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Edinburgh Fringe | Watch, Support and Shout Out!

Posted 15 Jul 2023 by Joe Duggan

Are you an NYT Member and want to advertise your Edinburgh Fringe show or are you going along to Edinburgh Fringe and want to support some NYT Members? Well, look no further! Email info@nyt.org.uk with your show details and we will upload them below!

Edinburgh Fringe | Watch, Support and Shout Out!

TORN | Original Jukebox Musical

Torn is part verbatim testimony and part jukebox musical: an affectionate and uncompromising love letter to the power of the uterus. Hairy moments, curious explosions and unexpected items in the bagging area abound in this hilarious and moving tribute to the shenanigans of the delivery room. No need to call the midwife; but do laugh, cry and sing along until you burst your perineal stitches.

'Gripping and unforgettable' **** - BroadwayBaby.com, for More Myself Than I Am, 2019.

When: 12:45pm August 22nd-27th

Where: theSpace @ Niddry Street

Suitability: 16+

Duration: 45 minutes

See here for more information or to buy your tickets now!

Practice Room 99 | Written by Emilia Morgan

A new comedy with a backstage pass to the magic and mayhem of music performance. When a brass section comes together to record an album of their film music favourites, their recording session falls into disarray when a section member goes missing, a mysterious instrument appears and a tempestuous figure – their studio fixer aside – haunts their every move. In a bid to emulate their film heroes, the group attempt to put their differences aside to save the studio. With time against them, and only their music for inspiration, it’s not long before imaginations run wild…

When: 16:05pm 22nd-27th August 

Where: Venue 38 - theSpaceTriplex studio

Duration: 50 minutes

Suitability: 12+

Click here for more information or to book your tickets now!

Caste-ing | Nouveau Riche

Caste-ing explores the experiences of three black actresses using beatboxing, rap, song and spoken word. An entertaining and rhythmic showcase of the realities, structures and pressures of the acting industry, and how black women navigate these situations. We watch them as they attempt to maintain their sense of self, their faith, friendships and of course, careers. How can they remain true to their values in an industry seemingly intent on pitting them against each other? What do they do when the pressures become too much?

When: Aug 5-8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-28 - 20:25

Where: Roundabout in Summerhall 

Duration: 1 hour

Suitability: 12+ (Guideline)

For more information, or to book your tickets, click here!

Charlie Russell Aims to Please | Mischief Comedy

15:15, Aug 9-14, 16-27. Pleasance Courtyard, Pleasance Below

Charlie Russell wants to do a show in Edinburgh, but all she can think about is what she wants people to think of it and, ultimately, of her. So rather than focusing on what she wants to say, she's just going to create a show that will please absolutely everyone by trying to hit as many solo Fringe show tropes and styles as possible within an hour. That's doable, right? Because she can't just be herself... can she? Funny, entertaining with a big beating heart that just wants to be loved.

Numbers by Kieron Barry | Fuzed Theatre Company

Mean Girls meets Lord of the Flies. This brutal and hilarious one-act comedy, set in an all-girls boarding school, depicts a vicious battle of wills between four sixth form girls in the hour before a new head girl is announced.

When: Aug 8-13, 12:20

Where: Venue 39 - the Space on the Mile - Space 2

Duration: 45 minutes

Suitability: 14+ (Guideline)

For more information, or to book your tickets, click here!

Talking Shadows Theatre | Lord of the Flies Adaptation

Talking Shadows Theatre is a group of young actors from Cheltenham and the surrounding area who will be making their Edinburgh Fringe debut this August.

The production we are putting on is Nigel Williams’ adaptation of Lord of the Flies by William Golding. A bloody and human story of a group of school children stranded on a remote island, this play demonstrates the power of instinct in a brutal world. Lord of the Flies shows how rapidly a group of people can descend into a savage and animalistic way of life, with dire consequences for all involved. 

The show is running from the 22nd to the 27th of August. The price is £10 per ticket, and only £7 for concessions. The venue is theSpace at Niddry Street and the performance is rated 12+. 

Seats are going quickly, so to book tickets please follow this link - https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/lord-of-the-flies

ZIP IT | Annabel Harrison Productions

How many voices must be silenced before we are heard?

Step into the studio audience for this week’s episode of Believe with Belinda. Expect laughter, tears and a feeling of solidarity, as this all-female cast present a moving insight into the lives of countless women. Angry, afraid but not alone, follow the friendship of two young women and their experience of friendship, womanhood, sexual harassment and domestic violence.

ZIP IT was written by Bel Harrison, in the hope that it would raise challenging questions about responsibility and complicity. Bel was motivated by her own experiences, those around her and unfortunately, the frequent and horrendous news headlines. The aim of ZIP IT is to give the audience a thought-provoking experience, it’s a case of continuing discussions and asking why so many people feel unsafe. ZIP IT was created with an allfemale cast and creative team comprised of members of the National Youth Theatre: Bel Harrison, Hester Cox, Maya Willcocks, Caroline Adebayo, Rachael Kingsland and Natalia Izquierdo.

ZIP IT is the debut show from Annabel Harrison Productions and premiered at Stage One Theatre in Leeds in April 2022 to rave reviews and a fantastic audience response.

“And then the fits of laughter began” ★★★★★ - At The Theatre

“What Zip It does, through its clever narrative and digital imagery, is to question why so many women feel unsafe” - Dr Gemma Bridge, Leeds Living

“This was women’s theatre at it’s best” - Dr Karima Kadi-Hanifi, Academic from Newman University

Listing Information:

Venue: theSpace @ Niddry Street (Upper)

Dates: 22.08.2022 - 27.08.2022 Time: 14:45 (0hr50)

Ticket prices: £10 / Concessions £8

Age guideline: 16+

Venue box office: 0131 510 2384 / boxoffice.niddry@thespaceuk.com

Fringe box office: 0131 226 0000 / https://www.edfringe.com

For more information, photos, interviews or media, contact our team on: zipittheplay@gmail.com Instagram: @zipitplay | Twitter:@zipitplay | TikTok: @zipitplay | #ZIPIT #ZIPITPLAY

The Fire at the Edge of the Earth | Member Led Show by: Michael MacLeod

Pluto and Vector have been dating for almost a year now, but as they hike up the mountain where the Greek god Prometheus was bound as punishment, their relationship hits its breaking point. The myth of Prometheus looms large over the mountain’s cold peak as Pluto and Vector confront their differences, their fears about their partnership and the events that brought them together in the first place. The play is an examination of queer love and queer existence; it vacillates between the mythic and the deeply personal. While navigating the intricacies of a LGBTQ relationship, we seek to shed light on key issues and uplift other queer works in the process.

When: 5th - 13th August, 10:15am (60 mins)

Where: SpaceUK Triplex - Studio

Ticket Prices:  £10/ Concessions £8

For more information or enquiries please email Michael at michaelmacleodhome@yahoo.co.uk, visit our Instagram; or click here to buy tickets!

Murder? I Hardly Know Her | Free Entry!

A murder in an escape room? Inconvenient for the victim, perhaps, but very handy for inspectors who wish to keep their suspects in one place. With killer sketches and absurdist characters, UCL's premiere utensil-based sketch group will leave you dying for more in their 10th year at the Fringe.

"Brilliantly funny" ***** (Derek Awards)

When: 16:55 - 17:45 6th - 16th August

Where: BrewDog West (Venue 102)

NO NEED TO BOOK... JUST TURN UP! Entry is free but our artists may ask for a donation at the end.

See here for more information!

How To Build a Wax Figure | Assembly

I'd love to extend an invite to my play how to build a wax figure about a queer age-gap relationship and anatomical wax sculpting at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. The play was just published with Methuen (eeee!), and after a sold-out preview run at the Pleasance in Feb, we're excited to be taking the show to Edinburgh Fringe with Assembly from August 5-29. Tickets are available here (https://assemblyfestival.com/whats-on/how-to-build-a-wax-figure). 

Our production is chalk-full of NYT representation, directed by Nell Bailey and starring Liv Dowd (2018 NYT Rep) and Alice Franszkia (NYT Rep 2019). We'd love to connect with other NYT members up there as well! And welcome coffees with anyone in town :-)

Here's a brief show description:

When her ocularistry lecture goes wrong, Bea must deal with a mess of anatomical wax figures, a stranger with a birthday cake, and a larger-than-life mentor to navigate the fine line between love and work.
November Theatre launches in the UK with Isabella Waldron’s electric new play:

“An intimate and sensitive portrayal of a queer relationship” - Gabriel Uboldi, Director 
“Both hilarious and tragic” - Audience member, The Pleasance
“Not enough grit” - A straight man in London

The Single Lady | Tone Deaf Theatre Company

Tone Deaf Theatre Company are heading to Edinburgh Fringe Festival, based in Durham, with a new student-written show called ‘the single lady’.
Show details below: ‘The Single Lady’

Calling all musical theatre/ history/ pop + r&b music fans. Come and see the fantastic new musical ‘The Single Lady’ Lauren Brewer & Will Getaint Drake. This mightily feminist show offers a unique interpersonal perspective on the life of Elizabeth the 1st and her uphill battle being queen in a man’s world. Falling into an unfortunate love triangle, she must battle between her personal affairs and the affairs of the state. Which will she choose? Perhaps the Virgin Queen isn’t all she seems in the history books…

On 5th - 13th August at 14:05 at the Space on North Bridge. 

Leaving Vietnam | Richard Vergette

Gripping solo play by award-winning actor/playwright Richard Vergette

15:40, 15 - 27 Aug, The Space at Surgeons Hall