week Audition

Rumble Theatre are looking for three talented actors to join us for our R&D week at The Wilton’s Grand Music Hall, London, 19th - 23rd March, for our new play 'Sardines', by Jenna Kamal.

Sardines will then premier at The Drayton Arms from 26th June - 7th July. Sadly, we cannot provide payment for the actors during the R&D, however the Drayton Arms run will be working on a split-profit bases.

If you would like to audition, please email us a video of you performing one of the monologues below, by Thursday 14th March to rumbletheatre@gmail.com 


Commonwealth Games Handover


Do you love your city and want to show the world what Birmingham and the West Midlands has to offer?

We are looking for 2,022, 16* – 25 year olds to participate in the official Commonwealth Games handover event on Sunday 15 April 2018. Over two thousand people will come together in a large-scale event, in a secret city centre location, giving a glimpse into what the world can expect from the city when it hosts the Games in 2022.

We are looking to represent the young and diverse population of the city and region. Whether you are a trained dancer or are happy moving to a beat we would love to hear from you.

Choreographed by Rosie Kay, performed live, to an estimated worldwide audience of one billion people, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to show the world what Birmingham is made of!

Applicants need to be able to commit to the following dates:

– A ‘try out’ session on either Friday 30 March, Saturday 31 March or Tuesday 3 April
– Some rehearsal sessions between the dates 7 – 11 April, (details tbc, not inclusive)
– All day rehearsals (09:00 – 18:00) on Thursday 12 April, Friday 13 April and Saturday 14 April
– Performance date: 08:00 – 15:00 on Sunday 15 April

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept submissions from people who cannot commit to the above dates.

All rehearsals and performances will be local to Birmingham City Centre. A travel bursary will be provided for rehearsal dates only.

Apply here!



Talent Agency Auditions

Golding Talent Agency is a new agency looking to recruit talent for their books. 

AUDITIONS: 19th March 10:00am - 6:00pm

Location - The Umbrella Rooms

FOR SUBMISSIONS: Email your CV, headshots and showreel/monologue. OR Spotlight link.


For those without a showreel, film a monologue and send it in anyway! 

Once your submission has been reviewed, you'll be allocated a time slot for the day.

If you cannot make the audition, submit anyway and we'll take a look.


Britannia is a truly epic new series written by Jez Butterworth (The Ferryman, Jerusalem) for Sky Atlantic. The story follows the Roman invasion of the British Isles, through the eyes of both the invaders and the invaded Celts. It is a vast depiction of a murky, mysterious and bloody part of our history - in turns comic, dark and wild.

Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals): Block 1 dates (for Brothers 1 and 3): 16 April - 17 June 2018
Overall dates for Brother 2 (returning character): 16 April - 18 November 2018
Production location UK, United Kingdom

Director: Luke Watson (Block 1)
Producer: Rupert Ryle-Hodges
Pay category: Equity/PACT
Company: Vertigo Films/ Neal St Productions

RETURNING ROLE: BLONDEST BROTHER 2 (Middle - to play 16 yrs) (Male)

Middle brother of three in a remote farming community.

Post licensing to play 16 yrs.

Very blond (fair colouring - either naturally blonde or attainably so) a teenager who is taken away from his home with his brothers in order to fulfill a prophecy.
Arresting appearance with blue or green eyes - very distinctive/ beautiful look.

Quiet, intense and soulful - something supernatural about him.

Any UK regional accent
Playing age: 16 - 21
Height: Any
Pay category: Same as production (Equity/PACT)
Agreements: Equity/ PACT
Appearance: Any

EPISODE 3 ONLY: BLOND BROTHER 3 (Oldest - to play 18 yrs) (Male)
Oldest brother of three in a remote farming community.

Post licensing to play 18 yrs. 

Very blond teenager who is taken away from his home with his brothers in order to fulfill a prophecy.
Arresting appearance with blue or green eyes - very distinctive/ beautiful look.

Confident and cocky

Any UK regional accent
Playing age: 17 - 22
Height: Any
Pay category: Same as production (Equity/PACT)
Agreements: Equity/ PACT
Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White

EPISODE 3 ONLY: BLOND BROTHER 1 (Youngest - to play 13 yrs) (Male)

Youngest brother of three in a remote farming community.

To play 13 yrs (please specify age on breakdown)

Very blond (please suggest anyone with fair colouring - either naturally blonde or attainably so) boy who is taken away from his home with his brothers in order to fulfill a prophecy.

Arresting appearance with blue or green eyes - very distinctive/ beautiful look.

Confident, cheeky and boyish

Any UK regional accent
Playing age: 11 - 15
Height: Any
Pay category: Same as production (Equity/PACT)
Agreements: Equity/ PACT
Appearance: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White

To apply email a headshot and your CV (including age, accent and location) to office@rebeccawrightcasting.com - with the email title as ‘NYT BLOND BROTHER APPLICATION’

Please note you should only send through applications if you fully fit the brief - any other applications will be deleted. 

Music Video Casting

Amazing opportunity to be in a powerful music video for U.K. grime artist Xaviour on SATURDAY 10th MARCH (THIS SATURDAY) in Waltham Abby (just outside East London). Check out the draft Video from the director: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SesHF8hubQ

Xaviour, who is signed to Dice Recordings who also have Big Narstie, Izzie Gibbs, Scouse Tremz and Dullah Beatz on their books. The video is with director Michael Garsin, an ex NYT member who has directed videos for Big Narstie, Naughty Boy and Joe Jonas. Michael and Xaviour previously collaborated with NYT members on Big Narstie’s track ‘They Don't Know’ which Xaviour featured on and Michael directed the video. Check it out:  https://youtu.be/hwD13jf9tUw

The video we are casting for is a found footage horror film that follows a Filmaker filming his night, who after meeting a mysterious girl is lured into a satanic  black mass ritual deep in the forrest...where he is the sacrifice! 

We need an ensemble cast to play the members of the cult at the ritual. All will be in a hood and white mask, so it will be a lot of fun and very scary! Good physical performers will love this, but it will be a great experience for everyone, especially those who haven’t been in a film before! Then next week (date tbd) the same people will need to act in various scenes as the people that pop up during the night and are secretly part of the cult: friends of the girls, people handing out flyers, attendees at a rave etc. That will be a great opportunity to get your face out there, but we expect you to put in the graft in the woods on Saturday to get that opportunity. 

Please contact myself at marissajoycole@gmail.com with a picture of yourself, a CV or just an email with your age and experience.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you! 

Marissa Cole 
Casting Director

Green | Short Film 



Alfie, a naïve and curious 13-year-old, begins to take an interest in smoking weed. He looks it up, asks his dad about it, and eventually asks Max, his strange older brother about it, prompting him to invite Alfie to try it for the first time. However, little does Alfie know that his father is behind this, and their family relationship will never be the same again.

Based on a true story involving the film’s director.


Protagonist – gains an interest in smoking weed, and takes up his brother’s offer to try it for the first time, in an attempt to be accepted by him (brief smoking of herbal product required for role).

Alfie’s older brother. Intelligent but reckless, Max agrees to his dad’s plan to put Alfie off smoking weed for good (smoking of herbal product required for this role).

Max’s mates, who are present and encourage Alfie when he first gets high (smoking of herbal product also required for these roles).

DANIEL SKETCHLEY (PRODUCER) - Keeprighton97@gmail.com

Why is the Sky Blue? 

Tackroom Theatre are looking for performers aged 7 - 22 for their next show 'Why is the Sky Blue?' which will run at the Southwark Playhouse from the 26th April - 19th May. 
This is a new piece of devised, timely and groundbreaking theatre about love, connection and the impact of pornography on children and young people. 

This is a paid opportunity (equity standard rate), and a wonderful opportunity for young performers to gain experience and develop their skills within a professional production. 

If interested, please submit a CV to hdonelon93@gmail.com and I will send you more information. Auditions will be held 7th - 9th, with recalls on the 10th.

London based actors only. 

Feature Film Casting | Fluent Spanish Speakers 

Lucinda Syson Casting (‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Blade Runner 2049’, IMDB) is searching for Mexican and Hispanic talent, who speak fluent Spanish, for a confidential feature film, shooting June - November 2018, in Europe.

Full details here

February 2018

GIFF GAFF | Commercial (Playing age 10-15)


(This is a "get going" brief. it will be added to/refined as we go).
Boy or girl. Preferable girl. Its a hard brief to put into a few words, essentially we don't want them to look like a typical ad casting.
A quirky and charismatic look, that looks real.  
Floored but strong, imperfect in a way that is characterful.
Not sounding like a voice over or too stiff. Informal, cool, knowing.

Age of the voice can range from 11-16, playing age from 8-14/15

Submit CV and photos: asst@danhubbardcasting.com 

OLLIE | Casting

Member Project

We are looking for actors, playing ages 16 – 18, for a short film about suicide prevention on behalf of the OLLIE Foundation. The OLLIE Foundation, founded by parents who lost their own children to suicide, is a charity that provides suicide intervention skills and training for the general public. The script, crew and production team are all made up of NYT members and we would love to get more of the NYT family involved.

Full details 

BBC’s ‘4 O’Clock Club’ | Casting 

Emma Stafford Casting

We are looking for unrepresented* Manchester based male actors aged 16+, with a playing age of 15/16 for a new series of the BBC’s BAFTA award winning, ‘4 O’Clock Club’.

Full details 

National Theatre | Casting

National Theatre Casting

Supernumeraries for Absolute Hell at the National Theatre

Female, 22+. 

The National Theatre are looking for young women to be supernumeraries for a forthcoming production of Absolute Hell. You would be playing the role of a typist for the Labour party and will be on stage throughout the play. You will need to be available from around the 9 April – end of June 2018. This will be a shared role so you will not be needed every night, however please only apply if you are available for the majority of the performance dates.  

If you are interested in applying for the role please email a CV and headshot to Bryony on bjarvis-taylor@nationaltheatre.org.uk 

This is a paid opportunity

Deadline: 10am on Monday 26 February 

Film Casting | Silent Together 

Casting for a beautifully shot, naturalistic British indie short film, ‘Silent Together’ intended for festivals. This film is about two teenage brothers and their relationship following a racially motivated incident which leaves one deaf and suffering from PTSD. We are casting the teenage roles and would love for NYT students and alumni to apply if they think suitable. 
-       Frankie Williams, 17, Male, black or mixed race ethnicity 
Frankie is the man of the house, the protector of his single mother and younger brother.  Although Frankie has a stern look to him he is quite the joker among his peer group. Clever and witty Frankie stands out in a crowd a noticeable alpha male.  Frankie is a proud person - although he is warm and endearing to friends and family, he can be cold and suspicious to anyone he does not know. His tendency to be protector over Sanchez can be overbearing which Frankie is oblivious to.
-       Sanchez Williams, 15, Male, black or mixed race ethnicity 
After the incident Sanchez became withdrawn and lost his love for football, he feels Frankie’s over protectiveness even more now and just wants to get on with his life. Where Sanchez was once an outgoing person, he now has a distorted and cynical outlook on life.  Sanchez shows a clear contrast between the before and after of the incident, and his frustration with Frankie’s over protectiveness. After the incident, Sanchez can not sign fully yet and so we need an actor that has a very strong ability to communicate without words.
Shooting in March in London 
Expenses and catering covered 
To apply, please email hannahcastingwilliams@gmail.com with your photograph and experience with the subject headed SILENT TOGETHER

Film Casting

Casting Director currently searching for a girl who looks 16 (can be between 14 and 19 years old) and is of Pakistani/Indian origin. 

Please send photos asap to kinnearcast@virginmedia.com with age and contact details should you fit the brief.

This shoots beginning of April through to mid-May so may not be suitable for those taking GCSE’s or A Levels. Thank you!

Sussex Darkside Productions

We, at ‘Sussex Darkside Productions’, are expanding our repertoire and we want you to be involved in our new adventures!

In the coming 18 months, we will be needing male and female ACTORS of all ages and ethnicities to take part in a myriad of new projects including;

  • Theatrical Ghost Walks
  • Immersive Theatre Productions
  • Mini Web-Series (Drama)
  • Mini Web-Series (Black Comedy)
  • Poetry Readings

Full casting pack

Stella Adler Studio of Acting

The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles are once again returning to London during the annual audition tour. We will be auditioning prospective students for our Professional Conservatory programs as well as Summer Programs in London on March 23rd, 24th and 25th at the Actors Centre. We are hoping to connect with the most gifted, ambitious young actors in the UK who have an appetite for rigorous training and an interest in studying acting in New York or Los Angeles. Email ryan@stellaadler.com to schedule an audition appointment.

Audition appointment requests must be made by Wednesday, March 2nd, 2018 by emailing a photo and CV to ryan@stellaadler.com. Actors need to be at least 18 years of age or older. Auditions are FREE! All application fees are waived for the London Audition appointments. The training programs are tuition based and more information can be found at http://www.stellaadler.com/classes/.
Founded in 1949, the Stella Adler Studio occupies a unique place in the history of both theater and actor training in the United States. Rooted in the spirit of Stella Adler, and the insight that growth as an actor and growth as a human being are synonymous, students will be challenged on every level by world class faculty and by a mission to nurture theater artists so that they value humanity, their own and others, as their first priority, while bringing art and education to the community. Alumni include Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, Warren Beatty, Donna Murphy, Elaine Stritch and so on.
(Actors Must be 18 years of age or older)
Date: March 23, 24, 25
Time: 10am-6pm
Location: The Actors Centre in London, 1A Tower Street.
Audition: Prepare two contrasting monologues, one contemporary/realism and one classical, that should be no longer than 90 seconds in length each.
Scheduling an audition:
Email a Photo and Acting CV to Ryan Chittaphong at ryan@stellaadler.com
Visit our Facebook Event at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1326592777462937/

January 2018

Film Casting | Lead role 

Casting Director: Kirsty Kinnear 

Casting Director currently searching for a young man who looks 16/17yrs of age (can be older but not younger than 16yrs) and is of Asian (Indian/Pakistani) origin.

Please send photos asap to kinnearcast@virginmedia.com with age and contact details should you fit the brief.

Shooting Beginning of April through to mid May. Thank you.


Casting Director: Jemima McWilliams CDG

Shoot dates: 13th – 16th February 2018
Location: London & Beaconsfield

Applications closed

'Hanna' | Amazon and NBC Casting 


We are currently working on a TV series called ‘Hanna’ which is for Amazon and NBC. The series is shooting from beginning of March - End of August this year. 

Applications closed 

'Sex Education' | Netflix

Set in the corridors, classrooms and toilet block of Norwood High School, and in the bedrooms and backseats of its students, this is a coming-of-age story with a post-modern head and a throw-back heart.

Sex Education, written by the superbly talented Laurie Nunn, will follow an awkward teen, Otis Thompson, who lives with his mom, a sex therapist. Although Otis is still a virgin, his mother’s work and openness turns him into an unwitting expert, and when his schoolmates find out, he teams up with street-smart Maeve to set up an underground therapy clinic for teens.

It will be exec produced by Eleven Film co-founders Jamie Campbell and Joel Wilson, and will be directed by Catastrophe’s Ben Taylor.

Applications closed 

Channel 4 Casting

From: Lara Manwaring Casting

LARA MANWARING CASTING is a casting company for Film and TV.

Previous work includes the Lars Von Trier feature, “The House That Jack Built,” the BAFTA winning Channel 4 Film “Ellen” and the upcoming Nicolas Cage feature “Mandy”

At present we are looking for two roles for a half an hour Channel 4 film:

1) 11 - 13 year old black boy, from London.

2) 17 - 20 year old, feisty, street wise girl - any ethnicity

Full information 

If you think you could be right for either of these parts please email asap on assistant@laramanwaring.com with a basic photograph of yourself and a short paragraph about yourself including your age and where you are based.

Monologue Slam UK

Monologue Slam UK takes place across the UK, and is a fantastic organisation that you should really get involved with.

Sponsored by Spotlight and supported by industry as a whole, MonologueSlam UK is open to everyone. After a lengthy audition process (there are a few casting auditions throughout the year), 20 actors are given the opportunity to perform for a welcoming audience and a panel of people in a position to move their careers forward.

Every event has an industry panel of at least four judges, all of whom are in the position to give actors a job!

Sign up to their mailing list for more information and to book your audition when they are next available. It’s also a fantastic evening to come along to as an audience member.

Ongoing Paid Extras Work with the Casting Collective

The Casting Collective are experts in background casting for film, TV, commercials and the photographic industries. Get in touch with them if you’re interested in a bit of paid work as a supporting artist/extra on some exciting projects. Head here to apply.

Free Profile on Casting Networks

National Youth Theatre members can now create a profile on Casting Networks, completely free of cost.

Casting Networks has been in the industry for over 10 years and is a leader in online casting around the world. Recent projects cast using Casting Networks include commercials for Apple and Nike, countless TV shows and feature films such as ‘Filth’ starring James McAvoy, ‘Under the Skin’ starring Scarlett Johansson and the latest ‘James Bond’ film.

Along with a free profile, you will also be able to upload your headshot and apply for jobs via their Casting Billboard at no extra cost.

To claim your free Casting Networks profile, head here!